Weekend Open Houses

Check out these weekend open houses in the city, suburbs and shore.

8901 Atlantic Ave., Margate
Open house: July 13, noon-3 p.m.
Price: $1,595,000
Bed: 5
Bath: 4
3,000 sq. ft.

7721 Saint Martins Lane, Philadelphia
Open House: July 14, 1-3 p.m.
Price: $1,099,000
Bed: 6
Bath: 3.1
3,600 sq. ft.

825 Lewis Lane, Blue Bell
Open House: July 14, 1-3 p.m.
Price: $2,950,000
Bed: 5
Bath: 6.1


103 Anthony Way, West Chester
Open House: July 14, 1-3 p.m.
Price: $1,299,000
Bed: 5
Bath: 5.2


1138 Norsam Road, Gladwyne
Open House: July 14, 2-4 p.m.
Price: $1,000,000
Bed: 4
Bath: 3.1
3,659 sq. ft.

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  • Dubiy

    Patrick chung has looked like a good hitter and sure fire tackler in the pre-season

    • hokieduck

      Patrick Chung is a *huge* hitter. He will help the overall toughening of this defense.

  • therealpistolp

    Lane Johnson is starting at RT, Ertz will be a big part of TE rotation, Logan will rotate on the DL with UDFA Square, Barkley is 3rd string, Wolff will most likely start opposite Chung at safety, Poyer might make the 53, and King and Kruger are PS stash aways.. Pretty good start for Chip and Howie..

    • Token

      Well remember though that just because you start or make this team doesnt mean you are a good player. It speaks more to the lack of skill overall. But we will see over time . Lane is the only one so far that looks like he can definitely be a solid starter.

      Not sure why everyone is always in a rush to praise and validate Howie.

      • JTR

        If you believe that the fletcher cox draft was Howie’s first in control, then I’d say so far so good: cox, Kendricks, and curry all look like players, as do lane, Ertz, and Benny Logan. If the later picks from both drafts turn in to decent depth guys say good job Howie…if it turn out Wolf and Poyer can be quality starters down the road then all the better…

        • Token

          Yea if you believe that….

          But, you cant say its a success just because a player starts. It only matters if they are a good player or not. Out of every player, Cox is the only guy you can look at and say yes hes a stud on any team in the NFL.

          Wolff may start because we are so awful at that position. Not because hes great. Curry has done zero so far in his career. Same with Kendricks. Big year for them both IMO.

          When you take the drafts and FA into account, I dont get all the Howie love that I read. The guy has been suspect at best. In my personal opinion I think hes been plain bad. Cary Williams, Connor Barwin, wasting a 4th rounder on a QB with little chance of NFL success. You could really go on and on.

          My question is, did Gamble have much of a say this year? He came in kind of late. But Im viewing him as GM in waiting. I dont think its outside the realm of possibility that this is Howies last season as GM if the team is bad, again. An ascending guy like Gamble wasnt brought in to sit behind Howie forever, I wouldnt think anyway.

          Its a situation where you have to look at what a person does not what they say. Lurie says publicly he likes Howie etc…. But then what he does is brings in Tom Gamble.

          • JTR

            I think it is too early, draft wise, to say definitively that he’s been good or bad, but from the looks of it right now, I think he’s done a fine job with the caveat that time will tell. I’m on the other side of you, though, as I don’t understand all of the Howie hate that I read.

            As far as Gamble, by all accounts it was Howie that brought him in because he saw a talented person who could help the team. Wouldn’t read too much in to Gamble being a GM in waiting, by all accounts he made a lateral move position wise because he is from this area and wanted to come home.

            In any case, I agree the Barkley pick was a head scratcher, but the majority of the picks so far look like they will work out, again it’s early, but it looks like you have players in Cox, Kendricks, Curry, Johnson, Ertz, Logan, and let’s not forget Boykin.

            Point well taken on the fact that just because they start they are not necessarily a good player, just the best of bad players, but you are making an assumption one way while I am making an assumption another way. By the way it looks, Cox, Kendricks, Boykin, and Johnson all would be starters on most NFL teams. Curry, from the preseason anyway, looks like he would be a solid DL rotation guy on any team. Ertz and Logan are flashing potential and time will tell…

            In any case, agree to disagree, but I’m willing to give Howie some time and see what he can do. Let’s not forget that for the majority of his time here he had Reid and Banner to contend with when making decisions. By all accounts, it SEEMS like he is working well with Chip and is making solid decisions overall.

            BTW, I’m fine with the Barwin and Cary Williams acquisitions because they seems like halfway decent stop gap guys, and I don’t get the sense that Howie is looking at them as anything but that, at a certain point you are hamstrung by the quality of players available in free agency, and they didn’t sell the farm to get any of those guys, plenty of cap space left and I like that they don’t spend it just to spend it.

          • Token

            The one benefit of the doubt ill give Howie is that last year he was drafting for a 4-3 D. Now the two best players out of that draft class, Cox and Kendricks, are playing out of position IMO. Cox im sure can play end in a 3-4, but its not ideal and I think his value drops because of it.

            But when you really sit down and just look at last years class.

            Theres Cox who is a stud for any team.

            Kendricks who I like, but really has something to prove, and is playing out of position IMO. He plays too weak for the inside. Not like the crazed fast wrecking ball he showed in college.

            Curry has done nothing yet. Hopefully this preseason is a sign of things to come with him. Good kid.

            Foles couldnt beat out Michael Vick. I dont view him as a long term backup here. I actually anticipate him being gone after this season. Possibly traded for a late rounder.

            Boykin? I dont know what to think. He seems like hes playing good. But they are coming up with ways to keep him from a bigger role. Hughes started last week over him. If he ends up being a good nickle then thats great for the pick.

            Dennis Kelly? Meh. Is he any better than Barbre?

            2013 you have Johnson who looks like he will at least be your RT. Ertz hasnt shown me anything yet, but ill assume hes going to be a solid TE. Logan has impressed and may start soon. After that…..

            If Barkelys name wasnt Matt Barkley I dont know how you keep him on the roster. Take the name and the hype from last year out of the equation and you have a underwhelming QB prospect. The arm just wont cut it. The kid needs to get all the torque he has in his body just to get it 15 yards down field. The accuracy hasnt impressed me either.

            Realistically the last 4 picks wouldnt make many teams. Wolff will make it by default. Barkley will make it because he has to. The last three probably wont even make this team.

            So if a couple of these guys step up this year from the 2012 class it looks better. But as it stands right now at this minute before the actual games start, I dont think it looks very good.

          • hokieduck

            Keep in mind that Barkley is learning a *totally* different offense than anything he has ever run. He is also a rook. Chip spent 4 years watching his in-game pressure decision making, passing and leadership skills. I think we need to give him a little time before throwing him out with the bathwater.

            That said, none of the QBs on the squad are right for the offense. Barkley’s smarts with Vick’s legs would be perfect. Vick will be the #1 QB when the season starts. Maybe he will surprise me with his acclimatization to this offense. But decision making on the go is the #1 necessity (and not turning the ball over). Both of these are not his strong suit.

            Now that Eagles fans are into the Chip way, pay close attention to the Oregon offense once the games start. Make sure you watch the early quarters because Marcus Mariota only played the first half of over half of the games last year. He *is* that special QB which would make this offense sing. Big arm. Very accurate. Great decision making and knows the offense. Calm… uber calm Hawaiian dude. And he has big time wheels which he doesn’t use to scamper around… he uses them when he is supposed to. He always wants to throw before taking off and makes his progressions extremely well.

          • Token

            Barkley just doesnt have the physical ability. Its not a matter of playbook or being a rookie. The arm isnt there.

            Is Marcus really a prime NFL prospect? Why is he different from Darron Thomas or Dennis Dixon? I dont see how he is in that upper class of the next NFL draft.

            Ideally, I want a guy how has some athletic ability so he can pick up the easy 1st down if its open. But not a run first guy. Not someone who will be getting designed carries. Im hoping Chip realizes thats a path to disaster in the NFL.

            They will get their franchise QB in 2014. I think they will be in range to get Bridgewater.

          • hokieduck

            I agree that Barkley has arm issues, thus the Barkley/brain combined with the Vick/physicality.

            Marcus Mariota is light years different from Dennis Dixon and Darron Thomas. For starters he is 6’4′ and over 200# and is a physical specimen. Dennis Dixon is simply too frail for the game at this level. MM has a huge football IQ. I think part of the reason that Darron Thomas declared for the NFL and gave up his last year of eligibility was he saw the handwriting on the wall and Chip had told him that the job was open, not his. Darron was simply not an accurate passer and was also small.

            Most of you Right Coasters see very little of Pac12 football because of the time zone. Most of Oregon’s games last year were late games. Keep in mind also that MM had some of the best stats in college football last year and he only played two complete games all year. He was out BEFORE halftime in more games than he was playing in the fourth quarter.

            The guy is for real. And he perfectly fits what Chip wants in his QB. Get the ball in the hands of the playmakers. Do not hurt the team though self-inflicted wounds (TOs). Decision making. Accuracy. Leadership. Speed. Pretty much in that order.

            Finally, keep in mind that MM played in Nike camps with Johnny Manziel and won MVP over Manziel. Manziel had an offer and was committed to the Ducks before they offered Marcus. As soon as the offer was made to Marcus, Manziel *immediately* decommitted and went to TAMU. Take it for what it is worth (maybe nothing) but Marcus Mariota is ten times the QUARTERBACK that Manziel is. Manziel is an absolutely tremendous athlete, but he is a great runner who also can pass. Marcus Mariota is a great quarterback who also can run.

          • hokieduck

            I also confess I have not seen that much of Teddy Bridgewater. But I don’t think it would make me change my mind. I have been a college and pro football fan for a lot of years and Marcus Mariota is one of the best all around quarterbacks I have ever seen. You could tell it from his HS vid. He was rolling both left and right and gunning it right on target. That he turns out to have real football smarts, speed, and tremendous work ethic, is a bonus.

            I can only hope that most of the GMs in front of Philly think like you Token and leave MM for some kind of trade up by the Eagles.

          • Token

            You do have duck in your name, so I have to wonder if there is just a slight bit of bias there lol.

            Im pretty confident in saying Bridgewater is hands down the better NFL prospect. But these guys still have a whole season to play yet. So maybe that could change. I dont even see MM listed in the top 5 QBs of the 2014 class.

          • hokieduck

            You are 100% correct. I am a total Duck homer. What makes you give the nod to Bridgewater, btw? Just interested in your take.

            As to MM and the preseason individual hype, he is just a redshirt sophomore this year. He may very well come out after the season (I hope not), but that would be the only reason he would not be a part of the conversation about QBs. He is high on the Heisman watch list (again not that that means squat).

            I won’t contest your TB love. You and most pundits seem to agree on him. I think that Louisville runs a more West Coast style offense, of course, so it is harder to foresee how he would do in Chip’s scheme.

      • therealpistolp

        All of those guys earned PT in their positions rotation.. Wolff is the only one I would chalk up to lack of talent.. Even though starting doesnt auto matically mean you are a good player,,Usually starters are your better players.. No rush to validate Howie,, just pointing out that so far so good,, because all you seem to hear is how bad he is..

  • cliff henny

    different animal…he’s a dancing bear! no man 330 lbs should be able to move like he does. man, i hope he comes back to the level we remember. shady and brown will hit 3rd level untouched.

  • knighn

    Yeah. As much as the offense appears to have started clicking, Jason Peters brings a whole other dimension to the offense. I’m hoping the earlier injuries to Jason Peters and LeSean McCoy were “injuries” – if I’m Chip Kelly and I’ve seen enough from those guys, I want them taking as few other snaps as possible. The three biggest pieces to this team are Jason Peters, LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson.

  • nicksaenz1

    Sarley hit the point I made yesterday, which was countered largely by folks saying that the combo of Chip being the smartest man alive and tempo would counter it. Good to know that I’m not the only person who believes that there may be an occasion or two where we face a DC that has an answer, or at least a scheme that can throw a big wrench in our road.

  • Richaud Jeaffreson

    Chaney is a bum.

  • Ty

    If K42 makes this team…..smh

    • cliff henny

      he was my #1 whipping boy, but i’ve backed off that. wasnt his fault, was reid’s. how he could watch his play and see nfl starter is beyond me. as 4th or 5th safety, with his effort and intensity on special teams and in practice, he’d fit that roll well.

  • #7

    Mike Vick is the starting QB week 1. No surprise there.

    Respect for Foles. This competition made him better as a QB

    • cliff henny

      amazing what a little open competition does, instead of naming staters in OTAs like Reid. not sure Reid ever had a position battle. bet naming eagles 53 in june was as easy as naming it august 30th.

      • knighn

        Last big one I could remember was Jamaal Jackson versus Hank Fraley. Other than that it was little stuff like the Punter.

      • #7

        i thought it was odd at first as far as it being series to series, but then I thought about it and realized that doing it that way made these guys take ever snap seriously.

        I say this over and over. Vick is a warrior. Everyone had this guy buried and said that he was washed up. He shut everyone up like I said he would. He will continue this level of play. Seems that he plays better when he’s backed in a corner.

        Ball out Vick

        • cliff henny

          yup…and SLIDE for christ sakes!!!

          • #7

            Can’t gurantee that. The only think I can hold to is that Randall Cunningham and Steve Young never slid feet first and they still made it. if that means anything SMH

          • JBShakes

            Yeah, and Young had to retire because of a concussion problem. Just sayin’.

          • aub32

            I’d settle if he just ran out of bounds once and a while. At least that’s a realistic possibility.

          • RIP illa

            They would still hit him. :-)

    • knighn

      Received at 11:24 a.m. from 97.5 the Fanatic:
      “Michael Vick has officially been named the starting quarterback by Chip Kelly, according to Tim McManus. React now on The Fanatic!”

  • Nick M

    Bamiro played better last game. He makes it but will be inactive every game. They won’t risk losing him on the practice squad.