PW Reader Ring: Emily & Vince!

Emily's ring!

Emily’s ring!

The couple: Emily Schriner and Vince Kuperavage, from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring is a solitaire pear -haped diamond with a rose gold Tacori band. Vince picked it out himself. He did an amazing job and I couldn’t ask for a more perfect ring! I love rose gold, which he knew because my watch is also rose gold. Vince was recently relocated to Atlanta for his job, so the ring is actually from a jeweler in Atlanta, Solomon Brothers.

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PW Reader Ring: Dana & Alex!

Dana's ring!

Dana’s ring!

The couple: Dana Ross and Alex Veston, from Delran.

The ring: My ring has a round diamond set in white gold with a diamond halo and diamond band. Alex designed it at James Jewelers in Parsippany—he hand-picked the stone in the shop and then they custom-ordered the ring.

We never went shopping together, though I had mentioned I liked round diamonds. It ended up being exactly what I would have picked out if I had gone my self!

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PW Reader Ring: Stephanie & Jim!

Stephanie's ring!

Stephanie’s ring!

The couple: Stephanie Vozzi and Jim Emme, from Northeast Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring has a princess-cut single solitaire diamond set on a white-gold band. I had let him know in subtle conversation once or twice that I would love a princess cut solitaire Most days he doesn’t listen to things I babble on about, but he must have saved that comment for when the time came!

Russ from Steven Singer Jewelers helped him pick it out after Jim got the official approval from both sets of my parents.

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PW Reader Ring: Taylor & Lex!

Taylor's ring!

Taylor’s ring!

The couple: Taylor Smithson and Lex Nikpour, from Fitler Square.

The ring: My ring has a cushion-cut diamond set in platinum, with a diamond halo. It’s now my most favorite item that I own, especially because Lex designed the ring by himself, with the help of Peter Cooke at Cooke & Berlinger in Haverford. He met with them a couple of times to look at diamonds and design the perfect ring, and had a great time.

Little did I know that anytime I gush over rings on billboards or magazines, he was secretly taking very diligent mental notes and remembering anything I would say about the rings I liked. (I’m always just talking about things I see and love, I never imagined I was helping him with his proposal!)

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PW Reader Ring: Anna Marie & Joseph!

Anna's ring!

Anna’s ring!

The couple: Anna Marie Cifelli and Joseph Maglio, from South Philly.

The ring: My ring has a cushion-cut diamond set on a platinum band. Since we first met, we always talked about getting married, but before we got engaged, he had started asking questions about what style ring I liked, what size ring I wore, and so on.

I would often tag him on Lauren B Jewelry Instagram account, because I always thought their rings were stunning! So with help of the guys at DeSimone Jewelers on Jewelers’ Row and a picture from Lauren B’s Instagram, they created my ring! I still look down at it everyday and I am just in awe!

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PW Reader Ring: Emily & Riley!

Emily's ring!

Emily’s ring!

The couple: Emily Mannix and Riley Baver, from Radnor.

The ring: It’s perfect! Riley took a few not-so-subtle hints from me about how I wanted a single diamond on a white-gold band, and added a few of his own ideas—with a bit of help from his dad and Bob at Steven Singer Jewelers. It had to be resized (twice), but now it’s perfect and shiny and I get caught staring at it all too often.

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PW Reader Ring: Lindsay & Daniel!

Lindsay's ring!

Lindsay’s ring!

The couple: Lindsay Forman and Daniel Capecci, from Cherry Hill.

The ring: My ring has a platinum setting with a cushion-cut diamond and several little diamonds along the front half of the band. The setting is Tacori, and he did a really great job. Danny went to Jay Roberts in Cherry Hill with with my parents to initially start picking out the ring, but he made the final decision all by himself.

We hadn’t really talked about what I wanted in a ring all too much, just the subtle hint here and there. He had a general idea of the ring I wanted but confirmed it by sneaking into my phone to send himself a collection of screenshots I may or may not have had stashed there. I couldn’t be happier with the final result! It’s everything I could ever want in a ring.

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PW Reader Ring: Ashley & Kyle!

Ashley's ring!

Ashley’s ring!

The couple: Ashley Leoncini and Kyle Shollock from Northern Liberties.

The ring: My ring is a pear-shaped solitaire on a platinum petite cathedral style setting. I’ve always wanted a pear ring since I was a little girl; I once bought a $6 costume ring with a big pear rhinestone and always said that when I grew up I wanted the real thing.

We originally went to Barksy’s to look at various shapes and bands and Kyle was so happy that I wanted a different shape than what most people have and a solitaire so that the diamond itself could steal the show. He ended up designing my ring by himself on Blue Nile—I had no clue!

The proposal: I was completely caught off guard by the proposal. In fact, that morning I was kind of pestering him because my sister was leaving the following week to go to Italy for nine months and I was sad when he told me he wasn’t going to be able to do it before she left. (He later joked that the ring was sitting two feet from me!)

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PW Reader Ring: Brittany & Kim!

Brittany's ring!

Brittany’s ring!

The couple: Brittany McLaughlin and Kim Waiters from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring has three round diamonds on a white-gold setting with diamond halos and diamonds going around the band.

We had been discussing rings and a proposal, and we picked a ring out together at Zales that I thought I loved. He actually just used the ring I picked out as a guide, though, and picked out one by himself based on my taste. My ring is absolutely stunning and I love the one that he got ten times more than the one I picked out … I think it’s more beautiful and unique, and I also love that he did it by himself!

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PW Reader Ring: Jessica & Brendan!

Jessica's ring!

Jessica’s ring!

The couple: Jessica Gonsalves and Brendan Kerin, Manayunk.

The ring: My ring has an emerald-cut center stone on a white-gold split-shank setting to best show off the diamond he obsessed over picking out. I love it and I love hearing him explain how many hours and days he researched emerald-cut diamonds to make sure he’d choose the right one for me. Brendan’s an engineer, so everything down to how he brushes his teeth has to make logical sense, so I knew that no matter what he chose for me, it would be stunning and display his creative side. He got it at Marks Jewelers in Montgomeryville.

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