SOLD! 1429 Walnut Street Goes at Auction for $5,775,000

The seller of the 15 of 16 floors of 1429 Walnut must be feeling relieved right now. The starting auction bid was $950,000 for 71,754 square feet of half-occupied space, but it went for $5.775 million in a tricky Center City office market.

Who bought it? We’ll know soon…

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  • Austin

    Looks like I’ll be holding my breath every time he runs around

  • Johngiam

    Is there really any doubt that vick won’t screw us on his way out of town? Thanks to Vick and the pathetic giants we will go from drafting fourth, to ninth if he wins this game. I would never fear Vick, but the giants suck. Andy Reid winning the last 4 games last year cost us drafting rg3. Let Andy n Vick win this game and it will cost us Star. This is terrible news!how about we start Trent Edwards, and see if he is viable 2nd string, or just a third string? Absolutely no good can come of starting Vick!

    • BrickSquadMonopoly

      Ive noticed you switch from Manti Teo to Star now any reasoning behind? JW

      • Johngiam

        O, not really down on Manti at all…. I still view him the same way. Certain days the security of drafting a guy like him, who is about as sure shot of a GUARENTEED prospect as you will ever find appeals to me…other days, the sky’s the limit ceiling of guys like star and Jarvis appeal to me….all this is just daily speculation anyway….Can’t really even predict who you want at what slot til. You see the combine. When Howie Roseman is your GM, the security that is Manti teo is appealing….some days I feel more daring and I drool over the potential of Jarvis as a player, and the potential effect that an explosive 320lb monster like Star would have on the other ten members of the defense…

    • If we beat the Giants, the worst we can do is 7th since the Titans and Cards have a better strength of schedule. However, the Bills are playing the Jets, the Browns are playing the Steelers, and the Raiders are playing the Chargers.

      All three of those teams could legitimately come away with a W.

      • Johngiam

        Dude, I don’t even wanna start playing with these scenarios…eagles had 3 months to win a damn game, do the right thing and don’t even dream of beating the giants
        …..especially since Foles won’t be getting the experience

    • jimmyp

      loser mentality…if you don’t get it I’m not going to explain it

      • Johngiam

        Dude…I have seen about 4 meaningful wins m two seasons…do you not get it? Do you not realize that RG3 could have easily been an eagle? Do you not understand that? Do you not understand that the front office to,d me that it was better to win the last 4 games to build for NEXT season, instead of getting the draft pick that BAD TEAMS DESERVE!!! it was ok to lose out on RG3, because those 4 wins last year would springboard us into this season….only to suffer thru the worst season I could remembers. Yes this is worse then KOTITE!

        LOser mentality is fooling yourself into being happy to win games THAT ONLY HURT YOU!!! name one single positive thing that we would gain from Mike Vic winning the 2nd ga,me that we have won in the past 3 months? How could that be worth losing a top 5 pick! The chance to basically draft the best player at whatever position of your choosing. top 5 pick should net you a PRO BOWLER..which we could use more then one of around here.

        How is impossible thatnI even have to explain this?bafter what happened last year, I am just amazed that we aren’t all in agreement about this. Some views are just matters of oppinion…and I respect the variety of oppinions even when they differ frm mine….THIS I DON’T UNDERSTAND At all!!

        I’m not saying I want my plAyers to go out there and tank a game..but how the hell can any fan want us to win the game is baffling to me. It’s even more baffling to hea those that know the ramifications of beating the Giants and still want to see it happen…with Vick who’s future with this team lasts 1 more week, ten days at the most…It’s truly baffling!

        I actually Ike Vick, and wish him success next year when he moves on….but as a fan, I am wired to want what’s best for the want the best chance to get the best plays, and to return to respectability….beating the Giants, can only be an excuse for the front offce to make a bad decision

        • Eagle Fan

          I hear you and I agree with you to a point. I know that Foles is not really ready to run a offense in the NFL. it takes years to develop an average QB in the NFL. look how long it took (GB) to get Rodgers up to par.

  • Non-issue to me. The front office continues to screw up draft picks and I have little faith they’ll get this coaching decision right.

    • Elias Rappaport

      So Fletcher Cox, Mychal Kendrichs, Nick Foles, Brandon Boykin, Bryce Brown, Damaris Johnson, Alex Henery, and Brandon Graham were all mistakes?

      • Boykin is awful. Graham was a mistake until a few weeks ago.

      • Honestly it’s too early to tell on all of them except Alex Henery and he was a KICKER taken in the 4th round so they better get that one right. Plus he’s the only member of the 2011 Eagles draft class to do anything. The rest of them we’ll see but count all of the first and second round misses since 2000 and reevaluate your statement.

  • Vick The Spoiler

    Awww…what are you’ll afraid that Vick will show what a real Eagle’s QB should look like and send “Check down Chump” nick foles back 2 the bench where he really belongs…or could it be that you’ll are really afraid that he’ll end this BS ” foles for 2013″ campaign??? Either way foles ain’t ready.

    • Realist

      Yes, because his previous 30 games as an Eagle showed what a QB should look like.

      • morganc

        Ya, I can’t wait to see the triumphant return of street-baller Vick! League record pace of TOs, pick-sixes, and red-zone TOs – sign me up! His sub 500 record the past two years really has me excited!

  • PhEaglesPhan

    Vick, please go out there and shine man, you and all your fans who still believe you are Philly’s QB know you can do this!


  • Vick_Supporter

    The Great Mike Vick Has Returned

  • Run Eagles Run

    who cares, its not my 3 mil. I wanna see mike play, and I wanna see him play well. win or lose.

  • eagles are doomed

    tubby continues his long string of bad decisions….what a pathetic excuse of a coach

  • HowieDon’tKnow

    We are going to pay him that no matter what because we are going to trade him and not release him. If we release him, someone will sign him without any compensation to Birds other than compensatory picks. Vick will start somewhere in the league next year and the Eagles need picks in return. I don’t think anyone in the league blames him for the travesty that is the 2012 season. He was on pace to take more hits than an overused running back.

    • GoBirds1

      Do you really think we would get more than his compensatory picks. No team in their right mind would trade anything to get Vick, why you ask? Because then that team would have to honor his current contract and that is not happening I promise you. Plus I don’t think you are entitled to compensatory for released players, check the rules. If a team really wanted Vick they could outbid the next highest bid and still be half of what it would cost otherwise. Furthermore, Roseman is a dope, look at the way he handles things, clueless to fair market value. i.e. Samuels and NA

  • Eaglesfan

    The front office needs to get their heads out of their butts. He is clearly the choice of the future and it isnt his fault that his entire starting line is on IR. Realize that the O-line is the problem. Develop back-ups and try to get young players to replace vets. Your stupid decisions are losing the fan base and eventually nobody will care about the orginazation. Face Facts!

  • gerb

    No matter what the outcome of this last game let go of Vick he ruined Andy and the eagles just cuz Andy put himself on the line for beliving in Vick…….Vick is known as the head coach killer look at what happen in atl…..yea props to Vick i still think he has starting potential BUT not in phily

  • 1972

    vick needs to be in a seattle style offense to succeed. You have to kind of have him on a pitch count. russel wilson and rg3 rarely throw over 20 times a game.Our coach throws 50 times with a lead when ur qb just came off a rib injury.Vick is the guy out there so he deserves the majority of the blame, but reid constantly sets guys up for failure.if u cant tailor ur offense to ur personnels strengths, then u cant be a great coach

    • SicknessofChoice

      Before the Eagles develop a “Seattle style offense” they need to develop a functional offensive line! Seattle focused on their offensive line for several years, getting key personnel, through the draft, trades and/or free agency. Otherwise they will continue getting their QB’s put on IR as all those big and fast DE’s and linebackers keep coming unabated to the QB!

  • PhillyPhan

    Coming off a concussion, can’t throw as he can’t see over his O line because he is too short, and has some still banged up ribs…yeah, sure – start him. This typifies the moronic Andy Reid. He gets one last stupid move…can’t wait for both of them to be g o n e.

  • We need a offensive line transplant, whoever the Quarterback, needs to be protected.

  • should just play Trent Edwards. No reason to play Vick. None.

    • Johmgiam

      You sir are absolutely right. It also gives the next coach to evaluate Trent…does he want to keep Trent? Is he just a number 3? Can he play if needed? We actually have something to gain by playing Trent, as opposed to no damn reason to play Vick

  • SicknessofChoice

    It doesn’t matter what QB you put behind Philly’s offensive line, they will all get killed because of the injuries and patchwork which amount to a dysfunctional line which can’t even pass protect for a highly mobile QB like Vick, nor can they run block worth squat! Blaming Vick for the poor performance of the offensive line is rubbish! Philly won’t do much until the current issues with the offensive line and play calling are dealt with?