What Does It Cost to Remodel a Home in Philadelphia?

Houzz.com has a terrific infographic that allows users to see what it costs, on average, to remodel different rooms in a house–kitchen, dining room, etc.–and compare that price to other cities or states. For example, in the case of Philly kitchen redos, the average cost is around $35,000, which puts it in the top tier of kitchen renovations nationwide.

But other Philadelphia renovations are relatively inexpensive, like patio and landscaping. What does that say about our area? Could it be something, perhaps, about the number of day laborers who stand at Home Depot every morning waiting for work and are easily taken advantage of?

The infographic also details how many people hire a professional for remodeling jobs and what the average household income are of those homeowners who complete the remodeling projects.

Real Remodeling Costs [Houzz]

  • barrygster

    Probably has the most to do with inaccurate or lazy statistics.

  • JoAnn

    I don’t know how it could be $35K. I kept my cabinets, replaced the cooktop with a 4 burner Blue Star with a professional venting system, bought a new dishwasher and microwave, put in a new deep sink and got a granite counter and believe me – it was way more than that.

  • Dutch

    Very good effort on by the Offense, which was to be expected with a solid outing by the Offensive Line and they showed well. The Defense is what it’s going to be no better than the last 5 years. The Eagles offensive players will have to race to 30 points to have a chance and should be able to score enough to win 9 games.

    How is it that Clay Harbor has been regulated to 4th string? I didn’t see any other Tight End better in that offense and Polk was exceptional he picked up perfectly and with authority the blitzing linebacker on Vick’s touchdown throw to Jackson. For the initial 20 offensive plays the Line was impressive sure there are a few things to clean up but in time they will get even better.

    Who thinks the Eagles with Foles under center can put up scores enough to win using passes that travel no more than 4 yds from the line of scrimmage? DJax is negated using long handoffs as a passing threat. Better evaluations are ahead against the Panthers and Jaguars defensive fronts.

    Defense is a sad affair, but until they can sufficiently man their scheme the Eagles are going to need interior linebackers, Kendricks just can’t get the job done on the inside. The Patriots wore that kid like a new neck tie, once again he can’t blow up the gap and isn’t a consistent enough tackler or reliable enough to get off of blocks. Cox’s effort up front is wasted wiht Kendricks playing behind him.

    • EaglePete

      Depends, would you rather see a dink n dunk long drive that results in a score. Or the big flair bomb. Of course you need the intermediate passing but both have their value. Id actually prefer the QB show a solid drive. Im not saying Foles looked better, Vick looked great, just want to see a sustained Vick drive also where he has to work it down the field and take what a D gives him if the deep ball isnt working. Defenses have shut down Djax in the past and forced them to win underneath. Also, dont think the Pats D has scared anyone since Bruschi left. Hearing Dan Patrick show this morning even Peter King mentioned them possibly using 2 QBs. I know some have mentioned it on here and we have all blasted it down. I was a bit shocked to hear long time football people actually entertaining the idea. Maybe its just something to talk about on radio. I wont believe it until I see it.

    • Warhound

      Wore him like a new necktie? What?

  • ridusofreid

    Johnson very athletic as we have heard. Needs to get stronger against bull rush

  • JofreyRice

    I was very impressed by Johnson’s showing. Ninkovich is an underrated passrusher. Not the most athletic guy in the world, but they have been trying to draft guys to take his job, and he just keeps beating them out.

  • EaglePete

    My buddy is a chiefs fan and word out there is Fisher is struggling. They even mentioned moving him over. Nice to see Lane doing well so far, still a long way to go but good signs. The hurry up could help that as well, one of the best parts of that pre-season game was the way Brown almost walked in on that TD drive by Foles. The D looked tired at that point and we pounded it home, nice to see that.

  • Rick H

    There are 87 to 88 guys on this team still! You can not evaluate with any kind of certainty right now. Should we state that Kelly liked Foles performance much better then Vick’s because Foles took 85% of the first team snaps yesterday (Sunday) at practice? I don’t think so. Vick had very little work yesterday with the 1″s. There has been no game planning and you have to cut a lot of these camp bodies before anything can get serious.
    I say watch and enjoy the rebuilding process. The patriots are so much better then the Eagles right now but they won’t be playing the patriots every game. Give Kelly a chance! He needs more talent and he still needs to get rid of some players (not QB) that think they are bigger then the team. The one guy I am thinking of better produce because he thinks he is “all that”. I have seen it before. Teams will trade players that are really good if they are clubhouse lawyers and have out of control egos.

  • JofreyRice

    I’ve been pretty blunt about my critique of what they did with the defense, but I was very excited to see some of those recipes. We got to see some effective twisting & stunting from the OLB & DE (Graham & Curry) during the game, and got to see some interesting zone blitzes (both ILBs, Acho & Knott blitzing through the A Gaps) in obvious passing situations.

    I agree this is going to be a multiyear rebuild on D, and would add that I think they failed to adequately address DB AGAIN, but they should get better than they were on Friday *this year*, as they become accustomed to the scheme.

  • EaglePete

    wow, defensive much. I said you still need intermediate passing as in Foles didnt show that. Dont worry its looking like Vick will prob win the job imo, talk to us week 10 about his greatness and ball security being a key barometer.