End the Fear: How to Read the AVI Notice That Came in the Mail

We realize that Mayor Nutter’s Actual Value Initiative (AVI) is terrifying to many, so we’ll try to calm things down with regular releases of information that might help get past the fear. The city has actually released a lot of the useful information itself, but it’s hard to focus on if it feels like you’re pedaling your tricycle into a couple of spooky Diane Arbus-like twins.

AVI notice

  • emmadan


    Mayor Nutter’s AVI Tax System is a Real threat to the Life of many homeowners; including myself, due to the huge Over-Assessment it proposes to impose next year.

    For myself, I will be increased from a $750.00 tax to a tax of $5,425.00 and this is for my home which is a small 2-bedroom, 1bath. It’s a very old house, in Graduate Hospital neighborhood, built prior to year 1886, it is not remolded nor Rehabilitated, it is essentially in the original decrepit condition it was when I bought it 19-years ago, except that it is habitable. I am a moderate income person, so 19-Years ago I used nearly all my years of savings to buy my $34,000 home and then lived paycheck to paycheck for two years to maintain it. Now, I wish I had stayed a Renter, all my work trying to obtain the “american dream” seems futile because, instead it seems I have made myself to be able to be a victim under a Fascist assault by a Crooked Mayor and his Tax Agency.

    AVI is Implemented in a Arbitrary and Un-equitable way, it also seeks to force the old residents of the neighborhoods to pay the Taxes for the many properties that the Mayor has voluntarily given away Millions of the City’s Tax revenue and continues to give it away in presently many more Newly Constructed homes in Gentrified areas and Rehabbed homes with the 10-Year Tax Rebate;… AVI attemps to force the homeowners who do not have the 10-Year Rebates to continue to pay the taxes of these affluent Tax exempt houses.


    The best is to move, BUT WHERE DO YOU MOVE TO? And it is extremely hard to up-root your life! The Mayor knows that and he and the AVI System he has created with it’s over inflated Assessment, counts on it, that we the home owners without Rebate protection are “caught” forced to remain and pay the Tax subsidy for the Elite Class, the newcomers the Mayor seems to prefer, he certainly has paid them to buy their home in Philly…BUT, AT THE EXPENSE OF THE EXISTING HOMEOWNERS. It truly appears this was the Mayor’s plan when he first began this excessive Tax give away under the Rebate program and Gentrifying of neighborhoods!!!!