How Much Do Single-Family Homes in Media Cost? Here Are 5 Good Answers

Media is the county seat of Delaware County, and is about a half an hour from Philadelphia. With a population just over 5,000, you’d think it would feel like a small town. But you can actually get many of the comforts of life in Media, like decent Thai food and trolley service to Center City.

Media was also apparently the first Fair Trade town in America. How ’bout that.

1. 11 E Jefferson Street
Bedrooms: 4
Baths: 2
Square footage: 1,983
Extra space: Family room and office upstairs. Vines on trellises shade the wrap-around porch.
Duly noted: This Victorian house is on a corner. Most of the windows look original.
Price: $539,900

2. 1531 Down Street
Bedrooms: 3
Baths: 1 full, 1 partial
Square footage: 1,641
Extra space: Bonus room off the driveway, and a sun room off the kitchen.
Duly noted: Part of the Keswick Village area, this tudor cottage is impossibly cute.
Price: $369,900

3. 601 Allen Lane
Bedrooms: 3
Baths: 1 full, 1 partial
Square footage: 1,400
Extra space: Partially finished basement, plus storage space in the attic.
Duly noted: The house is on a quiet cul-de-sac, but is also walking distance to downtown Media.
Price: $329,900

4. 61 Shady Hill Road
Bedrooms: 3
Baths: 2 full, 1 partial
Square footage: 1,888
Extra space: Family room with vaulted ceiling and a loft, plus two car garage.
Duly noted: The yard is as spacious and leafy as you could want.
Price: $379,900

5. 1507 Old Orchard Road
Bedrooms: 4
Baths: 1
Square footage: 1,616
Extra space: Studio or office space on the third floor.
Duly noted: We are suckers for carriage houses. This one has a cozy grandma’s-house feel. In a good way!
Price: $450,000

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  • Brendan

    Just one of the five homes above is actually in the borough of Media. Also, there is a regional rail station just outside Media Borough, but well within walking distance of any location in the borough, which runs to center city. The trolley is not the only option for getting to center city. In fact the trolley will take you only to 69th street transportation center, from where you will have to take the Market Frankford El or a bus to get to center city.

  • Brendan

    Just one of the five homes above is actually in the borough of Media. Also, there is a regional rail station just outside Media Borough, but well within walking distance of any location in the borough, which runs to center city. The trolley is not the only option for getting to center city. In fact the trolley will take you only to 69th street transportation center, from where you will have to take the Market Frankford El or a bus to get to center city.

  • #7

    Start Earl Wolff. I don’t care if he’s a rookie. At least he will hit someone. At least he will tackle someone. Nate Allen sucks.

    Another failed pick by Andy Reid

  • JBrooks

    Seems like its just another WR for camp. Chip mentioned already that they need some guys for practices but that they already had enough WRs to start the season. Makes a lot of sense, he knows how Kelly practices, might surprise some of the current guys on the bubble and help them kick it into gear. Either way it cant hurt! #BleedGreen

  • Richard Colton

    One of the regular posters predicted this move over a week ago. It was Jeff or Rob (I think?). Will someone step forward for credit and to tell us a little more why you liked this guy.

  • #7

    Vick deep to Jackson, Vick rifles one to Jackson. Vick unleashes a bomb to Jackson.

    Not hearing a lot of Foles rifling anything to Jackson. I don’t think Foles can get Jackson the ball, which is what we have to do. Jackson is as important to our offense as he has ever been and Foles’ arm is too weak to hit him deep. Foles would use him on intermediate routes which would get him laid out over the middle

    • notAvickhater

      No one ever said Vick doesn’t have a strong arm. I think the argument for the pro Foles camp is which is the better QB.

      • #7

        The numbers in the first game and in practice says Vick is better. It will play out. I’m glad they are competing for the job. Brings or the best in Vick and makes Foles a better player if we need him off the bench

      • #7

        As Shiel has said, seems like this has happened 2,324 times lol. Shiel is not being biased and I love it

  • cliff henny

    ok howie, you got the trading and ex duck part correct, just wrong player. now, go call Buffalo and pry Byrd away from them

  • DunedinEagle

    Can’t help but wonder what the texans see in Menkin. Having zero faith in the Eagles personnel department will do that to a fan.

  • Fly High

    OK, I think there are some inaccurate thought about Maehl here. He is not just some Will Murphy Oregon camp body. Maehl was a 2 star DB recruit who turned into a dominant receiver in college. He had a slow 40 time, but the fastest shuttle time in the combine, as I remember. Maehl has great hands, runs great routes and is very shifty. He could be a very good receiver that never got a chance with Houston. For what we gave up, that was a brilliant deal. Maehl could make the team, even though he got here late, and I think even has a chance to be the #2 WR this year.

    • BlindChow

      I don’t know, Houston has been looking for a viable #2 receiver to draw attention away from Andre Johnson for awhile. If he couldn’t make it there…

  • d.j

    Now make a trade for another Duck.. pry Boyett off the colts. next year, Wolff at strong, boyett at free.. – problem finally solved.

  • Brent E. Sulecki

    Who called it? I know someone did?

  • Brian

    Momah = disappointment


    the more i look into this kid the better this deal looks he was tops in a lot of agility and quickness drills. broke the record of 11+ years in the 3 cone drill which is done by WR TE and RB’s 12 TDs in his senior yr over 1,000 receiving yrds. plays hard great hands plus was a 3 star recruit at safety coming out of bad as our safeties are playing maybe he can comeback to the D couldn’t be any worse could he? lol

  • GEagle

    I don’t ask for much,,,,just give me 16 games from our starting Olineman and 16 games for Desean and I will be happy..

    On the defense, Just give me 16 Games from Barwin and Meco(two guys I see no replacements for)…By week 10, If Kendrick’s goes down, Knott should be an adequate band aid by then….There is no friggin way we keep Jamar Chaney over Jake Knott..I guess Ancho is probably his real competition

    As for Vinny Curry, if you can get to the QB there will always be a role and snaps for you…The extent of his role will be determined by how he develops against the run..

    I was blown away by Benny Logan….word on him was that LSU held him back, and I had NO IDEA he had that type of agility and motor. I did not know he was capable of getting after it like that. I expected him to be a sound, dirty work, strong mike Patterson type…but he flashed more potential than that on Friday…I’m praying he has a similar performance against Carolina’s 1’s..

    I heard my first Damien Square as an Eagle interview yesterday, and the moment he was done talking, right away I thought….SOLD!!!! Lol He is labeled as a technician with limited athletic ability. he is also labeled as a high Charecter guy, but you can just hear the intensity, the rage and tenacity in his voice and I haven’t heard too many people talk like that around these parts. I think our coaches really like him and I will be shocked if he doesn’t make this roster…Who knows, two years of an NFL strength and conditioning program might bring us a pretty decent rotational guy.

    As For Antonio Dixon? what ya gonna do brother? the young puppies stepped up and put themselves on the map last week. Whatever injury your body is dealing with, you gonna have to suite up and play through it Brah, and you better show up and make an impact!!! Logan,Square,Curry will all be elevated and get some extra opportunities…If they show up against 1’s, and you don’t make some noise….it’s over for you. STEP YO GAME UP SON!!! Lol

    • Token

      Did you take a leave of absence because of the Benn injury? I hope you had enough time to grieve properly.

  • Jack Waggoner

    Kelce is a born leader and it’s something you notice right away about him.

  • JofreyRice

    Seems like there is essentially 1 safety spot open, the deep coverage free safety; very tough spot for a rookie. The Strong Safety spot is Chung’s, but it seems like Davis needs to solidify 2 more “free safeties” to run the 3-3-5 look where Chung goes into the slot as a linebacker. Seems confusing to me that they would even *have* a 3 safety look, being that we don’t have 1 good safety on the roster. Kind of like that old argument against going to a 3-4 because we don’t even have 3 good linebackers for a 4-3. Why feature your weakness?

  • Dutch

    I agree, he needs to be seen against the opponents first team offense to gauge his effectiveness. I don’t see a need to play Coleman or Anderson there is nothing either could do to change the perception that neither makes the grade.

  • Token

    yea who knows. Its just too bad nobody worth a damn wanted to coach the defense. Id feel better about how it might be built going forward. Instead we are left with Billy Davis throwing player recommendations at Howie Roseman who is building upon a resume of ineptitude on a yearly basis.

    Wasnt Tom Gamble supposed to be the savior? Was he just too late for it to matter this year?

    Itd be nice to have the first pick next year so Howie only has to choose between Bridgewater and Clowney. Even he cant screw that one up. Assuming Foles shows nothing this year I think taking Bridgewater in that position is a no-brainer over Clowney. But thats a conversation for months from now.

  • #7

    Yep I think so. Nate Allen was for sure.

  • #7

    They could have kept Jaiqwan Jarret, who sucked. At least he “tried” hit someone. He would miss lol, but he tried.

  • Dutch

    We may not know for sure until we see Wolff against better competition. Hard to imagine to many guys worse or as bad as Nate Allen.

  • Phils Goodman


  • gamedaytribe

    I’m not sure you know Chip Kelly well. He’s a man focussed on winning. He’s absolutely the last guy to put someone on the field unless he’s the best shot he’s got. He’s incredibly smart, incredibly focussed on winning, and extremely competitive.

    If there are Marquise Lee’s he could have signed up right now, you can bet your bottom dollar he’d have been signing them. Will Murphy barely got on the Oregon field, and his signing with the Eagles was probably a best-effort in the face of a worst-case disaster with the Eagles receiver corps, something that is rather closer than nearer.

    Many of the players in Chip’s early tenure are less than top-notch NFL talent that he signed once Oregon started winning – it wasn’t an overnight process. The Dion Jordan’s (Dolphins), the Kyle Long’s (Bears), the Deanthony Thomas’s of this world started coming Oregon’s way more recently. Some he really transformed himself from really no-name guys into top-notch talent – take Kiko Alonso (Bills). If you think none of Chip’s players have been contributing, you must have missed that return LaMichael James made in the crucial playoff game last year…you might want to look more closely and avoid blinking, because it does tend to be a blur. And oh, you must have missed the game Friday night, because there was a certain player who made the Eagles D look mighty foolish…remember him? Yeah…

    I’m a diehard, long-time Oregon fanatic and I’ve had a crush on Chip Kelly for about 7 years now, so you could dismiss what I say as biased spouting…fair enough. Time will tell. But for all his faults, two things Chip Kelly definitely isn’t : stupid, or inefficient.

  • anon

    Kelly is a system coach. He’ll tweak the system a little based on personnel, but he’s not going to create a system around a star. Given that I understand why he’s taking people he knows, b/c he doesn’t have to teach them the system (I think that’s why he’s hesitant to grab FAs on offense).

    That said, given how dominant Dixon was in Pac 12 he looks pretty awful at the next level (I’d say the same for Kelly’s old RBs, James and Blount). So doubtful that this new guy will make much of an impact.

  • #7

    You people need something to hold on to. I don’t blame you

  • Warhound

    Oh, wait, Maggie already commented.

  • Warhound

    He’s a camp body, who will be quickly up to speed.

  • JofreyRice

    Honestly, I do take a lot of what the Oregon posters here say with a grain of salt, because I think the game is much different…however, I am impressed that Kelly has won over so many loyal fans that continue to follow him. It’s hard to imagine hardcore Andy Reid homers posting on Kansas City Chiefs blogs about how great FF (Reid) is going to be for them.

  • DunedinEagle

    Yeah I Googled that right after I posted.

  • JofreyRice

    You could be right. I think they’d probably prefer a player like Chung because of the mix of physicality & coverage ability in the slot better than Boykin, if he’s facing a TE.

    The other option would be to not replace the S, but you’d need a single-high safety capable of covering deep. Earl Thomas can do that very well, and that’s why Seattle can stay in their base and bring Chancellor down into the box for TE coverage and run support. The Eagles don’t have a single-high guy on the roster, though. Being able to do that kind of thing without using multiple guys is probably going to come in handy for Seattle when facing all these uptempo teams trying to prevent package subs.

  • G_WallyHunter

    I hope we don’t see many more Oregon Alumni signed…
    If he signs them to help the team through TC and the PS and learning the system and schemes, then so what
    but if these guys end up making the team and doing nothing special, then that’s a concern..

  • G_WallyHunter

    yup agreed with those points. If it happened tomorrow I’d be real happy. Good move, hopefully the coaches see the same lack of fit for BG and work something out..
    it is a lot of money to be giving him, but that’s the name of the game, he had a great season last year and has been a consistent safety since drafted, hard hitting ball hawk. Eagles have the cap space, it’d be great to see the move happen. We know CK wouldn’t have any problem with it, so that’s a bonus..

  • ReggieKush

    Um, are you mad that a 33yr old quarterback former number one draft pick had two $100 million dollar contracts been to jail and back and now has experience to stand in the pocket due to A.Reid’s experiment. Michael is a polished duel threat, throw in a side of Chip Kelly & O-line oh my this is a redemption year..Vick is gonna ball

  • #7

    Yes sir!!!!!

  • Andy124

    Dude had 31.5 sacks in 3 years…. AS A DEFENSIVE TACKLE and never made a pro-bowl. Shafted. He was the man.

  • Ron Swanson

    You sound like Sal Pal. Don’t fabricate drama where there is none.

  • Media Mike

    I think part of it was the very limited and predictable set of plays that AR an MM would call for DeSean. Have Vick, who struggles to read Ds as it is, fake a few ways while turning his back to the D (sometimes even twice) then recover enough awareness to find D-Jax. Not a recipe for success.

  • GEagle

    Absolutely…Not just his ability, but just a hard nose Philly Dude!! he was everything we want in our athletes

  • Philly0312

    Yeah, I’d say Mathis is getting a similar shaft the last two years. He is without argument the top left guard in football, was one vote shy of the All Pro team, but can’t make a pro bowl? Ridiculous. I miss guys like Andy Harmon on our D – he is almost forgotten these days.

  • theycallmerob

    he was all-pro in ’95, but yea….underrated. Loved the guy.

  • GEagle

    people never talk about him but he has to be someone under Jerome as the best DT this city has had….who even can compete with Harmon since Jerome died? Corey Simon I guess

  • Capt. Chippahpants

    … So you didn’t read the inter view where Vick read a single high safety and found DeSean for that touchdown? Too early for rabble raising? My bad.

  • Media Mike

    I’m speaking of last season when Vick would be running needless multiple fakes with his back to the D and then have to recover to make a read. The reading of single high safety for the TD to Vick was done in a different system. A 9th grade QB could have made the read that Vick did for the TD to Jackson last Friday. The stuff AR and MM asked Vick to do last year was unwise.

  • G_WallyHunter

    Ah yes, Mathis, the one and only bright spot from (dare I say it) the dream team…
    He graded out as PFF’s top guard last year, and the year before that he was up there too

  • GEagle

    Star Lotululei puts an end to the Vick…jk

  • G_WallyHunter

    I think they will be taking the division this year. It’s (finally) time for the Steelers and Ravens to stop bullying that division around, I see the division slowly changing to the Browns and Bengals being on top..

  • GEagle

    yeah man, that team ain’t messing around…Heck, I’d take Taylor Mays!! Our Safeties just blow coverages left and right and haven’t guared anyone in years…If we are going to suck in coverage anyway, we might as well have safeties like pOllard or Mays Knocking people’s heads off…That’s why I don’t complai about Chunger…ATleast he will lay the SMACKDOWNS from time to time…Nate and Allen cant stop blowing coverages, when they know what they are supposed to do they don’t make a play on the ball, and whenever they try to tackle the ball carrier, they bounce off him as if if the carrier has the force field from CBS’s “Under the Dome”…WTF if we can’t cover, than Chris Tucker someone: “You Got knocked the BLEEP out..MAN”..”and you know this”!!!!

  • EaglePete

    I think the Browns are on the right track. I think Wheedon might be a decent serviceable QB. Trent is a beast and they have some players there finally just need decent coaching I think. Still a yr or two away though. Can never think the Steelers or the Ravens for that matter esp with Ozzie drafting are that far off.

  • G_WallyHunter

    Browns D looks great, Haden, now Kruger, and Jackson. Then Trent, Little, Weeden.. They are definitely in the incline… I think the ravens will survive this year, maybe make the playoffs (even with all of their losses), the Steelers though, I think they are on the decline and unless that D makes that smooth transition from old players to the new talented ones (woodley, lewis), then they will have a tough time.

  • G_WallyHunter

    Chung he played great on Friday, let’s see what happens tomorrow. People aren’t giving these guys the credit of changing systems and what not, why can’t fans just wait 4 PS games and make an informed and thorough evaluation then?
    I just don’t get it, it’s a waste of thought right now
    lol at under the dome reference.. HANK

  • Andy124

    Didn’t realize he was named an all-pro.

    Messed up when you can be an all-pro and not get voted to the pro-bowl. Another reason why I put little stock in being a “pro-bowler”. It’s as much a popularity contest as anything.

  • Adam

    I prefer the term Pro Bowl caliber, in the sense that if the Pro Bowl was actually based on performance and talent rather than popularity then he would be named to it.

  • GEagle

    You sir are 1 cool ass mofo!!! the Savage Samurai..Ghita was the friggin main body guard to the president of Romania lol. No one kicks like that dude…but I’m more of a Gokhan Saki and Tyronne Spong fan. the retirement of the Giant Semmy Shilt opens up the whole kickboxing world and now that GLORY signed a broadcast deal with Spike TV, I expect itch Kickboxing and Muy Tai to blow up in the USA…Can’t wait to see Gokhan Sakiake his north American debut

  • GEagle

    you know what’s a very under rated show? Stars channel has “magic city” great show…obviously Ryan Donovan is pretty good. Newsroom….but I’m waiting for homeland and sons of anarchy to start