Mystery Real Estate: Gold Club to Open in Northern Liberties, But Where?

The Gold Club Center City, which bills itself as a “world famous gentleman’s club,” will soon add to its renown with a new location in Northern Liberties. The Center City strip joint is at the end of Chancellor Street, that little alley by Applebee’s on 15th. Programming is rather diverse, from the burlesque Peek-a-Boo Revue to “performances” by porn stars (“Sex Machine” Kendall Karson will be there April 26th and 27th, FYI).

In March, a Philadelphia Speaks member predicted a NIMBY heart attack as a result of the below image on the Gold Club Facebook page:

gold club northern liberties

That prediction would make good sense if the club were actually going to be in Northern Liberties as most people define it. But on the same Facebook page, the Gold Club also posted a bunch of notices like this one:

club ozz

Club Ozz, for those unfamiliar, was a rather seedy strip joint at 1155 North Front, or Front and Girard right under the El. It was on the market for a long time–a tough sell, to be sure. To call that corner “Northern Liberties” may be borderline correct but feels qualitatively dishonest–though it’s nice to spare Kensington a negative association for a change. (Which is not to say a gentleman’s club is negative. It’s just a NIMBY heart attack waiting to happen.)

At any rate, the fact that the Gold Club is saying Club Ozz is in Northern Liberties tips their hand that the new “Northern Liberties” Gold Club is none other than Club Ozz. But just to be sure, we sent an email and got this response:

Thank you for wanting to do a write up. I’m sorry however our location is secret , however I will defiantly let you know as we get closer.



Sigh. I guess we’ll have to wait. Patience, friends.

Thread: NIMBY Heart Attack In 3,2,1…. [Philadelphia Speaks]

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  • southy

    this stuff is really helping my football iq

  • Myke Lowery

    What happened to colt on that last play? isnt he over the top of DRC to help him?

  • Bertrand Boamah

    nnamdi is great against big recevers has a really hard time with the small shiftier ones like antonio brown fro the steelers. Great game for nnamdi.

  • Bertrand Boamah

    i think our players have ego problems. DRC gets beat on the whip route in the slot n has no sense of urgency to stop him from getting the first down. The problem with DRC is he thinks hes faster than everybody. Wat he doesnt realize is that hes not faster than the ball

    • Ryan

      See the thing is…Drc is faster than everybody

  • Bertrand Boamah

    Great corners we have i jus want a fire lit up their a** if u get beat make them pay for every yard Gotdamn. we can easily b 5 -1 but i knw we can also b easily 0-6. N on offense slant routes to our receivers n screens should b implimented . Get the ball outta Vicks hands. Vick is a warrior. Takes a beating for all the players on the field not doing their job as well as they should. If Brady or the mannings got hit as much as vick they would b fumbling too

    • Vick Supporter

      Thank you

    • Bite Mee


  • morgan c

    Again, I love how when other teams max protect, we get no pressure (which is understandable), BUT, when we max protect or at least have 6 in to block against 4, we routinely let dlinemen roam free and have two guys doing nothing. Awesome.

    • Bite Mee

      Because Mudd is not a good coach.

      • bentheimmigrant

        Because he had such an awful track record before he came here, and had a horrible line last year…

  • borntosuffer

    I wonder if that last play you showed sealed Castillo’s fate – DRC inside and a Safety blitz?

    • Ryan

      Certainly was a horrible game.

      • Ryan

        *call rather

    • Bite Mee

      What wonder, that was a really dumb call, he deserved to get fired.

    • GoBirds1

      Even worse, Coleman doesn’t even blitz. He runs up to the line, dances around and does nothing. Dawkins most have puked when he saw that attempted blitz. Nothing personally against Coleman, he tries hard and all, but he is just not good enough, athletically or otherwise. That said, why would you even use him for a blitz. What about Hendricks, or stack two DEs with all the ‘talent’ we have there and let them get after it. Boy do we need a real DC. I hope Bolwes has been dreaming up some blitz schemes for years to unleash on Matty ‘Ice’ and ruin his homecoming.

  • Mothra

    why don’t the Eagles LB’s dog blitz in those situations where it’s max protect and the backs and TE’s stay in to block? would seem to me that it makes sense for them to rush if they have no coverage responsibility. if nothing else, drop back deeper into the passing lanes.

    • xlGmanlx

      Seriously, I was thinking the same thing, why not give them the option to delay blitz if they only see two in routes? Better the two outside LB’s pinch towards the middle and send mecco then to try and cover some one for 4-5 seconds and a clean pocket. Most NFL QB’s can win 7-on-7 all day and twice on sundays.

      But Casitillo’s scheme doesn’t tell Trent Cole to get way out of position and our safeties bite every time on play action. We think Juan’s teaching that in practices? Did Champ bailey or Charles Woodson ever say, no thanks I don’t do slot? Talk about entitled players, let this dude walk, what a punk. Why shouldn’t we expect a DB that is asking to make a lot of money play his position assigned? Didn’t we just dumb one of those guys this preseason?

  • Mothra

    I don’t think that play was Colt’s fault. if the QB rolled out, he might have had responsibility to roll up to protect against something coming that way and the CB had responsibility to rotate back deep. and of course, he got smoked on the play by a TE who hadn’t had a decent game all year.

  • Andy

    I’m concerned that the wide nine is reducing Trent Cole to a one-dimensional DE.

    • Bite Mee

      No Cole is doing what Babin is doing, selling out the run to boost his sack numbers


    has anyone seen trent or nick getting more reps in practice ?

    • GoBirds1

      I don’t think anyone can see practice anymore. Reid closed practices after the Ravens or Cards game.

  • Kimbafuzz

    Nnamdi had a great game. I can see why he was annoyed with the switch.