For Rent: Fairmount Penthouse With Views for Days

We all know the best part about Fairmount in the summer: the Parkway hoopla, which revs up just about every weekend. The worst part is also easy to guess: the people. This condo rental offers the best of both worlds, with stellar views of the Parkway (think: Welcome America fireworks) minus all that messy mixing with the hoi polloi.

The Brewery Condominium penthouse comes with gated parking and can be yours in time for the July 4th festivities. The kitchen leaves a little something to be desired and the wrought iron is a little … overwrought, but that should be easy enough to overlook when you consider the enormous windows and private cedar roof deck.

Beds: 2
Baths: 2.5
Rent: $2,475/month
Listing: Solo Real Estate

825 N. 29th Street, Philadelphia PA 19130 [Solo Realty]

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  • I would have no problem trading for the guy who was considered the best player in the league yes he’s coming off of an acl but he’s only 27 team has the cap space and need a corner… or two

    • ICDogg

      This town doesn’t need another Andrew Bynum situation.

  • Eoin Cunningham

    Has Sam Shields of the Green Bay Packers been tendered? I think he could be a steal in this FA agent market if he’s available.

    I would love to have Revis on our team, unlike Nmandi he’s consistently locked down #1 recievers whereas in Oakland Nmandi was the only decent DB and he only played one side of the field so it made sense for QBs just to throw the other way. Taking away a #1 receiver is invaluable especially when you don’t need safety help.

  • Mostel

    Adding Reavis via trade would be a stupid risk. He wants a long term / top dollar deal right now, but hasn’t shown that he’d return to the level of player he was two years ago.
    There was a lot of truth in Richard Sherman’s tweets about Reavis.

    • Eoin Cunningham

      Not really, the only truth about anything Richard Sherman said was he had more INTs than Revis, going by that logic Kyle Arrington is one of the best CBs in the league. Sherman plays on one side of the field in most of the most talented secondaries there is and still gives up big plays. Revis had to pull his hamstring before he gave up a big play, Revis takes away the best receiver every single snap, by himself and he wouldn’t have it any other way

    • D3Keith

      There’s a lot of truth in this comment. It’s a big-time risk, and even though Revis has a lot of career left and could be a game-changer, giving up draft picks you can use to draft 22-year-old game-changers who could be here when the team really hits its stride for a 28-year-old coming off a major injury is a big risk.

      As with anything, I’d do it if the price is appropriate. And I would then want to retain Nnamdi and see if the players who just a few short years ago were regarded as the two best corners in the game could co-exist.

      But it really doesn’t make sense for the Eagles at this point. As much as I want them to try to compete right away, they have to do it without sacrificing the future.

      • Eoin Cunningham

        ACLs aren’t that big a deal anymore, they’ve improved treatment on it immensely the last 5years and it really comes down to the patients work ethic during rehab, Revis is known to be a hard worker. Adrian Peterson is the benchmark now, and Revis has what an extra 3+ months worth of recovery time? I’m not saying he’ll pull an AP and be better tan he ever was but there’s every reason to believe he’ll be the Revis he’s always been

        • D3Keith

          That’s certainly the line we’d be fed from an agent and a GM who signs Revis. And there’s reason to believe it’s possible, but AP is the exception to the rule as well as the benchmark.

          I’m not totally against it. 28 is not ridiculously old, and ACLs aren’t necessarily career enders. If it was just a matter of committing free agent dollars, then it’s a different discussion. And I don’t want to overvalue draft picks that might or might not pan out either, but when you have a lot of needs, you need to use those high picks, not trade them away for older guys.

          I guess it would all come down to the compensation. Tommy suggested he’d do it for Foles and a 2nd. We’d probably all sign off on that risk.

  • Guest

    We need two corners, not one. I’d love to have Revis but not at the cost of any picks in the first 3 rounds. The Jets have a little cap space issue so shedding his contract should be enough that a first rd swap and a 4th this year and next year should be enough. Hell, give them Vick.

    • Eoin Cunningham

      Why would they want Vick? They’re stuck with the Sanchize. And having Revis means you can literally double team the receiver Revis isn’t covering so anyone can look good opposite him.

      I’d give up our 1st, 2nd and 3rd pick for a sure fire bet like Revis instead of taking a swing on a completely unproven talent at this level.

      • D3Keith

        I usually back this philosophy of sure things over draft picks, which are always a crapshoot, but the injury negates the “sure thing” a little bit. Revis should definitely recover from the ACL injury, but will he be as dominant?

        Then also when you factor in that the Eagles really need to build through the draft to get malleable guys who will adapt to Chip Kelly’s culture, and be here for a few seasons as he ramps things up, and it makes it less of a slam dunk.

        With players of Revis’s caliber it’s always worth a shot. But sometimes it can turn out like Nnamdi.

      • nicksaenz1

        It seems like the Vick comment was a joke…. either way, if you’re willing to give up the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rd picks for a guy making 13mil coming off of an ACL tear, you might as well keep the picks and just draft Milliner w/ the 4th pick, pay him no more than 1/3 of Revis’ salary and keep the 2nd n 3rd rd picks n gamble that he’d be better than his contract.

  • Angel

    getting Revis would be awesome. then we draft milliner and were set at corner with two and boykin in the slot. If we pick up goldson too. The secondary just got fixed add a little line help in free agency. Now you can build through the draft and stay true to the board

    • D3Keith

      These are not the worst ideas I’ve heard … but you have to be able to pull off the deal for Revis and guarantee that you get Milliner for your plan to work.

  • AntGigs

    How about an offer of our first round pick (#4) and Nick Foles in exchange for Darrelle Revis and Jets first round pick (#9)? At #9 Eagles can draft Kenny Vaccaro. Sign Glover Quin, pair them both at Safety. Re-sign DRC to play opposite Revis. Secondary becomes instantly a strength of the defense.

    • Bdawk20

      You essentially just valued Nick Foles at the same level as Revis. 5 places is not much to start with, but it is even less when you consider teams don’t look for the same positions when drafting.

      • Bealer

        Not exactly, looking at the old trade value chart (not an exact science, but a base to look off of), going from #4 to #9 is a difference of 450 points, which is significant. 450 points is the worth of the #45 pick. So say we do #4, #65 (worth 225), Foles, and a conditional 2013 pick (based on whether or not we resign him), for Revis and #9, that might not be too bad. While I agree AntGigs is off a little bit, he might have the basis for a trade I could go with.
        The big problem with this extremely fake trade that probably has no chance is whether or not the Jets value someone that high that might not be there at #9. Maybe they will want Millner to replace Revis, who will probably not be there at 9. Maybe they want to upgrade the o-line, and they want Fisher. IDK the jets needs.
        Just my two cents.

  • FMWarner

    Revis, as talented as he is, is a troublemaker who’s always yapping about redoing his deal. If he signs a contract based on his uncertain injury status and then plays well, you can bet his contract will be an issue. We had a guy around here a few years ago who wanted to rip up his contract one year into a seven year deal. That time it didn’t work out so well, either.

    • Smegga

      He’s not a troublemaker. He outplayed his rookie deal, while everyone was calling him a superstar and best in the league. He finally requests a new deal, gets one, then watches as other teams overpay their corners. All while doing his job better than every other cornerback.
      He’s the best cornerback in the league, Cromartie earns the same as he does and Cromartie, while good, is no Revis.
      Therefore, he’s entitled to be paid like the best. He’s no Terrell Owens.
      Do I want Revis here? No, I would like the money and picks to go into the draft.
      He’s not a troublemaker though.

      • YoungHFo

        I agree that Revis is not a trouble maker. The guy is by far the best CB in the league. I do believe you should pursue Revis. Although not likely but the Eagles can easily handle trading for Revis, picking up Goldson and drafting Milliner. With 34 mill in cap space without the Asomougha factor your looking at over $40 mil in cap space no problem. i do believe Revis will return to his true form and if you can get him for a good trade then i say you should do it.

  • McClain needs to stop w these garbage articles about looking at revis or Harrison etc. We aren’t going to compete for atleast 2-3 yrs so why pay for a corner coming off acl who will be atleast 30 by the time we are good”. There is no good reason and add in we would need to give up atleast 1 pr 2 high picks and pay him 13 mil a yr. just stupid irresponsible reporting. I’m sure howie did his due diligence but that doesn’t mean squat. Makes no sense w a new regime and a team building through the draft.

  • Christian Ficara

    I’d be ok with it as a FA signing but we need too many players to be giving up 2 or 3 picks for one guy. He’d be old by the time the rebuild is finished and everyone knows the offense and defense.

  • BT

    My post on March 7th…I think is still correct. “Agree that you have to make the #4 pick a long term lock. Don’t think that Jordan or Ansah is a clear cut pick at #4. For that matter, in this draft, who really is? How about this idea: swap down with the Jets pick for Revis. Then with the #9 pick take either Jordan, Ansah, Mingo, Warmack, or Vaccarro – one of them will still be there. Milliner at #4 is also not good…it is too high to take a corner…plus we would have Revis instead with the swap. The Jets want to make a deal…and I don’t think you would have to give them another pick. If the players I mention are at #9…I would take Warmack…imagine the running attack with him there…good to go for many years. In the later rounds, if you we don’t get Jordan, Mingo or Ansah in the first round, go for Margus Hunt in the second.” Based on today’s article and comments, If another pick is necessary…I would only give up a 6th or 7th round pick…call their bluff.

  • JofreyRice

    Just too risky with the ACL to pay this guy what he’s looking for, which is reportedly top QB money.

    Jean-Francois would probably be a nice signing, to add some depth. I wonder if all the competition for his services is going to dissuade the Eagles from pursuing him, though. I don’t think he’s 8-team bidding war type player, and I’m not sure that Cedric Thornton can’t play strongside end, I just want to make sure the Eagles aren’t just assuming he can.