PW Reader Ring: Erika & Ellis!

Erika's ring!

Erika’s ring!

The couple: Erika Hafetz and Ellis Geer, from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring has a round brilliant center diamond with a cushion diamond halo set in a platinum, split-shank, micro-pave setting. Ellis designed the ring completely by himself with a jeweler at Rosenberg Diamond Company on Jewelers’ Row! He told me how incredible it was to get really precise digital versions of what the ring would look like because then there was no guessing of how the actual ring was going to look.

We were never really subtle about talking about getting engaged. One night, Ellis asked me what my dream ring would look like. I asked him what he thought it would look like. His response: “Gold, thick band, with an oval diamond.” Even though that would make a beautiful ring, he couldn’t have described something more different than what I had imagined. When I told him that, he asked me to send him photos of what I liked.

I sent him two photos a few days later after going to try on different rings by myself. (Note to future brides: That’s the best thing I did! Sometimes what you see on Pinterest doesn’t look as good on your finger!) I didn’t want to send a whole bunch of pictures and make it confusing for him (which could result in something unexpected).

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PW Reader Ring: Alicia & Kevin!

Alicia's ring!

Alicia’s ring!

The couple: Alicia Torpey and Kevin McLeish, Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring has a princess0cut center stone with six smaller diamonds on each side of the band. We had never gone out looking at rings ,and I never showed him any pictures. When we talked about getting married, I mentioned the type of ring I like. From what I told him, he picked out my ring on his own (he went to Harzin Jewelers on Sansom), and the ring he chose was exactly what I pictured for myself.

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PW Reader Ring: Azamir & Mark!

Azamir's room!

Azamir’s room!

The couple: Azamir Green and Mark Cruz from Spring Garden.

The ring: My ring is a round diamond in a cushion-cut halo setting with a diamond band, which Mark purchased from Canzi Creations on Jewelers’ Row. It was a great recommendation from his longtime childhood friend, and my ring is just gorgeous!

Mark picked out my ring completely on his own; he asked my father for some advice on what type of ring he thought I would like but my dad wasn’t much help!
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PW Reader Ring: Jenna & Brian!

Jenna's ring!

Jenna’s ring!

The coupleJenna Sheridan and Brian Murphy from Hatfield.

The ring: My ring is a white gold cushion-shaped halo surrounding a round brilliant diamond, with a triple band. I swore for years that I wanted a solitaire round diamond, but when I went and tried that style on, I hated the way it looked on my finger.

We went to Steven Singer Jewelers together one Saturday and there were a few rings that I liked. The salesman said he had one that he thought I would love but it was over our budget and he didn’t want me to fall in love with it unless Brian was OK with it. Brian said yes and as soon as the ring was within two feet of me I knew it was the one. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much. It didn’t hurt that Brian loved it too!

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PW Reader Ring: Heather & Michael!

Heather's ring!

Heather’s ring!

The couple: Heather Vanolinda and Michael Vann from Norristown and West Philadelphia.

The ring: Mike and I both love to shop and we have a great sense of each other’s style and taste—any time we walk past a jewelry store we’re always attracted to the same piece of jewelry, whether it’s a necklace, pair of earrings, or a ring. My engagement ring is a princess cut diamond frame three-piece bridal set in white gold that Mike picked out all on his own from the Zale’s Outlet at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets.

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PW Reader Ring: Deonna & Sean!

Deonna's ring!

Deonna’s ring!

The couple: Deonna Baquero and Sean Wolf, from Marlton.

The ring: My ring is a round brilliant diamond with a custom halo setting into a split shank holding round diamonds.. It was a complete surprise! Sean designed it with some help from his friend who’s a jeweler at Sage Jewelers. I had showed him rings I liked before, and he took his favorite elements and created his very own masterpiece. The ring is perfect! I couldn’t be more grateful for the time and energy he spent creating this one of a kind engagement ring.

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PW Reader Ring: Christian & Brad!


Christian’s ring!

The couple: Christian Mayurnik and Brad Rink from Northern Liberties.

The ring: My ring is white gold with a  cushion-cut center stone with individually set diamonds along the band. Brad picked it out and designed it himself after two years of me emailing and tagging him in pictures of my dream ring. He had never wanted to go shopping for rings but he is a great listener and great at taking some not-so-subtle hints. Billy Lynch, the owner of Golden Impulse in Media, helped to make my dream ring.

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PW Reader Ring: Kelly Ann & Andrew!

Kelly's ring!

Kelly’s ring!

The couple: Kelly Ann Knorr and Andrew Laba from Willow Grove.

The ring: My ring features a round diamond surrounded by a floral setting and two sapphires on each side, all set in white gold. Andrew says he loves the sapphires because they remind him of my blue eyes, and they are his favorite thing about me.

We had looked at rings a few times, but the process was very overwhelming for me. We found my ring while shopping in Lancaster. He picked it out, and when I put it on, we both fell in love with it. Apparently, though, when he went to buy the ring, he was going to choose a different one—but the salesman told him not to! He said that if we had already found one we both love that he was ahead of the game! I am sure glad he listened because I am obsessed with my gorgeous ring and have gotten so many compliments on it!

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PW Reader Ring: Kristen & Andrew!

Kristen's ring!

Kristen’s ring!

The couple: Kritsen Oshansky and Andrew Driver, from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring has a round diamond set in platinum with eight smaller diamonds on each side. After we had been dating for three years, we knew getting engaged was our next step—and after I had sent Andrew a few hints and ideas of ring styles I like, Andrew admitted to not knowing much about diamonds or rings, so we decided to go shopping.

A few of our married friends had referred us to Joe Bucci of Bucci’s Jewelry & Design in Conshohocken, so we went to meet Joe, and he made us both feel so comfortable, and also gave us a crash course in Diamonds 101. Andrew and Joe had a private conversation that day, and I assume the magic started to happen from there. After leaving there that day I felt confident that Andrew had a good idea of the perfect ring for me. Over the course of the next few weeks, Joe and Andrew designed my ring and diligently picked out the most perfect center diamond.

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PW Reader Ring: Nikole & David!

Nikole's ring!

Nikole’s ring!

The couple: Nikole Cabrera and David Domke, from Newtown.

The ring: My ring is rose gold, with a pink diamond center stone that’s surrounded by morganites. David worked with his sister-in-law—they looked at my Pinterest page, and then he ordered it online. He figured out my size by putting my college ring on his pinky to see how it fit. He said that once it arrived, he knew it was perfect. It’s very simple and romantic, but totally me.

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