David Tutera’s Your Wedding Experience Bridal Show Coming to Philly This Weekend

Photo courtesy David Tutera's Your Wedding Experience

Photo courtesy David Tutera’s Your Wedding Experience

We have a feeling that you either heard of last year’s Big Event with David Tutera here in Philly—or are aware that he and his bridal show are coming back to our fair city—but just in case this has slipped by you, we wanted to be sure and pass along all the details so that you, Philly’s spouses-to-be, can plan your Sunday accordingly.

Here’s the deal:

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PW Reader Ring: Leigh Ann & Bryan!

Leigh Ann's ring!

Leigh Ann’s ring!

The couple: Leigh Ann Penska and Bryan Mooney, from King of Prussia

The ring: My ring has an oval brilliant center diamond in a custom white-gold diamond setting. This past spring we spent a day on Jewelers’ Row and put it all together at Barsky Diamonds. The staff took the time to sit with us as they taught us all about the precious stones as we inspected them and looked through loupe. We both had tears in our eyes picking out the perfect diamond for my setting. It is the most captivating diamond ring I have ever seen. I can’t stop looking at the way it sparkles and shines and I’ve been glowing just as much as my diamond has since he put it on my finger.

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Newlyweds, Tell Us: What Do You Wish You Had Known Before Your Wedding?

Bride Groom


We like to do a little audience participation around here from time to time, and when we do, we like to compile our favorite answers of yours, and feature them on the back page of one of Philadelphia Wedding‘s twice-a-year issues.

Every time we’ve asked you to tell us something, we’ve ended up with really hilarious and helpful tales on topics like these:

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Here’s How to Get a Deal On Your Boudoir Photo Shoot With Philly’s Dollface Studio

Go on, book your shoot! Photo by Dollface Studio

Go on, book your shoot! Photo by Dollface Studio

You might find it strange that I have many times here in this space encouraged ladies to take their clothes off and get their picture taken, reader, but guess what? Here I am to do it again.

A few years ago, I put on my brave pants (well—er, I guess I kind of took them off) and did a boudoir photo shoot with the lovely ladies of Philly’s Dollface StudioI wrote this, so that you would know what it was really like to do one—and since then, have been a major proponent of doing a boudoir shoot at some point in your life, especially right before your wedding! It makes a great groom gift, you look great, and it’s just a really fun, girly, empowering, sexy thing to do before you walk down that aisle. (And judging by the web traffic my first-person account has gotten in the past few years, lots of you are curious about it.)

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It’s Almost Time for Philadelphia Wedding‘s Brides, Bubbly & Brunch!

It's almost time for Brides, Bubbly & Brunch!

It’s almost time for Brides, Bubbly & Brunch!

You guys! How are we talking about things happening in the fall already? How can we count the weekends ’til Labor Day on one hand? Why is Starbucks putting out the PSL in August this year? Craziness. All of it.

Well, I don’t know how, readers, but here we are, and that means it’s time to make all of the important announcements about one of our very favorite events of the year: Philadelphia Wedding‘s Brides, Bubbly & Brunch!

Here’s the deal!

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