Afternoon Obsession: Bath to the Future


Twenty-first-century bathroom design–if you prefer Dwell to Restoration Hardware–has been elevated. The bathtub has risen! Dazzling design bloggers and the New York Daily News, Britain design company Splinter Works recently released its limited-edition Vessel, the hammock-shaped ultimate bathtub design born from the company’s interest in the paralleled relaxation of both hammock and bathtub. The company will produce only 12 in myriad colors, from blue to bronze, for a hefty $33,000+.

Meanwhile, Russian Alexander Zhukovsky has created the Bathsphere, an all-glass “space in space” that offers not just any escape, but a completely customized retreat. One can adjust temperature, humidity, light, sound, and even smell within this weightlessness-inducing orb. Rainforest today; coral reef tomorrow. Even for the more traditional (and self-conscious), this is pretty awesome.


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  • Addes

    Very cool. European children probably love taking baths.

  • Cornelius072790

    Great article! The title is especially witty. I look forward to your next post!

  • Dominik

    “It felt like I had a pretty good end of the year, so I’m gonna play that way for hopefully the whole season.”

    Self-confidence is critical for a professional athlete, but Cooper better be ready to take 4 or 5 steps forward if he wants that starting job. “THAT WAY for hopefully the whole season” is not even close of being acceptable, because he played poor last season, even when he got more snaps and more rhythm. I don’t care about his 3 TDs, I care about the stats projected for a whole season: 43 catches and 471 yards – Sheil calls that, diplomatically like he always is, pedestrian, I call it lousy.

    • illadelphia21

      Thumbs up. But I do care about the TDs too.

      • nicksaenz1

        Agreed. Another big bodied target for the red zone is alright in my book. Obviously it would be nice to seem some improvement in other areas of his game, though.

  • ICDogg

    Big receiver who doesn’t play big. So far I’ve not been impressed with Cooper’s performance.

    I’m tempted to try Ertz as the X receiver.

  • eaglefandwnsouth

    I would rather have Benn speed and physically

    • illadelphia21

      So would I…and add to that a damn healthy knee!

  • Dutch

    Cooper is a step up in replacing Maclin so long as his primary responsibilities is blocking.

    Cooper isn’t an adequate replacement in an offense for Maclin, Maclin’s role could only be filled by someone like Fitzgerald, or Calvin Johnson. There is no way Riley Cooper commands the same respect from defensive coordinators that Maclin does. Even now without drawing attention from defenders, Cooper hasn’t produced when giving opportunity. Cooper is often associated with being in the wrong place at the wrong time. When something bad happens down field Cooper is in the vicinity.

    The Eagles if serious are going to have to look other places to fill Maclin’s production and effect on opposing defenses.

  • Dutch

    Wow, similar post. Good to see fans aren’t letting Roseman pull the wool over their eyes. Roseman set up all yesterday in comments to the media his reasoning why the Eagles, who are $30 Million or so under the cap, aren’t going out to find a comparable talent to replace Maclin.

  • illadelphia21

    Is it wrong for me to hate Cooper (the player not the man)?

  • JofreyRice

    In the words of Joel Buschbaum: “Looks like Tarzan, but plays like Jane”.

    • Dominik

      Great one!

  • docboy

    I like to see what Momah can bring to the table.. he is so intriguing…

  • nicksaenz1

    I’d consider a Lloyd over the other two, though. Never seemed to be the headache. Kicking the tires on him isn’t the worst idea I’ve heard.

    • Richard Colton

      Yeah, I’m not always opposed to bringing in a bad guy or a headcase. It worked with Rodman in Chicago, and TO helped us get to the SB. I hate it in a rebuilding period. I’ll admit I don’t know much about Lloyd, except that Belichick was willing to stick with Hernandez until shooting #5, but cut this guy after one season.

      • nicksaenz1

        Outside of Randy Moss I can’t remember anyone else they had on the outside that really stood out, though. Chad Johnson didn’t work out, Lloyd didn’t work out. I guess Deion Branch the first time around did well with them, but that was forever ago it seems. Seems like as of late it’s been all about the big receiver (Moss) or the TE’s and Slots in NE. Just working off the top of my head though. Lloyd’s done well in his prior stops and has great hands. Not a headcase either.

        • Richard Colton

          32 years old, 5 teams in 6 years doesn’t scare you? he’s put up good #s, true. I’d be 100% with you if I thought we were going to contend for SB this year. As is, I’m less than 50/50.

          • nicksaenz1

            It does, and while I agree we aren’t competing, apparently Chip disagrees. If we’re trying to be contenders I don’t see the harm of a 1 year deal as a stop gap #2, at least if one of the youngin’s on the roster doesn’t pan out to be what coaches and management hope. I don’t think this is actually necessary, I’m just making the argument.

          • Richard Colton

            1 year vet minimum w/ incentives? You call Howie, I’ll call BL’s agent. lets get this done by COB today.

          • nicksaenz1

            I’ll have to find that leaked document from a few months back and see if that email that was supposedly Howie’s is legit. I lost his number. I blame my secretary… Done by 5:30 in time for the 6pm Sportscenter. Only I’m giving the news to Clayton. I don’t like that weasel Schefter. Or Sal Pal for that matter.

          • Dutch

            There lies the problem, the vet minimum. That’s probably why he’s been in the position to be a yearly asset. His production hasn’t fallen off he doesn’t have to accept the minimum. He could wait until the injuries start racking up and sign another year contract with the highest bidder. Lloyd has proven to be adaptable, Moss had 20 plus touchdowns and was let go after that specular season with the Patriots. Belicheck figures he’s the show he can plug anybody in his system and make it go, and to this point he’s been absolutely right.

            Belicheck has sent many pro bowl caliber players out of New England and has continue to be significant. Can the Eagles operate using that same personnel strategy? I think not……

          • illadelphia21

            There are really no veterans, not already on a roster, that are worth the risk of a roster spot, money, and time. It’s time to start poaching!!! I know it’s frowned upon (or at least it seems that way) by the GMs of the league, but we need to be out for self.

          • nicksaenz1

            See, that’s why I actually make the case for Lloyd. Vet min w/ incentives. He doesn’t pan out he doesn’t pan out, but you can’t tell me the guy isn’t a good sure handed receiver. I don’t care who’s throwing the ball to him, he grabs everything.

          • aub32

            He doesn’t appear to be generating a lot of interest. So what would be the rush in signing him? He will likely be avaible in a few weeks after we have had more time to see if someone on the roster has stepped up.

          • Dutch

            Patriots are poachers, and unapologetic. After Lloyd there a drastic fall off of available talent. This is already shaping up to repeat the method the Eagles revert to in bringing in or signing a player that isn’t quite good enough at the bargain basement rate.

            Chip just signed a player that he coached at New Hampshire. Chip believes as Belicheck does, he can plug in anybody in his system and make it work. This is the philosophy that makes Dixon a credible threat to be plugged in as the Eagles starting QB

      • Dutch

        Lloyd and Hernandez are apples and oranges, they don’t play the same positions. Belicheck was converting to an two tight end attack. Belicheck jettisoned Welker in favor of Hernandez. If anything the moves were made because of cap space.

        Lloyd is probably the only player available with the skills and experience to replace Maclins production and effect on opposing defenses. Nobody on the rosters, in a reserve capacity here or with another team has the ability to step in and replace Maclin’s production or come close.

    • Dutch

      I think this early in camp you’d have to consider Lloyd if you are serious about plugging in someone capable of having the same dynamic effect.

      There’s not a player waiting in the wings with the potential to replace Maclin in Philly, or is any other reserve receiver on another team capable. Expecting backs and tight ends to increase their production to make up for Maclin’s production is equivalent to waiting on the tooth fairy.

  • Scott J610

    Lurie is full of it. There is no way they don’t take Couch if McNabb went first.

    • Stephen Stempo

      i know that shifty Luri I can think of hundreds of reasons for him to lie about the draft from 14 years ago.

  • Dutch

    Brandon Lloyd posted 74 receptions and 911 yds with the Patriots last season, who among those in the Eagles camp comes close to producing those kind of numbers in 2013?

    Why would you define Lloyd as slop, what would that characterization of Lloyd be based? Randy Moss is a sure first ballot HOFer. What standard are you using to label these guys “slop” and whom on the Eagles present or past are you comparing their output and production over the seasons?

  • Coach McGuirk

    Well it’s also hard to ever put blame on yourself when you had a coach take full responsibilityafter every loss..

  • #7

    I had a lot of respect for McNabb. The only problem I had with him is that I didn’t think he used his running ability enough. Seems like he allowed that “running QB” label to get to him when he should have been proud to have that ability in the first place. i could be totally wrong, but that’s what it seemed like to me

    • KobraKai7474

      The problem with a “running QB” is that they get hurt… a LOT. People are gushing over the current crop of young read option QBs but in 3 years, they are going to be beaten down to a nub…. and each of them will have almost certainly missed large chunks of one or more seasons due to injury. That is how the NFL works. Whenever the Eagles needed him to run, McNabb did so, and he was typically more successful because he picked his spots rather than simply took off running 15 times a game just because he could.

  • Explorer51

    Here is an excerpt from a Philadelphia Inquirer article (2/10/05) where McNabb says this about the Super Bowl loss: “His main point was that he didn’t want to make any excuses, and didn’t want excuses made for him. ‘I’ll take the blame. I’ll put it on my shoulders and we’ll move on,’ he said. ‘Then it will be time for us to start getting ready to do what we need to do to get to Detroit [site of Super Bowl XL].'”

    So, he took the blame for the biggest loss in his career…

  • PaoliBulldog

    FWIW, John Gagliardi, the wiining coach in CFB history (albeit at Division III St. Johns), never allowed tackling during practices. No blocking sleds either.

  • nicksaenz1

    Haven’t heard that name in forever. Was a big fan of McCaffrey.

  • JofreyRice

    Yeesh, for whatever it’s worth, it does seem like every one of these practice recaps have several versions of the line “Nick Foles (over/under)threw a pass to ______ that was almost intercepted, but (it was dropped/______ bailed him out/ it hit the defender in the head”.

    • Jack

      Compared to Vick, who every day is throwing a pick, throwing balls into stationary swatters, or fumbling in shorts.

      • Vick has looked better in pads..thus far. All the playing around in shorts is irrelevant. Once your D can cover and tackle that’s when things get interesting for the QB and you’ll see who can get it done and who can’t.

        It’s early still. Relax.

      • #7

        I’m still trying to find that in the article

    • That was a problem with Foles last year. Folk wanted to chalk it up to him being a rookie. I didn’t buy it. His under-thrown passes are very much like Vick’s fumbling – a problem that’s not going away.

      • JofreyRice

        I think some allowances should be made for him being a rookie, certainly.

        But yeah, delivering the football to the second level of the defense on a rope, and having downfield touch & accuracy? Those are kind of prerequisites. I’m not sure Foles has NFL arm-talent, yet.

        • I think you do have to make rookie allowances, but when the same problem continues to emerge it’s less about rookie-dom and more a deficiency in his game.

          “I’m not sure Foles has NFL arm-talent, yet”

          A lot of folk mentioned that last year, but no one wanted to hear it. Im not saying he cant’ develop it, I just don’t think it’s there yet either.

          • #7

            He’s not. Foles has some talent, but when he has to move off of his spot, that “accuracy” he has goes way down. Sure, he can improve, but as with Vick..and every QB in the league has a weakness. The great ones are able to overcome that, but all of those greats had help..turnovers, etc etc. It’s a team game and these blogs sour that a little bit. I’m guilty too. Go Eagles

    • Dutch

      We’ve all read the same reports. I have discounted them and attributed miss throws this early to nerves and timing. Everybody has to make certain adjustments for the speed of defenders that’s where the separation begins. By Wednesday everyone should have their feet under them. I would not be surprised if Dixon emerges as a force for consideration.

      The good thing about off target passes, receivers are reaching back grabbing passes and fighting defenders for the reception. That’s a good sign.

      • “I would not be surprised if Dixon emerges as a force for consideration.”

        Yeah. He’s the dark horse here. Everybody better keep an eye on him.

  • aub32

    Can we please move training camp back to Lehigh. Obviously the Novacare Center has been compromised and is littered with booby traps.

    • Richard Colton

      I’d like to know CK’s stance on mutant dragonflies and body odor

  • Damien

    Foles looked much better today than Vick IMO and has for the last week.

    • BDAWKS

      i am all for the best man to win i am an eagles fan whom ever the players but just see more upside if a 24 yr old can win this competition then 33 yr old Vick but that said nfl network said Vick far outshined Foles today

  • Loke2112

    “Boykin told Jimmy Kempski that defensive backs have to do 50 push-ups for every pass break-up that doesn’t result in an interception.” I like that.

  • Loke2112

    If Foles can somehow correct the deep ball things could go so much more smoothly.

  • Weapon Y

    Pleased to hear about Boykin. It sounds like Clifton Geathers has a legit chance to be a starting DE. I’m curious to hear how Curry and Thornton are doing.

    • #7

      Even if Boykin doesn’t start on the outside, he’ll have an impact on the game one way or the other..or both. He can have a great year

      • Dutch

        it looks like Boykins is taking control of his own destiny. He’s not letting the idea of what he can’t do develop in the minds of the decision makers. He’s having a strong camp, so much so since the pads went on that it’s probably to whomever is Quarterbacking advantage to throw away or into another direction than where Boykins is lining up on the field.

        Boykins came to camp with the purpose to accept any challenge sent his way and to shine every opportunity he gets.

  • illadelphia21

    This is the 1st time were I read multiple reports of Foles having a noticible “bad day”. I’m not going to make a big deal about it though cause every QB will have days like this…even Vick. Just as long as it doesn’t start to become a trend I think he’ll be alright. Still doesn’t mean I want him starting.

    • Dutch

      Seriously, how can a QB have a bad day when there is no rush to contend with, and no defenders in the receiver’s routes?

      Up to this point the Eagles QB were working on placing the ball in locations where receiver routes were “Expected to Mature”, now each QB’s placement, touch and accuracy against defenders can be gauged.

  • Kimbafuzz

    Seriously, he was throwin shade last year during Dawk’s retirement ceremony?? Really? Ugh. Stop looking at what other people get and look at your own stuff! Glad they’re retiring his number, so now maybe he will stfu and go away.

  • KobraKai7474

    Puh-lease! Aside from the sports radio narrative you undoubtedly listen to for several hours everyday, please give us a few specific examples… or better yet, even ONE example of McNabb throwing a teammate “under the bus”.