Iliana Strauss Lists Pep Boys Estate Designed By Walter K. Durham

Iliana Strauss, the widow of Pep Boys heir Ben Strauss (son of Mo), has put her grand, 8,000-square-foot Haverford home designed by Walter K. Durham on the market for about $2 million. The nine-bedroom home, designed by Lower Merion’s most famous and prolific architect, may look historic-stone-and-ivy from the front, but from the back and indoors, it’s actually a mix of styles, insistently surprising the eye. In many rooms, for instance, there are random-width oak floors. But the kitchen is spare, and feels thoroughly contemporary.

The home sits on almost one-and-a-half acres of beautifully landscaped grounds with a pool, a pool house, an outdoor kitchen and grill, and a carriage house with an apartment. The photos tell the rest of the tale. Note the Pep Boys decor.

Current asking price: $2,199,000
• Listing: 231 Cheswold Hill Road, Haverford [Redfin]

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  • bkmks

    can’t believe how many writers have missed this. did any of you guys play football at *any* level? the receivers are doing a drill that basically forces them to use their hands to catch the ball. can’t use their body. in high school we’d do these with goal posts, but if you’re an NFL team you can afford $50 worth of PVC piping so they can all do it at once. those pipes are not “mimicking” a defender.

    • MV7


    • Andy124

      So that PVC can’t be a defender’s arm in the receiver’s face? And this is because that’s not how your highschool coaches taught it, and no other teachings are possible? Ok buddy. Thanks for sharing.

  • Outtenbucks

    I couldn’t disagree with Sal more. No one has depth charts set in stone in July. Unless you are a contender and have been coach for a few seasons, and somehow have not improved your roster over the offseason, you will always have competition for roster spots. Everyone wants to be a starter and this is everyone’s chance to to a crack at it.
    Building comradery? If they don’t start side by side, they won’t get to know each other? They will have plenty of time for that, especially with all the extra reps they will get. It’s best everyone is on the same page, down the whole roster

  • Dutch

    40 new player trying to earn a position. The Eagles only get maybe 16 days of hitting to determine who are the contenders and separate them from the pretenders. It’s understandable the delay in piecing together your best competitors. Where the drama remains is building a chemistry on offense and defense. 47 days til opening day, with each passing day you lose a day to build a solid chemistry among the receivers and QB and between the defensive backs, these are two of the biggest question marks in the division.

    We still have no clue how anyone on the defense will play in Bill Davis new scheme while the offense is pretty much still in tact from last season.

  • Jim Blizzard

    Training camp has not even started yet, isn’t a coach allowed to see his players anymore before making a depth chart.

  • josh

    i completely dissagree with the article. would you say the same thing if it were a different coach coming from the NFL? a brand new staff working with a talented but previsouly poorly managed team, I am fine with them needing time in pads to get it figured out. if we see this same theme in year 2,3, or four, thats a different story.

    • Damien

      The article doesn’t have an opinion in it, so who are you disagreeing with?

  • Brent E. Sulecki

    interesting point by SalPal. I hope hes wrong though. but I get it

  • Jack

    So Sal Pal would name a starter now with not one of them being seen wearing pads in a brand new scheme in a brand new regime? I’d bet my paycheck that if Chip Kelly named Vick or Foles or whomever the starter now, saw something different when the hitting started and then changed it–Sal Pal would be saying that changing starters disrupts chemistry, hurts egos, etc. No winning for Chip until he starts getting some W’s doing it his way.

  • illadelphia21

    Jesus…more comments from butt hurt fans cause someone went against what Kelly and the Eagles are doing instead of praising them. I’m not even a fan of Sal, but yet I realize what he’s saying holds water, has weight, and is valid. Yes it’s cool to hope he’s wrong…well not so much as wrong, but hope that it doesn’t play out the negative way and take away from what the teams trying to build. I personally hope that this won’t delay or ruin the chemistry that needs to be developed.

    On paper our D flat out sucks. Plus w/ all the new additions, to that side of the ball, they are gonna need some serious time together to gel. And I use gel as a generic term w/o going into the numerous aspects if it.

    Not so much worried about the O-line as Johnson is really the only new addition. Even if Kelly starts the season at RT, he’s at least developed some kind of on field and off field rapport. These guys have all played together before and the system is not going to change that much under Stoutland.

    A real big area of concern is the QBs developing w/ their WRs. Especially that we are going to be using option routes a lot. Timing, anticipation, and just being on the same page will be key. I know we have to go through the QB competion, yet it’s still going to delay that chemistry by having your core WRs taking passes from at least 3 different QBs. The longer it goes on, the worst it could be for those two specific groups. This is not to say that it will definitely be worse for them or if there are bumps in the road, that they won’t be able to overcome them.

    • Tyler Phillips

      I think the main issue is that if this was Gruden or another nfl coach the same things would be going on. However the unwarranted criticism without considering the situation wouldn’t be overflowing like it is now simply bc Kelly is making the college jump.

      This team was 4-12 and nobody (particularly at qb and on D) should be overly secure. And yes Kelly is saying everything is open, but it’s not. He probably has a decent idea who will be starting in 10 of 11 offensive spots. Defense is obviously a little more up in the air, but sal is trying to play it up like nobody has any idea who is going to win out which, frankly couldn’t be more ridiculous.

      • illadelphia21

        Yes I know Kelly already knows or has a grasp on his starting situation. Yet the narrative he gives is one of a open Competition. Sal was commenting in that narrative. You can’t play up something that’s being put out there in the open like that. Therefore it’s not unwarrated criticism. It’s commenting on what’s being put out there, which by the way is his job.
        No NFL coach in his right mind would take over a team and not study the previous season(s) and have an idea of who his starters are going to be and bring in pieces he thinks he needs. If he did the criticism would be way more abundent and worse. This is not a special case for Chip just cause he’s coming from the college ranks. There is no victim here!
        Gruden has never done that w/ the teams he took over and other coaches haven’t cause it’s not the way it’s done at this level. That doesn’t mean that chips way won’t work. Especially since I don’t really believe that Chip believes this particular narrative as being 100% true.
        No player at this level should ever just be secure in thee fact that there job is safe. This is the NFL, no one’s job is ever safe. Regardless of whether you were 4-12 or just won the Super Bowl. If you play drops off, consistently, you’re gonna get replaced. But still players need structure and need to know where they stand in the hierarchy of the depth chart. Naming starters doesn’t hurt a team or players. Rather it provides that structure and sets the bar for what you need to do or keep doing to get to that level. It’s not like just cause you were named a starter you can’t lose your job. Encouraging competition vs leaving a whole bunch of positions up in the air are two very vastly different things. So the idea or narrative of so many positions left up in the air is a bit extreme and unsettling for any team, let alone a team trying to bounce back from a piss poor season.
        Kelly’s criticism is not overflowing. He has many many supporters. Yet no one should just it back and not question or critique. He is coming from college and breaking tradition. Coming from college he should have to prove that he belongs at this level. And when you break tradition your gonna be critiqued. So I don’t think it’s overflowing, but I rather see it as fair. Let him and this team start losing a lot of games, then you’ll see overflowing!

    • Corry

      My problem with Sal’s statements are 1) I don’t like the guy and 2) I don’t think it makes sense to name starters now.

      This is a 4-12 team bringing in new schemes in all three phases of the game with an entirely new coaching staff. There is likely to be a high turnover rate on the roster with the back end still being figured out. Naming starters now and flip flopping through camp is more damaging in my opinion.

      • illadelphia21

        You may not agree w/ naming a starter(s) but it still can make sense, as in the points Sal, Dutch, and myself have made. If you name a starter now for a certain position, in all likely hood you’re not going to be doing a lot of flip flopping. You essential set the bar as to what you expect from players who are underneath him and want to start. And for thise players that are under him on yhe depth chart and want to start, that’s the standard they have to surpass. No coach flip flops. Not even the bad ones. Yet they still reserve the right to demote and replace if their starter is not playing up to their standards.
        And this is not a personal dig, but it’s almost as if your conveying sentiments from someone who’s never seen a TC or watched how football works. And I know you most likely have seen a TC and know how the game works. Which makes that flip flopping statement all the more puzzling. Like Sal said, ‘It’s the way it’s been done for 93 years!’

        • What are you trying to say? Your first paragraph is tough to understand. Do you feel that either guy has set the bar? Do you really think the play of Vick and/or Foles set the bar high enough last year? And second, how can this “standard” you set be applied to two 2 QB’s who have yet to run Chip’s scheme in an actual game? There’s simply not enough quality information to make an informed decision yet. Mini-camp and few shorts practice doesn’t cut it.

          • illadelphia21

            That reply was more so for the depth chart in general rather than the QB depth chart specifically. I can understand the QB competition and a few other spots here and there that are up for grabs. But to have almost every spot up for grabs is kind of extreme. Again I don’t believe this is truly the case, but it is the narrative being put out there. Yet it’s still not uncommon, but rather the norm, for a new coach to know his scheme and have a pretty good idea of which QB he wants running it, for numerous reasons, before camp starts.

            It’s not about the plays necessarily setting the bar, but rather the coach setting the bar for all the players as to what type of play he expects.

            And Chip has a ton of info and film (both practice and game) on both QBs and not just from mini-camp. He could make an informed decision if he chose to. But he wants to see more and be sure. That’s totally fine. Like I stated previously, that it does delay in the building of timing and QBs and WR bring on the same page.

            But this was not meant to be a discussion about QBs specifically. It was about how too many people dismiss what critique someone says about the Eagles and act like said critique can not be truthful or contain validity.

        • Corry

          Coaches absolutely flip flop on naming starters. Our Mike linebackers between Stew Bradley and Demeco Ryans is a great example of that. Some of that was based on injury and some of it based on god awful performance.

          And I say again, because of where this team is at and the big shift in schemes, I don’t think you can set your starters yet.

          I will say that next year, after Kelly has established his schemes offensively and defensively and assuming the coordinators, particularly Bill Davis, remain in place, I will question it if he takes the same approach.

          • illadelphia21

            I have no idea what the example of Demecco and Bradley mean. How is that flip flopping. Bradley wasn’t even on the team when we got Ryans and yes injuries!!! Where’s the flip flopping. In fact Reid was notorious for having his starter set in stone and giving way too much leeway until he absolutely had to make a change. And sometimes he still wouldn’t make a change. That’s demoting and replacing…not flip flopping. If a coach flip flops, he won’t be in this league for too long. That’s why coaches don’t do it

          • Corry

            Re-read what I said: our MIKE linebackers between Stew Bradley and Demeco Ryans. Meaning the parade of players we had starting at MIKE from Bradley’s injury to the time we traded for Ryans. We had Gaither. Then Gocong. Then back to Gaither. I believe Jordan started a few. Then I think we wen back to Gaither. Witherspoon was in there for a bit and had one good game. Chaney had been back and forth. Ryans solidified the position last year finally.

          • illadelphia21

            Not true! Stew was drafted in 2007 and started only on game. Because he was playing behind trotter.
            2008 he took over played really well. All 16 games!
            2009 he got hurt missed the season. Joe Mays and Gaithers manned the spot. That’s not flip flopping, that’s having a injury and trying to fill the gapping hole in the middle of you D.
            2010. Stew came back and started but wasn’t the same player. Cheaney took over. Again not flip flopping. A demotion after starting 12 games. Or He may even have got hurt again, but either way the guy from 2008 was gone!
            2011 was Jaun and Reid going w/ Matthews. A poor decision, especially if you knew a lil about Matthews during the draft. That led to Cheaney once again manning the middle. Once again not flip flopping. Demotion for piss poor play.
            2012 enter Ryans

          • illadelphia21

            So out of the parade of MLBs we had Reid and company really only named 2 starters. Bradley and Matthews. The rest were cause of injuries that happened and demotions for bad play, which I already said is a coaches right. Hardly flip flopping!

        • Ron Swanson

          As an engineer, I find it almost offensive when someone uses the justification of “that’s how it’s always been done.” Doing something the same way all the time doesn’t allow for innovation. Chip Kelly has never done things the way everybody else does, and he has always had success. Let him do things his way and stop complaining that it isn’t the NFL way of doing things. The best players will start and without seeing them play in the new systems and in pads, there’s no way of knowing who those players are.

          • illadelphia21

            I’ve already addressed that. But as an engineer you should also know that sometime the adage is very true…if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!!

          • CJ

            As a programmer, I don’t find it almost offensive. I find it offensive :)

    • Dutch

      A big factor in all of this is the rule changes in the CBA that limits what players can do and how often they are subject to hitting in training camp. Things were vastly different when Andy Reid took over and much different then that when Vermile came to the Eagles from UCLA.

      Common sense and experience says the “Open Competition” Mantra is a ruse to light a fire under players. The vast difference in skill level between bread and butter starters and back ups in the NFL is extreme. There was recently an article touting the $1 Million dollar technology and video equipment, so there is no excuse for not having a pretty accurate idea who your horses are going into camp. If by this time there is no idea who are the stand out starters than that speaks to a bigger problem with the talent on the roster.

      Hitting begins Sunday, by Wednesday there had better be some separation and decisions from the coaching staff. First preseason game is less than 15 days away. The Eagles opponents in that game aren’t playing their key personnel more than two series or 15 plays. That sand written depth chart had at that time better become concrete very soon and, if not the same communication problems that plagued the Eagles over the last two years will become a reality this season and have the same impact on game day execution.

  • BlindChow

    If there’s a big dropoff between starters and substitutes, holding a competition shouldn’t make a difference, should it? The winners will be obvious.

  • knighn

    I believe that there is value in what Sal Pal is saying. Players at the college level may be a little more “interchangeable” and professional players definitely want to know where they stand and who they’re going to be standing next to.
    But there are two big things that Sal Pal is completely ignoring in his diatribe:
    1. Players don’t always live up to their projected starting position.
    2. Injuries happen.
    No matter how “set in stone” your list of starters may be in July, it’s going to change by December. It’s Football. Stuff happens.

  • BobP

    With the exception of QB, the offensive starters are pretty much recognized (unless they perform poorly in preseason games). However, Kelly has been pretty clear that there will be different offensive packages/plays involving a number of different players. I don’t think it is possible to determine the defensive starters until the coaches can properly evaluate them in the preseason games. Also, like the offense, many of the defensive players will see substantial time on the field, probably almost as much time as a lot of the so called starters.

  • Wasn’t there a QB competition in Seattle last year? How long did that last? Seemed to work out ok.

    • Dutch

      Flynn was named the Starter until it was crystal clear that Wilson was their man. On Defense in Philly the issue is not that clear cut. Continuity and communication is just as critical on defense as it is within the receiving corp. Last season miscommunication in the defensive backfield lead to a record 33 touchdown passes and multiple occasions of embarrassment, missed tackles and players attacking the wrong gaps.

      We’ve discussed the QB position but there are many other problems throughout the Eagles roster that need attention for this team to be well run.

      • Wilson went into rookie mini-camp and showed he deserved to compete with the other 2 (Tavaris Jackson and Matt Flynn). They split reps in training camp just like we’re doing here. They played 3 pre-season games before they named Wilson the starter, which is most likely what’s going to happen here. And reporters cried saying that this is bad for the team and this isn’t how it was done in the past blah blah just like they’re doing now.

        As I said, it worked out OK for them. They got the best QB by bringing in true competition. None of the QB’s played good enough last year to be named the starter out right, especially considering none of these guys have played an actual game in Chip’s offense.

        • Dutch

          It was the preseason games that set Wilson apart from Flynn. Flynn had the big contract $8 Million a year. Flynn had just been signed by the Seahawks from the Packers. Flynn was pretty much guaranteed the Starting position. Wilson had a spectacular preSeason against 2nd team back ups in the first two preseason games. In the 3rd preseason game Carroll started Wilson. Wilson never missed a beat against first teamers in that game and Flynn continued to struggle. It was crystal clear after Wilson started that 3rd game against first teamers he was their man and Carroll replaced Flynn as the starter going into the opener.

          I agree with Chip and Carroll, competition means everything. I think Kelly found a way to bring the best out of his candidates during Training Camp. If you can’t keep your head in the game now then chances are you won’t during the season when everything is on the line.

          I also believe Kelly has a firm idea what he has at every position, he has more than enough material on every player looking to make his roster to know what each of can brings. His decision is made regarding his QB and any other position, he may in fact only be looking for depth and back up positions.

  • Stuart Philp

    The starters are in fact playing together and building chemistry…

    All this open competition is doing is if someone on T1 is dogging it or someone from T2 or T3 steps up the eagles have the option to move players up or down.

    The only players I would say are not building chemistry as well as they should are the QBs and WRs, but a starting QB can’t be chosen until it is known which QB can run the system best. Timing likely won’t be there the first few games because of that, but leaning more heavily on the IZR/OZR run plays (the foundation plays of Kelly’s system, and likely the first plays the players learned) in the early part of the season should negate that.

  • Toms River Dave

    And another thing. This team needsto develop this year. It is lunacy to talk of anything more than 4-5 wins. They need the year to install the program, find a qb, and have one more good draft that addresses the defense. Clowney please. Then we can contend Iin 2015

  • Andy

    If there’s such a huge talent gap then it will be clear who the starters are. But the eagles have positions, such as the secondary were there are a bunch of bodies with similar talent or more accurately a similar number of question marks, where it isn’t clear who should be starting and who should be backing up. Players need to be able to communicate across the #1s and #2s anyway, and the Eagles are going to have enough reps to build that ability so I’m not too worried about it.

    If someone goes down with an injury you want to be able to plug in their back-up and while there will be a drop-off in talent, there’s no excuse for communication shutting down as a result.

  • Andy124

    Sal is way overselling the college vs. nfl angle here.
    He’s also taking the “depth chart is written in the sand” way too
    literally. All coaches want to play the best man for the job, regardless of who
    was named the starter to begin with. Some are better than others and making the
    right call with that, but the difference is in the execution, not the

    Just like every other team, we have some obvious starters
    and some position battles. We have more positions up for grabs than the average
    for the obvious, unavoidable reasons (bad team, new staff, player turnover).

    The only way to determine the best man for the job is to
    watch them play football and see who’s best at it. Chip hasn’t had a chance to
    watch them play football yet.

    Sure it’d be better if we had established starters and
    they could build chemistry. But we don’t. Naming starters prematurely would
    only make an undesirable situation worse.

    So, while Sal is right in that there is a downside to not
    having named starters, he’s embarrassingly wrong in suggesting that the
    alternative is better in our situation. So much so that it should impact his
    credibility in the eyes of those who think he has any.

  • Explorer51

    There are seven first-time NFL Head Coaches in 2013; here is a paragraph from a June 13 Sports Illustrated article about our “almost” Head Coach Gus Bradley and the Jacksonville Jaguars: “Bradley maintains the team has open competition at every position, but the reality is that 10 of the 11 starters on offense are seemingly set. The only one that remains unresolved is quarterback – and it could be open for another two months, or maybe longer.” Seriously, if you are a coach taking over a team, let alone a team that was 4-12, and you haven’t had a real practice with pads and hitting yet, how are you going to name your starters? It’s not like the Eagles had an All-Pro at every position. The “problem” with Chip Kelly is that he answers questions instead of the obligatory “we won’t get into that right now” BS we heard for years.

    I used to like Sal Pal but he has morphed into one of those guys who loves to hear his own voice; whenever he’s on with Mike Missanelli they are like two old gossips…tsk, tsking with I told you so’s…

    • Agreed completely. Add on top of the fact that Chip is installing a new offense that neither QB has ran. How can be make a decision about who starts in a new system based on tape from something different? He needs to see this guys in an actual game, even if it is pre-season.

  • MartinvonNostrand

    SalPal needs to just sit tight like the rest of us and wait till the actual team starts hitting, which isn’t expected till sunday. So, nothing gained by naming starters on a team with new systems on both sides of the ball.
    The vets know where they stand and have been lining up accordingly in OTA’s .
    Sal , try and work on your tennis game, I need someone’s ass to kick,
    I will be at practice Friday and will see who lines up where, pads or no pads.
    Can’t wait till this team starts to materialize.
    One last thing, can the moron twins Mosher/McLane or any other media type stop asking who the starting qb is going to be?

  • ICDogg

    So Kelly’s supposed to pick out his starting team without ever having seen them practice in hitting situations? That would be kind of stupid.

    Sal is an obnoxious blowhard know-it-all.

  • theycallmerob

    If sal pal is taking issue, Kelly must be doing something right.

  • What Mike Florio said makes no damn sense. Of the 3 QBs the two he knows best are Foles and Barkley. He played against them in college. He KNOWS them. So since he KNOWS them and he wasn’t “impressed” enough to name Foles (or Barkley) the starter (by now going with his logic) then he may never be “impressed” enough.

    See how silly that sounds?

    • Andy124

      Agreed that Florio’s point is completely invalid.
      The length of the quarterback competition has no bearing on the winner.

  • THE Captain

    A bit over an exaggeration here by SalPal.. Look at who lines up with the ones and twos and there is your depth chart. Argggh this is a non-issue and done in all camps now. Sal just wants to hear himself talk

  • Rick H

    Let me say this about Sal IDONTKNOW. While listening to 97.5 one day they had him on and he was pushing a book he had written. It strongly motivated me to call in. As he was pushing this nonsense book I called in. I was the first caller up after the break and bluntly told the two talk show guys that he has been a fraud from day one and so on. They didn’t like that but we exchanged opinions. i got off the phone and then was followed by one caller after another saying the exact same thing. It went on and on, The hosts didn’t know how to handle it. When that opinion is echoed call after call it clearly tells you something. They finally had to change the topic, it gives you a good and true sampling of the lack of respect people have for him. He is a very poor reporter, Like many ESPN reporters they offer a whole lot of nothing while pretending to be knowlegable. STEPHEN A, SMITH is absolutely the number one poster boy for incompetence and many other derogatory things yet they have him as an employee. ESPN has some outstanding reporters but these two should be in an unemployment line and have a lifetime ban from any form of media reporting and possibly having their lips stapled shut and hands shackled so they can not type or write or speak again.

    • birds are back baby

      couldn’t agree more….when he comes on with Miss Anelli there is a double dose of stupid on the air….I’ve gone back to WIP for afternoon drive time usually.

  • birds are back baby

    I used to like Sal, unfortunately he has become both boring and wrong of late.

    Best bet is to ignore his opinions and avoid him and his boring douchey friend Mikey Miss.

  • aankit

    russell wilson was named starter on 8/27/12 last year….um, did the seahawks do ok last season? i think they might have…..

  • Sanchez

    They’re professionals. They should grow up and deal with it. Job instability and team building is part of the reality of creating a winning atmosphere from the ground up. Rebuilding a team that has played so poorly over the past few seasons for a public that pays a lot of money for a high quality product, the coach has more than a right to not only put his own stamp on the team, but take his time in evaluating everyone who sets up on the field no matter size of contract or position they play. I don’t get Sal’s angle here considering he should have more than enough experience to know this. At least in theory he seems as stubborn and blockheaded as Vick and Jackson, two very talented players, but two players I wouldn’t want coaching my flag football team for all their collective leadership ability between them.

  • Weapon Y

    The biggest problem with Sal’s point is that every backup has to be ready to play with the starters if an injury happens. Chip’s approach ensures that everyone is prepared to take the field, not just the 11 starters.

  • gary

    I have to disagree with Sal on this one….other than a handfull of players, there’s not a coach in the League who would have automatically given a starting role to the vast majority of the 2012 Birds, had he taken over the team….there are just too many questions surrounding many of the better players….and of course, after the scrutiny of Kelly’s ingugural year, my guess is that Chip will recognize who these core members of the team are when running next years compitition…

  • knighn

    Tommy Lawlor comments on Sal Pal in classic Lawlor fashion

    “SalPal had gone a while without saying anything too dumb, but he took care of that yesterday.
    Chip should already have figured out who needs to play where. Based on 2012 tape study. Or what he saw in the OTAs. Or what he thought after eating some magic pixie dust. Maybe Chip ought to have Marcus Vick just fill out a depth chart. Or my 5-year old nephew.
    If this was August 24th and Chip was still going on about wanting to see more, SalPal might have an argument. This, however, is July. The players have not had one second of live action. No blocks. No tackles.
    Either Sal is stirring the pot or he’s just dumb.
    The Eagles went 4-12 last year. I’m really not concerned about players being comfortable with their situation. Go play. Go earn a spot. Simple as that. Why let coaches decide the depth chart when the players can do it themselves? We’ll start to get some answers soon enough. I just hope Sal can stand to wait that long.”

  • Maggie

    The strangest thing to me is that all of the reporters AND all of the folks commenting here refuse to notice the amazing fact that chip Kelly has MANY, MANY knowledgeable assistants, plus coordinators and interns. And MANY, MANY of them have been in the NFL for MANY, MANY years! You people who keep insisting that Kelly is doing everything all by his little bittie self are as foolish as those on other boards who insist that the General Manager drafts all by HIS little bittie self! Amazingly enough, even a woman, living in another country, knows that there is a concept called a team!

  • Ben

    I think Sal needs to get his head out of his ass and just let Chip do what he thinks is best. The eagles obviously hired him for a reason; Sal has never been a coach, all he has done is stuck his nose in the eagles and write about them and start rumors. If this is the way Chip thinks he well get the best out of his players then let him see how it works. If it doesnt work as well as he thought it would then he will learn from it and not make the same mistake.

  • disqus_JmcFDecx6w

    The Chiefs slated Matt Cassel as the starter last preseason. How’d that work out for them?