South Philly Home Scores Estately’s “Greatest Real Estate Listing Photos Absolutely Ever”

The national real estate website Estately, based in Seattle but with a virtual outpost in Philly, is highly attuned to the best and worst of listings photos. Philadelphia has not disappointed. In fact, Estately blogger Ryan Nickum has a Tumblr account devoted to Philadelphia basement bar photos. Yesterday, though, he explicated in almost hermeneutical detail the reasons that this house features “The Greatest Real Estate Listing Photos Absolutely Ever.”

Here’s just a sample the way Nickum breaks it down; he has a keen eye for detail. In particular, there are tassels and plastic slipcovers that went entirely unnoticed by we East Coast folks. They have better coffee in Seattle.

Via Estately

Via Estately

The Greatest Real Estate Listings Photos Absolutely Ever [Estately]

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