Signed Contracts for Homes, Condos and Co-ops Are Up

The Pending Sales Index, which tracks signed real estate contracts for existing single-family homes, co-ops and condos–not new construction–have not only increased in March, but are above last year’s level. Have we hit a plateau? Things do seem to be leveling out, according to the National Association of Realtors.

The percentage change in March is only 1.5, but should you want more thorough information, these two scintillating gentlemen are happy to provide it. The man on the viewer’s left is especially fascinated by what his colleague is saying, so listen sharply.

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  • More pressing, who’s he snapping too?

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  • Adam

    Pretty low on our of lists of concerns. He’s a smart guy, he’ll figure it out. He’s not that far off average weight for centers in this league.

    • xlGmanlx

      Yes and no. I don’t think we can get worse, but we all now what pressure up the middle quickly translates into. So while there are probably more pressing needs, this is something you need to address quickly with the new HC. If we are getting bullied up the middle like this year, going to be tough to get the offense on track, regardless of who is healthy.

  • JOhnGiam

    Kelce better worry! he could easily get Jamaal Jacksoned by the next HC or Line coach. Silly people want to take our high picks away from our Anemic defense, and go after Joekel..but Truth of the matter is, the most important offensive lineman that we need, is a HUGE Center drafted in rounds 4-6! When you go to gimicks like we did these past two years, it requires specialized players..Prime example: Jason Kelce! He is well regarded around the league as a young stud, yet THERE are certain coaches, that would NEVER touch him cause of his lack of size! since the dirty mudd has been washed away lol, we need to give the next coach a choice, so we need to draft a center significantly different from the specialized Kelce..If the next coach decides that he really values Kelce and wants him to anchor the line next year, there is a good chance they will want to sandwich him between some serious beef to compensate for our centers lack of size. In that case, getting some mammouth sized guards becomes a priority.

    I can not believe we allowed Andy to do this to us. Being a bad team is one thing..but how could have he brought a Old man out of retirment and completely allow him to draft who he wanted (watkins), discard servicable veterans like Jackson, and be allowed to instill this specialized Gimicky line scheme, thats drastically different from the way lineman have blocked their entire live, and requires certain sized lineman that wouldnt be as desired in the traditional way of blocking? HOW THE HELL WAS THIS ALLOWED WITHOUT A GUARENTEED FIVE YEAR Organizational COMMITMENT To this GIMICKY NONSENSE??! Simple, mudd cant even walk, everyone knew he wasnt staying 5 years, so how the Hell could this have been allowed by ANYONE?

    Cute, gimicky crap..Line up, and punch the defensive lineman in the mouth! Stop trying to reinvent the damn wheel. Having your starting LIne ravaged by season ending injuries is one thing, being bad is another thing,….but allowing a specialized Gimmicky certain way of doing things without a five year commitment, might rival hiring a Oline coach as a defensive coordinator as one of the flat out STUPIDEST DECISIONS I HAVE SEEN A HC make IN ANY SPORT! Now we are so screwed up, Mudd is back in retirment where the senile old bat belongs, and undoubtably our next coach will go back to the traditional way of blocking, and we wasted 2 years and two drafts converting to this crap…so basically, now that we are going back to the traditional way of playing football, we basically dont have any clue what we really have in our lineman, because we have 2 years worth of Game tape, where you basically asked your lineman to block like it was a RUN ACTION on every single play. WTF is the next coach going to do with 2 years worth of tape of guys trying to block in a different way then they had ever been asked to block, and in a way that going forward they will NEVER BE ASKED TO BLOCK!

    Look I dont crucify Howie for Dametress Bell, and I cant really crucify him for Danny watkins either as crazy as this sounds!! Dametress bell at the TIME was by FAR the consensus BEST TACKLE left on the market. But he was the best tackle left on the market, blocking the traditional know football 101, attack on run plays, take a step back on pass plays.. Danny Watkins was regarded as a 1st round pick, because how how he blocked the TRADITIONAL WAY! There was NO TAPE WHATSOEVER of Watkins or Bell Blocking the way Mudd was going to ask them to block. So basically, all we could do, was guess and project how those players would make the Jump to Mudd scheme, which Btw is a scheme that from what I always hear, takes atleast a year to get comfortable in…I dont know that Bell and Watkins are this PATHETIC! I know with certainty that they are PATHETIC at blocking the way HOward Mudd wants you to Block…but how do any of us KNow, that they wont be SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER now that Mudds gone, and they will get to go back to blocking the way they have been taught to block their entire lives, before Mudd screwed it that they go back to blocking the way that earned Danny the right to be drafted in the 1st round, and Bell to be regarded as the best tackle on the market! Its not like Danny watkins was this big reach! He was a consensus 1st round pick across the board! We wouldnt have been the only team to draft him in the first round…but we were the only team that would have asked him to play the game, a drastically different way then he had in his short career, and a different way then what made him a first round pick!

    So on top of being bad, we dont even know what we have going forward now that we will be going back to the traditional way. We can all agree that watkins and Bell have both been despicably putrid on the field this year….but who is to say that they wont be significantly better now that they can go back to playing the game the way that got them into the NFL as a 1st round pick?

    The moral of the story…Lets find out exactly what we have in our line, now that we are making the switch back to the normal way of blocking, before we take any shots in the draft on a lineman earlier then the 4th round. We can not pick Joekel, when for all we know, we might really need a guard. Just dont use the 4th pick blindly…You can get a stud DT or LB which are both guarenteed needs, then drafting a tackle when we might need a guard, or trading back to draft a guard, when we might need a center…Plenty of sure shot free agents available that you will already know exactly who they are…Lets not take draft picks from the 1st 3 rounds away from our swiss cheese defense, until we know exactly what we have, and what we dont have on our line going forward now that we will go back to blocking the normal way!

    People hated the wide 9..they laughed at Juan being made Dcoordinator, but those mistakes are in the past….we havent even begun to fix the mess that we allowed Mudd to create. We let him screw us up so much, that our 2nd best lineman is a 270lb center, and that across the board, we have no clue what we have and what we dont have. For all I know, Dennis Kelly could have been significantly better if he wasnt completely switching the way he blocked on the fly as a rookie while still trying to keep defensive monsters from murdering our QBs…Its just a disgusting mess!

    i ACTUALLY HOPE THAT THE NEXT COACH BRINGS JUAN CASTILLO BACK AS THE LINE COACH! Juan was always a good line coach, he was always a good man…and he is the one person that has seen most of our players block the traditional way, and the Mudd way..His imput can be very valuable to both the next HC and howie Roseman! Not to mention there is always an assistant or 2 left from the old regime to halp transition the returning players and also aid the new HC in how to reach those players…not many coaches on this staff that I could stomach for 1 more year..Might be wise for howie to reach out to Juan, and talk to whoever he hires as the next HC to bring Juan back to coach the OFFENSIVE line lol…I wouldnt mind Tommy Brasher back for the Dline but I doubt he would be interested! Brasher is a very detail oriented linecoach who could be very good for our young lineman like curry, Graham, Cox and Star Latululei who we will DRAFT! the neuances of the game, the technical side of line play, the corect way to study and analyze tapes of your opponent are Brashers strengths..I would love our young defensive lineman to get two years out of him, so he can start forming good habbits and instilling the correct way of being a professional lineman…..aspects that seemed to be lacking from the fiery, pin your ears back and rush to a certain point where you think the qb will be, approach that washburn instilled in us! Not only do our Offensive and Defensive lineman HAVE TO GET BETTER, but they also have to break alot of BAD HABBITS, or muscle memory things that will be useless now that we arent trying to re-invent the wheel on both sides of the line any more…..

    Can a situation possibly be more dysfunctional?! forget ANY PROBLEMS THAT WE EVER HAD WITH REID….I have no clue whatsoever, how any owner of any franchise can hire a man who’s “Judgement” allowed to make an offensive Line coach a Dcoordinator, and instill Gimnicky line schemes that at the very least took a 5year organizational commitment being led by a senile old man in mudd that you practically forced out of retirment and could barely walk (who the hell didnt know that mudd wasnt going to last 5 years?), and washburn (who is so screwed up on so many levels that I dont even care to get into) lol?

    Whoever hires ANDY better have a STRONG GM in PLACE, and seriously limit andys decision making power! Dont let him near your draft room (unless you are talking about QBs)! You chose your own ingrediates, and just let Andy cook them, and Maybe you will have success. seriously, If it were possible, I wouldnt even allow Andy to hire his own assistants! LOL iM ACTUALLY SERIOUS! after 14 years removed from the league, and in his nova care bubble, he is out of touch with the young bright minds around the nfl, do you need any more proof then the hiring of HOward Mudd. Andy will get a job…but be EXTREMELY WARY OF WHAT POWER YOU GIVE HIM!


    • Brian

      Bro, your comment was longer than the actual article.

      • theycallmerob

        thankfully, I just stopped reading after he started bashing Kelce.
        I mean, really? of everyone on offense, I’m least concerned about Kelce. He’s probably our smartest player, is NOT EVEN THAT SMALL (but I guess you can write a 1000 word response without even reading that fact), and as he says himself can “make all the plays”.
        Draft Joeckel (though I’m in love with Teo, Joeckel makes more sense). Give Shady two great tackles to run stretches behind. Just the thought of it…..

        • JohnGiam

          hahahahahah you are so stupid and ignorant its sad for you! the last thing I did was BASH kelce. Thanks for the worthless comment. come try again some other time!

          • JOhnGiam

            not even sure whats their to bash about concerning Kelce? You think I bashed a second year player, who was said to be on track to become a probowl player and was already our 2nd best lineman on what was probably the stength of our team last year. weirdo! I dont post a single comment without atleast trying to bring something to the table for intelligent fans that what to talk football…Do you realize how stupid and ignorant it sounds to say something is too long to read, but then actually comment on it? good thing we are a knowledgable fanbase lol

      • BrickSquadMonopoly

        About 5-6 times as long

  • 1972

    I like kelce alot. he’s one of the big reasons the stretch plays and screens worked so well. The only problem i have is with the short yardage and goalline situations. Him being the size he is he gets mauled sometimes. I can live with it because of how smart he is but we gotta get a rg and rt beccuse we never run power plays to the right

    • xlGmanlx

      all about pad level and leverage on the goalline.

  • Mike

    Price and interest rate are directly correlated. $1500 a month PI gets you about $335k at 3.5%. At 6% same payment gets you $250k. Did asset value increase? I’m not so sure.