Garage Gives East Passyunkers Another Place to Toast to Their ’Hood

Zagat Blog’s Danya Henninger writes today about the opening of Garage, a new bar on East Passyunk Avenue, which simply can’t stop sprouting new bars and restaurants and clothing stores founded by former members of successful locally based bands. Henninger says:

The roadhouse-casual bar from Jason Evenchik and partners will provide locals a perch to watch tourists queue for mediocre cheesesteaks while sipping craft beer from a can and playing skee ball and pinball.

Nothing could be more symbolic of the way the neighborhood has changed over the years than the original signage that remains on the bar’s facade. Let’s hope Evenchik decides to keep it there as some kind of reminder.

Garage Opens on East Passyunk [Zagat]

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  • ridusofreid

    Need to add back end help after final cuts.

  • JofreyRice

    It remains to be seen what kind of job Nickel corner actually is, in Davis’ D. For some defenses, the nickel corner is on the field for 60% of the snaps–essentially making that player a “starter”. Teams like Seattle can do everything from their base defense, so the nickel is actually more of a reserve position (having a LB like KJ Wright helps a lot).

    I’m starting to freak myself out here, but I…kind of…trust…Kelly. I happened to hear him on Sirius speaking with Ross Tucker, and the guy is just so impressive in the way he presents his POV. I think if guys like Graham and Boykin are outproducing Cole and Williams, the productive guys are going to see the field.

  • Anon

    Is it bad that giants kept terrell pryor but not kenny phillips.

  • Cyrus Robinson

    If Boykins is only a little better than the best outside corner, but much better than the next guy in the slot, he should play in the slot. It makes the defense overall better.
    Having a weakness in the slot is not something to scoff at. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    • arson81

      Good logic. But If he starts in base he can still move to the slot in nickel. ie Ronde Barber with the Bucs.

  • A Big Butt and a Smile

    “other than having the QB run too much especially with read-option run plays”

    His option plays don’t work like that. It’s why he doesn’t NEED a speedy Qb to run the option. Though obviously that helps. This isn’t the skins read option – it’s quite a bit more sophisticated than that.

    I actually expect Vick to run quite a bit LESS in this offense than he has in the past – though when he does I expect it to be for a significant gain (15+ yards or more) or a score.

    Expect the backs to have a BEAST of a year though. Shady and Bryce in particular.

    • Media Mike

      From your lips to God’s ears with Vick running less. In general, the trend in read/option QBs is going to get guys killed league wide. RGKnee, Kaepernick, etc. are all going to have shortened careers due to big hits taken on read-option runs.

  • nicksaenz1

    16-0. Book it.

    • ClydeSide

      Tommy Lawlor says 15-1–resting starters in the last game :)

      • Warhound

        haha ha :)

  • cliff henny

    be a sight for sore eyes seeing Peters back out there naming LT. not a religious man, but every tme i see his name it’s followed by a silent ‘please jesus, let him be and stay healthy’ prayer.

  • aub32

    I think I prefer Boykin inside. Think about some of the slot guys we play: Cruz, Welker, Cobb, Moss, etc. Keeping Boykin in the slot may be the best thing for the team. I think some are looking at it as he’s not as good as the guys outside. Maybe he is just so much better than anyone inside, that we lose a lot more by placing him outside and putting someone else inside. Remember they were having Chung cover the slot with Boykin outside. That’s taking away arguably our best and only comprable safety. No thanks.

  • Richard Colton

    I would temper my enthusiasm for Square, but otherwise – my list is the same as yours.

  • Richard Colton

    he’s a special teams guy. remember when he got extended snaps last year? he wilted. Colt can give you a one or two game spot start, and great STs play – I’ll take it.

  • cliff henny

    glass half full…he’ll just be fresher when playing sub package 4th d-line pass rush specialist.

  • Richard Colton

    or when they go four down linemen

  • nicksaenz1

    I’m with you. It makes sense. Then I think to myself, this safety situation would be pretty nice with Thomas and Chung…

  • cliff henny

    too bad byrd signed his tender…guess that dream is over.

  • GumboGumbo

    I agree. Square hasn’t showed as much as Thorton but I like his upside

  • nicksaenz1

    Could still make a trade…. Hopefully the Bills realize the mistake they made in drafting EJ and want to offer us Byrd for Foles and a 5th rounder haha.

  • cliff henny

    i like it! you should be a GM. maybe Detroit will take Graham and a 4th for Megatron

  • Andy124

    He was fine in run D. I’m not saying I want him on the field playing D. But he was probably our least embarrssing safety last year.

  • Andy124

    They should send us Stafford too.

  • cliff henny

    that contract would have Howie breaking out into a cold sweat

  • theycallmerob

    eh, no thanks. I don’t want that sidearm anywhere near philly. and CJ absolutely makes him good.

  • Anon

    I don’t want him getting burned by nicks/garcon/fitzegerald/bryant/jennings, etc. And to downplay the importance of slot corners is a bit niave; going against cruz/welker this year is asking a lot. Plus we are paying 2 vets guaranteed money to play outside.

  • arson81

    I’m not trying to be funny or rude here, but it’s ok for Fletcher/Williams to get burned by Nicks/Garcon/Fitzgerald/Bryant/Jennings because they are higher paid free agent acquisitions?? Didn’t we already watch that movie the last two years? If Boykins is the best cover corner we have, then he should be on the field every down possible. Teams just don’t throw when the defense is in nickel.

  • Anon

    Is he the best cover corner? My point was just that he’s great in the slot, why not let him play where he’s great at. If he’s outside and gets burned i can see how philly media will respond. We’re paying 2 CBs to play outside, both hit and haven’t gotten beat over the top (yet). Since that’s the case why not just play that hand until they prove otherwise? I understand that we got burned by FA acquisitions recently but not all FAs are bad.

  • arson81

    I see your point but I don’t think you see mine. I still want him in the slot in nickel. I’m just saying if he is the best cover corner (and in this small sampling it sure appears to be the case), then those are skills that can be used in the base defense as well. Teams throw on first down too, especially against soft corners. I hope Fletcher/Williams pan out…that obviously is the ideal. But if either of them struggle, I would like to see him get a shot on the outside in base, and continue with his nickel duties in the slot. The coach doesn’t think he is ready for that from what he has seen, and his opinion counts way more than mine lol. So you are right.

  • RIP illa

    You’re basing this off of the 2nd preseason game where the starting D was in zone on most of the passing plays. Cover 3 to be exact. That’s why Williams was playing so far back. And if you rewatch the game, so was Fletcher.

    And yes both of their abilities to keep up w/ speed WRs down field are concerning. However Fletch is generally considered the better cover corner. But who knows how Davis is going to play it this season.

  • bsn

    I’m not sold on Williams either. He can tackle and he doesn’t get burned often but he wasn’t all that good in Baltimore.

  • Dr Rick

    D line play will be the key to keeping pressure on the DBs tolerable. Slot DB will be a KEY position against the emerging TE receivers. Boykin will have lots of opportunity to play.

  • theycallmerob

    ….or, you simply get the guy who already is a pro-bowler and all-pro at 25 with enough salary cap space to sign him 3 times over

  • StormKing

    I am also basing Williams’ play on his seasons with Baltimore. That’s his tendancies, I’m just saying his physicality would seem to suit him better if he can contact the receiver within the first 5 yards, I hope he does more of that.

  • A Big Butt and a Smile

    lol. That’s not what I meant. I don’t think they will be “newbie” mistakes. Yes he’s new to the NFL but he’s no Steve Spurrier. All coaches make mistakes – but the way that’s framed is if it’s the Big New Shiny NFL game that will do it to him – he’s too methodical for that. Every move too calculated. That’s what I meant.

  • A Big Butt and a Smile

    “There you go, BBaaS, another Tommy article for you to try to criticize…”

    I don’t worship at the alter of any reporter. If I agree I agree if I don’t I don’t. Somehow I believe thinking for one’s self is infinitely more interesting then taking anything anyone says to you as immediate gospel. But to each his own.

  • jon h

    People are going to screw up against Kelly, with the wrong personnel and stuff. We’ve seen time out screw ups for the last 14 years, and getting to the 1 yard line at the end of the half only having the time run out and getting no points. I’ll take some of Kelly’s “screw ups” but don’t think he’ll make the same mistake twice.

  • knighn

    Never said he was Steve Spurrier (who showed up to the NFL and thought he was going to win just because he was Steve Spurrier). Nor did I say he was Andy Reid (who came to the Eagles without EVER having been a head coach or an Offensive Coordinator on ANY level – unbelievable). I simply said Chip Kelly is a fallible human being that will make mistakes. Perhaps he already has? Maybe he’s put too much faith in Howie Roseman or Bill Davis? Maybe he should have insisted on better defensive players? All of those are simple examples on mistakes a new NFL head coach could make…

  • G_WallyHunter

    Jeff Fisher? or Mike McCarthy?

  • Adam

    Yeah but at the same time l don’t think Chip is ruling with an iron fist. He understand these are men guys like Peters are going to have some amount of confidence and swagger, and I’m sure Chip appreciates that. He’s not Belichick, he’s got a personality. If Jason comes out and says we’re going undefeated, and that he’s hands down the best player in the league then yes I could see Chip having any issue. But this is nothing.

  • Dutch

    Maybe you should reread his comments in total. He was absolutely right. If he’s on his game and the rest of the line comes together and gives Vick time he’s going to perform accordingly and the team and individuals will benefit.

    Peters is not directly throwing anyone under the bus but it’s obvious he blames the offensive line for the poor showing the last two seasons.

  • Richard Colton

    barring injury, I’m not sure how Shady doesn’t run for 1000 yards. Good prop bet – what are the odds the Eagles will have two 1,000 yard rushers?

  • Warhound

    Setting lofty goals, such as least sacks given up in team history, is the antithesis of being satisfied. People differ. Some motivate themselves by looking in the mirror and yelling “they all dissed you – you were un-drafted and gotta prove ’em wrong again!” Some work towards specific goals and when they achieve that goal they set a higher one.

  • Media Mike

    So “dream team” didn’t come out of Vince Young’s foolish uneducated disrespectful insubordinate mouth?

  • Media Mike

    No, Jeff Fisher. Young owes Fisher a lifetime of apologies over how Young behaved in Tennessee.

  • RIP illa

    Are you kidding me right now??? Yes he rand down a running back who ran a 4.65 at the combine and a 4.66 at his pro day. Wow how did Fletcher ever catch him?! Don’t confuse short area quickness or a RB busting through the hole or 2nd level quickly w/ downfield speed.

    Yes Fletcher had to make up a lot of ground to catch him. But if Ridley ran as fast as your trying to make it seem, there’s no way Fletcher would have caught him, save for Ridley running out of gas.

    It’s kinda like saying that if someone can chase down Riley Cooper then they can chase down Desean.