PW Reader Ring: Kristen & Joshua!

Kristen's ring!

Kristen’s ring!

The couple: Kristen Kline and Joshua Carr, from Cherry Hill

The ring: My ring is a solid emerald-cut diamond with diamonds around the band. It’s gorgeous! I love old Hollywood glamor so I instantly fell in love with the elegant emerald cut. I had no idea, though, that Joshua was secretly meeting with Robert’s Fine Jewelry in Northfield to design the ring and pick the perfect stone. He brought his parents to help with the process and it’s just perfect.

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PW Reader Ring: Lan & Aric!

Lan's ring!

Lan’s ring!

The couple: Lan Ho and Aric Wei, from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring has nine small diamonds with a diamond halo set on a white-gold diamond double band. I love how the arrangement of the small diamonds results in a ring that shines just as brilliantly as one large diamond!

Aric proposed without a ring. After I said “Yes!” (of course!), he told me that he wanted to shop for the ring with me so that we would both feel confident that the ring would be the perfect ring for me. Who knew we were a part of a growing trend of couples buying engagement rings together! I had not started a Pinterest board of my dream wedding before the proposal. (Actually, Pinterest overwhelmed us with ring designs, terminology—you name it!)

Ring shopping at a brick-and-mortar jewelry store was tremendously helpful since I got to actually try on different ring styles. I don’t wear rings, so I needed to try a lot of styles on to get a sense of what I wanted. We both had a lot of fun—even Aric tried on wedding bands!—and ended up getting our ring at Helzburg Diamonds in North Wales.

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PW Reader Ring: Shannon & Ryan!

Shannon's ring!

Shannon’s ring!

The couple: Shannon Moore and Ryan Cala from Philadelphia

The ring: My ring has a cushion-cut diamond with a diamond halo set in white gold with a twisted diamond band. We picked my ring out together after searching bit, and we both love it. We picked this ring out with the incredible assistance of Jay from Jay Roberts Jewelers in Marlton.

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PW Reader Ring: Sarah & Tony!

Sarah's ring!

Sarah’s ring!

The couple: Sarah Weyand and Tony May, from Abington

The ring: My ring has a round diamond with a diamond halo set on a rose gold and with pavé diamonds. When we began talking about getting married one day about two years into our relationship, I mentioned that I wanted a rose-gold ring with a really thin band. We went to a few jewelry stores to try on different styles and get a final answer on what size ring I wear, and he eventually had my ring custom-made at Jared’s in Willow Grove, where a friend of Tony’s works. I love my ring so much—but especially love the delicate detailing under the center stone.

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PW Reader Ring: Leigh Ann & Bryan!

Leigh Ann's ring!

Leigh Ann’s ring!

The couple: Leigh Ann Penska and Bryan Mooney, from King of Prussia

The ring: My ring has an oval brilliant center diamond in a custom white-gold diamond setting. This past spring we spent a day on Jewelers’ Row and put it all together at Barsky Diamonds. The staff took the time to sit with us as they taught us all about the precious stones as we inspected them and looked through loupe. We both had tears in our eyes picking out the perfect diamond for my setting. It is the most captivating diamond ring I have ever seen. I can’t stop looking at the way it sparkles and shines and I’ve been glowing just as much as my diamond has since he put it on my finger.

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PW Reader Ring: Julie & Tiel!

Julia's ring!

Julia’s ring!

The couple: Julia Neuberger and Tiel Landwehr, from South Jersey.

The ring: I had shown him one picture of a ring: It had a diamond in the shape of a heart. I thought it was so cute! Except he didn’t seem interested in looking at it at all and didn’t mention anything more about it—never asked a ring size, nothing.

He ended up going to a local jeweler, Davidson Jewelers, where his best friend bought his fiance’s engagement ring, about a week before proposing. He went in looking for a heart-shaped diamond ring. Unfortunately, they didn’t carry those, but the employee helped him pick out the most gorgeous ring ever! Plus, it ended up fitting perfectly.

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PW Reader Ring: Katie & Bill!

Katie's ring!

Katie’s ring!

The couple: Katie Boosz and Bill Artzerounian, from Ambler.

The ring: My ring is from Benari Jewelers in Exton. We had discussed what I was looking for, and Bill nailed it. He found a beautifully simple solitaire in platinum. He did weeks of diamond research and told the folks at Benari exactly what he was looking for. They shipped in three different stones and the result is a classic round, ideal cut diamond that I couldn’t be any happier with.

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PW Reader Ring: Holly & Ben!

Holly's ring!

Holly’s ring!

The couple: Holly Orr and Ben Ashton, from Philadelphia.

The ring: Ben and I had gone to Steven Singer on Jeweler’s Row a few months before he proposed, and I fell in love with this rose gold ring (it’s called the Olivia ring). I always wanted rose gold, because it is what I usually wear, and it seems sort of classic with a twist.

I let Ben decide if that was the ring he wanted to get, and I am so happy that he did! I liked it in both white and rose gold, and am really glad he chose rose gold. It makes my ring feel that much more special since it is less common. The staff at Steven Singer was great and so helpful to us, kept us in budget and cared about what we both wanted.

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PW Reader Ring: Victoria & Zachary!

Vicky's ring!

Vicky’s ring!

The couple: Victoria Cozens and Zachary Waxman, from Fishtown.

The ring: Zach picked out the ring with help from his mom, dad and sister; it’s from Sydney Rosen Company on Jewelers’ Row. I had always (not so subtly) talked about my perfect engagement ring, and he listened! This is my dream ring.

I was told later on that Zach was very particular about the details and made sure it was perfect for me. I couldn’t be happier with this gorgeous ring!

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