PW Reader Ring: Brittany & Dale!

Brittany's ring!

Brittany’s ring!

The couple: Brittany Casee and Dale Schlegel from Northeast Philly.

The ring: My ring is a diamond solitaire in a white-gold cathedral setting with a twisted shank. It also has a hidden infinity symbol and small diamond on each side.

The ring is custom designed from Steven Singer Jewelers—I think of it as a beautifully classic style with a slightly modern twist! We had gone ring shopping once before and Dale had made note of what I liked and had this made incorporating all of those ideas.

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PW Reader Ring: Jaclyn & Greg!

Jaclyn's ring!

Jaclyn’s ring!

The couple: Jaclyn Rosenberg and Greg Rubin from Elkins Park.

The ring: My ring has a cushion-cut center diamond with a diamond halo, set in a white-gold band with diamonds. It’s everything I could want and more!

My sister and I went ring shopping a few months before I got engaged, and I absolutely fell in love with this ring at Steven Singer Jeweler. Little did I know that my fiancé was going back there with my sister a few days later to get a ring—but he upgraded it with a bigger center stone than the one I originally saw! While I never left him hints, my sister knew exactly what I wanted and he was smart enough to use that when he decided to shop for a ring.

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PW Reader Ring: Christine & Dustin!

Christine's ring!

Christine’s ring!

The couple: Christine Sweeney and Dustin Steerman, from Manayunk.

The ring: My ring is a Henri Daussi Signature cushion-cut with a diamond halo on a diamond band from Benari in Newtown Square.

When my fiance and I looked at rings together, and this one was by far my favorite and stood out from all the others I tried on! About a month later, Dustin went back and purchased the ring to surprise me with during his proposal.

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PW Reader Ring: Michelle & Michael!

Michelle's ring!

Michelle’s ring!

The couple: Michelle DiIorio and Michael Hennessey from Manayunk.

The ring: My ring is a princess-cut diamond solitaire in a cathedral setting.  The band is white gold and has diamonds across it, making the solitaire diamond pop even more! The ring is exactly how I described it to him: my dream ring!

Mike is a teacher and has the summers off. So one summer day, he traveled back to his hometown during to go to his family jeweler, Murphy Jewelers in Hamburg, and I had no idea he even went, because he travelled there and back before I even returned from work!

Although he knew exactly what I wanted, his parents met him at the jeweler each time he went and helped him choose the perfect ring. It too him two different trips to pick it out!

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PW Reader Ring: Kathleen & Greg!

Kathleen's ring!

Kathleen’s ring!

The couple: Kathleen Tower and Greg Celano from Voorhees.

The ring: My ring is a diamond solitaire set in a platinum band with five smaller diamonds on each side—it looks like it came straight off my Pinterest board.

My dad’s best friend is a jeweler—Terrone Jewelers in Brick, NJ—so from the moment Greg and I first discussed getting married, he knew he had to go there for the ring. It made the most sense to me for him to go to someone we can trust—neither of us knew anything about diamonds! Greg secretly drove up to Terrone Jewelers and spent several hours learning about diamonds and picking out the perfect one to create my ring.

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PW Reader Ring: Stephanie & Steven!

Stephanie's beautiful ring!

Stephanie’s beautiful ring!

The couple: Stephanie Ubele and Steven Krawulski, from Northern Liberties

The ring: My pear-shaped ring with an invisible setting is from Barsky Diamonds—Nate Barsky definitely worked his tail off to make my ring just right. I’ve always wanted a pear and was so happy that my fiancé listened!

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PW Reader Ring: Lauren & Jeffrey!

Lauren's ring! Photo by Tara Beth Photography.

Lauren’s ring! Photo by Tara Beth Photography.

The couple: Lauren Schott and Jeffrey Sheehan, from Philadelphia

The ring: My ring is white gold with an oval diamond center stone, and six diamond side stones coming to points on the right and left.

I knew I wanted an oval or emerald cut, but it was ultimately Jeff’s choice! I had tried on some rings while we were in Las Vegas the summer before our engagement, but I could never have imagined such a beautiful choice! Jeff actually got it while on vacation in the Cayman Islands with some of his friends. He chose the center stone first, and paired it with this setting to make it a one-of-a-kind ring.

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PW Reader Ring: Alex & Josh!

Alex's ring!

Alex’s ring!

The couple: Alex Dalgliesh and Josh Pardue from Newtown Square.

The ring: My ring is a round, brilliant-cut diamond set in four prongs with a pave 14-karat white-gold band. My fiance, Josh, picked it entirely on his own. He won’t make any big purchase without becoming an expert on what he’s buying, and this was no exception! He learned everything there was to know about diamonds (including which “C” was most important to him!) before selecting the center stone, and then he picked out a matching band. His attention to detail was spot on —it’s exactly what I had always wanted: elegant and classic, with a lot of sparkle!

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PW Reader Ring: Katie & Franc!

Katie's ring!

Katie’s ring!

The couple: Katie Sieckman and Franc Marmero, Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring is a radiant-cut diamond with a French-cut diamond pave band. It’s perfect and I love the thought that went into it.

Franc and I have been together for almost 10 years now, and the last time we were in a jewelry store together was about three years ago. I always thought I wanted a halo, something more antique in style, but when I put it on my hand I just knew it wasn’t me. I also knew I wanted something that was not set too high, and either a plain or diamond band, but didn’t see anything that really made up my mind.

Fast forward a few years, and Franc started visiting jewelers. After going to multiple places, he ended up at Barsky on Jewelers’ Row, working with Nathan Barsky to find just the right ring. He’s an engineer, and nothing less than perfect will ever do, and I have since heard that he was once in there for about five hours designing, planning, asking women in the store to try it on and tell him how it felt, etc. Plus, it took him months to find a diamond he was happy with. (After giving it to me, he couldn’t wait to tell me this whole story and all the details.)

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PW Reader Ring: Christina & Rob!

Christina's ring!

Christina’s ring!

The couple: Christina Pagano and Rob Grundlock, from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring is an oval-cut solitaire set with six prongs on a white-gold band. For my birthday last winter, Rob took me to brunch at Talula’s Garden and then afterwards, took me to Jewelers’ Row to look at rings. We agreed from the start what type of ring we both liked, and what we were looking for. Of course, from that day on I began looking for signs of a ring box in his pocket!

Rob actually ended up using a private jeweler to get the ring, and while it is not one of the ones we looked at, it is perfect and exactly what I had hoped for!

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