Morning Headlines: Anthropologie Building on Rittenhouse Square Is for Sale

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Is This Placemade Pedestrian Plaza Worth $60,000? [Curbed Philly]

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Sang Kee Expands To Parx Casino [foobooz]
Gov. Corbett To Sign Bill Allowing Sale Of Pennsylvania Armories [CBS 3]

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  • Max Lightfoot

    He is the key to the 2013 season.

  • MV7

    Yes! He’s back

  • Brent E. Sulecki


  • Brent E. Sulecki

    I got that from Geoff moesher article about the qb battle Day 1,

  • Mr. Wu

    Jarvis Jenkins suspended 4 games….starting with game one at RFK :)

  • Andy124

    Mosher had different stats for Vick than Ranaan (14/20 vice 22/27). That’s a bigger difference than I would expect. I wonder what’s up with that?

    I’m inclined to trust Jordan’s stat line. McLane reported the same as Ranaan, but I don’t know if he was just repeating Jordan’s numbers.

  • Nick Falana

    “We’re talking about practice right now.” God I love this guy.

    • Nicholas Disilvestro

      He should hire Iverson as his practice consultant

  • cliff henny

    ah, sal’s just an ESPN mouthpiece now. vick moves the needle. build him up now, that moves the needle, and if foles beats him out, they’ll of had a month of build up. just being in SC and everyone knowing i’m huge eagles fan, i get hourly updates from friends watching that bs station.

  • GEagle

    the words of our beloved leader…WIN THE DAY MOFO!!!!!! lol

  • Maggie

    Endless gabble about Vick/Foles. Not one word about how the DEFENDER, Ryans, intercepted the pass? You know, trying to win HIS job? Amazing. Looking at all these comments one would think the offense was the only team on the field!

    • GEagle

      hahaha you think Ryans is trying to win a job away from Jake Knott and Casey Mathews?

  • Adam

    Forgot he was our PR guy. Oh wait, he’s a football a player. Who cares.

  • devCal

    F the brits!! i thought we kicked their ass and sent them packin.

  • Nicholas Disilvestro

    Wow….Vick fangirls are really sensitive… it that time of the month again? Thanks for very intelligent, well thought out response. I’m sure you put a lot of time and effort into coming up with this brilliant reply. Childish name calling never sounded so good. Have a blessed night.

    • illadelphia21

      You don’t require an intelligent post/reply. I have some but on this one and for your comments…simple is best. I gotta call it like I see it and more importantly, like it is. And if you didn’t just start commenting on this site a spouting out bullish!t, you would know how I truly feel about Vick and our QB situation.
      I would love to have an intelligent conversation w/ you in the future, however if your previous post to BBS are an indication of what’s to come, then I think it’ll prove kind of difficult. Yet if you want to continue down this path, then why not just go on GCobb w/ the other ridiculous, pompous, A-holes!!! Despite our arguments on this site and no matter how heated they may get we do try bring it back round to something better than what you did to BBS. But I digress!!!

      • Nicholas Disilvestro

        What did I do? She said a bunch of writers were biased against Vick. I told her they weren’t and if they were either provide proof or stop saying it because its utterly ridiculous. Are they biased against him? If they are provide proof and I will apologize to your girlfriend for you. If not, do us both a favor and shut up.

        • illadelphia21

          Haha girlfriend funny. It’s the Internet you idiot…how do you even know if BBS is actually a girl!!! But that’s neither here nor there. I eluded to this before, but do me a favor and take your jackass-news to another site. But I know you won’t and that request is just as ridiculous as telling someone a blog site to shut up!!! SMH

          • Nicholas Disilvestro

            “SMH”…you even talk like a ghetto idiot. I could give a rats ass less what you think, you’re some guy on the internet trying to white knight some girl he never met in his life on an Eagles blog.. That’s really pathetic.

            Also still waiting for you or anyone else to show that the reporters I mentioned are biased against Vick. I guess I can expect more childish name calling instead right? You can’t prove anything she said was true, so you just start stupid arguments with people then sit here and act like you are some kind of moderator on here. Get a life you smacked ass.

          • illadelphia21

            Ghetto idiot…interesting! It’s funny where you’re taking this but by all means, please proceed.

          • Nicholas Disilvestro


            your page speaks for itself.

          • illadelphia21

            Wow. You got me there! Except I don’t have a twitter account, I don’t keep cash on me, let alone take pictures of singles, don’t smoke and haven’t in a while (although I think it should be legalized), and what else was the last thing…oh…I’m not white. Good try though. And thanks for that. I laughed so hard. Can’t believe people make profiles like that.

          • Nicholas Disilvestro

            lol, i’m sure thats not you. ….just somebody else with the same exact handle that loves the eagles. what a coincidence. im done. really, have a good night, and i’ll see you on gcobbs website.

          • illadelphia21

            Ok. Like I said…you got me. Hilarious!

          • BrickSquadMonopoly

            Hobe Cryant lol that’s a funny 1

          • illadelphia21

            Had to read through those god awful tweets to see what you were talking bout…but yeah that one was priceless. I was going to finally get on Twitter, cause I can’t watch training camp, but 24/7 and BGN has me covered. So I think I’ll join just to follow this dude…uh…I mean myself, according to Nicholas! Gotta come up w/ a new “handle” though. LMBO!

        • illadelphia21

          Still SMH…nice edit. I also love how you try to feign innocence while still doing your d-bag ish…F’n classic. Also love how regular commenters can’t have a job and how some lives only revolve around fighting w/ people on the Internet. Cause that’s obviously the case when people take a little time out of their day and happen to disagree w/ one another. Nice!

          • Nicholas Disilvestro

            Fuck you

          • illadelphia21

            So I guess that’s the intelligence you were so indignantly touting!!! Lmbo.

          • illadelphia21

            Oops…my bad, thought I was responding to the dude I was having a little tiff w/. But instead it’s you…guest! Hilarious.