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Best of Philly 2012 Deli Sandwich, Expert Pick

Koch's Deli

“It’s at Koch’s Deli in West Philly. It’s actually not on their menu; it’s a special. It’s extra-special, though, because it has pastrami, Ukrainian potato salad, Thousand Island-style dressing, and this special cheese. I don’t know where the cheese is from, but it’s a unique take on a Reuben. Delicious.” —Chosen by Yehuda Sichel,
sous-chef at Zahav and chef de cuisine at Citron and Rose

Koch's Deli | 4309 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-222-8662 |

Best of Philly 2012 Restaurants & Bars


  1. Mark says:

    Where are u guys looking for deli’s at ???? The places u named are garbage……PRIMO “S HOAGIES are the best anywhere….phila, new York, jersey…there open n 3 in Florida this winter…..there breads are the best….soft…hot…and ready 2 eat…..itLian Turk cheese bol cheese chicken cutlet, bada bing,wack,boom……that’s all I need 2say……..enjoy ur guys nasty hoagies …..slim e Turk e ….no lol….

  2. Chef Ricardo says:

    Please refer me to a list of Alkaline pH foods that can be used to make sandwiches — with Romaine lettuce wraps.

    Thank you immensely

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