Coming Soon: Groundbreaking for South Kensington’s Oxford Mills

It’s going to be an educational paradise, with a headquarters for Teach for America, discounted apartments for teachers, a cafe where intellectual ideas are discussed, offices for educational nonprofits and a fitness center, among other things. The project, headed up by D3 Real Estate Development, will be called the Center for Educational Excellence, and open next spring.

The details for the groundbreaking have been announced, and the mayor, Darrell Clarke and Superintendent Hite will celebrate the $35 million project not only with some dirt and a shovel but with festivities that include music, performance and food and drink. It will all be happening between Oxford and Jefferson Street in South Kensington. We’ll have more from the event itself, but until then, all we can say is, Wow. This city is really changing.

  • Wilbert M.

    Tim – I think I’m watching a different DRC than you are. I thought he had a terrible game against the Falcons and I keep seeing him dog it instead of chasing after plays go by him. He tackles like Asante. I know the statistics look great and he’s talking a good game, but I don’t see any heart in his game.

    • Julian Ivey

      You don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • Wilbert M.

        Good point.

  • Zachary Kahn

    I mean, at least hes showing up. I can point out numerous players who aren’t husting and playing with heart, but those players are also not doing shit in the boxscore. Hes easily been one of our best players this season, one bad game against the falcons aside (where basically everyone looked bad).

    • JohnGiam

      lets not forget about fletcher cox. he is playing lights out ball this year, just not at a position that shows up on the stat sheets. he has been active all year, and has done a remarkable job as a rookie fir a player that has been double teamed on every single snap. believe it or not Brandon graham has had a great season. His snaps have been limited, but he has been our most productive Dend!

      • Zachary Kahn


  • ItsOnlyDoug

    There is a lot about this team I don’t like, but it seems this guy can play and I enjoy watching him when he’s firing on all cylinders…

  • saunhi

    These guys are vulnerable because the pass rush has been neutralized.

    • DesertEagle

      But he still holds his own. Every CB will get burned for a big play, but he hasnt been burned for a TD yet so its safe to say he playin and not talkin

  • Charlie

    I think DRC and Ryans are absolutely doing the best on the defense along with Kendricks at times but that’s about all. Let’s not forget how clutch those INT’s were in the Browns and Giants game.

  • Ryan

    And despite the criticism from the moronic media, Nnamdi is having a solid year too. Right now our CB’s and MLB are playing strong. The safeties and line not so much.