How Much Home Do You Get for $500,000?

We decided to start this regularly scheduled throwdown–How Much Home Do You Get?–with fives: five different homes, each with five bedrooms, in five different counties. Have some ideas for our next round? Let us know in the comments!

Philadelphia County: Cedar Park 6BR/2BA for $439,000

Philadelphia County: Cedar Park 6BR/2BA for $439,000

Address: 1122 S. 48th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19143
Price: $439,750 — wage tax price break!
Bedrooms: 6!
Bathrooms: 2
Square Footage: 3,250
What’s to love: It’s a classic West Philadelphia Victorian, with a wide front porch, original stained and cut glass windows, fireplaces, coffered ceiling, detailed crown molding, original hardwood floors and scads of period detail.

Chester County: Stoneybrook Farm in Glenmoore for $499,000

Chester County: Stoneybrook Farm in Glenmoore for $499,000

Address: Stoney Brook Farm, 771 Font Rd, Glenmoore PA 19343
Beds: 6!
Baths: 2.5
Built: 1791
Estate size: 7.60 Acres
What’s to love: This property comprises the three-story stone farmhouse, a stone bank barn, a seven-stall horse barn, a spring-fed stream, an old smoke house, an equipment building and an in-ground pool. The main house has countless charming period touches, including plank flooring and the covered porch.

Montgomery County: Maple Glen 5BR/3.5BA for $498,000

Montgomery County: Maple Glen 5BR/3.5BA for $498,000

Address: Pine Manor, 6 Lee Drive, Maple Glen, PA 19002
Price: $498,000
Beds: 5
Baths: 3.5
Built: 1800
Square footage: 4,123
What’s to love: Look at all the green that tucks this house away–lush gardens and mature trees hide an attached cottage where one can tuck the in-laws away, if desired. The house itself has hardwood floors, built-in window seats, and some very serious hearths. A two car-garage is currently used as a studio.

Bucks County: Huntingdon Valley 7BR/6BA for $499,900

Bucks County: Huntingdon Valley 7BR/6BA for $499,900

Address: 50 Buck Rd, Huntingdon Valley PA 19006
Price: $499,900
Beds: 7!!
Baths: 6!
Square footage: 5,054
What’s to love: This property is large enough for a reality TV show or a new religion (just ignore the muppet in the fireplace and/or the room formerly used for pole dancing). There’s more than 3.5 acres of land with the main house, a guest house, a “barn-like garage” and extras like an in-ground pool. “Price reflects condition but offers lots of potential.”

Delaware County: Havertown 5BR/3.5 BA for $495,000

Address: 501 E Manoa Rd, Havertown PA 19083
Price: $495,000
Bedrooms: 5
Baths: 3.5
Square Footage: 2,602
What’s to love: If you’re a Tudor fan, this is a Tudor, all right. Aside from that, there are hardwood floors, fireplaces, an enclosed porch and a breakfast nook. And with a downstairs rec room and a full-sized laundry room, it’s ideally suited to a house full of kids. The garage, central air, and private backyard don’t hurt any, either.

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  • Ty

    Finally… Kurt Coleman should never have been starting. Nate Allen has been a big disappointment this year too. Im still kinda of wishing we would have gotten Earl Thomas. Also , while I like Fletcher Cox , I really wanted Mark Barron this year too. Might as well start David Sims , if nothing else , he is a much better tackler than KC42.

    • Brian

      Barron was picked ahead of Cox…

  • Beavis

    Funny, but back on Sept. 30, I thought to myself: ‘Dawk looks like he could still play.’

  • JofreyRice

    so many holes…no young talent pushing any of these guys because of Howie’s draft failures…going to be a rough patch for the next couple of years.

    • JOhnGiam

      all these holes will take atleasdt 2 offseasons to fill. My 2 year strategy:
      Offseason number 1 post Reid era:
      -nO qbs available via FA or Draft. Foles is playing sorrounded by Garbage, do not want to see a 5 year Merry go round of qb’s…We know that the QB answer isnt out there this year. So what you do is you try to solidify as many other holes as possible, give foles a sorrounding class so you can better evaluate him next season. If he isnt the answer, we go get one in next years draft which seems to be much better.
      -Since we arent getting a QB, we use our #1 pick on Manti Teo, and give ourselves a natural young leader, and a MONSTER LB core of the future: Manti at Sam, Meco in the middle, Kendricks moved to WIL which he is better suited for anyway
      -SAFTIES! 2 of them!!! No one will ever tell you that Nmandi or DRC played good this year, but I cant help but to wonder how they would look if they werent playing with the worst safety tandem in the NFL, by far THE WORST! Secondary not only need great players, but great players who play as a coordinated unit. That cant happen when both your safeties bite on every single play action fake. If you were to tell me, look we have holes everywhere..Nmandi and DRC will get another chance next year, but they will be playing with 2 above average safeties, and we will fill a bunch of other holes, I would say OK!
      -DESPERATELY NEED a number 1 BIG OUTSIDE reciever to play opposite of Desean! I move Macklin into the slot and give him 1 more year to prove that he should get a longterm deal.
      A Guard for the Oline! I dont even want to keep watkins as a back up! Thank you howard Mudd for making us draft a senior citizen, canadian, Fireman , who fancied himself a hockey player until 2 years ago because you liked that he was strong, played angry and had BIG WRISTS? Thanks again! The only mean streak Watkins has showed is when he is arguing with Mudd. Our Oline is terrible right now, but since we have holes everywhere and cant fill them all, I invest in a guard, some more reliable backups, and I bring back all the injured starters for 1 year, minus watkins and see how they all return from injury before I start investing in Lineman

      • JohnGiam

        Offseason #2 in rebuilding plan
        -if foles doesnt prove he is the future in year 2 with a much better cast around him, then the #1 priority of this offseason is a QB
        -If any of the returning injured Olineman prove that they cant return to an acceptable form, time to adress the line.
        -If DRC and Nmandi are still busts next year playing with adequate safeties, time to address corners. Nmandi is up there in age, so even if he plays well next year, we still need to replace him with a top young talent
        -Brent Celek has to go! I had enough. Either he has digressed, or he is injured. Problem with that excuse is that he is always injured. I would like to adress it in year 1, i forgot…Im just not sure we have enough room to upgrade at TE also in the offseason post reid year 1…so I will list it for year 2. I would have Benched celek WEEKS AGO, and gave Harbor a shot!

  • I was a big fan of Nate Allen when we got him, but man, he’s been kind of terrible. Coleman on the other hand has been REALLY terrible. I don’t think he’s a starter and I’m beginning to wonder if Allen is as well.

  • daytoday

    start david sims instead of coleman….in that saints game he was flying around and making plays as the game went on

  • F_Andy

    This team is in shambles. Reid really screwed it up and is leaving it in a horrible mess.

    • JofreyRice

      You sure it was just Reid? What if one of the guys that’s screwed the team up is in charge of finding the new coach & rebuilding the talent-poor roster?

      • JohnGiam

        Howie Roseman is a turd, but Im not blaming this Mess on him. Actually, since he took control, I think we have had one of the best drafts of Reids tenure. If it were up to me, I woulda fired Roseman yesterday, but I have much bigger fish to fry then Roseman right now. First draft that I didnt say..WTF? after a weird selection that the world knew would not pan out. At the end of the day, Howie isnt a football guy, so I will always want to see him lose his job!

        • Johngiam

          This offseason will be a very scary time to be an eagles fan. We literally have holes everywhere. Its a complete and utter mess. This wont be a quick offseason turnaround like the niners when they got Harbaugh. its gonna take us atleast 2 offseasons to fix this mess. Im just hoping that our next coach isnt a gimiky one. I hope he is a coach who respects the game of football(yes running the ball is part of the game), and respects all the positions on a football team. If I ever hear a coach tell me that Linebackers arent important, or that we can slide by going into a season with a punt returner like greg lewis, I will have a mental breakdown. Go tell the defensive coordinator of the niners (who would be at the top of my eagles coach wish list if it werent for his age) that linebackers arent important. Every single position/Unit can be used as a weapon with good players that play together like a coordinated unit. I also cant bear to watch coaches with zero common sense, who believe that they are outsmarting everyone. Its one thing to be dumb, but to be really dumb and consider yourself a genius….well thats like George Bush type of Dumb! My 12 year old brother can do a better job of clock managment then Reid simply from playing Madden. And this is a guy who has been payed MILLIONS to coach for 14 seasons, who still makes insanely ridiculous mistakes in managing the clock. Believe it or not, I was an Andy REID SUPPORTER from day 1….all the way til about the detroit game of this year. If you told me to fire read last summer, i would have argued with you and defended Reid to the Death. This is too much to stomach even for the biggest Reid supporter….He has got to go!

  • T

    The 2010 draft was 4 months after Roseman was promoted. What if Andy really controlled that one, and 2011 was Roseman’s first stab at leading it, and he learned his lessons? If that’s the case, and the 2012 draft is any sign of what’s to come, maybe he’s the right guy for the job.

    • southy

      You could also say in the 2012 draft Howie learned from past years and changed his philosophy a bit- he certainly said it. Not to mention he’s a CapU wizard. I have no issues with him staying.

  • JohnB

    Don’t agree with the empty-cupboard view espoused by many here. We have more talent than many teams, just need a few new pieces and coaching staff. Totally agree about DBs, esp. Coleman, who’s progressed from mediocre to bad to abysmal in less than two seasons. His very presence is an indictment of the whole Reid regime, and they should be escorted out of town together, at gunpoint if need be.

  • GG

    Both of the safeties make horrible reads and Coleman has perhaps the worst judgement of any safety I’ve been watching in recent history. He comes in for tackles, puts his head down and either completely misses the ball carrier or slams into his own teammate. Guy is terrible. I’ve always rooted for Allen but he isn’t a starter either. Both of the safeties should go.

  • Al P

    At least Sims seems to want to tackle…

  • I’m not a huge college football fan, so wondering if you guys are planning on doing an article that identifies the positions the eagles need (you have been doing that) and the players we should watch during the upcoming championship and bowl games. So, who are the top safeties and CBs we should be watching?