Six-Bedroom Victorian With Incredible Historical Details in Devon

Built in 1910, this salmon-colored brick home is a fixer-upper, but could be a real gem once it’s done. With six bedrooms, the house–which sits on an acre of private land–has more than 4,500 square feet of living space. Perennial gardens and mature trees dot the land that separates the property from other large homes in this quiet neighborhood.

A large family room is off the kitchen and a 1st floor bonus room could be a home office/den. Spacious bedrooms. The detached two-car garage has interior stairs to a large room or storage space. You could own a wonderful piece of history – unique and full of charm~~~just imagine sipping iced tea with friends on the front porch as a horse drawn carriage goes by.

Bedrooms: 6
Baths: 3.5
Parking: Two-car garage with stairs to large room
Duly noted: “Bring your designer and contractor to this…diamond in the rough”
Open house: Sunday, Jun 30: 2:00-4:00 pm
Price: $775,000


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  • Jack Waggoner

    I imagine a lot of tickets will go unused, though. I have some that I might or might not use… if it’s as hot as today, forget it, I’m staying home.

  • theycallmerob

    That’s ok. If you only want to play the game with one stat (W/L), I can work with that. Ignoring the historically bad passing defense after Castillo left…….the Eagles went 1-9. Last I checked, 3>1

    Also, offense scored 6 against ARI. and 14 against PIT. But that’s the defense’s fault too.
    And you said it yourself- Eagles were 3-3 at bye. Which is when Castillo got fired. That’s 6 games, not 8

  • theycallmerob

    I hope you don’t misconstrue this as some defense for Castillo ever having that position, nor that the Eagles D was any better than sh!tty last year. But it’s hard to do worse than rock bottom (I say that slightly tongue in cheek). It’s not as if the CBs last year were capable of pass defense in the slightest.
    See my reply to token regarding the regression to the mean in other categories (health, turnovers, etc)

  • Pennguino

    The eagles were less than 10 points from being 0-16. The offense did nothing to help out the defense with turnover after turnover after turnover. The defense made critical stops in the first two games when the games were on the line.

    When the game came down to “Win this drive and you win this game” the defense did that in the first two games. They failed to do that in the Pitt game. It’s a 50/50 with Detroit. They won the drive to prevent Detroit from scoring 7 at the end of the game. The lost the drive because they allowed Detroit to tie the game.

    The gnats game was a lucky break. The ball bounced for us in that game.

    The AZ game, Kolb the former Eagle that knew us pretty well carved up that defense. Kolb’s first TD came after a ST fumble. AZ scored on a fumble-6 from Vick. The defense only gave up 20 points. I am not blaming the offense for this. They share the blame with the defense and the ST.

    13-2-2 going into the bye. What is that? That is 13 QB turnovers. 2 Offensive turnovers. 2 ST turnovers. The defense has had to overcome pretty much a league record in turnovers to try can keep the team competitive. Andy fires their chief the DC because the QB play is atrocious and the offense is anemic. The defense tuned around and gave Andy a big F U.

    They tried early on but eventually their spirit and will were broken.

  • Dutch

    I agree the Eagles played better defense before Reid fired Juan, however they still in 5 of the first 8 games didn’t bother to get off the bus. That defense folded like a deck of cheap cards in the wading seconds of games where the Eagles had the lead in the forth quarter. In the three games against the Falcons, Saints and Cardinal the defense never bothered to try.

    After the firing of Juan, the defense completely fell apart and frankly many of the newly acquired free agents quit.

    Our difference is I don’t see any place in the first 8 games where the Eagles defense played pretty good on any level. They were a calamity of missed tackles and blown cover assignments.

  • theycallmerob

    3-3 is 6 games. not 8. ATL and NO were under Bowles watch.

  • Dutch

    I agree with your assessment here entirely. After Juan was served up as the sacrificial lamb what I consider bad became worse. You get no argument from me on that. I think and it’s clearly evident that firing Juan was a desperation play and mistake. You seem to give them the benefit of the doubt. I just think the defense was so horrible in making juvenile mistakes that there are no excuses for that kind of play on this level.

  • Dutch

    I agree, Juan was fired during the bye week. Atlanta scored on their first 6 possessions. That certainly qualifies as completely falling about after Juan was fired. The Saints game put the virtual nail in the coffin. At the bye the season looked salvageable. After NO and Atl, and Vick being concussed against Dallas that was all which was necessary for the hat of names to coach the Eagles to fill up.

  • Dutch

    I didn’t, I was mildly surprised because few Eagles fans recognize that Juan was in his way a breath of fresh air with that defense last year. No matter what people say, the defense was horrible but he did manage to drive them to, limited as they may be; positive and productive results. I don’t think he should have been fired nor do I believe he should have been promoted into that position, Juan didn’t sit on a loaf. What little he was capable of pulling he certainly pulled out the best from a bad situation. He found what little success available……….. that’s the only way to characterize 3-3 as compared to their finishing record.

    I’ve never been for whole house changes, but I was happy Kelly came in and jettisoned those players I believe were willing to thrown Juan under a bus to save their own reputations.

  • theycallmerob

    worked for the saints in ’09, giants in ’11, colts in ’06, most of the pats teams. A simple swing in turnover differential should be at least 3 wins

  • Pennguino

    Game 1. Offense gets the lead. Defense stops Cleveland on final drive with an interception to secure the win. Offense TO 5 times. Defense got 4 INTs

    Game 2. Offense gets the lead. Defense stops Flacco in a 2 minute drill by not letting him cross the 50. Offense TO 4 more times. Defense gets 2 TO’s

    Game 4. Offense gets the lead. Defense commits 2 PI’s and moves the Gnats inside the 30. Then the Defense gets an offensive PI and moves them back. Missed FG to win the game.

    Game 5. Offense gets the lead. Defense gives up a 6 minute drive and FG. No defensive TO’s. Offense turned it over twice.

    Game 6. Offense has the lead. Defense shut down the offense for 3 quarters. Detroit claws its way back into the game. Defense clinging to a 3 point lead keeps Detroit out of the end zone on 3 plays from inside the 10. Forces a FG to tie the game. OVERTIME: Offense is sacked, sacked, incomplete. The lost 13 yards. The ST then cause a fumble on the 57 yard punt but are unable to recover. Detroit has a short field because of the sacks (50 year line). Move the ball 23 yards and kick a FG.

    The defense had to overcome 9 turnovers in the first 2 wins. The third win was pure luck for the eagles to get that offensive PI. If not, they would have lost that game. Hell The gnats missed the first FG wide left but Andy called a Time out. Gave them another try. Right down the middle but a yard short.

    The defense won the first two games not the offense. I the third win the offense played OK but still coughed it up twice. Offense, defense , and luck share the third win.