PW Reader Ring: Kelly & Neil!

Kelly's ring!

Kelly’s ring!

The couple: Kelly Appino and Neil Otte of Philadelphia

The ring: My ring is a cushion-cut solitaire with pave diamonds on a white-gold band. And it’s all the way from San Francisco!

Neil’s parents live out there, where he was able to connect with a wonderful jeweler, Amir Mozaffarian. Neil and I had looked at rings, and he had a few hints as to what I wanted: a very thin and dainty diamond band, with a cushion-cut diamond. Neil was able to work with Amir through phone calls and pictures emailed back and forth to create my perfect ring!

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PW Reader Ring: Nicole & Benjamin!

Nicole's ring!

Nicole’s ring!

The couple: Nicole Chiaravalloti and Benjamin Gray of Lindenwold, NJ.

The ring: My Neil Lane ring has a 14k white gold twisted band with diamonds all along the band. The center diamond is princess cut, surrounded by a halo of diamonds.  I showed Ben what I wanted and he remembered.

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PW Reader Ring: Lauren & Ben!

Lauren's ring!

Lauren’s ring!

The couple: Lauren Ellis and Ben Scott, Philadelphia

The ring: My ring features Ben’s 90-year-old grandmother’s diamond from her engagement ring. She gave it to Ben, and then one of their relatives who works in a jewelry shop where Ben is from in Maryland custom-made the ring in a Tiffany design from the 1920s. It has six diamonds altogether in an 18-karat-gold setting.

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PW Reader Ring: Anna & Ken!

Anna's ring!

Anna’s ring!

The couple: Anna Silvestera and Ken DiGiambattista, Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring is white gold, and has a center diamond surrounded by a double halo. Ken picked it out all by himself; he described one of my favorite rings that I wear all of the time (a vintage marcasite and diamond ring) to the jeweler to give them a starting point. And although he didn’t have a custom design, we were told there was no other ring like this one anywhere.

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PW Reader Ring: Cat & Joe!

Cat's ring!

Cat’s ring!

The couple: Cat McQuail and Joe Hauschildt from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring is a pear-shaped solitaire diamond set in white-gold prongs on a yellow-gold band. My fiancé picked it out on his own, but called one of my good friends right before he bought it to confirm he was making the right choice.

While we had talked about rings in the past, we had never been shopping together and my Pinterest “Put a Ring On It” pinboard was private, so there’s no way he could have seen my ring pins—but luckily for me, his selection mirrored the rings I pinned on my secret board! As a recent law school grad, he likes to do his due diligence, so he did a lot of research and then purchased the ring online.

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PW Reader Ring: Maura & Derrell!

Maura's ring!

Maura’s ring!

The couple: Maura Burns and Derrell Thompson, from Conshohocken.

The ring: My ring is a princess-cut solitaire diamond with platinum prongs on a white gold band. Derrell picked it out from Kay Jewelers. He knew I wanted something simple and classic, so he passed on some options with multiple diamonds and went for the style he knew I’d like best.

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PW Reader Ring: Kathleen & John!

Kathleen's ring!

Kathleen’s ring!

The couple: Kathleen Beyer and John Politsky from Moorestown.

The ring: My ring is the Tacor Dantela ring in white gold with a round brilliant stone in the center with diamonds all around it.

John picked out the ring. I told him once that I loved the designs of the brand Tacori for their vintage look, but that he didn’t have to get the brand, just that I loved all the styles. (I had gone and looked and showed my best friend what I liked, then she secretly contacted him and said she’d help him if he wanted.)

He got the ring from Golden Nugget in Philly. They are so great there.

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PW Reader Ring: Amy & Tom!

Amy's ring!

Amy’s ring!

The couple: Amy Bloomfield and Tom Curry, Northeast Philly.

The ring: My ring is a round solitaire diamond on a 14-karat white-gold band. Tom designed it through Blue Nile. We dated for six years prior to getting engaged so he knew exactly what I was hopping for: a timeless engagement ring that I would cherish forever! He has similar taste when it comes to rings, and after a ton of research and shopping around, he was set on this style.

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PW Reader Ring: Sara and Justin!

Sara's ring!

Sara’s ring!

The couple: Sara Kessinger and Justin Rosenbaum

The ring: The gorgeous center diamond in my ring is a fourth-generation stone passed down from my fiancé’s great-grandmother to his grandmother to his father to him! The stone is a miners-cut diamond—the pre-cursor to today’s cushion, and it’s set in white gold with a halo of diamonds.

What really blows my mind is that this stone was very likely cut by hand. My fiancé worked with a local family friend, Stephen McCarthy Goldsmith in Newtown Square, to reset the stone in my dream setting. He took me shopping to get an idea of what I liked, but never told me he had his grandmother’s diamond! It was such a wonderful surprise and the most beautiful way to be welcomed into his family. I think about Dora and Rosalind Rosenbaum every time I look at my hand.

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