Noontime Headlines: Passyunk Square’s Cedars Crossing Seems to Be Finished

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  • GEagle

    When Chung struggles its been in coverage. So I think a lot of his success is going to be up to Nate and Phillips. If one can step up and be strong in centerfield it will allow Chung to play in the box where he has been solid laying some big hits in run support while also making some plays blitzing the QB. Chung is a good addition because when we eventually draft players that can take the starting position from him, he still has value as a backup and special teams player having had one of the greatest special teams performances in the history of MNF.
    Kenny is the one player with the ability to significantly elevatate the play of the entire secondary but that all depends on what his knees allow him to do. there is a glimmer of hope in reports saying that he wasn’t limping around the novcare like Marlon Jackson. Best case scenario he is a veteran player like Demeco last summer coming off an injury that didn’t go full speed during the offseason, because he wanted to lessor the chances of re-injuring himself, and when the season starts he will let loose and his knees will allow him to be the head and shoulders best safety on this team..UNLIKELY, but OTAs and training camp don’t always tell the coplete story when it comes to veteran players. If Kenny is able to beat out a confident Nate Allen(who was used in the worst way possible last year), then that would be HUGE for our defense, but I would so NOT hold my breath.

    I’m really high on Earl “Hungry like a” Wolff but the earliest he could possibly be ready to take over starting duties would be in the second half of the season after the bye week when he has two weeks to prepare. really, Really like this kid, I just don’t like him to be ready NOW. he needs to spend some time getting ROCKED UP by the NFL strength and conditioning program, but I expect him to make some plays on special teams early on. The kid really does have all the potential to grow into an interchangeable safety that can succeed both in the box and in centerfield. His speed, athleticism, strong Charecter and work ethic will definitely give him a chance….it’s just not going to happen overnight.

    Do or Die for Nate Allen. All the ability, and he will finally not be placed in the worst possible positions…his mental game and confidence are going to determine his future in Philly. This kid needs to seriously produce this year…and if he responds to the bell, we could end up getting better safety play then we are expecting..

    A whole bunch of “IFs” and they won’t all pan out. After last year, no where to go but up. How much we improve this year is anyone’s guess…but It is not hopeless.

    Sheil… could you neglect the game changing David Simms?

    • Token

      What is it you are seeing in Earl Wolff? Ive watched some games of his and its all the same. His instincts are bad. And hes not the great tackler ive seen him billed as. He takes awful angles. I thought he was supposed to have speed but it doesnt show up on tape.

      Is there a certain game I should be looking at to get excited about this kid?

      • bentheimmigrant

        I seem to remember Tommy Lawlor had a good write up on him. Might be worth a look.

        • Token

          Yea ive seen it. I couldnt get past the first few paragraphs. He said Wolff rarely gets fooled by play action and takes good angles. A idiot could watch the tape and see that is not true. Dunno if he was going for a fluff piece or what, but its not a accurate description of Wolff from what Ive seen.

          • Adam

            I think you should re-read the piece. I don’t think Tommy oversold Wolff. He clearly states that Wolff will fight for a back up safety spot and could develop into a starter down the road and that he can contribute on special teams. He’s a 5th rounder.. so making the team as a backup and contributing on special teams is what you would expect. He was projected to go rounds 4 or 5, so he wasn’t over drafted.

            I’m not sure what you see you on the tape that the experts didn’t, but they don’t seem to agree on your analysis of Wolff.

          • Richard Colton

            my expectation is that every third rounder turns into Brian Westbrook and every 5th rounder is Trent Cole. Any GM who doesn’t make that happen for me is a bum who needs to be run out of town on a rail. That’s not being unrealistic, is it?

  • GumboGumbo

    I’d take Kenny Phillips over Coleman any day of the week even with bad knees. Not thinking Phillips will start but Coleman is awful. Plus Kenny can share some NY info possibly

  • Dr Rick

    The safety position is a big key to success this year, and honestly, I just don’t know how it’s going to work out. There are so many unknowns. This looks to be our weakest position on paper.

    GEagle is right, Patrick Chung is solid backing up the LBs but not so fleet of foot against the deep ball. Fortunately, he is smart and plays position well, and Chip knows how to use him best.

    Microfractures are problematic at best, and I wish Phillips well, but we can’t count on him yet. That leaves us with hoping that Kurt C, Nate Allen and Earl Wolff play consistently within the scheme and have a chance to excel at times. Of course, that assumes that Billy Davis’ scheme holds up. I think we have to take it on a little bit of faith that the coaches and players have the tools and motivation to pull this off. I just don’t like having to depend on faith.

  • GiveMeABreak

    When we have to win talent bets against the g-men and patriots for signings to work out, we are in real trouble. The only place these guys will play well is in the payroll minimizing category. Howie is keeping the tab down but it’s a joke to think we can beat the better teams in the league with this talent mix. But, this is at least useful as a reminder that our current management does not have that goal as a priority. For those of you following this team very closely, wake up and smell the coffee. You are being sold a bill of goods.

  • Token

    I cant decide if this group or the CBs are worse.

    And Earl Wolff? Just spend a little time watching him in college. Id be shocked if hes on the roster next year.

    I know that “the safeties will be better because of less run responsibilities” is a great story line. And hell from what I see theres fans falling for it. Unfortunately, the safeties all have awful instincts in general. It doesnt really matter what their responsibilities are.

    • Mr. Wu

      Yeah Earl Wolff looks descent in his highlight reels but if you watch the games your like “oh really? That’s the safety they picked out of this great safety class?”
      I may just be a poor evaluator of safeties but I don’t see what he really has to offer except he is a “good team guy” as I have heard/

      • illadelphia21

        I count at least 5 safeties that I wanted us to get and that we could of picked w/ no problems this past draft. Out of all the safeties I read about and watched tape on, Wolff wasn’t even close to being the guy I thought we’d get. Cooper Taylor and Duke Williams were the only Safeties that I thought we should have targeted in the 5th heading into the draft. But, like always, hopefully the kid shows he can play and actually contribute.

    • JofreyRice

      I think the safeties are worse.

      It’s funny, because a bunch of the pro-eagles bloggers were saying “don’t blame the wide 9 for everything” during the season, and those same guys are turning around and talking about how the safeties are going to be much better with the new system. Baloney!

      Watch the Redskins game from last year, where Aldrick Robinson runs a straight fly route, and Nate Allen totally abandons his deep responsibility to get sucked up on a post pattern that DRC was already trailing underneath. His failure on that play–and Robinson’s long TD–had zero to do with any run responsibilities, or passrush, or whatever. He blew the hell out of an assignment. It cost the team points, and it’s going to happen again. The guy is a bad player. How much evidence do they need to figure that out?

      It says a lot that we’re praying a 5th round rookie can compete for a starting spot.

      • illadelphia21

        That was opposing teams bread and butter against the eagles last yr, as Nate did that so many times. Happened w/ him and Nnam a lot. So much so that I almost thought it was by design until I saw Nnam’s infamous point and jump up and down reactions. All the opposing teams had to do was send 1 WR On a go route w/ a TE or secondary WR on the same side and let him run a post or just break inside and Nate would abandon the deep ball. So as much as people bitch about Coleman, I think he played head and shoulders above Nate. Which is not saying much!

  • hillbillybirdsfan

    A healthy Kenny Phillips would go a long way towards solving the safety issues but we’ve been given no indication that he is still able to play. I am hopeful but not optimistic about the rest of the guys.

  • xlGmanlx

    I just hope that Phillips can make the team, be a solid contributor and then mentor the young guys like wolff. That would be priceless

  • Scott J610

    Coleman has lots of excuses. What’s his excuse for lousy tackling?

  • tdilla

    Don’t sleep on David Sims!