Do A.C.: Atlantic City Takes 15,000 Lb. Pop-Up Casino Resort on the Road

Not enough people going to Atlantic City? Then the Atlantic City Alliance will bring AC to the people. The  “Live From AC” roadshow starts this weekend in Philly with a pop-up casino resort (15,000 lbs. and two stories) at the waterfront that includes “key AC experiences” all framed by the “DO AC” advertising campaign.

The Alliance is a nonprofit that markets the city to tourists, which  has been an uphill battle in recent months. So the organization has partnered with BMF, a company that helps build brands with experiential marketing of this kind. This roadshow will also go to Baltimore and NYC.

In a statement, Atlantic City Alliance President Liza Cartmell said the goal of the roadshow is to  “introduce AC to people in a new way, create a social media buzz and represent all 12 casinos in key markets.” She said it’s an opportunity to engage “our target audience of fun seekers.” (Are there fun seekers in Philly? If so, where do they pass the time? Not on SEPTA, that’s for sure.)

pop-up casino resort rendering

Rendering of the pop-up casino resort that will be at Penn’s Landing this weekend.

So here’s what’s going on at the Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing this weekend, noon to 10pm each day. Aside from performers DJ Nigel Richards and Rod Stewart, there are these options:

  • Do Chill – Relax and recharge your body with a free five-minute AC spa massage
  • Do Views – Experience the views, luxury and fun offered by Atlantic City’s casino hotels while recharging your electronic devices at one of the recharging stations
  • Do Chance – Spin the wheel and try your luck for an AC prize
  • Do Memories – Have your picture taken in front of a variety of iconic AC backgrounds to automatically post and share using #LiveFromAC
  • Do Thrills – Get a taste of AC nightlife with DJ Nigel Richards internationally-recognized for his unique music style and contributions to the dance music industry
  • Do Savor – Play the restaurant/hotel matching game to win AC prizes
  • Interior design features: TVs, furniture, boardwalk flooring, wood, fabric and vinyl walls, photo booth, DJ booth, gaming table, bar
  • Architects, designers: 18 people between the architects, designers, builders and engineers
  • It’ll be from noon to 10 p.m. each day. It’ll be interesting to see how and if this translates in terms of getting visitors to the shore.

    Do A.C. official site

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  • nicksaenz1

    Thinking we’re in the land of the free was your first mistake.

  • aub32

    Some people just don’t get it. This goes beyond just saying a word. That word represents an ignorant mindset and outlook that has no place in “the land of the free”. Now personally I do not think Riley is a racist, however that kind of behavior cannot be tolerated by a public figure, especially in a league that is most made up by people who would take offense to that term. The NFL is a billion dollar industry. They cannot for one second allow anyone to think they permit their players to feel this way.

  • Andy124

    It doesn’t matter how much it is relative to many Americans. It matters how much it is relative to him. I doubt he’s going to be unable to pay his power bill decause of it, but it’s stiff enough to hurt. Sounds just about right to me.

    The “n” word isn’t the only word left you can’t say either. Slurs against gays and other minorities are consistently met with outrage as well. I would guess that it’s to a lesser degree, but I wouldn’t want to argue the point one way or the other.

    Where we completely agree is that the call for illiegal hits or outright release represent an overreaction. But come on, that’s par for course. There’s a WHOLE LOT of people on the internet. So even if only a small percentage of them are silly, that’s a WHOLE LOT of silly.

  • illadelphia21

    I love how some people come on this site (and some I’ve never ever seen comment before) and try and minimize the word in question or Coops actions involving that word. It’s as utterly ridiculous, and just as ridiculous as those who are calling for him to be cut, on top of the punishment already handed down. Whether it be a lack of understanding, intelligence, or either a concerted effort to push some BS agenda…both are extreme ends of the spectrum and extremely narrow minded.

  • poetx99


  • bob

    To add to the Vick thing – who better to preach about forgiveness and moving on from the mistakes of your past than he who has received so much forgiveness himself.

  • Andy

    I think Vick handled this situation admirably. That said, Cooper didn’t utter a slur that is racist against Foles’ race, so while Foles was probably as offended by it as most of us were, Cooper didn’t have any reason to ask Foles for forgiveness and Foles didn’t have any real reason to make a statement. I think Vick will be the starter in Week 1, but his response to this incident is totally unrelated to that outcome.

  • aub32

    For anyone pointing out that Foles was not asked to deliver a statement on behalf of the team because he is white; think of the Steelers. Do you think that had this happened there that Leftwhich would be placed in front of the media? It’s Big Ben’s team, and he would be in charge of diffusing the situation. In fact there might be more of a call to hear from him so that he can express that the other white players in the locker room detest such behavior as much as anyone.

    • theycallmerob

      C’mon aub, there’s no comparison between the qb situations on those teams. Big Ben has been there leader for years. Granted, I wouldn’t be surprised if Polamalu or someone said something too.

      Vick has always been respected. And he also knows a thing or two about doing something dumb, and having to come back into a locker room afterwards.

      I just can’t believe this incident proves anything more than what we already knew about Vick’s leadership qualities. It certainly doesn’t determine the position battle.

      • aub32

        First off Polamalu isn’t black. So you may get some flack there if that’s what you were implying. Second, I think Vick’s leadership was very much in question this offseason. I have seen many posts by fans disputing Vick had the ability to lead this team, citing how Foles was the better leader. I do agree with you that this does not in any way decide who the QB is going forward; I will not dismiss this casually as “O he’s black so he made a statement”. I do think this was a test for Vick to show he can be the face and spokesperson of this team, and he passed with flying colors. I get fed up with some of the hypocrites here that talk about intangibles, but when the guy they are not backing shows them, they casually dismiss him.

        • theycallmerob

          I commented on the leadership thing below, but I will never doubt Vick in that category. He commands respect like few players in this league.

        • #7

          Go ahead aub32!!

    • cliff henny

      sure Tomlin would have taken lead.

  • Weapon Y

    I didn’t have much faith in the Eagles special teams last year, so it might be wise for Chip to continue his high rate of 2-point conversion attempts.

  • jabostick

    There’s a lot of serious debate going on here but I think we’re missing a more important issue: I made the mailbag!

    • theycallmerob

      I didn’t know if that was you or your cousin “jmbo”. We all seem to be meeting our internet dopplegangers today.

      • jabostick

        Ha, yeah its me. My screen name here matches my email but I thought I should make a Twitter handle that’s less ‘searchable’ (by future employers).

  • Token

    LeSean McCoy really needs to grow up someday. That kid just can never keep his mouth shut. Before he speaks he should remember his history with women that puts him in a awful light. Supremely talented, but probably one of the bigger A-holes on a team that is bursting at the seams with them.

  • BBrophy723

    You know, you’d think McCoy would have a little more grace considering his twitter rants. He’s definitely said things he wishes he could take back. That being said, I think McCoy’s answer here is honest and probably accurate about how a lot of people feel in the locker room.

    • @PhilthyBird215

      You sound like what Cooper said is equal to what ever McCoy uttered out on twitter.

      granted MaCoy did say some things that would make people pause. But, nothing as hateful, and as demeaning as what Cooper said. With that said, people in the media are definitely Instigating the issue even further then where it should be. I read articles calling for Coopers dismissal. like Matt lambardo >> and Sal Palantonio instigating, and speaking on morning shows about what he thinks rather then reporting what is going on.

  • therealpistolp

    Houston, we officially have a problem…

    • B-West

      No doubt. I’m not sure time can heal this one, because it exposed Cooper for having these thoughts in him. Plenty of people get some alcohol flowing and get riled up and do something regrettable. They don’t all start dropping N-bombs. Its also pretty hard to believe that this is the first time he ever used the word.

      His teammates are correct to be suspicious of what Cooper is really all about.

      • backliner

        I wonder if there is anyone on the Eagles who hasn’t used that word

  • Shark

    I like Riley, sad to see that video (I actually saw it a few months ago, soon after the concert was in Philly). But this just seems to get way overblown and way too much national attention.

    • Token

      Media loves this kind of stuff. It makes their job easier.

  • #7

    McCoy has every right to feel like this. Just don’t let this affect WINNING

  • G_WallyHunter

    3rd paragraph: Should be “move past it” not “move past him”

    • Brian

      Freudian slip?

  • G_WallyHunter

    I agree that Vick is the leader of the team, I never said that he should have been the one to speak just because of his race, he was the one to speak because he’s been the leader for over 2 years… All I was saying is it’s also (conveniently) more appropriate for him to speak on the matter

  • G_WallyHunter

    Agreed here, conveniently, given Mike’s past and ethnicity, it was appropriate. Also, he is the leader, so he stepped up. It’s not simply because he was black… It helped but like you said it’s because he is the leader of the team, black or white, and he has dealt with much dumber things in the past..

  • Andy124

    McCoy talks about putting the team first, but wouldn’t it be better for the team if he expressed himself to Cooper and the rest of the team privately and toed the company line to the media?

    His statement that people show who they really are when they think that nobody is watching shows a lack of understanding that a person may reach for the nastiest, most hurtful thing they can think to say when they lose their temper, which, considering his recent history, you’d think he’d have a little more empathy for.
    At the same time, he’s only 25, and not the most mature 25 year old at that. I don’t expect him to know the perfect thing to say every time and I’m certainly not going to get bent out of shape when he errs on the side of too much honesty.

  • morgan c

    I mean, I can’t judge the guy for feeling the way he does. I’m not black. And I can only begin to understand how hearing that from a teammate, if I were black, would feel. But saying that no matter what happens in the future he will never be friends with him again? I mean, it seems a bit extreme. And as people have pointed out, McCoy himself has had issues saying things he wished he could take back. Not to this level, not at all, but still. The espn article has more McCoy quotes where he says he will never talk to him off the field ever again. I think that is a different level beyond being really pissed off and hurt. I don’t see how one comment, no matter how bad, can define who you are as a person. Hopefully McCoy and others will come around, so long as Cooper is truly contrite (which he appears to be), but it’s their prerogative not to do so I guess.

  • Dutch

    What is alarming to me is that some seem to think this is a racial divide, when in fact from my perspective and many others it’s a “Good vs Bad and right and wrong divide. The Eagles have a devise threat in their sanctuary

  • cliff henny

    angry or not, he said that with some serious conviction. the dude meant every word. and certainly wasnt the first time. was no looking around, let me see who’s standing here, and i’ll let the n fly. he said that from his toes

  • kushtonslater

    Good for Lesean McCoy, not letting a racist in his locker room get away with that bullshit…People that dumb don’t really change.

  • kushtonslater

    Exactly. I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

  • Mark Sitko

    Careful McCoy – you left a woman on the New Jersey turnpike this off-season…that is some cold blooded shit right there…you live in a thin paned glass house…

  • Phils Goodman

    Even if you don’t believe Cooper is contrite, what benefit does it serve, as a teammate, to say so in public?

  • Phils Goodman

    I don’t admire McCoy’s honesty here. As much as fans crave this kind of insight, there is a good reason that teams and players fear honesty and a policy with the media.

  • Pennguino

    Why did he use that word?

    Did he use it because he is a closet racist? A guy that bleeds, sweats and cries with his team mates that are not just black and white. Does he see his team mates as black men first or as team mates first?

    Did he use the word because it was the most powerful word as viewed by our society to be hurtful and hateful that he could express in his drunken anger?

  • Scott J610

    You just know there’s going to be a blow up at Cooper at some point this season. Probably after a few loses. This team has the potential to implode.