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Best of Philly 2012 Green Design, Expert Pick


“Greenable was amazing in helping my business pick eco-friendly materials for our start-up design.” —Chosen by Monique Mason, owner of Old City’s Moko Organic Beauty Studio

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  1. TML says:

    I find this incredibly hard to believe. Working with the Greenable designer was literally one of the worst, most unprofessional experiences I have ever had. Countless mistakes were made on virtually every aspect of our remodeling and communication about these mistakes and their resolution was virtually non-existent.

    We never found that “green design” was ever emphasized or encouraged. Plus, a huge amount of materials were wasted due to all the mistakes on our project. I certainly wouldn’t call this a “green” way of running a business.

    Greenable does a great job of projecting a hip, modern, green approach to design but their execution and management of their projects leaves much to be desired.

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