Go West, Young Building: Generic Rental Slabs Migrate Toward University City

3737 Market Street

3737 Market Street rendering via Philadelphia Real Estate Blog.

In her most recent Changing Skyline column, Inga Saffron noted fully seven apartment towers that are being built or heightened between 20th and 38th streets on Market and Chestnut. (Part of this stretch was what porn theater Forum owner Richard Basciano talked about rehabbing for a new vision of Market Street West–before one of his buildings collapsed and killed people.)

The developers, says Saffron, “now see the typical high-rise resident as a twentysomething with a good-paying job at a hospital or tech start-up.” As a result, all the apartments are rentals, and says Saffron, they look it.

Several of the designs have a generic, placeless quality, like long-stay hotels. They are mostly plain, rectangular monoliths that rely on asymmetrical window placement and shifts in materials to energize their facades. It’s hard to imagine such buildings turning the area into a real neighborhood.

She lists the seven projects and their stages of completion.

Meanwhile, Sandy Smith at Philadelphia Real Estate Blog writes about another project in University City, 3737 Market Street. In this case, construction has begun on the 11-story, 272,700-square-foot office tower that’s part of University City Science Center. That won’t be done for another year.

Perhaps the most controversial of the projects either of them discusses is the Episcopal Cathedral, whose development would necessitate the demolition of historic homes. There’s a hearing about it tomorrow. Should get feisty.

Changing Skyline: Apartment towers growing toward Phila.’s west [Inquirer]
3737 Market Street rising from ground in University City

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  • Brent E. Sulecki

    really cool video. cant wait to see it at the Linc. on July 28th. hope I don’t see anyone slipping and falling on this new surface. I imagine they shouldn’t even realize the difference. nice to have these things taken care of for our players. some things I think the previous guy overlooked.

  • Dutch

    12 years between resodding is rather extreme and penny pinching. Landscaping can’t be budget busting unless the City picked up the cost.

    • G_WallyHunter

      Lurie will give CK over 18 million in dead money but he won’t re-sod the practice fields for 0.2 million for 12 years, C’MON MAN!!!!!!!!! (Berman)

      • Dutch

        I’m not sure that’s Lurie’s responsibility. The Linc is a public facility, maintenance and upkeep is the responsibility of the Owner of the facility. The Eagles make no money off of the other events and activities that go on at the Linc. Banner is a top executive in the eyes of NFL owners because of the leasing agreement and funding cost to build the Linc he negotiated with the City and State.

        I would think the Eagles cost are limited to the work at the practice facility, not the Linc

        • Bob A

          The Eagles have always maintained and been responsible for the upkeep of the Linc, and make tons of money from events there. That’s why they will spend 125 million dollars to renovate the place over the next 2 years. You must be thinking of the Vet. Banner made a great deal as far as acquiring land from Phila. etc., but the Eagles have all the debt service from the building.

          • Dutch

            What debt service? The Eagles should have very little if any debt for the construction of the Linc

            The City used bonds to fund their portion of the tab for the Linc $256 Million, the Eagles portion of the building and cost was generated from the Naming Rights $140 Million and the sale of Seat Licenses.

            The practice facility was also similarly funded with public funds and built on city land. Funding was provided by the Delaware River Port Authority $4.5 Million. The State of Pennsylvania also put up a combined $85 Million in funding for both CBP and the Linc. The State also kicked in an additional $10 Million for parking lots, the $15.00 parking lot.

            There leasing agreement doesn’t appear to be readily accessible to the public for inspection.

            It looks like the City is paying a Bond on both stadiums while the teams keep the income generated at the facilities. The Novacare complex is on land that used to be the Naval Hospital, so the Feds gave that land to the City when the hospital closed, and in turn allowed the Eagles to build the practice complex, with public funding.

            All total, the Citizens of Pennsylvania are paying close to $1 Billion in Bond financing for the building of those stadiums and those in Pittsburgh. Over 30 years the cost will come in at more than $2+ Billion on Stadiums that the four teams in Pennsylvania keep every dime of the revenue generated from operations.

          • Bob A

            You’re right about all the contributions from the state , city etc, and probably your underlying point about what kind of deal stadiums are for the citizens . I’m simply saying that the team DOES make money from events at the Linc. Your original post said they don’t, and now your last post said that they do. And the Eagles have ALWAYS been responsible for the upkeep of the Linc. One of the many things that drove Lurie crazy about the Vet is that the city had let it become a run-down toilet and got no public blowback for that, because all they had to say was that the city had other fiscal priorities. That’s why when they built the Linc , Lurie wanted nothing to do with letting the city maintain it, he knew the city would let it fall into disrepair and then make excuses. So they maintain the Linc, they pay for upgrades, and, yes, they get the profits when there are events there. Yep, the good folks of PA will pay for the bond for the next 30 years , but I believe that bond issue was put to a vote in the late 90′s for money to build Heinz Field , the Linc, etc. and we voted ‘yes’ by a significant margin.

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    Thans for finding out about the turf.

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    I thought they had natural grass laced with artificial grass at the Linc. Are they taking that out? Re-weaving it? The field gets pretty bad during the season.

    • theycallmerob

      Yes, it was called Desso GrassMaster. Artificial fibers account for about 3% of the total field in this “blend”. A version of this was used in some stadiums during the last World Cup.

  • Bob A

    I see from google that ‘Latitude 36′ was developed by the good folks of Oklahoma State, a place that has a much nicer football field than the Linc. I’m glad they did the practice fields, but I’m happier they will do the Linc in July , that place has needed it for some time. While the turf has been better than the Vet, it looked pretty beat up by November and December, you could even tell by watching on TV.

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    You can get a lot of sconces for 200K.