• EaglesMaddog

    Eagles need to stop penny-pinching when it comes to loyal players!

  • Who? Whom?

    Stay classy, Howie. Send the kulaks a message for Christmas.

  • Bob A

    This is why people think Lurie is a no class clown, in case there are still people out there that want to defend the guy. Roseman showed his true colors too.

    • JOhngiam

      what a bunch of scum! 20million under the cap, tied with the Jaguars, in an alll in superbowl or bust year…and you are trying to short a man that fought back from brain surgery to help your 2-8 team? are you friggin kidding me. It is Hanakua…..

      • johngiam

        how does Lurie not get called out on for spending the least amount of money for a major market team in the past 10 years? keep shorting us linebackers, safeties and put returners..BTW, who needs back ups! SUPER BOWL OR BUST!…THE GOLDEN STANDARD!

  • UncleCarm

    Just because the CBA says you can do it, doesn’t mean you should do it. Patterson exhibits the kind of heart this team needs, and look what he gets for it. I don’t agree with this one at all.

    • JohnGiam

      simply classless! but did you expect anything different from the Gold standard?
      I have NEVER liked Patterson as a player. NEVER! But he is ONE EAGLE, you just dont treat like this!

      • http://twitter.com/Kahnected Zachary Kahn

        If you dont like Patterson im scared to think who you do like on this team.

        • johngiam

          I should like an average at best tackle? good soldier, wouldnt mind and upgrade in talent

  • Paradox_What?

    Let’s let this play out before jumping the gun on the Lurie hate. I am almost positive that he himself has zero input on something as petty as this. IMO what most likely happened is that after the coaches put Patterson on NFI, some schmuck in personnel decided to go with the default “dock half pay” option. It does free up cap, but does not seem to be a sum worth the PR nightmare. I’d bet Patterson will find the 150K in his back pocket and this will end up as a “win-win.”

    • TurdFerguson

      I cannot imagine how this type of decision could possibly be made without first running it past the GM at the very least.

      • Paradox_What?

        Per Patterson’s agent: “After a day of reflection, the Eagles and [G.M.] Howie Roseman decided to treat Mike like the high-character player that he is,” agent Peter Schaffer tells PFT. “They’re doing it because they believe that players who have done what Mike has done for the franchise should be rewarded. They always had Mike’s best interests at heart. So they renegotiated his contract to remove the provision that automatically dropped his pay.”

        Key word being “automatically.” It appears that Patterson’s agent simply used the media to drum up a non-issue to overide a contract term in order to score Patterson an extra $150k without having to argue that the injury was football-related. Great job by Schaffer (Patterson’s agent).

        • GoBirds1

          Why don’t you and the other hired pro Howie spin doctors take your obvious defensive non-sense elsewhere. Do you really think that the Eagles fans at large are that stupid and oblivious to your intentions.

          Proactive would have been, we are aware of the language in Mike’s contract and we are taking the necessary steps to change it, such that he will receive the balance of his pay. That would have been the right thing to do. Not wait for the public outcry and then respond.

          PeeWee is an arrogant egotistical weasel hatched under the kings of such attitude, Reid, Banner and Lurie!

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.jones.9400 Joe Jones

    I understand its a business first, however, doing what is right should be a tenet of any business. And in this case, doing what is right means honoring the remainder of his contract. They should be embarrassing to attempt to reduce this guys pay in the last 3 weeks of the season after what the guy has endured the last two years.

  • Frank

    Sigh…don’t be douchebags Eagles…just don’t…

  • Kimbafuzz

    This is such a classless move by the Eagles. Like someone else said, just because the CBA says you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you absolutely have to. This is just cruddy.

  • http://twitter.com/jhkayejr Joseph Kaye

    Just pay the guy his $150k. Good Lord.

    • Craig

      Makes you think that Banner may just have been the messenger all these years….Really a bad PR move by a team that can’t afford bad PR during this miserable season.

  • 1972

    Hey Jeff your not a perinnial playoff team anymore! this type of stuff doesnt fly when ur under .500. People are going to pile on every negative they can.Its not as big a deal as everyones making it, but the fact that ur a losing organizaion right now enhances the B.s..jus giv em his money and move on.Its not worth the p.r hit

  • http://www.facebook.com/btagreene Tim Greene

    Not surprising…they did the same thing to Jason Peters.

  • HowieDon’tKnow

    Stay classy Jeff.

  • Michael Ralph

    What a bunch of cheap b******’s. Real classy Jeffery.

  • http://twitter.com/mjacobs45 Matt Jacobs

    And people always thought it was Banner pulling the strings on decisions like this. It comes from the top.

  • BdawkBdawk

    Losing seasons happen. But reports like this are truly disheartening. You don’t get second or third chances to treat people with dignity and respect. It’s not my money, but docking someone like Patterson is neither a good character decision, nor a good bussiness decision.

  • Bob A

    Anyone old enough to remember the old Claymation cartoon, Davey and Goliath? Basically they were 15 minute episodes where the main character Davey would get into some sort of trouble, and right before he did , he would inform his dog Goliath ( who could talk) about the dumb decision he made, anything from walking on thin ice to playing on railroad tracks. The dog would always answer either ” I don’t know Davey” or “I don’t think so, Davey”, and then Davey would do something stupid anyway and the dog and others would have to rescue him. Well, our ‘Davey’, Jeff Lurie, needs a Goliath; a PR maven that every time he says something like ” We’ll bar the fans from bringing hoagies into the stadium, that’ll work!”, or “Let’s dock Patterson’s pay for getting pneumonia, nobody will see the down side of that”, who speaks up and says ” I don’t know , Jeffrey!” He would have to be a guy that Lurie promises not to fire, no matter how honest he is. Seriously, though, for a guy that wrote his dissertation on public policy, dude must be either the most clueless guy in the world, or just doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He always puts himself in these ridiculous PR jackpots , and then doesn’t understand why the fans universally revile him.

  • brianblock

    Maybe not… but I did however spend four years in the City of Brotherly Love — having graduated from UPenn.

    • Liz Spikol

      So there is a connection after all! Why do so many Penn grads leave?