Into the Woods: Lovely, Secluded Penn Valley Colonial for Sale

This three-story colonial may be made of stone, but both outside and inside of the house, it’s all about wood. First, the outdoors: In the front, the home has a landscaped lawn and slate path. But around the home, trees grow wonderfully tall, making the enclosed patio seem like a tent pitched in the middle of the woods. Truly the best of both worlds.

Indoors, there are bright hardwood floors, white wood built-ins, molding aplenty, a wood-grain refrigerator facade, and a wooden jewel box of a room that elevates wood paneling (if you can even call it that) to an art form.

Though it looks older, the home was built in 1935, so historic upkeep is not an issue. The gallery is below, but there’s also an open house this weekend. It looks like a pretty special home–which also includes plenty of garage parking–and given the nearby schools, it’s not likely to stay on the market for too long.

Bedrooms: 5
Baths: 4
Square feet: 3,083
Price: $699,999 (that’s a lotta 9’s!)

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  • Mrkraxx

    Having players there that remember what being a good team is all about, and what playing for your coach is all about, will make Kelly’s transition to the nfl and the players willingness to get on board, WAY easier than if he was starting with the browns or jags or the like .

  • Dominik

    “If you watch how [Jason] Kelce, [Brent] Celek, DeMeco Ryans and guys
    like that have approached things, you can’t help but say, ‘Oh.’ They do
    such a great job of showing the young guys how to be professional.”

    Don’t want to nitpick Kelly here, but Kelce isn’t a vet. He’s in his third year and missed most of his second year.

    Another thing that could be telling (altough it’s not save to conclude from that, since Sheil maybe just didn’t mention him here, but Kelly named him): Kelly doesn’t mention Avant with the other vets, who’s tought of a high character guy (and probably is). To be fair, he didn’t mention Herremans, Mathis, Peters or Sopo either. But those guys are locks to make the roster.

    • Engwrite

      I can’t imagine what you would say if you decide to really nitpick.

    • Adam

      By vets I think he just means players who are not a rookie and are not new to the team. And I’m sure you’re looking to far into that second point, most likely just naming off names that came to his head. Kelly doesn’t seem like a guy that would put THAT much thought into an answer like that.

      • Dominik

        “most likely just naming off names that came to his head”

        Probably, yes. But why doesn’t Avant comes to his mind when he thinks about the vets and their great reaction to the change Kelly brought?

        We shouldn’t be too scientific here, altough we know with Kelly, there’s always science behind that :D, but even if he was just naming off names, you can at least interpret it a little bit.

  • Max Lightfoot

    I predict 6-10, unless there are woesome injuries. Which is an improvement, but we need more talent and another strong draft, IMO. If they completely buy into his scheme and go 7-9, Chip Kelly should be given a parade.

  • GEagle

    Wow..The Bengals. Just WOW!!!
    Today was the deadline for Players who got slapped with the Franchise Tag to sign extensions with eir team..The Bengals DE Mcheal Johnson was one f those players. instead of extending him, the Bengals announce a $40million extension for his teammate Dunlap, the Defensive End opposite of MJ. That has to feel like a kick in the Nuts for Micheal. If I wasn’t so thrilled about Graham and Barwin, I’d be advocating to trade for him..

    • cliff henny

      rather get byrd. probably similar pricetag in terms of cost to acquire and then also extension, rather go with the safety. any update on him?

      • GEagle

        You know who Byrds agent is? Mr. Eugene Parker? You know who that is? that happens to be the man that Orchestrated the sign n trade sending Jason Peters from Buffalo to Philly….coincidence?
        Byrd talks about wanting to play for a winner…”It’s important to look at the situation, what direction are they heading”…So if he reaches FA, the team with the best combo of Cap space, and quality will win his services…Out of the teams with the most cap space, I think the most attractive situations are the Eagles and Bengals…lucky for us, the bengals are very cheap

        • cliff henny

          yes, probably. contract demands do seem reasonable. issue is cost to bills, sure they want a 1st, that’s just too steep.

          • GEagle

            I hear they want a guard..,they don’t have the leverage IMO to ask for a 1st…they have a new DC who is implementing a new scheme…and Byrd hasn’t even opened the playbook he is threatening a hold out…I don’t even know if they are in a position t ask for a 1st

          • Dutch

            That’s absurd and a statement which clearly identifies you as someone who knows nothing about Football. If the Bills don’t get a 1st it’s because they waited to long to deal with this situation. It’s late and teams know the Bills stand a chance at getting nothing for Byrd if they don’t act fast.

            Byrd can refuse to sign the tender and sit out the first 10 games of the 2013 season. To get his unmitigated release for 2014 Byrd only has to suit up for 6 games.

            In that scenario the Bills end up with egg on their face and no compensation for one of the most sought after safeties in the NFL.

            The time to trade Byrd was before the draft. During the period when Revis was traded. The Bills shot themselves in the foot. The 1st isn’t too great a price for Byrd it is just to late to demand equal value in exchange for Byrd now.

      • hokieduck

        Ex-Duck. :)

  • Dutch

    I don’t know that any coach who would have come to the Eagles would not have found a core group of players who aren’t interested in improvement after the debacle over the last two years. Players joining together at the facility during the off season isn’t a new concept. Those players who settled in the area over the last couple years are at the facility daily working out and going over film looking at ways to get an edge on the competition.

    Chip Kelly hasn’t inspired that process. There maybe some players giving extra effort to catch the eye of the new coaches, but over all the core leaders of that locker room who have been Eagles more than two years understand what it takes to maintain a winning culture and the Eagles way. One of the problems with Free Agents, especially those coming in from franchises who had not experienced recent success is they may not be accustomed to putting forth the extra work required to be successful,

    For the guys who had been with the Eagles a while it’s obvious a change was needed. Those guys had been part of a storied and respected franchise on and off the field. Losing is not familiar or an easy pill to swallow. Those are the players who have no choice except to take the losing season personal because it was on their watch that things had become unglued.

  • nicksaenz1

    I think the point Dominik was trying make is that because Kelly didn’t mention him, he may be on his way out. The guys Chip mentioned are all safe.

  • cliff henny

    see how you feel when kelly names vick starter.

  • atb124

    That’s mean lol.

  • GEagle

    Lol that doesn’t get to me….I swear that I have delusionally tricked myself into Genuinly believing that Foles is already the starting and that this isn’t even a competition….if I’m wrong lol, I swear it will take me like a week for the news to settle in lol

  • cliff henny

    ah, not much action on board today…figured i get johnnie g all stirred up

  • atb124

    I hear you (well, not literally). Way caught up at work and bored as crap. Better start up a Vick/Foles debate to pass the time…

  • GEagle

    If you are going to start a debate, ATleast start a realistic one…
    Who wins the QB3 roster spot? Vick or Dixon?….I’m actually not joking lol

  • cliff henny

    phillymag is really in a no lose situation, you’ll go haywire if vick’s named, dutch will counter you out if foles is named. oh, for s’s and giggles, read his newest post or at least 1st line…the rarely ever seen triple negative. and he had the nerve last week to toss insults out on other people’s grammar.

  • Dutch

    DRC and Nnamdi weren’t part of a winning culture, least of all the Eagles winning culture. Both were brought in from franchises who had not seen consistent success in recent years. It was impossible for either of them to pick up the mantle and demonstrate unity and the importance of working together in a winning organization. Avant on the other hand came up through the Eagles. The work habits Avant shows is directly related to the atmosphere he benefited from and he attempts to nurture daily with mentoring new kids trying to make the roster.

  • Dutch

    It appears that is a reflection of your remedial level struggles with reading and comprehension.

  • GEagle

    I would support Vick and root him on if he wins…I just don’t believe that it’s a possibility…In my mind, the question is can Vick be more valuable as a backup then Dixon who knows the offense and would accept the role of tutor…advantage DIXON! Lol

  • cliff henny

    don’t, would not and aren’t…triple negative. it’s simply terrible grammar, even for a 2nd grader.

  • Dutch

    Is formal english the language spoken in your home? It’s not reflected in your post and particularly your post regarding the use of negatives. Multiple negatives emphasize and,or reinforce a meaning or thought.

    That would not be taught in remedial english. So It’s understandable why you would be absent that information.

  • Michael Winter Cho

    Wait, jerseys cost $300? Really? (crawling out from under a rock)

  • Adam

    Tell us how you really feel..

  • theycallmerob

    Might want to lay off the lead paint diet for a few days.

  • knighn
    “…they aren’t considered acceptable in current standard English and you should avoid them in all but very informal situations.”
    Since you proclaim yourself the “king of grammar”, you cannot claim to be informal.

    “There is one type of double negative that is considered grammatically correct and which people use to make a statement more subtle.”
    You’re about as subtle as an inaccurate QB throwing stones at a glass chess board.