McGoodwin-Designed Chestnut Hill Home for Sale

Chestnut Hill Home for Sale

Robert McGoodwin was a Philadelphia-area architect who is best known for the homes he designed in Chestnut Hill. A fine example of his work is this home on Navajo Street, a stone Cotswold with six bedrooms, three-and-a-half baths and more than 6,000-square-feet of living space. Three of the bedrooms, including the master suite, are on the second floor, and three are on the third floor. Outside you’ll find perennial gardens and a flagstone patio—perfect for relaxing in the summer. The home is in a great location, close to both Germantown Avenue and the Wissahickon trails.

8005 Navajo Street, Philadelphia
Price: $1,395,000
Bed: 6
Bath: 3.1
6,342 sq. ft.

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  • Johnny Domino

    Luxe Home or some other house of high-end lighting needs to sign Cary Williams immediately.

    I will invoice them later.

  • theycallmerob

    Nothing Cary has said or done since he’s been here has really surprised me; both on and off the field, I have a rough idea of what to expect.

    I’m way more curious/doubtful/intrigued by B. Fletcher, his probable counterpart. He’s in my “Top 5 to keep an eye on” in camp.

  • ICDogg

    Remember we used to have a corner, Al Harris, very aggressive, we ended up trading him to Green Bay. You like guys like that to set the tone on defense, as long as they don’t commit stupid penalties.

  • AZ_Eaglesfan

    GJ Kinne?

  • Mr. Wu

    Kurt Coleman……. oh you said IN-despensible……..nevermind.

  • Philly0312

    Much better insight and thoughts than Dan Gs column.

    • MediaMike

      Graziano is a giant female reproductive part. He NEVER logs on to discuss anything with the people who post on that blog.

  • theycallmerob

    Offense: Peters, Defense: Barwin (Demeco close 2nd). They are the respective keystones of their unit

  • prowler

    Shady and Peters…call it a tie. Chip needs an elite back for his O more than Andy’s pass-happy O did, Also, Shady’s production and consistency went down big-time with last year’s mess of an OL. That chain-reaction mess started with Peters’ achilles.

  • Absecon

    No question Peters. Desean is useless w/o a solid line….

  • Pennguino

    Offense: (Assumption of a running team 55/45 and a short-mid throwing team)
    The talent level behind Shady is better than any other position besides WR. There would be a drop off but not much.
    Desean is a deep threat but not a fast traffic guy. We won’t be a deep threat team and the TE’s will be featured.
    If we lost Jason Peters again it would hurt a lot. I think the rook would get moved to the left side and Smeagol would man the RT spot.
    Center is the thinnest position on offense. Van is the current backup and he has trouble with shotgun snaps. We will primarily be in shotgun. The rook from AZ has experience in an up tempo spread offense and has played with Foles before. The AZ offensive line was as bad as ours last year.
    I would have to go with Kelce due to the lack up adequate depth. A TE can’t assist the center nor can a RB chip a DT on his way out into a route. A gap blitzes will kill us all year.

    Hard to say if anyone on the DB side would even qualify at this point. I look at it as a bunch of guys and I hope somebody emerges and plays well.
    DLine is well stocked. Yes, Cox is the star of that line and it would be a huge setback but he is replaceable and you can modify the scheme to cover up the drop off in talent. Even go back to a 4-3 more often
    Barwin is the key to this whole over/under 3-4 transition. We lose him you will have a lot of CBs manning up. The safeties will have to cover down in the mid range routes and to provide support for Graham and Cole. I think Brandon will replace Cole during the season. Mathews is a better cover LB than Cole but worse when engaged with blockers.
    I honestly see Cole in a reduced role. I think he will be a liability with athletic TEs and RBs out of the backfield. I don’t think he has the speed and agility to hang. I have visions of Levon Kirkland and Trotter trying to cover crossing routes.

    So out of the Offense and Defense, I feel Kelce would be the hardest to replace. We saw last year when Vick took over the line calls. He gave up 7 sacks to NO. The line will suffer greatly and it is harder to scheme around a C than it is everywhere else. There is no help to the tackle because the guard is covering down on the center.

  • Maggie

    I suggest that the most indispensable Eagles at the moment are Mr. Gamble and every member of the Head Trainer’s staff.

  • EaglesFan99

    I’d say LeSean McCoy. But other than him, I might get a lot of heat for this, but how about DeSean Jackson? Even when he’s not productive on the field, he stretches the defense. He opens things up for Maclin too. When Jackson has 100 yards or more, the Eagles have never lost.

  • Explorer51

    Living in Ravens’ country (unfortunately), I observed Cary W’s play last season; he really picked it up going into the playoffs…the bigger the game, the tougher he became. He will put a hat on the ball carrier, something we haven’t seen from a corner since we unwisely got rid of Sheldon Brown (who I always thought could have been B-Dawk’s successor). Sad, but not surprising, that people have judged him before he’s even played a down of football in Philly, choosing to jump on a throwaway word in an interview where he was obviously frustrated.

  • illadelphia21

    Just wondering why do you think that the cb’s will slow reciever’s down @ the line. Article refers Williams is best suited for off man coverage and and as far as Fletch, he doesn’t have the ability to turn and run w/ wr’s. So if a WR beats him off the line it’s game over. I’ve read that he really might be our best cover cb but nothing about heralding his press ability.

  • theycallmerob

    Hating? I think it’s called realism

  • Stephen Stempo

    Williams is ok. He’s a stopgap until we get some good corners really. He was towards the bottom of the league last year in comp % to his side but at the same time I think top 5 in yards allowed after the catch. Which is fine he keeps plays in front of him and limits yards. That’s fine but let’s not pretend he’s the second coming of Troy Vincent.

  • Mr. Wu

    I wouldn’t call William’s a “Brilliant” addition, but I will wait and see how it pan’s out. I have a feeling we will go from thrilled to frustrated with him over and over this season.

    I do agree with you about BBrown though, I think he can be scary good. I have no doubt that the flashes we saw from him will become the norm, if he can improve is ball carrying. If that’s the case we could be watching NFL Films documentaries about “Shady and Brown” 20 years from now.

  • theycallmerob

    I don’t get the impression people are judging his play from his speeches, but his actual play on the field. Cary is a decent corner, and definitely a step up considering where we’re coming from. The real issue is he’s best as a #2 CB, but appears for now to be our #1. Aggressiveness and physicality are nice and all, but coverage skills would be preferred considering the safeties who will be playing over top- none of whom are named Ed Reed.

  • GEagle

    Explorer…Keep fighting the good fight!
    I really wonder how many people that bash Cary, actually went back and watched the Ravens playoff run for themselves, with an emphasis on watching Cary?..95% of the “Realists” lol read the bad regular season stat, and made up their mind on who Cary is…I have a hard time believing that someone who went back and watched Cary closely during the playoffs could be so down on him..

  • nicksaenz1

    Or Bernard Pollard (not that was great in coverage but I would love to watch him crush people)

  • GEagle

    So Cary is what he is at this point? He isnt capable of improving significantly after only two years of playing time? Cary from the playoffs, looked a whole lot different than Cary from the regular season….Philly got a GAMER, who is Finally WIRED to have a chance at being a successful corner…Im very excited about his future as an Eagle…Im happy with Fletcher, but he is a much bigger question mark IMO

  • theycallmerob

    And, aside from last year, the Ravens generally have a great pass rush. CW is what he is, I accept it. And I love the way his deal is structured, whereby if we somehow come across good CBs next year he can be released (cheaply).

  • illadelphia21

    I’m high on BB also and want 2 see the kid become one of the great ones in eagles history and think he has the natural talent to achieve this. But it’s more than just ball security he needs to learn. Knowing when to follow the play and when not to. When to bounce out or go north south after getting to the 2nd level. And then the nuances that I’m sure he’ll gain w/ more experience. Loved how quickly he improved his blocking from camp to the season. That was my biggest concern bout him last year and he surpassed that in stellar fashion.

  • GEagle

    Just wondering why I have to ignore my eyes and accept amatuer oppinions as Gospel? Half the oppinions you read, are people just passing along someone elses oppinion…Because I watched the games and I liked what I saw(I been hoping the Eagles signed Cary since like November, so why wouldnt I be excited about the signing?. i understand that my oppinion difers from the mainstream oppinion on Cary, but I think he is a gamer, and Im very excited to have him in Philly…I could end up being wrong, but If Im going to be wrong, Its going to be because of my own eyes, and my own oppinion.

    I feel like Too many people concern themselves with the season, and dont put any emphasis on the playoffs…Tom Brady and Bellicek straight up made a consious effort to pick on Cary all game long during the conference game, The Ultimate TEST…and how did that work out for Mr. Brady? “Not Good”(in my best Bryzgalolv voice)
    Players with only two years of playing time typically arent done improving yet…When I look at guys with only 2 seasons of playing time, I put more emphasis on the most recent games, especially if its a playoff run. Playoffs came around and the kid played the best ball of his career..
    Cary Williams could just end up being a 2 year stop gap, or he could continue to improve and establish himself as our #2 CB of the future(#1 will be drafted). Too many people, in my humble oppinion, read the stats, read a few underwhelming oppinions on him, and just adopted the oppinion that we didnt get a very good CB….Download the Ravens playoff run, and watch the games with an emphasis on Cary Williams, and then tell me what you think…Cary showed PLENTY of WARTS last year(many I thought are correctable), but when the playoffs started he stepped it up, and when it counted he held his own against Shaub, Peyton, Brady, and Kapernick, yet all everyone talks about is the regular season that Cary .

    I can assure you Cary is not here to play off on recievers..God forbid my oppinion differ from the masses lol

  • illadelphia21

    And then T-Law goes on to praise Fletch’s press skills over his off man skills. Still does not negate the turn and run if beaten off the line.

  • theycallmerob

    Sorry, but his playoff performance does not hide the regular season. Also not sure how “solid, not great” is bashing a guy. Maybe you should consider going back and watching more than 4 games of a Ray Lewis-inspired march-of-destiny before proclaiming him the second coming.

  • illadelphia21

    Lol. I just asked you about his press man skills, not his overall play. As far as your “because I watch games” comment…I think we all watch games. Admittedly some more than others. But I do remember a certain week 2 game where a certain 5’11 165-175 pound WR, who’s been known for being easily jammed at the line, whooped C Will’s ass up and down the field all game long. Now whether he he played press or off, games like that do not serve well for a testament to either press or off coverage. But as you stated, his play did progress as the season went on and definitely showed a much bigger improvement during the AFC championship and the Super Bowl.

  • MediaMike

    DeSean is as good of deep threat as exists in the NFL. He never takes the field without automatic double coverage. I’m looking forward to the Eagles running him underneath a lot of that coverage for a huge year. I’m expecting another pro-bowl from #10!~

  • ICDogg

    I agree. If he’s not playing it changes the whole way the Eagles are defended against.

  • soundbonz

    Whoa there little fella. Saying Peters and Mathis are the best left tackle/guard combo the NFL has seen in years suggests you don’t watch much of the NFL except for the Eagles. While Peters is indeed a top three Left Tackle (when healthy), Mathis has had just one good season in a career of mostly mediocrity.

  • theycallmerob

    2 good seasons, 1 without Peters next to him; the ZBS has helped make him Top 5, and arguably the best LG currently. If you disagree, which team’s left side do you think is better?

  • MediaMike

    Easy slick. If you look at how Peters and Mathis graded out by Pro Football Focus (or some similarly named organization) in 2011, you’d know I’m speaking the truth.

  • theycallmerob

    The only (slight) disagreement I have with you is re: Kelce’s strength. He definitely got moved around too much as a rookie in ’11, but the reports were he improved significantly in that regard going into ’12 (generally, the hardest adjustment for rookie interior OL is dealing with those consistently big, strong DT’s). Of course, his injury voided that discussion, but I’m curious how much he has improved strength-wise between the end of ’11 and present. Especially with those smoothies

  • GEagle

    That’s certainly a fairy stance to take…I guess my stance is more confidence for our backup “committee” then confidence specifically in brown. Maybe Brown isn’t ready for 20 carries a game if Shady goes down, but there is a good chance we could be ok with Bryce getting 10, Polk and Felix each getting 5. If the Line stays healthy I think we can still move the ball on the ground If one of our RBs goes down…now if two of them get hurt, depending which two things could get ugly….but I’m much too comfortable with this group as a whole, to list shady as the most important player

  • MediaMike

    Jamie Dukes is the smelliest turd in that cesspool of a broadcast on NFL Network.