PW Reader Ring: Caitlin & Steven!

Caitlin's ring!

Caitlin’s ring!

The couple: Caitlin Harvey and Steven Sztenderowicz, from Manayunk.

The ring: My ring is white gold with a round-cut center diamond with a halo of diamonds set around it. There is a sapphire set on each side of the diamond.

We had talked about getting engaged for a while, so I told him that I only had two requests of the ring: it had to have color and the diamonds had to be sustainably sourced. Steven designed my ring with the help of my best friend and the ring was made by Kranich’s Jewelers in State College.

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PW Reader Ring: Kierstin & Jeff!

Kierstin's ring!

Kierstin’s ring!

The couple: Kierstin Levan and Jeff Hildebrand, from Pottstown.

The ring: Jeff and I never went ring shopping together, but he knew of a few requests: I love rose gold and really wanted an oval cut stone. Well, I’m a lucky girl because he designed my ring with both in mind! He even added his own touches with seven side stones in the front and back. It jazzes up the bling, since the band is solid rose gold.

He asked one of my best friends to go with him to local jeweler, E.G. Landis in Boyertown and the rest is history. He did a fabulous job and the ring is everything I could have imagined.

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PW Reader Ring: Kelly & Mike!

Kelly's ring!

Kelly’s ring!

The couple: Kelly Ferguson and Mike McCarry, from Fort Washington.

The ring: My ring has a round solitaire diamond on a rose gold band, with a Tiffany setting. Mike picked the ring out along with his mom at Barsky Diamonds on Jewelers’ Row, which is the same place that his grandfather purchased his grandmother’s ring, and his father purchased his mother’s ring. While at the jeweler, his grandparent’s wedding song came on the radio. We like to think that this means that his grandfather, who passed away a few years ago, approves!

A few months ago Mike had asked me to show him a picture of my ideal ring so he could get some ideas. (Thanks, Pinterest!) To say he delivered is an understatement!

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PW Reader Ring: Erin & Brian!

Erin's ring!

Erin’s ring!

The couple: Erin Legg and Brian Forrest, from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring has an emerald-cut black diamond set in yellow gold with white diamonds on the sides. Brian designed it with a hint of my preferences! I picked out ring styles I liked on Pinterest, and I also told him that I like black and white diamonds with yellow gold. I just think those colors are very classic and will stand the test of time. He did the rest!

He found a perfect black diamond online, bought it, and then took it to a local jeweler on Jewelers’ Row, D’Antonio and Klein Jewelers. He then designed the rest with the classic setting.

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PW Reader Ring: Kimberly and Greg!

Kim's ring!

Kim’s ring!

The couple: Kimberly Knorr and Gregory Spaeter, from Warminster.

The ring: My ring has a pear-shaped diamond set in white gold accented with smaller chip diamonds in a unique band. Greg tells the story that he had a stone all picked out a few years ago and was going to go back to buy it—and then I happened to mention liking my mom’s engagement ring, which is a pear. Needless to say, he didn’t go back and then ended up waiting a few years before buying a ring.

The only tips I had given him were that I liked the pear-shape stone, and that I liked a simple band. He picked both without my help: He went with a friend to Jared the first time and picked the stone. And I believe he went back on his own to select the band. He said that they showed him many different bands before he finally found the one he liked! I know I said I wanted simple and I had told him that I didn’t want anything on the band—but once he gave it to me I was in love. I couldn’t have picked it better for myself!

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PW Reader Ring: Allie & Patrick!

Allie's ring!

Allie’s ring!

The couple: Allie Luceri and Patrick Rowley, from Fairmount.

The ring: My ring has a cushion-cut diamond surrounded by a diamond halo set in white gold. It’s by Henry Daussi. I absolutely love my ring—and I love that Patrick picked it out himself, without me! I think that makes the story so romantic.

We never went shopping together and I never left photos around, although I did occasionally share feedback on rings I did and didn’t like when appropriate—and Patrick is a very good listener, so I am sure he made note of these details. He is big on surprises and wouldn’t have wanted to pick something out together. I had shared photos of my dream ring with my sisters and mom, which I know they shared with him when the time was right.

He bought the ring at Benari Jewelers in Exton. The staff mentioned how detail oriented he was in selecting the perfect ring. It’s absolutely beautiful, classic, romantic, sparkly and timeless. It’s suits our relationships and my personality. After he proposed, he told me he wanted me to say Wow when I saw the ring—and let’s just say I still say Wow whenever I look down at my hand!

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PW Reader Ring: Samantha & Zachary!

Samantha's ring!

Samantha’s ring!

The couple: Samantha Michlovitz and Zachary Hammond, from South Jersey.

The ring: My ring has a center oval diamond with a diamond halo and smaller diamonds wrapped around the band. He even remembered that I love surprise diamonds, which can be found on the underside of the ring frame.

I love my ring! I know everyone says that about their ring but it’s so true! I knew I wanted an oval shaped diamond but I had a really hard time finding one. Zach and I went to three jewelers and none had an oval diamond ring for me to try on. It was discouraging. At best, they had oval emerald rings, so I tried that and kept reminding him to envision a similar shape and size but with a diamond. I tried different ornate bands but ultimately wanted something simple. I left these jewelers wondering if he really understood my vision.

When he proposed, one look at the ring and I knew he killed it. It was exactly what I wanted and more. Zach did his research before buying the ring and is now the expert on all things bling. He worked with Jewelry by Jakup in Wayne, New Jersey.

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PW Reader Ring: Cassandra & John!

Cassandra's ring!

Cassandra’s ring!

The couple: Cassandra McFarlane and John DiMartino, Jr., from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring has a round-cut diamond with a diamond cushion halo set on a platinum band. It’s truly a work of art, and just what I wanted

We had gone ring shopping at a few places a year before we got engaged, and I had found the style, diamond and setting of my dreams. John knows just how particular I am, and he wanted to be sure he had a clear understanding of what expectations I had. He ended up getting the ring from a small jeweler that we have a personal relationship with.

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Late December Bridal Trunk Shows

Imagine from the Monique Lhuillier Bliss Collection.

Imagine from the Monique Lhuillier Bliss Collection.

Bridal Garden, Marlton
December 16-19: Allure Design Plus-Size Bridal
You’ll receive special incentives to order the featured designer’s dresses during the trunk show; call to make an appointment.The Wedding Shoppe, Wayne

December 22-28: Monique Lhuillier Bliss Bridal Trunk Show

You’ll receive 10 percent savings if you order the featured designer’s dresses during the trunk show; call to make an appointment.

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PW Reader Ring: Ashley and Will!

Ashley's ring!

Ashley’s ring!

The couple: Ashley Scioli and Will Omlor, from West Chester.

The ring: My ring has a Gabriel & Co. round brilliant-cut diamond set with white-gold prongs on a rose gold band. Will bought the ring from Big Diamond Importers and Fine Jewelry in West Chester. I mentioned a few times I wanted something simple and liked rose gold, but he picked it out it all on his own! It is perfect and exactly what I wanted.

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