PW Reader Ring: Melissa & JJ!

Melissa's ring!

Melissa’s ring!

The couple: Melissa Roach and JJ Jordan, from Deptford.

The ring: My ring has a princess-cut solitaire set in white gold. The setting has character, which almost resembles an upside down heart. He had help picking out my ring from his mom and two sisters, but if you ask him, he will tell you he did it all on his own!

JJ did know what I wanted a princess cut—I am OCD for clean corners and symmetry—but the rest, I left to him. The ring is from Barsky Jewelers, where his dad bought his mother’s ring over 30 years ago.

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PW Reader Ring: Krista & Tim!

Krista's ring!

Krista’s ring!

The couple: Krista Ricca and Tim Maffiore, from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring has a round diamond with a diamond halo set in white gold. My mother helped Tim with the design, as the center stone is actually her and my father’s.

The ring was originally just the center stone—the halo design was all Tim’s idea, which changed the ring completely! (I did subtly leave some pictures around the house over the years.) He had the ring made at Billig Jewelers in Marlton.

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PW Reader Ring Kim & Henry!

Kim's ring!

Kim’s ring!

The couple: Kim Belcher and Henry Nace, from Downingtown.

The ring: My ring has a platinum French pavé setting with a round solitaire diamond. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to wear such a beautiful ring for the rest of my life.

If you ask Henry, he’d say that he looked at hundreds of different diamonds over the course span of a year. He couldn’t find exactly what he wanted anywhere, so his research ended up taking him to Blue Nile, where he meticulously hand-selected the solitaire and customized the ring. I have to give him major kudos because we never looked at rings, and I never gave him the slightest hint of what I wanted.

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PW Reader Ring: Brittany & Joshua!

Brittany's ring!

Brittany’s ring!

The couple: Brittany Christian and Joshua Bauers, from Woodbury.

The ring: My engagement ring has a round center stone with smaller diamonds encrusted on the white-gold band on each side. I wanted something unique but classic. Josh and I went looking at engagement rings once together to get an idea of what my style was, and as soon as I saw this setting, I fell in love.

Within the next few months, Josh did his own research and decided on the center diamond for the setting. (He took my cousins shopping with him for their input, as well.) He got the ring from a local jeweler called More Than Just Rings in Clementon, where my parents have been shopping for many years. (My mother’s engagement ring was also purchased here about 28 years ago!)

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PW Reader Ring: Lucia & Andrew!

Lucia's ring!

Lucia’s ring!

The couple: Lucia Brooks and Andrew Gershman, from Somerdale

The ring: My ring has a brilliant-cut diamond solitaire and ten round full cut diamonds down each side of the 14-karat yellow gold band. Andrew did a lot of researching about the world of diamonds before shopping! He knew exactly what to look for, and so my ring is near colorless and near flawless. I must admit, I love moving my hand around and watching all the prisms of light sparkling like crazy! He went shopping on his own, picked out this ring, and even had it sized perfectly. Although I had “casually” mentioned my ring size once or twice, he went one step further and covertly measured a ring I often wore on my right hand ring finger against his pinky.

Yes, there was a Pinterest board with examples of my ideal ring style; and yes, I made sure my mother and girlfriends knew about it in hopes they would feel inclined send him the link! He did say he consulted the board once or twice, but was confident he knew my style and personality so well that it wasn’t too necessary (and it’s true, you should see what he comes up with for birthdays and Christmas)! My engagement ring is the most beautiful creation I’ve ever seen. I am proud and overjoyed that he chose this ring and chose me.

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PW Reader Ring: Jade & Scott!

Jade's ring!

Jade’s ring!

The couple: Jade Barnes and Scott Herman, from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring is a marquise diamond in a custom-made horizontal platinum setting with a double halo. The marquise diamond was Scott’s Nana’s and I am in awe that I received such a beautiful diamond and family heirloom.

Scott and I always knew that we wanted to get married. In summer 2015 he started saying that he was thinking about what to say in his proposal. I thought that was very adorable, but he hadn’t gone ring shopping yet. This past January, I told Scott about DeSumma & Wexler on Jewelers’ Row. A friend of our’s had gone there so I thought the idea of using a recommended jeweler would be fun! I had offered to go with Scott but he went all on his own. (I like to think I gave him a little extra push!)

Scott went to Desumma & Wexler five different times to work on the ring design. Honestly, this is my dream ring and it’s more beautiful then I could have ever imagined!

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PW Reader Ring: Shiana & Zhiar!

Shiana's ring!

Shiana’s ring!

The couple: Shiana Muldowney and Zhiar, from Philadelphia

The ring: My ring has three princess-cut diamonds, each with their own halo, set in white gold. (There are princess-cut sapphires that sit below the bezel of the middle diamond, too.) It’s from the Vera Wang LOVE collection.

Zhiar and I had been together for four years, and I had been leaving hints for him—keeping pages of rings up on my computer, and so on. After about a year, he finally asked me to go with him to pick out a because he was so nervous about what I would like. So we went together to the Jared in Willow Grove with Vera Wang in mind, and picked it out together.

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PW Reader Ring: Leigh & Sam!

Leigh's ring!

Leigh’s ring!

The couple: Leigh Ferguson and Sam Foster, from Philadelphia

The ring: My ring has a radiant-cut diamond set in platinum with a double diamond eternity band. I am absolutely in love with it, and find myself staring at it most days. Sam and I talked about getting engaged for months and I basically told him exactly what I wanted (no shame in my game). If it’s going to be forever … I want to love it forever!

In my research, I came across jewelry designer Steven Kirch, who is based in New York, and fell in love with his work. He did a fabulous job catering to our needs and the ring is perfect in my eyes!

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PW Reader Ring: Kristen & Joshua!

Kristen's ring!

Kristen’s ring!

The couple: Kristen Kline and Joshua Carr, from Cherry Hill

The ring: My ring is a solid emerald-cut diamond with diamonds around the band. It’s gorgeous! I love old Hollywood glamor so I instantly fell in love with the elegant emerald cut. I had no idea, though, that Joshua was secretly meeting with Robert’s Fine Jewelry in Northfield to design the ring and pick the perfect stone. He brought his parents to help with the process and it’s just perfect.

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PW Reader Ring: Lan & Aric!

Lan's ring!

Lan’s ring!

The couple: Lan Ho and Aric Wei, from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring has nine small diamonds with a diamond halo set on a white-gold diamond double band. I love how the arrangement of the small diamonds results in a ring that shines just as brilliantly as one large diamond!

Aric proposed without a ring. After I said “Yes!” (of course!), he told me that he wanted to shop for the ring with me so that we would both feel confident that the ring would be the perfect ring for me. Who knew we were a part of a growing trend of couples buying engagement rings together! I had not started a Pinterest board of my dream wedding before the proposal. (Actually, Pinterest overwhelmed us with ring designs, terminology—you name it!)

Ring shopping at a brick-and-mortar jewelry store was tremendously helpful since I got to actually try on different ring styles. I don’t wear rings, so I needed to try a lot of styles on to get a sense of what I wanted. We both had a lot of fun—even Aric tried on wedding bands!—and ended up getting our ring at Helzburg Diamonds in North Wales.

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