PW Reader Ring: Erin & Mario!

Erin's ring!

Erin’s ring!

The couple: Erin Kowalsky and Mario Candelaria, from North Wales.

The ring: My ring has a natural ruby center stone set in yellow gold with a diamond halo. I had let him know that I didn’t want a diamond as a center stone. I’m not a huge fan of them, and everyone has one, which I feel takes the uniqueness away.

So I went online to Angara and designed a ruby ring—I love rubies, and it’s both of our birthstone. I showed him a picture of it, he took a mental note, and then bought it some time in the next six months!

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PW Reader Ring: Amber & Brian!

Amber's ring!

Amber’s ring!

The couple: Amber Lutz and Brian Leahy, from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring is a double French-set diamond “V” engagement ring with an oval center stone surrounded. It’s all set in white gold. It’s perfect! My best friend since I was 12 years old helped Brian pick out the ring. He ordered it from Ritani.

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PW Reader Ring: Karissa & Tanner!

Karissa's ring!

Karissa’s ring!

The couple: Karissa Stevens and Tanner Comfort, from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring had a pear shaped diamond surrounded by a diamond halo, set in white gold with diamonds comprising the undercarriage. I did mention that I would like a pear-shape, and we went searching for rings together one Sunday afternoon. We stopped at three places on Jewelers’ Row, the last being Steven Singer.

Turns out, Tanner went back the very next weekend to Steven Singer, and one of the pear stones that we looked at was the one that he bought! He helped to design the setting, and then brought his mother and godmother with him to pick it up several weeks later.

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PW Reader Ring: Rachel & Justin!

Rachel's ring!

Rachel’s ring!

The couple: Rachel Sanceciz and Justin Rothman, from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring has a pear-shaped diamond in a custom white-gold setting with a halo.

The center diamond is a family heirloom that was given to us by my fiancé’s mother. When she offered it to us last year, I couldn’t believe it! Justin then worked with B&E Jewelers in Southampton to design a custom setting for the stone (I think Pinterest helped him a little bit along the way). I still can’t get over how beautiful my ring is. It’s absolutely perfect.

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PW Reader Ring: Jackie & Frank!

Jackie's ring!

Jackie’s ring!

The couple: Jackie Baik and Frank Kemp, from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring is a radiant-cut diamond set with two trillion cut side stones on a gold band with a white-gold setting. I had a picture of a ring that I loved on my phone, and my best friend Kerri sent it to Frank, titling the picture “Your Future.”

So when it came down to getting the ring, Frank took Kerri’s husband Henry to go ring shopping with him, because he know that Kerri would give away the surprise! He worked with Joe from Barsky Diamonds who saw two lost looking guys walking on Jewelers’ Row and figured they needed some help!

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PW Reader Ring: Andi & Ben!

Andi's ring!

Andi’s ring!

The couple: Andi Lucas and Ben Schmerin from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring has a brilliant-cut oval center stone in a platinum setting surrounded by two kite-shaped diamonds. Ben definitely knew I wanted an oval ring, and I had showed him my Pinterest page with a few different rings I had seen and liked. I also have always loved the three-diamond look and symbolism (past, present, future), but Ben was never into the three-oval idea, preferring the look of a more traditional single-stone engagement ring.

Well, once he realized realized he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, he got his parents involved (so precious!) and headed out to start looking at some rings. They ended up at a family-owned jeweler in Delaware called Indulgence Jewelers, where Ben could really be a part of the process, picking out exactly which stones he wanted, what settings, and everything.

So he designed this ring for me, and it’s absolutely stunning and everything I could ever want to wear every day for the rest of my life!

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PW Reader Ring: Gabrielle & John!

Gabrielle's ring!

Gabrielle’s ring!

The couple: Gabrielle Vargas and John Graziul from South Jersey.

The ring: My ring is 14-karat-white-gold; the main stone is from John’s mother’s ring and the smaller stones are from his grandmother’s wedding ring. I had shown his mom a few of the rings I liked from the Cartier Great Gatsby collection when the movie was out (who didn’t want one of those?), and she made a mental note. I had also commented to him from time to time about a few of my friend’s engagement rings.

John’s mother and little sister went with him to get the ring made especially for me by the amazing jewelry Gary Spivak at Family & Co. Jewelers in Marlton.

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PW Reader Ring: Dana & Bobby!

Dana's ring!

Dana’s ring!

The couple: Dana Ritchie and Robert Colona, Mount Ephraim.

The ring: My ring has a cushion-cut diamond set in rose gold with a diamond halo. Bobby worked with our friend Dave to make it; he grew up in a family jewelry business in Philadelphia and makes rings as a hobby.

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PW Reader Ring: Fran & Anthony!

Fran's ring!

Fran’s ring!

The couple: Fran Burns and Anthony Berry, from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring is a circular solitaire surrounded by a bunch of small diamonds in a double halo; it’s more than I would’ve ever imagined. Anthony went to our friend and jeweler, Chris at Gem Crafters, and they designed the ring together based off of a picture he and I had seen years ago.

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PW Reader Ring: Jamie & Michael!

Jamie's ring!

Jamie’s ring!

The couple: Jamie Mulhare and Michael Podgajny, Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring has a pear-shaped diamond nestled into a white-gold vintage setting with six prongs and four delicately placed diamonds on either side. I fell in love with the pear shape because of my mother’s engagement ring and knew that I wanted a ring that reflected her style and our relationship. I also love that the cut is unique!

Michael and I talked about a pear-shaped ring for a long time, so he definitely was well informed that a pear was the cut to go with! He, too, liked the idea that not many women of our generation had that such a vintage look.

Originally, I had been pretty set on the idea of a simple, thin gold band to accent the diamond, but that changed when my friend/future sister-in-law and I stumbled into Barsky’s to “look around” one Saturday morning. As we were about to walk out, we decided to look at a pretty vintage setting that caught my eye and then everything changed! I was in love. She communicated the excitement to Michael and he took it from there, putting his own taste into the chosen setting.

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