Society Hill Home on Corner of St. Peters Way Listed for Just Under $3M

This four-bedroom, almost 4,000-square-foot house is an absolute beauty bordering an absolutely beautiful street–though St. Peters Way isn’t exactly a typical urban thoroughfare. Named for its connection to St. Peter’s Church, it’s more of a “pedestrian lane,” as Philly-based novelist Ken Kalfus referred to it in a New York Times article about Philadelphia streets.

PlanPhilly’s Ashley Hahn also called attention to it in a piece about Ed Bacon Greenways, which Bacon put in the Society Hill master plan to facilitate pedestrian travel between historic sites.

To give a sense of where this is, here’s one walk Hahn recommends:

Start at 4th and Locust and walk east down St. James Place to I.M. Pei’s mod townhouses surrounding a circular garden. Then turn right (south) to walk down St. Joseph’s Way. There’s a park nook to your left and an historic interior court of houses to the right. Cross Spruce and St. Joseph’s Way becomes St. Peter’s Way. St. Peter’s leads you through another mixed historic and modern block to Three Bears Park (aka Delancey Park), a space designed by John Collins.

There was controversy over Bacon’s initial plan, however, but its eventual resolution led to the restoration of some historical houses–perhaps this corner home, which was built in 1827.

The house faces St. Peter’s Church and its gardens. It has incredibly rich hardwood floors, five fireplaces, spacious rooms, a high-end kitchen, a garden with a fountain, some remarkable ceilings, and a modern claw-foot tub in one of its five-and-a-half bathrooms.

There’s paid parking through 2015, and a tax abatement in place for a year. The current asking price is $2.275 million.

• 319 Pine Street, Philadelphia PA [Redfin]

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  • edrO

    Solid analysis as per usual Shiel … I get so frustrated with lazy pundits overstating the obvious in their best Maddenesque “the team that scores the most will probably win.” I truly expect growing pains while Chip gets this team straight; however, it is so refreshing to see such a forward-thinking common sense approach, early struggles be damned.

  • Dr Rick

    Quote of the article: “And given that Kelly seems obsessed with exploring every advantage he can provide to his players,,,”
    And that’s EXACTLY why I think this club is going to have a good season, and why the players are buying in. When you have a coaching staff interested in finding every advantage possible for players to succeed that is golden. We may or may not do as well as I think (9-7), but it should at least be fun. With all the emphasis on contracts and salaries, it’s good to remember that these individuals do what they do because they love to play the game. With talented players, coaches who understand how to coach, and a committed fan base, Sheil and Tim should have a lot to report on this year!

    PS Someone here in the Seattle area should take a page from Tim and Sheil and start a Seahawks daily page. You guys set the standard for good reporting.

    • G_WallyHunter

      I agree with this amazing quality of journalism, can’t be beat as far as the Eagles go.
      I hope you’re right about the Eagles, I have the same feelings. This doesn’t appear to be a flop-in-the-making… it’s on a whole other level, and I’m not just saying that as an incredibly biased Eagles fan

  • Phils Goodman

    Good stuff Sheil. I’m glad I don’t have to take Chip at his word here. He’s being coy.

  • xlGmanlx

    Dion Jordon signs…any word on offset language?

    • Adam

      Miami got the language. They gave Jordan more upfront money in bonus rather than deferred. Safe to assume Johnson will follow suit, which is good as it means he’ll likely report Monday rather than Thurs/Fri.

  • Maggie

    Mentioned yesterday about watching some old Steelers film. Maybe some of their philosophies have drifted across the state? The defense and offense were constantly congratulating each other on good play, players did NOT prance around the field screeching, “Look at me Mommy. Look at me-e-e-e. I caught the ball, Mommy!” or “Look at me-e-e-e, me, me, me. I made a TACKLE!” They followed their Head Coach’s saying, “Whatever it takes”. Sounds like old Chip has been looking at the same film.

  • Philly0312

    And for all the people who said we should sign him without offset…obviously Howie knew what he was doing. This is the exact type of deal Dion Jordan will sign, and its exactly what Tannehill signed last year. Without a deferred bonus the smart player can have his money working for him much faster.

    • Jack Waggoner

      Seems to me that deferred bonus is a bigger deal than offset language, but I don’t usually hear about people holding out over it.

      Offset language winds up affecting only those 1st rounders who don’t make it through their rookie contracts, and that is probably less than 10% of them. And the amount of offset is likely to be minimum salary, or about 600K.

      • Philly0312

        The schedule of payment and offset language are the only negotiable terms. Some have indicated an agent who allows offset for their clients contract should be fired. The Eagles risk the same amount of money regardless of how they schedule payments, so giving a non deferred bonus isn’t a big deal, just a lower cap figure in future years. While the need for offset is a rare situation, the Eagles have created a situation where theyve exchanged lower cap risk long term and lower cap figures in future years, for the risk of giving a kid 13 mil in year 1 and hoping it doesnt go to his head. Hopefully it doesnt, but ifbit does it would have eventually.

        • Jack Waggoner

          Yep. Deferred would be something you’d want to have in a contract if you drafted someone who was apt to blow all of his money at once, to protect the player from self destructing.

          • Philly0312

            Yeah my gut says that risk is low. Seems like a good kid from all reports.

  • eagle60

    Off the top of my head, I can give you 12.8 million reasons why the kid should sign the contract!

  • GEagle

    Thank You Dion…Thank you Howie, Thank you Lane…..Let’s start Mauling Dends!!
    This is HUGE news. gettin thins kid in camp on Monday is awesome news.I love drafting a big Oaf from Texas who just lives football. This kid is married, and has done anything that’s ever been asked of him by a coach so that he could play some football. I wouldn’t be worried about the Offset language if I were Lane. I kid that Big and Strong, who isn’t even done growing yet, and might be one of the few players on this earth that can match JPs athleticism, Who had played the game through the eyes of a DE and a QB, is going to figure it out and get his money. Lane won’t be getting drunk partying in old city, or cursing his baby mama out on Twitter. heck of an investment this kid is!!!….Going to bump some “all my exes live in Texas” in celebration of Lane Johnson Day

  • GEagle

    WTF is Patrick Dougherty talking about?

  • GEagle

    I love the oppinion that Vick will win the starting Job and then lose it….hahaha, unless Vick is lights out to the point that you expect to be successful with him, he isn’t going to start!!! he won’t play if he is barely scraping past Foles or Barkley…As someone who hates watching Vick attempt to act like a QB, I will be excited if he is named the starter because I trust Chip, and that means he sees something in the way Vick is playing…I kow that Vick won’t get to coast through the preseason and be awarded a job, and I trust chip to make the right decision….My only hope for this battle is that one of the QBs(whoever) performs head and shoulders above the rest….Nothing would ruin this season more for me then a year long QB controversy….with that said, I’m down to cut Vick like yesterday!! Lol

    • MV7

      Go ahead and buy your tissues in advance because Vick will win this job

      • BrickSquadMonopoly

        Its a forgone conclusion

  • PaoliBulldog

    Hmm. Turnovers are accomplished by the defense; points off turnovers are accomplished by the offense. But from the offense’s perspective, a possession is a possession is a possession. It doesn’t matter whether that possession results from a turnover instead of a punt, kickoff or on downs. Obviously a coach wants to turn every turnover into a TD, and a team that creates a lot of turnovers AND scores off them will win a lot of games. But I don’t see how this statistic would help predict future performance.

  • Gary

    “[Vick]‘s the favorite because of his salary and experience, but Foles has a legitimate chance. ”

    That may make Vick the favorite in the national media’s eyes, but I don’t see Chip thinking about experience and salary when evaluating the practice tape. If anything, Foles’ lower salary helps him.

  • GEagle

    I got to ask a high up in the Eagles organization(the business side of the organization) some off the record questions this morning, and while I wont repeat anything he said to me…the last question I asked him was if we would be changing colors and jerseys anytime soon,,,and he wouldn’t answer the question( this was the only question he wouldnt answer)..he just gave me this look like “Oh it’s coming!!!”

  • Cj Martin

    I was thinking the same daugherty is clueless!

  • Weapon Y

    We’ll know by the end of the first week if Barkley has a real chance of being the starter. If he hasn’t gotten reps with the 1′s by that time, he’ll be too far behind. Chip likes to keep things close to the vest, so we won’t know who he truly likes better between Vick and Foles (and possibly Barkley) for awhile. The first preseason game against the Patriots will force Chip to send one of them into the huddle at the beginning of the game, and thus give us a clue on who the true leader in the competition is. If he follows his precedents at Oregon, we won’t know for sure until the preseason games end.

    Also, I can’t wait to see the reaction of all the ESPN talking heads if/when Vick loses the competition.

    • Dustan M. Howell

      Barkley is better than Foles. He might push for the number 2 job.

  • zbone95

    Analytics, math, sports science and SIMPLE LOGIC! Reid tried to outsmart everyone and ended up failing. I love Chip he is dead on the money on using simple logic. I can’t wait to see him coach a chess match.

  • G_WallyHunter

    Thanks for the year of goodness, you two cannot be appreciated enough for your superb journalism and fair analysis… really can’t be beat. When this many fans are praising your work, it means something. Just promise not to take that big-wig promotion any time soon….

  • GEagle

    “Let’s get it on”….Love what Brandan Hana had to say…looking forward to a band of brothers who will make sacrifices for team success…the Patriot way lol

  • Adam

    Congrats for the first year, and hopefully many more in the future! Would love to see some numbers on the difference of readers between then and now.. bet you it’s quite a big leap! Best Birds source around.

    Now, when does the podcast start again?!

  • MV7

    If we have some luck with health, we have a chance to make the playoffs. Great site

    • Dutch

      That’s pretty much a given considering Vick in games started and completed in the NFC East is 9-1 over the last 3 years. In my opinion the barometer of how well Kelly is doing in this transition will relate to where the Eagles are in the division race in December. The Eagles have pretty much dominated the regular season in the East the last few seasons and to not be in a similar position late this season would not be a good showing for Kelly provide we remain healthy.

      • GEagle

        You two are soulmates!!! Lol

        • MV7

          We can’t support who we want now?

  • Johnny Domino

    Congratulations on your first of hopefully many years, nothing like this available before or since.

    When we arrive on Sunday, where will we find the 24/7 hospitality tent?

  • cliff henny

    great to have the Eagles back. now, please baby jesus, no non-contact injuries! saw where cowboys lost Crawford, and put both starting guards on IR. love to see the cowboys have a starting o-line of Free and Bell at T, 2 back-up G’s, and that rookie center. maybe the injury bad juju has moved onto Texas(knock on wood)

    Sheil and Tim, thanks for a great site. For an avid fan that’s moved out of town, easily my 1st stop to get my Eagles fix. sure for those in philly it is also, anything has to be better than cataldi and hughes. got sucked into a podcaste the other day, they are just gawd awful

  • EaglefaninAZ

    24-7 has been my first stop for info since it’s inception. Thanks again, guys!
    As far as camp goes, I’m most looking forward to the guys we haven’t really seen yet. Ertz, Poyer, and Casey. Second to that for me would be the whole quarterback thingy. :)

  • Explorer51

    Can’t imagine where an Eagles’ fan would be w/o Birds 24/7! You and Sheil make a great team, congrats on your first year!

  • Birds24/7

    Thank God, Eagles Football is Finally Here!

  • Benzino

    E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES !!!!

  • zbone95

    Does anyone have 2 front row tickets for the July 28 Practice??? I have 2 front row 122 tickets for August 26 that I would gladly trade for the July 28 tickets. Please email me at

  • Max Lightfoot

    I suspect that Kelly will be a player’s coach, but different from Andy Reid in that Chip will not hold players’ hands or take them aside to tell them privately that they’ll be starting. He’ll keep everyone guessing until the last minute. Chip will not be worried about individual egos as much as the team’s overall mindset. We’ll see how that works through out training camp and the preseason (practice) games. There may be ulcers for some, but it will be interesting, to say the least.

  • Maggie

    While this site is great and also my first stop most days, I have to wonder about all the of the sports “writers” out there. Every single one of them seems convinced that Kelly will do everything EXACTLY THE SAME as he did with his university team. Never mind that the guy is smart, never mind all the seasoned NFL coordinators and position coaches he has working with him. Nope, Chip Kelly will run the NFL Eagles just like the University of Oregon Ducks. Strange, I always thought writers were creative and original thinkers.

  • Dan

    Great first year guys! Here’s to the second!

  • Jack Waggoner

    I think this will be on the table for the next contract negotiation.

    Offset language is such a piddling little issue that it is amazing that it has held up so many contracts.

  • GEagle

    Who is the Swiss army knife you speak of? Casey?

  • Philly0312

    I think you are right. Until 2020 (next cba negotiation) we will see this situation over and over I think.

  • Jokyjoky

    He meant a first round pick for fantasy football owners. That’s all. BTW: I just don’t see any way that Barkley can start with Vick in the fold, even if Vick doesn’t win the starting job. I don’t see how a rookie, with all the growing pains they go through, could be expected to give you a better chance to win than Vick – warts and all.

  • OregonDucker

    Barkley is a rare bird. You will see what west coast fans have seen for many years.

    Right now the odds favor Foles over Vick – Chip has already made reference to film on Vick, but is withholding judgment until TC and PS. But Foles does not have the Football IQ and pre-snap read smarts of Barkley so we could see some drama.

    Like GEagle, I just want there to be a clear difference between the QB leader and the rest of the QBs. Personally, I want Vick cut but if he is #1 then I will eat crow with many others.

  • Richard Colton

    Barkley winning this thing out of training camp would be the single biggest Eagles surprise since the signing of Vick

  • A Big Butt and a Smile

    Do ya’ll actually watch football?

    Odds do not favor Foles over Vick…and Barkley is likely sitting this year. The more experienced QB is going to win this…barring Vick just completely not grasping the offense, he’s going to (more than likely) win the comp.

  • Pennguino

    ” Chip has already made reference to film on Vick” I assume it’s the comment about not knowing what the play call is and everything was not Michael’s fault.

    The big difference this year is Vick is not being coached to be the starter. Neither is Foles or Barkley. Usually when there is an “open” competition, the incumbent is still getting 60-70 percent of the reps. The coaching is also geared at making him the starter. This year they will be splitting reps right down the middle and the coaching will not be in the frame of mind of making one the starter. They will be coached on the scheme and the system and it will be up to them to execute it. If one of them starts to fall behind they will not get extra coaching to get them to catch back up. They still will get coached on the things that need attention but it will be a sink or swim camp.

    If you think tucking the ball and running for that first down was the best read or checking down to the underneath receiver is the best option you will simply be graded on your thought process. If you would have read the blitzing OLB you would have saw what the WR read as he slanted into the void created by the OLB. You could have thrown into the teeth of the blitz. OR If you would have read the safety cheating to the middle of the field you could have moved him in deeper and had one on one on the outside.

    The key this year is no one is being coached up to start. They are being coached up equally on a scheme and it is up to the player to take the starter’s role by his play on the field.

  • Token

    Experience doesnt matter, well atleast thats what Chip says. Best players play right?

    This offense is going to chew up and spit out Vick. He mentally cant handle it.

  • OregonDucker
  • Pennguino

    The odds do favor Foles over Vick. Foles is younger, more open minded, does not have the ego that needs to be fed. His lack of experience is helping his case as he is still malleable.

    Vick on the other hand work on drills that suit a running back (Run speed and strength). That is what he thought he was going to do in this offense. Something he wants to do. Run the ball. He is older and not nearly as malleable. He is set in his play style and thought process. It will be harder for him to pick up the offense and operate within the offense.

  • cliff henny

    if anything, foles has alot more experience running the spread short passing portion of kelly’s offense than vick. vick has to hope he can stay near foles in those quick spread throws, and then let his still off the charts athleticism along with making more traditional nfl passes push him over the top. that’s really what i want to see, how much has foles improved his release and arm strength.

  • cliff henny

    certainly isnt anything new to us, vick has trouble reading coverages and sits in pocket too long. but, that doesnt mean foles is a better alternative. i personally think the final answer is neither, but for ’13, vick w/ flaws has much higher upside than foles. foles struggled with the same things, release time and reading coverages, now being rookie he should have. has he improved? again, he should. also, arm strength. reports are foles has improved, and he needed it, he had some wobblers downfield.

  • OregonDucker

    Pennguino – I completely agree with your comments. And Chip will select the QB mainly by who makes the best decisions and is accurate. He has already said these are his top metrics and they are the same ones he used at Oregon. I do think there will be clear QB separation on these traits.

  • GEagle

    Not to mention Foles has experience throwing to wide recievers running option routes. That is. Huge advantage to an offense if QBs and WRs can handle it….There hasn’t been 1 coach who has ever coached Vick that ever thought he was capable of playing with WR option routes….and Mr. Arrelius Benn revealed that option routes are pretty much a staple of this offense….so please, someone explain how Vick could possibly win this battle? not to mention Foles has much more experience with spread concepts….and coming out of college, even the analysts that didn’t think much of him all praised his accuracy in the intermediate passing game…
    I honestly don’t believe Vick can command this offense better than Foles can, when they both OLY started learning it 6 months ago…If Vick can out play his competitors and win the job, I will eat crow like I have every single time I have ever been wrong, but I just don’t see how that can happen. I don’t understand how someone who has a career 56% completion percentage is going to work for Chip. That 56% is REALLY BAD!! Epecially when you take into account some of those years were spent when his coaches only had him throwing 20-25 passes a game. He couldn’t complete 60% when he had defenses petrified over his legs and coaches had him on a leash(no pun intended this time lol)??…

    I just don’t see how he can win it with Chip in charge, but I have been wrong before…Judgment day will be here soon lol We play a preseason game in 19 days. this time next week some of us will just be getting home from the first open practice…getting goosebumps just thinking off ot

  • GEagle

    Strongly believe in your pont about the younger Qbs being more malleable..Chip would have a ton of work to do breaking all of Vicks bad habits to really make it work

  • Maggie

    You are in Philly and didn’t include Gamble and Huff? Baker, Harris and Young? (Oops, sorry, that was a trio)