Bethlehem, Pa., Named One of “18 Best Cities for Bros” Due to High-Schooler’s Use of Axe

downtown bethlehem

Photo of downtown Bethlehem via Wikipedia.

For once, Philadelphia has not been included in an unflattering list–though had the author of these rankings visited BroLibs, he might have changed his mind. The list–“The 18 Best U.S. Cities for Bros”–comes courtesy of real estate website Estately, and puts Bethlehem at No. 17:

Bethlehem made the list primarily because a high school student there was hospitalized after suffering an allergic reaction from an overexposure of Axe Body Spray. However, oh little bro town of Bethlehem, you are much more than a toxic cloud of spray-on brodor. You are home to Lehigh University, a small school whose cultural life revolves around its fraternity scene, with a brolific 37% of male students in a fraternity. The lacrosse team was ranked 13th in the country last season and The Daily Beast considers it the #19 party school in America. Your caucasians are plentiful (65.4%), the marijuana abounds, and white baseball hats turned backwards can be seen all over campus.

The 18 Best U.S. Cities for Bros [Estately]

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  • Myke Lowery

    haven’t heard much about Wolff since camp started. it’s he even getting reps?

  • Alex

    Great article as always Tim. Although I don’t have much faith in Allen, I will sit back and watch. Earl Wolfe looks bigger stronger of course but he is a rookie. This defense will definitely be interesting none the less

  • Wow, Phil Sheridan does a fluff piece on McNabb and still finds a way to sound like a condescending asshole.

  • Kev

    On Chip and tempo… This is how I see it playing out if the referee’s are slow to spot the ball. The Eagles play 2 prime time games in the first 3 (Monday v. Skins and Thursday v. Chiefs), if the officials are slow to spot and you see Vick/Foles under center with the whole offense lined up waiting for the refs to spot the ball, it will be an embarrassment to the NFL.

    All you have to do is then cue up all the analyst talk and a few video clips of the officials hurrying outside the two minute drill for Manning or Brady and it will look like they are playing favorites. After the Packer interception / Seattle TD, the NFL is not going to want officials to be that visible. And with the release of the All-22 tape, it will become pretty easy to see if they are just moving slow or not. Plus, so if the offense is in a 4 minute drill and down by 9, does that mean the officials move at the ‘normal pace’ or a 2 minute pace. So, I can only see this being an issue for the first game or two, before the NFL sends a memo around that tells the officials they must spot the ball with the same speed and urgency the offense is operating with.

    • G_WallyHunter

      Agreed, hopefully it stays that way. Pereira can suck it

    • Token

      The simple fact is that if college officials can do it than so can NFL officials. If they refuse then it looks REALLY bad for the NFL. The refs already think they are the star of the show. This would be over the top.

      • G_WallyHunter

        but then again, what if Kelly and Belli begin this trend where more teams are going up tempo lol all the refs have to go so quick they start feelin the aches (except Hochuli, of course), then they’ll go on strike for 2014!!
        but agreed, it will look terrible for the league lol, Pereira thinks that the officials can dictate the tempo? OK, PEREIRA (I HATE HIM BY THE WAY, Hate’s a strong word, I strongly dislike him, D bag)… Ok Pereira, have fun saying that when all 22 players (11 of which are Eagles or Pats, this year anyways) are lined up ready to go but they have to wait 2-4 seconds for a ref to spot the damn ball and others to get into position lol, I can picture that now looks funny… he gonna eat his words..

    • Carl

      I agree. If Chip isn’t breaking any rules, then there’s no reason why the NFL’s referees shouldn’t adjust to facilitate this offense.

    • EaglePete

      great post, so true. As well we also have to remember that Chips offense isnt in hurry up the entire game, he changes tempos throughout from what Ive read.

    • BDAWKS

      I hope your right I’d really hate to see chip hamstrung by a bunch of old guard zebra’s that have their head stuck in the sand and are unwilling to change.. the one area of thegame that I thought chip could bring firm college was his high tempo

  • JofreyRice

    Oh, he changes games, alright.

  • therealpistolp

    Least informative depth chart ever

    • Richard Colton

      your phone’s about to run out of power

      • therealpistolp


  • Corry

    The safeties and corners don’t have anywhere to go but up after the God-awful embarrassment to the game of football they were last year.

  • This’ll be a break out year for Nate. You can write that down.

    • Token

      Im betting you have said that for the last few years. The guy has no instincts. You cant fix that.

      • No, Dawkins just confirms what i always thought, after he got healed up from his injury it’s been a confidence issue. No safety playing with these corners and behind this wide 9 scheme could play well and that definitely affects how they carry themselves. DB’s a very finicky like this. Don’t be surprised if DRC has a good year either, playing behind a better scheme where he doesn’t get exposed so much.

        Sorry if I defer to Dawkin’s opinion on this one. He probably knows the game a bit better than the people on this blog.

        • pkatz

          I’m not taking either side since I’d like to accept Dawk’s opinion and I hope that he’s an impact player, but lack of confidence and lack of instincts may both show up in the same way: by being a step slow.

          We’ll see how he looks on the field this year.

        • Token

          Dawk is being the good guy he is. Its media speak. What did you really expect him to say? Allen stinks? It doesnt matter what D Allen is in. Hes got no instincts. You cant be good without that.

          • This is the 2nd occasion he’s said this. First time he wasn’t asked, he went out of his way to bring him up. I don’t see him talking about other safety like this. Dawkins has been watching Allen’s career since he’s been drafted, he understands that this kid was brought in with the expectations of filling his shoes.

            Your entitled to your opinion, but Dawk’s carries a lot more weight than yours.

    • Richard Colton

      hope you’re right Adam. More than anything, this post just made me wistful for Dawk. What would you give to see a 25 year old Weapon X taking on RGIII or an aging Tony Romo?

      “Everybody don’t love contact the way I love contact, they just don’t…I was crazy that way”

      • Don’t think we’ll ever see another Weapon X, but I really think Nate can be solid.

      • nicksaenz1

        It actually just makes me miss the way the safety position was able to be played in the early and mid-2000s. With all the protection of receivers they can’t play with the wreckless abandon that Dawk did. I’d love to watch Dawk break Victor Cruz’s ribs though.

  • Jmkrav

    The concept that refs will slow down our pace is total BS. Even if they take 10 seconds to put the ball down, we’re lined up and snap right away… That would be fast enough for what chip is trying to do.

    This comments from current/former referee administrators just sound like a grumpy old fart with nothing good to day.

    F them

    • G_WallyHunter

      Pereira is a whiny POS, I remember Gruden used to yell at him and he would get all mad

  • birds are back baby

    I don’t see it….he is soft and now a step slow due to injury. can’t believe everything Dawkins says just because he was a great player….I remember he wanted Andy Reid to stay on as coach too.

  • Ebrano

    It is just good to have Dawkins involved… and with years of experience now, if Nate Allen cant succeed this year after getting direction and encouragement from the GOAT, then he shouldn’t be playing in the NFL…