Kenneth Day Home For Sale

Kenneth Day is known for his International Style houses, an architectural movement known for its emphasis on abstraction, minimalism and balance. Included in his portfolio is this 2,600-square-foot home in Conshohocken. Situated on almost three acres, this Kenneth Day home for sale features slate floors in the entry hall, a great room with great views, and a spacious kitchen. The four bedrooms all have wonderful natural light and closet space, two of which have steamship-like balconies. Outdoors, you’ll find nice gardens, clay tennis courts and a pool.

2088 Harts Ln., Conshohocken
Price: $1,050,000
Bed: 4
Bath: 3
2,610 sq. ft.

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  • Frank

    NFC East dominance….maybe one day one of them will actually learn to play football…

  • cliff henny

    Pretty good investment for ole Jeffy boy. i’m waiting for my thank you. prefer it in the form of a Super Bowl win. But all in all, Lurie isn’t anywhere near the worst owner to come thru town.

    • MediaMike

      Lurie does a nice job doing things for the fans and spending money in the right way. The only real negative move towards the fans recently is giving training camp the top secret / Area 51 treatment instead of having the whole thing open to the fans.

    • Johnny Domino

      I’m pretty PO’d if I’m The Man in France.

  • The stan

    What is considered in determining he financial worth of the franchise? Stadium/season tickets/merchandise?

  • nicksaenz1

    cant wait to see what kendricks can do in this new D. hope/think he can go beyond the leap and just turn into a monster flying all over the place..

    • GEagle

      Not just a future probowler, but a future ALL PRO!!! I have huge expectations for that ANGRY BIRD!

  • Adam

    Having an older o-line seems to be actually better these days. The 2012 Ravens and 2011 Giants opening day o-lines were oldest in the league, respectively, and they won the Super Bowl. Continuity is obviously huge was well. These guys need to be on the same wave length.

    • GEagle

      nice observation…Cohesion is crucial, which is built thru continuity. We are fortunate that most of our Linemen are familiar with each other. We are only incorporating Lane into the mix and he has a great tutor playing next to him in the ToddFather. if our 5 starters play 16 games, we have a real shot at the playoffs IMO. I’m confident that these 5 could give a very accurate intermediate passer like Foles a chance to win some games in this offense, especially since he has Bryce n Shady singing “Lean on Me” lol

      • EaglePete

        not a fan of ToddFather, I know it from Todd Helton. Nothing worse then stealing a nickname, then again Im sure someone else used it prior as well so….

  • Token

    I wouldnt call them a strength. A huge question mark, but not a strength.

    Lets look at the D for what it is. A awful group of safeties. A bit less awful if Phillips can actually play like himself. Average at best group of corners. One LB who has played in a 3-4 before. A older slower Cole trying to change positions. The best pass rusher in Graham forced to change positions. And a DL with Cox and not much else.

    All led by a 5th choice DC who has never really been good. Dont know how you could be high on this group. I prefer the 3-4 so Im happy they are moving in that direction. But it is in no way a finished product. Going to take a couple more years of drafting.

    Im interested to see what comes of Cole when he shows he can play anymore, especially as a LB. A bunch of dead money if hes cut.

  • Dr. Killinger

    Defense is still a major concern. Starters @ LB look ok, but there is zero depth. The secondary will be improved with the subtraction of Nmamdi & DRC. The rebuild of the defense will take time.

  • Adam

    Yeah I think Cole is safe for this year, only because he’s cheaper to cut next and he’s value right now is basically at rock bottom so I doubt we could ship him out. Agree with your assessment on the LBs and the defense as a whole. But when you’re asking GEagle, everyone is a Pro-Bowler and we’re gonna be the SB Champs next year.

  • Wilbert M.

    It’s actually more expensive to cut Cole than to keep him. It’s about 99% certain that he won’t be cut.

  • Adam

    Yeah, if go around from blog to blog and spit out comments and facts you stole from other people your bound to be right once in awhile.

    Oh, and you’re absolutely a blind optimist, with the maturity and grammar of a 12 year old. Grow up.

  • theycallmerob

    really? you’re going to complain about sh!t talking and name calling? pot call the kettle black?

  • Token

    Man o man. Thats a pretty homer point of view. Best ILB tandem in the league? Barwin was not very good last year. Cant see Graham starting over Cole, I think he should, but just cant see it actually happening.

    And this LB group will be having to work behind a subpar line. Theres Cox and………………..

  • GEagle

    You ever see your name in one of my posts? So keep my name out your mouth

  • Adam

    Haha ok tough guy. Or else what?

  • Adam

    Great job editing your post after I replied.

    Quit acting like you’re some kind of football expert or guru. You literally think every player on the Eagles is going to the Hall of Fame and that the Eagles should trade for any player whos name you recognize from Madden. I’ve seen you on numerous occasions take something Tommy Lawlor has said on Igglesblitz and try and pass it off on your own, so your “acumen” is nothing but stolen opinions.

    You notice everything you say gets down-voted on every site you visit? Can you take a hint? How about another break from here? It was so nice the last time.

  • GEagle

    Or else you can continue to dickeater Another man…hahaha he really just got tough over a computer screen hahahahahahaha

  • Token

    I believe those two were addition by subtraction. But that doesnt mean we are in any better shape. Fletcher it seems may have a bit of talent but who knows how he will work as a full time starter. Williams is just not a very good corner. And hes a headcase and at this point seems like a teammate I wouldnt like to have.

    I dont believe all world corners are that important these days. If you have good safeties you can be fine. Problem is, we may have the worst safety group in the NFL and the Eagles seem to not even care about the position. They had a chance to get a difference maker there in the draft, instead they took a guy later that from what Ive seen has little chance of being in the NFL more than 2-3 years. Hes shown awful instincts on tape.

  • GEagle

    What do you know about Barwin? How many games did you see him play last year…you looked at his down year in stats, but how do you know what his responsibilities were? Do me a favor..go watch the highlight video of JJ Watt 20 sacks last year, but focus on Barwin, then let me kow what you think? Graham will play 65% of the snaps, Cole will play 35%, that’s my prediction.. SubPar line? Lol Cox will be a stud, Sopo will do is JOB which is to keep lineman off LB(so I’m not sure what your problem with him is) I said, the Xfactors is our 5tec

    Why is that a homer view? I don’t think we will have a top defense in 2013, I just happen to think our LBs is the strength of this defense…how many ILB tandems would you rather have then Meco and Kemdricks? Can’t wait to rehash this argument at the end of the season…every defense has a strength, even the bad ones…I happen to think our strength is the LB’s, and I’m extremely excited about our 4 LBs…what’s wrong with that?

  • GEagle

    Who is the safety we could have had in the draft that you are talking about?

  • GEagle

    You would be surprised hahahahah

  • Token

    Like you, I saw MAYBE 1 game of the Texans last year. Other than bits that come up on Redzone channel. The guy doesnt jump out at you. Hes supposed to be more athletic than he plays.

    His responsibilities may well have changed last year. However, Im betting you didnt know he had the 2nd most pass rush attempts of ANY 3-4 OLB last season. He simply didn’t produce. Not only didnt he get the QB, but he was bad on run defense also. All of this while playing with a guy that draws all the defenses attention.

    And the Texans were fine with letting him leave. Difference making LBs in their prime aren’t often allowed to get away.

    Change of responsibility seems to be the excuse for the Barwin fans. But shouldnt he have excelled at something? Anything?

    Maybe the elite Eagles DC can get something more out of him that the always terrible Wade Phillips couldnt…….. o wait…..

    Almost forgot the ILBs. Meco isnt getting any younger. I like him, dont find him to be anything special at this point in his career. Especially when switching to a 3-4 that may not suite him as well.

    Kendricks I liked coming out. He could be a monster. He could be a ferocious player that he seemed to be in college but wasnt last year. Fact is, we just dont know. He could blossom now or never. Either way its far to soon to be looking at these two guys as the best ILB combo in the league.

  • Token

    Kenny Vaccaro. I would have traded down a bit and grabbed him if I knew the alternative was taking Lane Johnson at 4. Hell, id take the top safety at 4 instead of the 3rd best tackle. Especially one that I think is overrated like Lane. Safety is very important now IMO.

    Lane Johnsons best case scenario is starting at RIGHT tackle. A spot we already had filled with a player thats at least as capable. I dont project Lane as ever being a quality NFL LT. I think he was overhyped after the season ended. Typical workout warrior. It was the year of the tackles and he got thrown into the mix.

    And I believe you are one of the many people that tell me Peters is still going to be amazing post injury and you expect him to get another huge contract with the Eagles. Well, if thats the case, Johnson will never be the LT here now will he? That means you drafted a RT at #4 in the draft that the great Chip Kelly himself called “raw”. That is awful if thats how it plays out. Either a panic move or a ultra safe move, you can look at it either way.

    Holding out isnt helping Lanes cause either. If he misses camp you may as well write him off now. He needs every minute of work he can get.