How to Choose Your Reception Style: Buffet, Family-Style or Plated



There are quite a few variations on the wedding reception dinner, and at least as many reasons to go with one over the other. Maybe you’ve got a giant guest list for a celebration you’re starting later in the evening, and it just makes sense to go with a cocktail party. If your wedding is very formal and traditional, chances are you’ll do a seated, multi-course dinner—and if you’re throwing a rustic outdoor celebration, family style is such a sweet way to serve your meal.

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9 Tips for Freezing—and Defrosting—Your Wedding Cake for Your First Anniversary 



The Washington Post mused today on whether the whole freezing the top tier of your wedding cake for the purposes of sentimental consumption on your first anniversary thing is a tradition that should just die already.

So, while I think that whether or not you choose to follow this tradition is completely a matter of preference and that it’s definitely not necessary for a tradition to not exist (or die) in order for a couple to voluntarily just, you know, not follow it, what I did find interesting in the piece was a whole slew of pointers for successfully freezing and defrosting your wedding cake, if that’s an effort you’re choosing to put forth.

They basically break down like this:

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5 Favorite Things With Whipped Bakeshop Owner Zoë Lukas

Whipped Bakeshop's Zoe Lukas

Whipped Bakeshop’s Zoë Lukas

For the past five years, Fishtown’s Whipped Bakeshop has been turning out buttery cupcakes, cookies, cakes and other sweet treats that we wouldn’t be surprised to hear you have scarfed down yourself, popular as the shop has grown in its few years on the scene. Owner Zoë Lukas has a degree in painting (which certainly explains why her cake designs are so gorg), but opened the shop in 2009 with her husband Brennen when she decided that her lifetime love of baking was the path she wanted to follow.

You’ll frequently see Lukas’s beautiful (and so good—trust us) work in the pages of PW, but we thought we’d check in with her to find out about a few of her favorite things.

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Local Bridal Guide: 7 Philly-Area Bakeries That’ll Whip Up Tasty Pies For Your Wedding



I have no shame in admitting that wedding cake ranks pretty high up on my list of favorite foods. Do I get the chance to eat it often? Unfortunately, no, but when the opportunity does present itself, it’s safe to say I  savor every last bite.

But as much as I love a delicious, buttercream-layered cake, I also appreciate a little variety when it comes to wedding-day desserts (the more desserts, the better in my opinion). When there are so many other amazing, scrumptious sweets out there, why just offer cake? And we’ve actually seen many a Philly bride completely forgo a Big-Day confection and opt for a pie bar as their main dessert spread.

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Will Projection Mapping Become the Next Wedding Cake “Decoration” Trend? 

Over the past few days, I have seen several bits and pieces on the Interwebs—here and here and here, for starters—referring to the new wedding-cake “decoration” technology that Disney recently unveiled at their Fairy Tale Wedding Expo (after having patented it, of course).

It’s called projection mapping, which basically means that animated images are projected in light onto an all-white cake, which acts as a blank canvas-kinda projection “screen.” The rather mesmerizing result—however you might feel specifically about Disney images—is definitely ooh- and ahh-worthy:

We were wondering, though: Now that the technology is out there, is this something we’d start seeing as a cool new way for a couple to “decorate” their wedding cake?

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The Main Line’s New Six Points Bakery Has Your Bridal Shower and Wedding-Day Kosher Sweets Covered

One of these and a cappuccino and you're good to go!

We’ll take one of each, please!

Few things can brighten up a dreary morning like the announcement of a new bakery opening in town—especially for those of us who could easily live off nothing but baked goods. So you can imagine we’re feeling pretty cheery after hearing that Six Points Bakery, a kosher confectionary from the team that brought us Citron + Rose and Six Points Kosher Catering, just opened its doors in Bala Cynwyd.

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10 Websites to Buy Sweets for Your Bridal Shower Favors or Wedding-Day Candy Bar 



So somehow or another, I rabbit-holed myself onto a website earlier this week—that of Sugarfina, a Beverly Hills-based candy shop—and well, I basically haven’t closed it yet. I want everything.

The packaging and the candies themselves are so pretty, they lend themselves perfectly to gifts—and surprise surprise, I immediately thought of bridal shower favors. Then I thought of candy bars at weddings and how they are still so fun and pretty and … well, basically, my brain took me anywhere it could to find an excuse to start filling up my e-cart.

With all this candy on the brain, we thought we’d round up for you some really great sites where you can fill up your cart with candy for a legitimate purpose like a bridal shower or wedding. (Remember how it’s really not that hard to DIY your own candy bar for your wedding?) Depending on what you’re looking for, different sites will appeal to different people, so by all means, get clicking. Just make sure to brush.

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Here’s How Much You’ll Probably Spend On Catering for Your Wedding: An Infographic

We love a good infographic around here, as I believe we have mentioned before—and today we’ve got one from Newtown-based Piccolo Trattoria Catering that breaks down some interesting stats concerning food and beverage costs, along with other aspects of weddings in the US.

Some of the numbers were not at all surprising (yep, a lot of brides are shocked by how stressful they find wedding planning to be), and some of them reveal info we were not aware of. (Did you know the average age of the American bride has gone up to 29?)

It’s fun, and might give you some helpful perspective on how your own nuptials stack up. Take a look.


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