Huge, Loft-Style Condo for Rent Now Listed at $1,400 Per Month

Though Trulia lists 1639 Poplar as Fairmount/Art Museum, the intersection of 17th and Poplar is actually in Francisville. That neighborhood doesn’t get a lot of attention from brokers or, say, Travel & Leisure. But it continues to transform, leading to projects like this adaptive reuse of a historic Bell Telephone Co. building that was once in truly terrible shape. Below, the before and after:

The Exchange, before the renovation. Photo via The Exchange Facebook page.

The Exchange, before the renovation. Photo via The Exchange Facebook page.

The Exchange, after the renovation. Photo via The Exchange Facebook page.

The Exchange, after the renovation. Photo via The Exchange Facebook page.

Unit S3 in what’s now a boutique building called The Exchange has almost 1,100 square feet and 15-foot ceilings. As a corner unit, the ample space and good light may be worth the price despite the somewhat unconventional location. And when we say “unconventional location,” we mean, “tons of street parking for free.”

A look at a crime map show this stretch of Francisville is rather tranquil. But the building does feature remote-access building entry and individual security systems in each unit, just in case.

1639 Poplar Street [Concordis Real Estate Advisors of PA]

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  • Scott J610

    I think it’s funny that he compares Barkley to a point guard instead of a quarterback.

    • G_WallyHunter

      comparing him to a quarterback would kind of defeat the purpose of his intended analogy?

  • bushisamoron

    What else would a new staff do except start with a level playing field, particularly when the QB play has been so inconsistent. Vick had to know that. In fact, I think that if any coach but Kelly gets the job, Vick is off the team. At least with the read option, Vick could potentially find a niche. Still don’t think this team views him as a long term answer and may not as a short term answer either.

    • BirdGang

      What makes you think that? You think a coach wants to go into his first season with an unproven QB like Foles? Now i am not saying he is a bad QB…but Vick is the most talented QB on this team. So to say he would be gone if any other coach got the job is wrong. Vick is the short term answer. He is someone that can go out and get you wins. That way Chip can go something like 7-9 and people wont be calling for his head.

      • A Big Butt and a Smile

        “Vick is the short term answer.”

        I don’t understand what people don’t understand about that. Vick is here this year. That’s it. Regardless of how he plays. He’s out in 2014.

        I think the team can go 9-7 – but I think Kelly would have to hit 8-8 at least for the year not to be considered failure.

        • Max Lightfoot

          I’d agree – he is the short-term answer. I just hope MV can stay healthy for more than 6-7 games. It all depends on the O-line, and if Michael can change his hold-onto-the-ball-and-win-the-game-with-my-feet style. If he can do exactly what Chip Kelly asks of him, like making quicker reads and getting rid of the pronto, then he’s def the man. Go Eags!

          • Max Lightfoot

            oops – meant get rid of the ball pronto. His “pronto” is already pretty good hahahaha

  • A Big Butt and a Smile

    Of course M. Vick said yes to competition and doesn’t seem to pressed. His competition is Nick Foles not Andrew Luck. I don’t think he’s too pressed. From the comments it seems like they are looking to sit Barkley this year but view him as the Their Guy come 2014.

    • Adam

      Yeah a 33 year old QB who’s played mediocre football the past 2 years, is on a rental contract, has a new coach, and has 2 young guys waiting in the wings doesn’t feel “pressed”. Mmmhm.

      • A Big Butt and a Smile

        A 33 year old QB who is better in an uptempo offense and who can run the ball has 10 years under his belt as a starter, 4 pro bowl appearances and visit to the NFC championship game who just 2 years ago was in the running for MVP against a flat-footed, injury prone second year QB who can’t make NFL throws and never got it done in college, and a fresh out of school rookie coming off a bad senior year where he dropped from a consensus first round pick to 4th in the draft…all with a coach who has a win now mindset.

        Yeah…the 33 year old is SUPER pressed.

        • Adam

          If Vick is going to rely on a 10 year starter resume of fumbling the ball, tacking sacks, and throwing picks, he should polish it up a bit. He’ll be looking for a job soon enough. Chip doesn’t give two squats about Vick’s resume and if you knew anything about Chip Kelly’s offense you would know that the way Vick has played during his 10 years is the exact opposite of what he’s looking for in QB. No room for hero ball here anymore.

          First time in his career he has to actually compete for a starting job? You best believe he’s pressed. And what’s the problem with that anyway? Maybe it’ll do him some good. What he’s been doing the past 2 years clearly wasn’t good enough.

          • Dutch

            You obviously know nothing about Option Football. This isn’t going to be a pass intensified offense. This isn’t an offense with progression reads, it’s a run dominated offense. Throws from the pocket will not depend on multiple routes down field. There will be screens and a quick hitch or two over the middle depending on the play of the safety. Neither Barkley or Vick will have to depend on receivers getting open down field. The pass is there if not the QB tucks and runs to vacated space for positive yards.

            Besides the Eagles do not have receivers who are good at playing in traffic. The tools to sustain a passing intensified attack is not available in Phila. Andy never built a team to sustain a passing attack other than hitting the long run down field. Any attempt at a sustained passing attack vanished when Westbrook and Terrell Owens left Phila.

            What Vick has been doing the last two years is getting murdered in the pocket, for all the talk of the 2011 offensive line, lets remember more accurately that the Offensive Line was just as much a disaster in the first 8 games as they were in 2012 with the injuries. Shady racked up all those yards and 17 touchdown behind Jason Peters. That rushing attack was not compliments of the entire Eagles offensive line.

        • Dutch

          It’s as if some of these Foles backers weren’t watching the same Eagles team over the last two years that everyone else was privileged to see.

          Vick went from playing on instincts in 2010 and a division championship while being a candidate for Player of the Year to being restricted in 2011 and 2012 from running by Andy Reid and playing into the hands of opposing defenses behind a horrible pass blocking Offensive Line.

          .Key in your post is Chip Kelly wanting to Win Now and under no circumstance is it forecasted anywhere Professional Football is discussed that Nick Foles is a viable candidate to lead the Eagles to a winning season in 2013. That’s just not part of any discussion anywhere in the world. I’ve see post here by Foles backers who would rather go 3-13 with Foles than 9-7 and a playoff appearance with Vick.

          That is football and competition that I will never understand nor do I believe any veterans could get behind.

      • Dutch

        Do you think McCoy could have experienced the same success in 2011 without Vick in that backfield making those defenses hesitate before pursuing McCoy?

        You aren’t naive enough to think opposing defenses do not give deference to Vick handling the ball before all out pursuit of the Eagles tailbacks?

        • GEagle

          I almost took the bait…no comment

          • Mr. Wu

            Im proud of you man

  • Adam

    Love the excerpt on Ryan in Detroit. I hope Chip does the same thing to New England this pre-season.

  • Dutch

    Greg Cosell never played a sport which involved sweating, catching or running. Other than working in Jersey at NFL Films what makes him credible as an analysis? He’s living off if his uncle’s reputation.

    • knighn

      And you’re just dripping with credibility, aren’t you?

      • Dutch

        Pretty much…….

        • knighn

          It was a rhetorical question, grammar king. I’d explain it to you, but I know you’re still too busy trying to figure out double negatives.

    • nicksaenz1

      He’s an analyst.

      • Dutch

        Stop Hating and try to enjoy the summer breeze!

        • nicksaenz1

          Summer breeze? What breeze? It just got below 90 here in Philly. Not sure what it’s like down in The Delta, but ain’t no breeze here.

      • Scott J610

        Cosell puts the anal in analyst.

    • Adam

      The fact that head coaches and GM’s from every team in the NFL come to Cossell for his opinion on prospects is just about the highest form of credibility you can get.

      • Wilbert31

        Don’t get sucked into the “Dutch oven”

      • Dutch

        He’s living off of his uncle’s reputation. Nothing in his pass qualifies him as a credible assessor of NFL Talent. If Howard Cosell wasn’t a legend with connections to the NFL, Greg would be a janitor.

        Can you point to a talent Cosell discovered and recommended to a personnel guy in the NFL?

        • Adam

          No NFL talent evaluator is going to draft a guy based solely on someone else’s opinion. And if he did, he’s definitely not going to be giving anyone else credit for it. People come to him for his opinion and take that, coupled with what opinion they’ve formed and make a decision.

          I’m not gonna get any more into this as it’s a big waste of time. But here are some quotes from NFL personnel people whose opinion carries about a million times more weight than yours.

          “Greg is just a brilliant man when it comes to” the strategic and personnel facets of the league, Raiders offensive coordinator Al Saunders said. “Tremendous insight, a tremendous knowledge of personnel, a great command of the intricacies of the game from a strategic standpoint.”

          Broncos Coach John Fox would occasionally make the short trip from Rutherford, N.J., to Mt. Laurel. “I would talk to Greg at the combine and different places,” Fox said. “I have great respect for him because he works hard at what he does. He’s approached it more from the coaching aspect and the design of what’s happened on the field.”

          Asked if Cosell could be a G.M., [former Rams GM Billy] Devaney said, “Absolutely. There’s no question. Especially on the pro side, he spends most of his time – well, I shouldn’t say ‘most of his time’ because he’s up on the college stuff, too. He could easily be a college or pro director tomorrow for some team. And because of his work ethic and intelligence, he certainly has the ability to advance beyond that.”

          • knighn

            Damn, Adam! Dutch is going to have to start calling you, “Sir”. You’re taking him to school today!

          • Dutch

            It’s simply amazing how all you guys without any athletic profile in your DNA gravitate to opinions by analysis who also haven’t an athletic gene in their make ups. Greg Cosell is where he is because of his uncle. Another theorist in a line of talking heads without any actual experience playing the sport

            He’s pretty much like most of you who have never put on a Jockey strap…….. Hell, the Eagles GM and former General Manager full into that category

        • illadelphia21

          Not gonna get into the argument but that post just made me literally lol. Hey guys whether or not you agree w/ Dutch, at least he’s entertaining!

  • EaglefaninAZ

    I’m still setting the over/under on Vick starts at 3. All of his previous injuries and turnovers dictate that. About time someone around here gets pulled after coughing up the ball. Some accountability would be refreshing.

  • Adam Banks

    Has anyone been impressed with the Wolff tape? All I saw were a bunch of bad angles and missed tackles but Cosell is obviously better at this than I am

    • Dutch

      Cosell never in his life defended a receiver or tackled a ball carrier. The only ball he’s ever played involved a beach and sand.

  • Scott J610

    I still don’t think our franchise quarterback is on the team yet.

  • JofreyRice

    Yeah. I had read Cossell’s take on Barkley before the draft. The guy knows his stuff–and evaluating the QB is kind of his specialty–so it’s hard to dismiss his opinion. I remember back in 2010, when Vick was playing really well, Cosell being one of the few dissenting voices cautioning against investing too much into Vick’s play–making the point that he was still frenetic in the pocket, and wasn’t a consistent passer. The Vikings game was really the beginning of the end, and pretty much every flaw Cosell pointed out in regard to Vick has borne out as accurate. I think that’s the reason why Vick, as the superior athletic talent to 80% of the QBs in the league, is fighting for a job.

    Certainly, Cossell could be wrong, and Barkley’s work ethic, desire, and intelligence are all going to factor into his chances of becoming a starter. While reading Cosell’s take on Wolff, I was reminded of how huge a fan of Jaiqwuan Jarrett he was in ’11. Safety is a very difficult position to evaluate, even for the pros, it seems.

    Ultimately, I view Barkley as a Mike Kafka type. Smart guy, good leader, but not a franchise caliber QB, until otherwise proven. I think the fact that he lasted until the 4th round means that a lot of franchises saw Barkley the same way. If he’s a decent backup, that will have been a solid 4th round pick. The name recognition and scenarios about where he would have possibly gone in ’12 are irrelevant to me. He’s a guy that every franchise passed on 3 times, and some of those teams desperately needed a QB.

    • illadelphia21

      Good post. But what the hell did he see in Jarrett? I hated that pick the moment his name called. I do respect his evaluations of qb’s though. I think he’s pretty much got the book on Barkley and I agree w/ the conclusion of your assessment of him. However I do think that he is and will be better than Kafka, yet still not a franchise qb.

    • Adam

      I wouldn’t be so quick to throw out his projected draft status in ’12. For a guy to potentially go in the top 10 in a very QB-rich draft that’s not exactly something to ignore. And if you look at the track record of a lot these QB needy teams, you’ll see that they are QB needy for a reason (poor QB and player evaluation in general, first and foremost). The Bills have wiffed on a ton of QB’s in the few years and I don’t really expect EJ Manuel to be the answer. The Jets have had almost as bad drafts as the Eagles have the past few years, although I think Geno may end up being a decent NFL QB. Same with the Raiders and Wilson.. Bucs and Glennon.. etc etc. I’m not saying the Eagles fleeced anyone by this pick. but using these other teams as barometer might not be the best choice.

      They way I look at it, Barkley has done some pretty great things over his career. He has succeeding basically at every opportunity he’s been given. He’s put up great numbers at USC, mind you with a great supporting cast as well. I guess the best way I can put it, in my opinion at least, is that none of the knocks against Barkley are things that are unfixable. With good coaching his footwork and mechanics can be fix, or at least minimized the negative. All the other intangibles, the ones that are tough to coach (football IQ, leadership, being in the spotlight since he was 15) are all there, which can sometimes be the toughest thing for a guy to establish in the NFL.

      All in all I’m glad the Eagles were able to get him without needing to invest a ton of resources. He’s a low risk, high reward type deal I suppose. It’ll be fun t o watch if nothing else.

      • Token

        Ive never gotten why that line of “he was gonna be a top 10 pick the year before” is always thrown out there. How do you know that? Because mock drafts told you so? Do you honestly think that teams that had him graded as a top 3 QB the year before wouldnt have drafted him before the 4th rd this year? I mean lets be real about it. I like the guy, but I have big doubts about his NFL ability. Hope he goes out and blows everyone away, but im tired of that line about last years draft.

        • nicksaenz1

          Yeah, it’s all speculation. A buddy of mine and I had a bet last year. I bet he wouldn’t go top 10, doubled down on top 20. Then he decided to go back. This year I bet him he wouldn’t go in the top 16, and doubled down on 1st round. This was the only reason I finished watching the 1st round past the 4th pick. It was worth it, but, proves the point about speculation.

        • xlGmanlx

          probably because their needs change year to year as the players change year to year. Not saying it isn’t a bogus statement, but assuming that priorities, injuries, and just the overall unknown that is the draft accounts for some of that.

        • Adam

          It’s nothing new for a guy to have a good junior year and go back for his senior year and struggle his stock falls. Could be a variety of reasons why. And yes, it’s all speculation. That’s the idea of projections. But it was pretty common thinking last year that he was a better prospect than Tannehill (hence the top 10) or at the very least Weeden (still in the first round) and Osweiler (2nd).

          • Token

            He didnt struggle though did he? If not for the injury he would have had even better numbers than the previous year. I just dont think he was ever that highly regarded by actual NFL teams than the mock drafters thought.

          • Adam

            He played well, not near as well as his junior year, but his decencies were highlighted in some tough losses last year, especially the back to back losses to Oregon and Arizona where he threw 4 picks. That knocked him out of the Heisman talk and USC out BCS talks. His line was in shambles. Pile on top of that the shoulder injury, which made him unable to do the off-season prospect stuff. Lane Kiffin’s play calling was questionable in my eyes, but that’s just my own opinion.

            I think the key thing people are missing out on is the fact that our head coach knows Barkley up close and personal. He’s played against him multiple times and understands exactly what he’s getting out of Barkley and what he can do with him. Chip is all about bringing in guys that fit his system, and he must feel like Matt is a type of guy that can excel in his system.

  • Honest_T

    I call BS on everyone’s projections. I understand that you have to make decisions based on what these guys did on tape, but everybody becomes so anchored to their initial assessment that they become guilty of confirmation bias. Rather than seeing how these guys progress from year to year, we look for information that validates our original position. No QB can take their college game to the pros and succeed. Success depends on the player’s development.

    Tom Brady and Drew Brees went from passed over to superstars because they worked physically and mentally to improve their game. Jamarcus Russell, Mark Sanchez, Cam Newton, Matt Stafford, Sam Bradford, Josh Freeman, and a long list of first round QBs haven’t developed enough to take their game, and their team, to the next level.

    If any of our QBs are the same player in a year or two that they are today, that won’t be good enough to win a Championship. The question is how they develop. That is part of the reason I am so excited about Pat Shurmur coming back. Shurmur developed McNabb into an All Pro and coached Sam Bradford to his most successful year. It isn’t about year 1 it is about year 3. It is the development I am excited to see, in all of them. I don’t Vick , Foles, or Barkley have hit their ceiling yet, but I anticipate all of them will take a step closer to it.

  • BlindChow

    I think it’s probably worse for the third string WR’s playing with Matt Barkley than the other way around.

    Barkley’s performance can still be evaluated if a receiver drops a pass. Shepard, on the other hand, has to rely on not only Barkley (or Dixon/Kinne) getting him the ball, but on the pass being catchable. Barkley threw a few duds last week…

    • laeagle

      Agreed, but he also had some pretty easy first downs dropped on him. Not saying he didn’t have a shaky start, but he did have a number of good passes on the money that simply weren’t caught.

  • G_WallyHunter

    Does anyone know how I can watch this game when I don’t live in the area? Is it being broadcasted? If being broadcasted then there must be a stream somewhere..

    • Matty Boy

      I think NFL Network is doing whip-around coverage of all of the games tonight. I don’t think there’s another legitimate broadcast out of market.

      • Brian

        NFL network has a subscription based service. you can watch any game live in the preseason, for a price. (out of market)

        • G_WallyHunter

          Ah yes, their preseason package, I just wish I could stream the ETN broadcast on a site. I may be able to find it

      • G_WallyHunter

        That’s what I feared. I know it’s on the network at 4pm tomorrow for anyone who wants to ignore the internet and NFL Network until tomorrow at 4 and watch the entire game.
        I guess I’ll have to settle for the whip-around, hopefully the network jumps all over the eagles game because of the QB comp lol

    • cliff henny

      i watched last game online, streaming thru … it was fine, except for listening to howie the whole 3rd quarter.

      • G_WallyHunter

        HAHA thankyou muchly, was going to go to firstrow and try. I laughed when it was over halfway through the 3rd, and I wondered what the hell Howie was still doing in the box LOL, too funny, I think he analyzed half the roster throughout the quarter, gave them the old “Oh, we really love this player” Howie talk…

        • cliff henny

          i use it alot. soccer, nba. no downloads. baseball asks for a turrnet download, i’ve never done it. mostly cause phils suck.

  • TC

    Go Clay Harbor

  • Shawn Williams

    Could not agree more with what you are saying.

  • Run Eagles Run

    hahaha, really? you must be a mind reader. how you could get so much out of so little is pretty amazing

  • asdfasf

    Sounds almost like Howie is quoting from this article. Good read. Tommy Lawlor from Igglezblitz linked it the other day.

  • Johnny Domino

    Not really. Plenty of them are slam dunkers, would never think to dish it off. Hey, we even used to see regular bounce passes just a couple of QBs ago.

    To drag another sport into it, some guys can go deep in the hole but do they make all the routine plays? Muckers and grinders? I got a million of ’em.

  • G_WallyHunter

    No, they don’t. Why else would he specify the position in basketball, there are obviously similar traits to PG, other QBs are slam dunkers like Flacco and Big Ben. refer to Johnny Domino

  • Scott J610

    Ok Wally, Joe Flacco is a slam dunker and not a point guard! LOL. Got it! Thanks for straightening me out on that.

  • GEagle

    Barkley would play the game like a Rajon Rondo type of Pt Guard, while Vick would play like a Russel Westbrook type Pt guard

  • Weapon Y

    What are the odds that one of the commenters on this site and IgglesBlitz is Howie Roseman using a fake name? Lawlor’s been using that point guard analogy for months.

  • Dr Rick

    Great article. I feel temporarily smarter when I read stuff like this.

  • GEagle


  • Capt. Undapants

    Sigh Geag. I don’t side with you often, but that is one damn good comparison.

  • GEagle

    Gunner is a FOCKIn idiot who said that he doesn’t think Mykal Kendrick’s is going to start. Hahahahah! He thinks he is just a Nickle backer. What a DOPE!!! As if we would give the microphones helmet to just a Nickle backer…get a FOCKIn clue!!!

    Wolff is going to be the real deal! Speed, acceleration, tackling, back peddling….this kid will grow into a very well versed safety who you can ask to do many different things for you….His college tape IMO is misleading. You will see plenty of great plays, and plenty of mistakes. Wolff isn’t ready to play defense in the NFL, but he will grow into it. The problem with his college tape, is he played with a bad front 7 who forced the secondary to make way too many tackles..on top of that he had to play with Undiscaplined players in the secondary like Amerson who would take way too many chances and put more pressu on Wolff then there should have been. his college tape will show you a lot of jaw dropping ability, and plenty of mistakes that need correcting….There were a lot of safeties that could do things better then Wolff in the draft, but few that could do as many things that wolff could do at a high level…This is going to be a kid you can play in the box, drop in centerfield, blitz, use his back peddling to pick up a slot of TE man to man…heckuva 5th round draft pick!!!

  • aub32

    Because we don’t all know that. Those who claim to “know” Vick will play poorly simply care more about having their guy in/Vick out rather than the success of the team in mind.

  • Adam

    Well the great thing about him slipping to the 4th round is that he no longer has to prove he’s worth a top 10 pick, because at the end of the day he wasn’t. He can take the time to work on his game without the pressure of being under the microscope of a 1st rounder.

    While I agree they are the authority, they are not anywhere near the end all be all. Their judging of first round talent at QB is highly suspect considering almost half of the QB’s taken in the first round in the past 20 drafts have been busts.

    People love to draw the connection between Barkley and Brady. I don’t agree with that completely. I prefer the Matt Schuab comparison, and I don’t mean in terms of types of football players but more so their situation. Stellar junior year and decided to go back for his senior year. Suffered an injury and his stock fell causing him to become a mid round pick. Schuabb sat for 3 years before getting his chance in Houston and has been highly effective since then. He may not put the team on his back but if schemed around correctly can be a good system QB. He’s helped keep the Texans relevant for the last 6 years.

  • nicksaenz1

    I try to imagine Arthur Blank’s face when Vick got arrested after they traded Schaub.

  • eagle fan dwn south

    I understand he’s older than what we been going after but we are far from set at lb we could move him inside with demeco and Kendricks over and bench Cole then trade Graham

  • Absecon

    Exactly! The previous regime hasn’t had a decent D or clue since JJ passed away. Coincidence? If the rest of the D was sound, saftey wouldn’t be the psychological crisis the fans and now media make it out to be. Is it nice to have Brian Dawkins back there? Sure, but there are 10 other guys that could be making plays right now and I don’t hear any All-Pro talk about any of them at the moment. The safties are just the whine of the season so far. Last year it was the cornerbacks, the year before that the linebackers, blah, blah, blah. Give the current coaches a chance; isn’t that what everyone asked for (Reid’s head)?!?! Wait till they get to midseason and show there is no progress for crying out loud….

  • Scott J610

    Graham has upside. He was projected as a 3-4 linebacker during the draft. Trade Cole. Where is Washburn? He’ll take him.

  • GEagle

    Yeah, I would love to see Vick play that way for all 16 games, but that’s not going to happen. It won’t always be smooth sailing, so I hope he gets tested during this preseason so that our coach can decide if he can work with Vick during the bad times too….As great as Vick looked in that first drive, everyone gave him a pass for the next 3 and out which was completely his fault. OUr starting QB can’t miss the throw he threw low to avant. my beef isn’t with the low throw, it’s that it should have been an easy first down, but Vick was too slow. Instead of anticipating the throw to avant, he waited for avant to stop, turn and then threw it…and That can’t happen in a chip timed offense. Too easy of a play. And Vick can not be late on such an easy throw…I’m hoping he can clean that up and be faster in his decisions..
    Look it’s no secret I’m a Foles guy…but what does that really mean? I don’t mean that I want to see Foles succeed at all costs, it means that I believe that given time to grow, he has a chance to be the QB of our next generation…But that’s not an exact science. I don’t know he will develope into that guy for sure….So even though I’m a team Foles guy, I’m not rooting for Vick to fail miserably and Foles win because he is the lessor of two evils, I’m rooting for both players to play at a high level than we all expect, continuing to push each other to raise the bar, and I hope that Ultimately Vick plays great, and Foles plays even better…because that would mean that there is a chance we already have our QB f the future, which would allow us to invest more of our assets into building around the QB….If Vick were 10 years younger than Foles, I would be rooting for Vick..why? because already having the QB of the future on this roster would be by far, the best thing that can come out of this season….
    The 2014 draft will be a feeding frenzy for teams in need of QBs. if we DON’T need to draft a QB next year, there are going to be some damn good players pushed back a few spots because teams are jumping over each other, and fighting to get their QB..I can’t stress how.. we could potentially get Next Offseason, if we don’t have to draft a QB..
    however,n If Mariotta enters the next draft, Chip might not be able to resist. Then again, we all though the same about Foug Marone, but he played the crap out of Nassib and went with EJ

  • EaglePete

    All great points, esp in terms of how it could play out with some added pressure. Get yer popcorn ready !!