Burch Family Puts Linden Hall on the Market for $24.5M in Time for US Open

When Robert Burch’s family moved to Gladwyne in 1999, having paid $9.3 million for an estate at 1543 Monk Road, they’d been living on a huge farm. As a result, the property–once owned by the Campbell Soup Dorrance dynasty–gradually took on more rustic aspects–chickens, for instance, and son Roby’s horseback commute to school each day (chronicled in 2010 in the Inquirer). According to the first issue of Grays Lane magazine, Roby even drives a John Deere tractor in the Gladwyne Memorial Day Parade.

But make no mistake: Since it was designed and built by Edmund Gilchrist in 1929, the 50-plus-acre estate has remained very much the same: a village of buildings meant to look like Normandy and anchored by a 14,000-square-foot, 20-room manor home.

From the Inquirer:

The property listing was activated Monday in time for the start of this week’s U.S. Open at Merion Golf Club. John H. Dubbs and Elizabeth Morsbach Godin, of Prudential Fox & Roach in Malvern, believe the tournament will give the residence national exposure.

The very high-end properties tend to be marketed to out-of-town buyers, primarily New Yorkers, Europeans, and Asians, as well as the area’s well-to-do.

So what will these rich people get should they buy the estate?

7 bedrooms
8 full baths
3 half-baths
Staff quarters w/ 2-3 bedrooms
High ceilings
8 fireplaces
Oak floors
French doors to gardens

Formal gardens
Native woods
2 swimming pools
Tennis court

10-car garage
Wood shop
Two-story 2BR/2BA guesthouse with garage
Turreted 4BR/2BA caretakers’ house
Staff/guest cottage
Barn with horse stalls
Pool house

Linden Hill
Gladwyne, PA 19035
Linden Hill: an ‘Open’ house for just $24.5M

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  • GEagle

    The guy who runs fish duck.com says he hates Desean in our offense, but he just sounds bitter

  • what happened to Djack in ’11 and ’12…um the coach fell in love with his speed and Vicks big arm and said go deep…every play which in the NFL doesnt work. expect Desean to be in many formations this year. a true weapon in ’13.

    • Deseans success in the previous seasons was because the qb had his head up surveying the defense. Vick doesnt get to that point until hes running around. Foles and Barkley will hopefully be able to see the play develop with their size and hit Desean in stride to make plays. Vick will still make his occaisional long bomb play..its inevitable. but reading the D and taking what they give you and coming away with a big play is the ideal way to go for this team. and you need a smart quick decision maker at QB

      • GEagle

        It’s really a shame that Desean got hurt before Foles got comfortable. would have been great to see what Foles could have done with him…I think Desean is going to have a big year, but even if he doesn’t…The constant attention a safety gives to Desean, will be sooooo valuable for a rational guy like Chip, who knows what to do with it…You think Chip is actually going to allow Defenses To key in on Desean like Andy did? Hahaha..he is going to move Desean all over the place, and he will just overload the zone where Desean is being doubled, sending guys like Benn,Ertz, Maclin underneath, and make the defensive coordinator PAY, until he has no choice but to play Desean more honest, and THAT’S exactly where chip will counter adjust, play action deep to Desean for the big play…
        The genius of chip Kelly is not a Zone read. it’s that he is a brilliant quick thinker well versed in the game, he is the ultimate chess coach, who can counter any adjustment that a DC makes..Basically, no matter what a DC does, chip will make him pay, until he decides to do something else(which is chip baiting him into a trap, DC gets frustrated, makes an adjustment, and BOOM, BIG PLAY FOR A TD)..Chips entire coaching Philosophy is built off two things: Numbers game, and mismatches….A guy that commands a double team is so valuable to chip….Big Production, or Averge production, Desean is going to be so valuable to chip Kelly…I think Chip is going to make Andy look really bad..Andy should have relished all the attention Desean would get…HE basically allowed DC’s to shackle Desean, without making them pay for it…There is a weakness to everything. there is a counter for everything…The game is simple if he hear chip tell it. 2 guys guarding one of your guys, means one of your other weapons is getting less attention, in an instant chip identifies it, and counters it…as opposed to stubborn, slow thinking, andy(speaking more so the last 4 years of the Andy regime..the stale era)

        • pkatz

          Look, I think we’re all really excited for what MAY happen this year, there’s a reason we’re all reading the site and comments, but before you get too excited (and excite all of us -it is only May) let’s step back and see what actually happens, and see how Chip does in the NFL once they start playing the games.

          • G

            gotta agree here… Love the enthusiasm and as I read you posts, GEagle, I share in it and really like your ideas and thinking lol… but lets not get too excited until at least training camp/pre season… we just haven’t seen enough. It would suck to get let down.. I’m keeping my expectations balanced at a 7-9 or 8-8 season that acts as a great starting season for the 3+ year plan that many have said the CK experiment will entail..

          • GEagle

            uhhhhh a Mans BRAIN doesnt change simply from entering a new league…The fotball Knowledge, and quick twitch thinking is still there…This isnt a coach who is scheme dependant…He is a coach who plays numbers games, and creates and exploits mismatches…and he has the supperior football acumen, and fast brain to process it all, and make the correct adjustment on the fly…..That doesnt change just because you are now playing against better competition…Its not like the man is playing against the Redskins with Oregon..Like the opposing coaches he faces, he also has an NFL arsenal at his disposal, equipped with a Healthy JP, the best OT in the game, and one of the top RB in the NFL…

            I have been an eagles synic for over 14years, the majority of my fandom since I have been old enough to remember…I waited over 14years to be comfortable with this organization. I liked Andy during certain times, but never had much faith in him getting us over the hump…When I believe in someone, Im not going to let past failures skew my views…Im not sitting here thinking we are going to be this great team in 2013…but for the first time, I feel like the shackles have been removed, and we are No Longer LIMITED!!! Fly Eagles Fly!….We are finally on the right track, Nothing more, but after 14years of being on the right course, then taking shortcuts that just ended up getting us lost in the woods…You can bet that ass that Im going to be excited about finally being on the right track, and not having a limit to our potetial…Flat out, let me be BLUNT, Andy was a great coach during times, but he was always too limited and stubborn of a gameday coach to EVER WIN IT ALL, no matter how good of a team you assembled for him…That Limitation is gone, so I will gladly be excited about our future…I dont need you to be excited, but Im not going to appologies for factoring synical views of past regime failures into my assesment…so far, the sniff test has been passed, but that hasnt been a given around here…so you damn right Im excited

      • Christopher Smith

        So the problem was Vicks head wasn’t up and he and he wasn’t surveying the defense? Looks like he had his head for these sacks in the Saints game last year. Maybe he’s not surveying the defense, just looking at who is going to hit him first.

        How far can Jackson run in 2 seconds because that’s typically how much time Vick had last year before he was being hit. Sheli has a good breakdown of the sacks from the Saints game last year. http://www.phillymag.com/eagles/2012/11/06/tape-breakdown-eagles-allow-seven-sacks/

        • well if hes surveying he needs to get rid of the F……. BALL!!

      • Taking what they defense gives you is fundamental to Football. The Eagles do not have personnel who can find an opening in a defense in less than 3 seconds. Any 3 sec or less route puts a receiver in the meat of the defense.

        The only routes that is possible will be crossing, or quick outs and on outs, the Eagles don’t have a receiver who can get you 5 yds when the team needs 4 .

        What you’ve described is a perfect strategy, who in the Eagles receiving corp is reliable to run those patterns and catch the ball in traffic Jackson, Maclin nor is Celek willing. .

        • Benn and Casey and Ertz will open the middle. Celek is definitely willing, he gets blown up almost every catch he had last year..seriously? think again

    • Until another receiver on the Eagles steps up and is willing to go where no other Eagle receiver is willing to go and make plays consistently, D Jax is going to continue to be minimized by Coordinators playing him two deep over the top.

      To get use out of DJax he’s going to have to be exposed across the middle,on screens and used returning punts and kick offs.

      As a wide out it’s a fantasy to think DJax is going to amass 10 to 12 TDs a year that’s not going to happen. Coordinators are willing to allow yard after the catch from other receivers rather than let DJax run single coverage against their defense. and at this point, Maclin and nobody in the Eagles stable commands double coverage. Maclin can not beat NFL corners and safeties, he can abuses linebackers in the red zone but he is not a quick strike threat.

  • JofreyRice

    I’ve got no beef w/Desean. Is he a top 15 WR? No, but they have the money, and he can contribute to the success of the offense, either directly or indirectly. He got his money last year and played hard for it. Lower numbers were a function of the injury, which happens. More modest YPC was a function of poor QB & Line play. He’s never going to be a 10-12 TD guy, even under the best circumstances; not his game. Still like to see him stick around, though.

    • Token

      if only he could be a 7-8 TD guy at least. This is his last year as a Eagle. And I feel it will show people that Jacksons play wasnt Andys fault. Hes just not a great WR. Hes overpaid right now. Let alone at years number.

      If he brought something else to the team like leadership or something, maybe I could see it. But he doesnt and he has quit on the team in the past.

      I just dont see Jackson working as Kellys toy in the offense. Hes just not that guy IMO.

      I think its a bigger year for Maclin. He has to prove he can be healthy and take the next step. If not, there will be some interesting decisions at WR next year. But o wait, I forgot we signed that 7’5 WR. He must be amazing.

      • JofreyRice

        Yeah, but at 500 million dollars under the cap, who cares if he’s a little overpaid? For me, the only danger of a guy being overpaid is if he starts taking plays off, because he’s entitled. Once he *got paid* I didn’t see that happening, so I say, good health!

        Historically, 55-65 catches, 1100yards, 6 TDs is about what we can expect from Jackson, along with taking the top off the defense. Not mindblowing numbers, but respectable. And you have to admit that the offense’s play was pretty bad, in terms of giving the QB time to make the throw, and the QB actually delivering the ball accurately, on those deep throws. Desean’s just a piece of an offense, he’s not a guy like Fitzgerald that’s going to get his numbers no matter what.

        I’m very bearish on Maclin right now. Really disappointed with his career arc, hoping for a big bounceback this year.

      • Andy Reid scripts his plays, and ultimately decides packages and personnel, who else would be at fault for how DeSean and anyone else is used in the Eagles Offense?

        I agree with you about Maclin, Maclin is the First Round pick, he is supposed to be the Eagles No.1 receiver, not DeSean.

    • Septhinox

      Of course you want a guy like Jackson to stick around. That’s not the question. The question is at what cost. You don’t pay a guy who won’t be a 10-12 TD guy 10+m a season.

    • morgan c

      Dude is that pic of you or Howie Roseman? Not sure if it’s a joke, but if it’s you, you are his twin brother.

    • I got the sense kelly really likes the pieces we have in place on that offense so i dont expect desean to be going anywhere. His combination of speed and recieving ability is rare even if its not elite. Theres not many 4.3 guys who can actually catch the ball and run routes and Jackson has proved he can do it at a HIGH level (not elite). He might not get 10 TD’s in a season but thats not his game, I expect yards after catch and 1st downs from desean, Hes never gonna get 12TD’s because hes not a huge redzone threat. With the addition of Ertz and Casey we’re taking pressure off our smaller recievers. I expect desean to have alot more opportunities in kellys offense. After drafting lane johnson and getting casey our screen game should be vastly improved something desean has had success with in the past.

  • GEagle

    cant we just convert Vick to punt returner? Throw him a few bubble screens lol..
    you know, use him at positions where your 40time is actually a prerequisite? Lol

  • DeSean has been used wrong in the Eagles offense under Andy Reid, who after seeing DeSean knocked out began to protect Jackson and kept him from doing things where he could have been just as successful.

    You will never make a living in the NFL only running the 9 route. There have been many world class athletes and former Olympian sprinters put on the end who couldn’t make a difference with just speed as their only weapon.

    If DeSean wants to be paid like Roddy and Larry he’s going to have to expose himself to the toll takers across the middle.

    And as long as the Eagles don’t have another receiver who is capable of exploiting those areas abandoned by DeSean stretching the safeties every coordinator in the NFL will continue to play DeSean two deep.

  • DunedinEagle

    I’ll never forget the last time I went to training camp. the receivers were doing basic drills just running 10 yard patterns. Everybody was lined up for the drills except little DJax who always stood away from the others acting like a prima donna. I can’t invasion him catching balls in the middle of the field like I’m guessing Kelly will require and doing much more than lay down. We shall see but his attitude needs to change if that’s at all possible and I highly doubt thats the case.

  • Desean showed last season that he will play hard for his money and he was having a pretty good season considering everything else. You also have to take into account all of the times he was wide open and the qb didn’t connect no problem with him from me

  • Adam

    DeSean has the perfect scenario this season. He’s going to be in a system that is built for guys with his skill set to succeed in. I highly doubt DeSean’s “frailty” escapes, Chip, and I highly doubt he’s going to be running 5 or 10 yard in’s across the middle. Chip will find ways to get DeSean the ball in space.

    It all boils down to what DJax puts his mind to. You can say what you want about prima donna’s, but if you watch the 2009 season you know this kid has the ability to be great. It’s up to him now.

  • cliff henny

    hope is, D-jax really explodes with kelly’s ‘pick your poison’ theory. reid never ran enough to force teams to not roll coverage over-top, and play action was a joke by the end, or had anyone who’d work the middle seam. celek nor avant did enough punish the middle, why i really like Ertz pick, looks like he can. kelly really just destroyed 2 deep safety, he’d just body blow you till moved out of it. think d-jax might see less balls come his way, but when he does, it could be the chunks of yardage like in his 1st 2 seasons. sure kelly will keep him wide, even if he’s a decoy 95% of the time, that still will serve purpose. vick/foles/barkley, this offense is going to be a nightmare to defend.

  • age

    how about talking about a real contract year (Maclin) instead ofthis bs. Crazy to think deaean wont be on the roster next year.

  • Eagle offense is loaded