“Cake Boss” Buddy Valastro Opening a Location of Carlo’s Bakery in Rittenhouse

TLC's Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro.

TLC’s Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro.


Michael Klein over at philly.com this morning is reporting that into the old Hollywood Tans space on the corner of 21st and Walnut in Rittenhouse will move a satellite location of Carlo’s Bakery, which is, of course, the bakery of TLC’s Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro.

Klein reported that Michael Salove reps say it’ll open in late spring or early summer, so that’s something—but obviously, we need to know more! We’re on it. Will report back when we’ve got some more goods.

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  • Dorothy Pearson

    can’t wait! wher in Philly will it be?

    • RightsTough

      If you “Can’t Wait” you should probably calm yourself down and READ THE ARTICLE: 21st and Walnut in Rittenhouse . . . Typical idiot!

  • SM

    I can’t wait wait either… an DOrothy Pearson… The aticle said 21st n Walnut

  • Good luck

    Their cakes are mediocre and they taste terrible. If people lie bad tasting cakes average design then he will do well.

  • Ken Shuttleworth

    Great Decorator, Mediocre baker

  • Philly strong

    Are you kidding me. How many bakeries does he want to take out of business. I’m sure he makes enough money with all his shop and tv shows. Philly has a lot of old thyme bakeries all trying to stay in business. Have a conscience Buddy. I hope the people of Philly agree with this. People support your Philly bakery. They may not be on TV but they are just as good and will not charge you 100.00 to see them to order a cake. Come on Philly stick behind your bakeries like you do for your sports teams. Don’t let some tv star take history away.

  • RightsTough

    His pastries in Hoboken are only mediocre. “Cake Boss” is a feel good a gimmick. Luckily for Buddy, Americans are simpleton’s who live through television and this guy will continue to turn bad sugar into pure gold on the backs of dum-dum’s with credit cards accompanied by very little common sense. I heard Dorothy is standing outside the wrong building right now – autograph book in hand – waiting for Buddy to start breaking eggs! What a vapid country!

  • RightsTough

    Termini’s has been making great cakes for DECADES and people “Can’t Wait” for this moron to come from Hoboken with his blenders. Get a life!

  • Guest

    Stay in Hoboken. We have many great bakeries in Philadelphia. Stop being greedy.

  • just me

    Lost respect for Buddy and his bakery – how many small businesses are you trying to shut down – you opened 2 blocks from a family bakery n NY that closed after 25 years and now you claim to want to help bakeries and yet you open in their cities? Your show should be cancelled and you should you remember what it was like before you made it big on TV – do you have any morals? stay in your hometown and leave the small family businesses alone!

  • No longer a fan!

    Really!!! Your show “Bakery Boss” was build on the premise that you want to “HELP” other bakeries that are struggling yet you are opening another store near the Bakery your just helped Oteri’s Italian Bakery) You’re a fake and so is your s…how. My opinion is that you were intimiated by the excellent pastries and the amazing cakes that Oteri’s makes. You’re clearly a child who doesn’t know how to play nice in the sandbox. So much for your FAKE compassion, your true colors are showing…go back to Slowboken where you belong.

    • blahblah

      sorry but oteri’s bakery was definitely stale cakes and their workers are so ghetto and poorly trained that they did not know what the cakes were..

  • Aileen McHugh

    I do understand everyone’s concerns and apprehension, but if this was your family owned bakery would you feel differently? I can honestly say, I would. Now, not being from a successful family owned and opperated bakery, I few horrible for the mom and pop bakeries that may buckle due to their new neighbors. Another side note, Carlo’s bakery, while good, their prices are a bit steep; with a show as popular theirs comes costs which turns to public inflation. That being said, having a bakery where you can get a cake that feeds 30 people for a couple of hundred dollars isn’t as appealing as one that is just has enjoyable for a lot less…


    Greedy people don’t think about others. Buddy is as fake as his show Bakery Boss. He was just in Philly claiming to help one of the best bakeries in our city. His show of course makes him out to be a hero. As he shakes bakery owners hand with one hand he stabs them in the back with the other. Really he should practice his script and really help bakeries not try to hurt them. I can not support anyone who does not consider others. How about these other bakeries we have trying to make a living and support their families. I think Buddy has enough. Carlos bakery is over rated and over priced just because he is on tv. Can’t wait for Philly to chew him up and spit him out like his flavorless pound cake. Buddy keep your greed and fame in Hoboken you are not Philly style!

  • Carla

    I personally can’t wait, why do people have to be haters just as anybody if your good and then get somebody to notice you then you get on tv if the Philadelphia bakers were so good they wouldn’t feel threatened by Buddy