On This New Wedding “Trend” of Brides and Their Bridesmaids Showing Their Bare Butts for a Photo: No, No, No, No, No, No

I borrowed that string of No‘s, readers, from the subject line of one of the many people who have emailed me to make sure this—this thing—is on my radar, because it very succinctly sums up my reaction to it, too.

Here is the thing we’re talking about. I’ll pause a minute while you soak it in:






Here’s the thing: When it comes to weddings, you will be hard-pressed to find a person who is more whatever-floats-your-boat, whatever-blows-your-skirt-up than me—I am always preaching to brides not to worry about trends or what’s “cool” or what’s “in” or what the “rules” are, because I truly believe that especially when it comes to something like a wedding, everyone should do what they want—and I’m not suspending that for this. If you really feel like this fits you and your vibe and your wedding (like, I kinda get that feeling from the fishnet-donning bride and her party above?) and if you really feel certain that in 40 years as your grandchildren page through your well-worn wedding album and come upon this photo that you will beam and say, “Didn’t Grandma look good, honey?” then by all means, knock yourself out.

But what I am saying is that I don’t like it. I don’t even get it. There doesn’t seem to be a consistent motivation, judging by the evidence: Is it supposed to be coquettish? Cute? Mischievous? Sexy? Silly? Rebellious? Burlesque-ish? Little-girl-and-the-puppy-on-the-Coopertone-bottle-ish? Cheeky (and yes, I am cringing at the pun)? I honestly don’t know.

There is a time and a place for a bare ass, see, even when it comes to weddings—a boudoir shoot! Your wild bachelorette party! Your clothes-optional honeymoon! Even that ridiculous “morning-after” photography, if that is still a thing that people are doing—but your actual wedding is not it. I don’t care if you are spending $2,000 or $20,000 or $200,000 on your celebration, your wedding is not the appropriate backdrop for a bare ass, unless of course you and your new mister are overcome with newly-married passion and get at it in the coatroom/limo/bathroom, in which case by all means, God bless.

Just, no.

All photos courtesy Imgur

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  • Greg

    ………………………wait, what?

  • Samantha

    i mean… they all have some pretty nice asses.
    And this is coming from a straight girl here.
    Good job ladies, keep up the good work.

    But I wouldnt do this at my wedding. NO WAY.

    • paul from nc

      I think you over reach with “all”.
      I count quite a few porkers in there

      • DaynaGuiguipyt

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        • Johnny Domino

          Sure, that’s nice and all, but how does her ass look?

      • Allison Wanamaker

        I think you overreach with your assumption that big girls can’t have nice asses.

        • paul from nc

          Sorry, not my speed.
          I don’t like to reach around that far.
          I did have a friend with a fatty wife, and his catch phrase was “Acres and acres of ass, and it’s all mine”

          • Johnny Domino

            I prefer “huge tracts of land”.

    • olgahmccoin

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  • Bill

    In the pictures…Cowgirl boots, a barn, a smokehouse…I see a trend…

    • Jan D

      Just missing the ol’ dog and pick ’em up truck.

  • Carolyn

    I was a bridesmaid in a wedding this spring, and while the girls weren’t subjected to this (thank goodness), the groomsmen were required to drop trou for a “boys in boxers” shot. One mortified member (who perhaps was going commando that day, was wearing unflattering skivvies, or maybe just had some common sense) refused to take part. It was awkward.

  • Cheeky215

    Just plain classless..ugly..and what’s the point to have a memory of how slutty you can all can look on what’s suppose to be a beautiful occasion?? Save it for a bachelorette party or a strip joint.. dumbest low brow thing i’ve seen..

    • SirFedoraTipsalot

      Unenlightened m’ladies such as these do not deserve our class.

  • WinterForge

    It’s not your wedding, why do you care? Stop judging people who are having a little harmless fun!

    • Aldridkg

      Trying to figure or how the bride would know that everyone in her wedding party thinks this is fun.
      Obviously, she must read minds and obviously, the only way to have fun is to show your ass!
      Zero imagination.

      • CW

        My bridesmaids were my sorority sisters and I got married 2 weeks after graduation so we were all still super-close. This is EXACTLY the kind of thing we would’ve done as dumb 21-23 y.o.’s. thinking it was funny. I’m VERY glad that social media did not exist back in the late ’90’s.

      • Bob Smiton

        Who says the bride put them up to it? One of the last weddings I shot had a few bridesmaids that thought they should grab the bride’s breasts and hump her leg while kissing each other for the shot. I didn’t look down on them for it nor did I question it. I just clicked my shutter button and kept my unimportant opinion to myself. The men were even more shocking for their group photo.

        • Aldridkg

          Well bob- given the fact that you were in a professional capacity- I don’t see why your personal opinions would be warranted.

          • paul from nc

            That’s exactly what he said he did. Kept quiet.
            Try it sometime.

          • Aldridkg

            Hmmm- for a minute there I thought that the purpose of commentary boards are for these things called “comments”.
            Thanks for clarifying Paul- truly brilliant!

  • Steve

    This is the greatest thing to happen to weddings. Don’t be such a bunch of sad sack old prudes.

  • Jennifer

    It’s playful and harmless. Stop being such a prude.

    • Aldridkg

      Right, cause the only way to be playful and fun is to show your ass and subject your wedding party to do the same.
      Zero imagination.

      • cloclo

        I absolutely agree there are other ways to have fun and that this is totally tasteless but for the love of God come up with another argument. #zeroimagination

        • Aldridkg

          Not sure where you got from my post that an argument was presented. A critical statement is not an argument. It never seizes to amaze me how some native born Americans don’t seem to have any clue about their own language.

          • paul from nc

            what language do you use?
            Seizes, for ceases ???? ESL classes needed.

            You seem to have a rude comment for everybody on here. Get a life or a man/woman

          • Aldridkg

            One- I posted my opinion on the subject which exactly what everyone else is doing here, not attacking anyone in general here, because just like me, they are entitled to their own opinion. The responses to my post were antagonistic in nature, to which I responded as I’m entitled to and in defense.
            Lastly, I don’t recall anyone declaring you the commentary board Nazi.
            Plz go back to your mom’s basement. Allow someone else a chance to troll in your stead.

          • Capt. Bills

            Lighten up Toots.

      • Erica

        Wow you care so much! If the couple is dropping so much money on the wedding already, I say let em take butt pictures. Not my cup of tea, wouldn’t be in my wedding, but hey, c’est la vie.

        • Aldridkg

          Actually- I don’t really care. Just expressing my opinion- which last I checked is still allowed in this country. Same as for you and the tasteless people who opt for these pics.

      • Bob Smiton

        Which one are you? Pete or Repeat?

  • KO

    I’ve been in 13 weddings in 5 years. This isn’t a thing. Just a dumb decision by a few.

    • Bob Smiton

      Certainly not a fad-like “thing” but it does happen and this is actually more tasteful than some of the things I’ve seen. Out of somewhere in a ballpark of 1000 weddings in 20 years, I have seen this only a handful of times.


    Whatever happened to class?

    • Johnny Domino

      Does anyone remember laughter?

    • http://www.facebook.com/CoolBreeze Breezus

      What ever happen to respectful women?

  • sammy

    Why do you believe this will make it to the wedding book? That’s a pretty over-the-top thought to try and make your point. Oh, and the point of your article being that…you have not real point? Great story. Purpose full, too.

    This is a fun (albeit trendy) way to make a fun and playful photo with your best friends to remind you if how much fun you used to have. You’ll take a look back at this, after digging it up from a private location, and have a good laugh.

    • Aldridkg

      Fun? Because the only way to be fun and playful with your pals is to show your ass?
      Plz, get over yourself!
      Seriously have zero imagination or class.

  • Dan Taraborrelli

    Wait, wait, first #Free the Nipple then move on to #Exposing the Rear.

  • sarahduffy

    Haha, google image search photo 4, I don’t think that’s a real wedding…

  • CW

    Can I say that I’m glad this was not a trend when I got married in ’98? Because as a 22 y.o. bride with a bunch of sorority sister bridesmaids, I would’ve thought this a hi-LAR-i-ous idea.

  • genean

    Great, not only do I now have to worry about wearing that AWESOME matching dress, matching shoes, matching hair, etc. when asked to be in a wedding (if I’m ever so lucky again) because it fits the theme but I have to also worry about wearing matching frigging panties that are going to ride up my ass, oh and don’t forget matching waxings. Hey girls meet me at the salon for a brazilian, it’ll be fun, I swear! Quick, let’s all take a selfie of us picking our wedgies. No thanks….

  • James Franco

    Yeah OK. As a dude, YES YES YES YES YES YES.

  • Allison D. Clark

    I believe that it shows the bride how much her bridesmaids are there for her and also, to remember the fun that they had. I wouldn’t be upset with it……. heck, when I’m my Grandma’s age…… I would be the one to say to my grand-children that yes….. these women were my pals, and damn we all looked good! Like stated as well…… it’s YOUR OWN wedding. Also, boudoir pictures are just your panties/bra, or sexy sleepwear…… these pictures are just a simple “embarrassing” pose that they were willing to do because the bride had asked.

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  • olgrimey

    For shame! Cowboy boots at a wedding ceremony?

  • Jl Lin

    Wow. Seriously. What is the point? How classless can we go at our wedding?
    Keep your butt pics for your mate or your Brazilian Butt Lift Improvement Pics.
    What about knees, elbows, or frontal vag? This is um, just classless and idiotic.

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  • Class of 1980

    Well, it isn’t cute.

  • ms_bayside

    Excuse me, but your crude name for buttocks is what is in poor taste. And if you had a college education, you might be familiar with fertility rituals associated with marriage ceremonies in world cultures. Read up on cultural anthropology and you might learn something.