Garden Profile: Artist’s Cherry Tree in a Back Yard in Northern Liberties

Artist Julie Stone Waring bought her house in Northern Liberties almost 15 years ago, and her garden has changed a lot over the years. At first, the yard was full sun, with a big fruiting cherry tree and grapes growing along a wall. But that has changed in the years since.

“Developers have decided to build on every inch of Northern Liberties,” Waring said. “My yard has turned into a shady yard with a few sunny spots.”

Most recently, developers built a three-story house immediately behind her yard, further limiting her sun exposure. She especially misses the evening light in the garden.

“Since I don’t have as much sun, I have been growing fewer vegetables and more flowers,” she said.


The yard has also shifted from being an adult hang-out space to an adventure playground for Waring’s five-year-old daughter, Raven. The plants in the yard share space with a hammock, a swing, a play house, a see saw, and an inflatable pool covered with mosquito netting. Waring misses having more space for flower beds, but it’s worth it. “I love creating this wilderness for her inside the city,” she said.


In spite of looming developments and a busy kid, Waring manages to grow an impressive variety of foods. Perennial fruits include raspberries, grapes, sour cherries and blueberries. She puts in tomatoes, peppers and herbs as well. Decorative plants include ferns, hostas, climbing roses, sedums, peonies, lilies and keria.


Waring has easy access to plants because she works at City Planter, the NoLibs garden store that specializes in planting custom window boxes and containers for city dwellers who want a bit of beauty.


She struggles with squirrels who eat her berries and weeds that are always just a bit out of control, but Waring says her garden has taught her a lot. “I used to want it to stay the same,” she said. Instead, she’s come to embrace the changes. It helps her cope with the way life outside the garden is always changing, too.



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  • Philly0312

    He did last practice too.

  • Julio

    He listed from right to left. Johnson filled in at LT

  • G_WallyHunter

    Here I am saying Momah has looked bad (as that has been reported the last few days), and today he looks great. He see’s the opportunity now lol. Riley saw the opportunity when Mac went out, and now Momah sees it when Riley goes out hahah
    I’d love to see him develop into something, a 6’7″ 4.4 runner is lethal… LETHAL…

  • yaer

    Todd has played most of the O-Line positions starting at LG than LT for a short period i believe he filled up as center at some point and also as RT so don’t worry about that , Herremans plays well in any O-line postion specially LG.

  • Token

    I hope Howie is able to admit the Jones mistake before the season. Id much rather keep a young question mark like Polk instead of a proven bum like Jones.

    Seems like Boykin hasnt had a great last day or two. Still cant wait to see him against a actual opponent.

    Also, has anyone asked yet what the plans are for the first preseason game as far as QB playing time? Typically your starter doesnt play much in game 1 but this is obviously a competition.

    • yaer

      Probably will get to see a lot of Barkley and dixon.

      • Token

        That wouldnt make any sense though would it?

        Chip has to see these guys play. I was thinking a quarter each for Vick, Foles, Barkley, Dixon. I think in the 3rd game Vick and Foles will each get a half. Unless Chips plan is to rotate them each series, which probably isnt the best situation for either guy IMO.

        • BlindChow

          Maybe rotating drives, since it would seem like you’d want to see the QB’s play with the 1’s. Unless one guy plays with the starters in the first game, then the other guy during the second…

  • EaglePete

    Polk and Momah are good signs. Have concerns with Celek and his drops but seems like his replacements are in line, not a huge fan myself, he seems to be on the downhill. Kendricks getting beat in coverage also not a great sign but theres good and bad at every practice. Whos Whitley? Strange to me to have Demaris in with Djax, not sure how often its used. Would think some other guys might be better fit but CK like his speed and Im a fan of Demaris. I think he finds space and can make a play after the catch with his speed. Also depends on TE sets etc.

    • #7

      Yeah who is Whitley? He got that ass roasted by #10 today

    • Eaglomaniac

      For real dude? Celek happens to be our best TE. His blocking skills alone make him worth a roster spot. He’s probably caught more passes that all our TE combined.

  • Scott J610

    I hope the Patriots go easy on us next week.

  • #7

    Vick is red hot and Foles is struggling with accuracy with the pads according to G.Cobb

  • therealpistolp

    Good to hear the qb’s looking sharp today… Desean seems locked in!! Boykins too… Great to hear Momah is using his size and speed to make plays… Sounds like graham is on track again… Expecting a big yr for him… Still nervous about the o line staying healthy and I’m sick of reading celek and drop in the same sentence ✌

  • Laamar

    Vick must be headed to the Hall of Fame! What a great 2 hr practice. He is the gratest QB EVER! Why wait? Give him $100 million contract. Oh boy he is so good. Wow oh wow.

    • #7

      That’s 3 practices

    • lol

      Is it impossible to acknowledge when they guy does well? Seriously are you an Eagles fan or a Vick hater. If the former root for the best QB to win. If the latter go sit in a corner somewhere and pout.

      • #7

        there it is

    • #7

      These clowns don’t expect Vick to shine against Foles lol. Laamar it’s not over in any sense, but why can’t we 5 Vick fans gloat like you Foles fans do for great performances by Foles in shorts?

      People are sleeping on the Eagles and I think we’re going to surprise some people. The problem is, for you Foles fans.. I gurantee you NFL players would rather have Nick Foles win the job instead of Vick, who has DOMINATED the NFC East since he’s been in Philly. Look at the stats you people post all of the time.

      Make Nick Foles throw down field after moving him off of his spot. That’s is the NFL’s gameplan against Foles.

  • #7

    Watch out for Ifeanyi Momah people

  • Tuna

    We need to find a nick name for Momah,

  • GumboGumbo

    The Patriots are a team that the Eagles can learn a lot from next week. They have great QB play, a similar offensive system installed, currently dealing with major adversity (Hernandez), and a lack of hands in the receiving department.

    • Johnny Domino

      Maybe BB will take RC with him when he leaves.

  • John Kane

    I get what he did was wrong. But why are people not so upset players use drugs, are accessories to murder (ray Lewis…nfl hero), or carry guns on planes. Proportionality people

    • ICDogg

      Well, yes, it turns out there are worse things a person can do than what Cooper has done. HOWEVER:

      …if you are just saying that to distract attention away from what Cooper and are just trying to distract people away from that and conclude that, well, we should just let it go and forget about it… then I’m not with you there.

    • sick of this crap

      because anytime the blacks can pile on whitey they love to do it… this fake outrage over a friggin word they love to say and hear is a joke…..the guy apologized…lets move on.

  • jeff

    doesn’t anyone remember what your parents used to tell you “sticks and stones” people need to stop being so sensative.. we live in such a sentative society too let words from ignorant people bother you. Its time to worry about bigger problems that are going on the world and stop bitching about freaking words… no one is perfect and he will have to live with what he said. this situation just gives the attention seekers/junkies a reason to spout off… its time to get over the race card and live in the real world . there is racism of all colors white, black, asian etc… so its not only a white against black thing.. but i guess the world will never change there will always be people of all races that will try to play anycard
    to get ahead and think things should be handed to then just because of there race


    couldn’t agree more with Jason Whitlock we have all done and said things we regret i know I’ve said things to people I love that i regret but we are all human we all error to error is human to forgive is divine… read quotes from his college roommates teamates you aren’t a racist and hide it for ump plus years it was a word not a lifestyle


    but the very fact that there is a black history month segregates race if there was a month that specifically only celebrated white history and made a point that these historical people or events were done by white people it would be racist or a college found that only gives tuition to only white people or an award show that only celebrated white achievements they would be considered racist if a job hires someone based on their color instead of their ability that is racist but affirmative action does that. I’m not saying the atrocities that have happened in the past to people of any race black jewish hispanic asian ect.. should jst be forgotten or accepted or any current racism but by segregating the races for any reason only perpetuates racism and it seems that blacks seem to do this more then any other race

    • defroe81

      instead of the naacp or national association for the advancement of colored people its should just be the the naap the national association for the advancement of people… we need to advance as people not as race. i wish all us minorites would stop segregating our selves. bdawks is right and they will give you bad votes just becuase we dont agree and feel entitled to our own groups and organizations since well white people have the kkk and thats all it boils up to. if they have a group then we need a group i say minorites need to be the bigger person in all of it and take charge in uniting everyone to destroy the real racist the white seperatist group. then again its america and we all have the rights to do these things…

  • sick of this bs

    seems like anytime that blacks get a chance to ‘fake’ outrage at something a white person did…no matter how stupid or slight….they will pile on. This n word is said all day every day by blacks and the black entertainers….but if it doesn’t come out of a black mouth then its offensive…. white people should recognize the BS and hypocrisy here and stop with the liberal agenda.

  • Rick H

    Seriously I truly believe Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer should be fired for the garbage he just wrote about Riley Cooper!!! He is so far over the line now!!! His actions (via his written words) are seriously troublesome. Please let me hear your opinions. This is bordering on intentional ruining of a man’s reputation and career. Defamation of character!!! The Inquirer better be very careful with McLane! He is a loose cannon.

  • jax

    interestingly they are removing comments from here even if you don’t use the n word…..I guess you have to be pro-black and pretend we are all devastated like the fake BS from McCoy and Avant…..2 guys that should accept the apology and shut up….the friggin liberal media loves to pile on when its perceived as anti-black no matter how trivial.

    • theycallmerob

      liberal media? pro-black?

      what are you, anti-civility? non-educated?

  • GoBirds1

    Often circumstances outside of football and injury make hard decisions by head coaches easy, by having them being made for them. Cowher in Pitt comes to mind, when Big Ben steps in as a rookie and plays like an all-pro as Tommy Maddux rides off into the sunset due injury. This saves Cowher’s career and wins the SB the next year. Similar to the situation with Belichick, Bledsoe and Brady.

    Let’s face it, Riley Cooper is a borderline NFL talent with a very low ceiling. If it were not for his ST contributions, he would have been long gone by now. That being said, and that the Birds are in the retool/rebuild mode, let the redneck bum go. Give a young kid an opportunity to develop and be a real NFL caliber WR. Let Momah or Sheppard have a roster spot for three years, either would be infinitely better than Riley Cooper would ever be. Maybe this is the wake up call to move on entirely from Reid’s regimen of projects and personnel experiments.

    Its time to turn the page, and that includes Vick too.

    GoBirds! In Chippah We Trust…

    • Cdiggy

      You said “redneck” :) I sure am glad I am not offended by that word…

  • Scott J610

    Next time Cooper uses the N-word, he should MC it to a rap beat like Eminem, then it will be ok.

  • Sabres24Seven

    How come there is no mention about Marcus putting a bounty on Cooper or the Redskin’s corner’s saying they are going out to injure him? That’s a bounty and we learned from New Orleans and I think the Redskins corners should have to suffer as well.

  • Jmtyl

    We have had distraction it seems in training camp a bit too long. Chip Kelly needs to get the media out of Nova Care or it will be business as usual. Tell players keep things internal.

  • Matt Broad

    If this was Friday Night Lights something would happen on a road trip early in the season that would force Riley Cooper to step up, do something right, and find some redemption and common ground with the African Americans on the team. But this isn’t Friday Night Lights, so it’s probably just going to be a faint but lingering problem for the rest of the season.

  • defroe81

    i heard cracker on my tv more than anything this summer that came from a young woman so what are we teaching to young african americans that they refer to white people as crackers? it goes all ways lets remember the past but not live in it. to blame the new generations for mistakes pass is a huge mistake in it self…