The 12 Most Expensive Celebrity Wedding Cakes (Hint: Kim Is In There Twice, But Not at the Top!) 

Surprisingly, Kim and Kanye's Big-Day confection does not rank near the top! INSTAGRAM/KIMKARDASHIAN

Surprisingly, Kim and Kanye’s Big-Day confection does not rank near the top! INSTAGRAM/KIMKARDASHIAN

We all know that celebrity weddings can be mega expensive and/or over-the-top, and maybe it’s just me, but I feel like the wedding cake isn’t necessarily something we always think of as being a major part of that. The venue, the dress, the catering, the flowers—the diamonds—for sure, but the cake?

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5 Gorgeous Spring/Summer Wedding Cakes & 5 Made-in-Philly Favors

Sweets & Treats: Let your wedding’s pretty palette wash over everything, from the favors your guests take home (ours are all made in Philly!) to your Big-Day confection that’s the star of the show.

This article originally appeared in the spring/summer 2014 issue of Philadelphia Wedding. Photography by Brett Thomas. Styling by Lauren Kozakiewicz. 

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Here’s How to Be Smart About the Make-Your-Own Cocktail Bar Trend at Weddings 



Recently, we saw a story about how various make-your-own-cocktail bars—with vodka and Bloody Marys, champagne and mimosas, etc.—were becoming quite the trend at weddings, and a few things about this caused us to raise our eyebrows:

Like, make-your-own meaning guests are literally wielding their own bottles, pouring their own pours? Wouldn’t couples go through a bajillion gallons of alcohol this way? Wouldn’t this lend itself to guests getting rather potentially bombed? Such a thing can easy happen at just an open bar, after all—and this is a seriously amped-up open bar.

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Vanilya Bakery Is Now Open In South Philly’s Passyunk Square

Vanilya Bakery in Passyunk Square. Photo via Passyunk Post.

Vanilya Bakery in Passyunk Square. Photo via Passyunk Post.

As if my love of desserts wasn’t obvious from previous posts, I can barely hold back my enthusiasm about another new bakery that opened its doors in Philadelphia this past Friday.

Vanilya, located in South Philly’s Passyunk Square, is the brainchild of Bonnie Sarana Noll, a former New Yorker who left the world of finance in 2007 to pursue a degree at the Culinary Institute of America, and then trained under legendary cake artist Betty Van Norstrand.

After a few years of whipping up gorgeous wedding cakes and hand-decorated cookies for clients in NYC, Noll and her husband relocated to Philly, where he accepted a job with Stephen Starr. “We were drawn to [Philadelphia] for its great food scene,” she says of the city that’s now home to her bakery’s first storefront.

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Go Find—and Taste!—Your Dream Wedding Cake at the Let Them Eat Cake Event in Philly

A shot of one of the award's from last year's event. Photo by Laura Eaton.

A shot of one of the awards from last year’s event. Photo by Laura Eaton.

On Monday night, April 7th at 6pm at the DoubleTree Hilton in Center City, City of Hope will be putting on it’s 10th (10th!) Let Them Eat Cake wedding-cake competition and event—which means lots of champagne, lots of fun, lots of opportunity to find your favorite flavor, cake design, and quite possibly, the baker who will bake it, and lots and lots and lots of fondant. (As a past judge, I can attest: so much fondant.)

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