VIDEO: This Couple Did the Dirty Dancing Dance at Their Wedding, and It’s Amazing

Terra and Drake Otto killing the Dirty Dancing dance at their wedding.

Terra and Drake Otto killing the Dirty Dancing dance at their wedding.

Even though this has maybe been my favorite thing to happen all week, I’ve been waiting all day for Good Morning America to put the video of this couple stopping by their show this morning online—and they haven’t! So no more. You need to see this.

And it doesn’t matter that much, anyway—because the real video is below. Terra and Drake Otto decided to be amazing at their wedding, and perform the entire dance—not just the lift! (Ahem, Ryan Gosling’s character in Crazy Stupid Love)—from Dirty Dancing at their wedding, costumes included. ( I adore her “Baby” dress, don’t you?)

People knew they were taking dance lessons, but what they were actually learning to do was top secret. Their videographer put this together. Let it make your day like it did mine.


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    so fun

  • Swayze fan forever

    What a beautiful tribute, not only to each other but to two wonderful people!

  • Linda

    Wow Patrick would be proud.

  • Kim Wyckoff Henning


  • Chrissy Schanbacher

    That was great!!

  • Andrea H Ganz


  • Katina

    Absolutely wonderful……brought tears to my eyes!

  • Ozzythekiwi

    Amazing- but I would have been so stressed out my entire wedding day! Great way to get the reception going- they did an awesome job!

  • LeissaW

    Best wishes on a happy life!! This was fantastic.

  • Shannon Mussmann

    Awesome Terra and Drake. May you have many more.

  • marvy50

    They were live on GMA and did the dance– I watched it on Friday I believe.

  • yourewrong

    This would be so awesome if they had hired a good videographer. What a shame.

  • Charles Shollenberger

    That was one kick ass south Philly wedding.

  • Donna

    Just awesome. Loved it. What a great couple!!

  • ajp

    Hey Philly Mag–Where’s the photo/video credit for the property you’re using in this article? Curious who made the video. Perhaps I want to hire them… and perhaps you should be more diligent about following your legal responsibilities. copyright 101.

  • Virginia Smith

    it’s ok. but no one had a sense of rhythm. Patrick Swayze and “baby” did it better

  • Barbee LaVallee-Masterson

    Now that was fun. Congratulations to the couple. God bless you with a marriage as happy as Patrick and his wife had.

  • MJ

    This is a very heartwarming production. It’s hardly an average couple at their wedding.

  • Karen

    That was amazing really enjoyed watching best wishes for many years to come

  • that just made me cry the happiest tears! xo

  • Elton Edgar

    I want the last 6 minutes of my life back. Two overly rich white people, dancing less fluidly than marionettes, doing a routine no one actually cares about. Donate some money to the poor and do some good.

    • Wendy

      Seriously?——————you’re such an ass!

      • Simone

        I just have to know, Wendy… Do you think that the “Eltons” of the world, get paid for getting on FB (or other social media) and posting mindless, pointless and meaningless trash talk?? Seriously- I see this ALL the time…. No matter how nice the topic is, there are always “Nay-Sayers” posting idiotic mumbo jumbo! I always wonder if there is a huge group of lonely, pissed off people that actually get paid to do nothing but sit at their computers all day long and spew negativity throughout social media…. I certainly hope they’re getting a paycheck because I can’t imagine a more miserable way of life AND living it- FOR FREE!!

    • shaunt

      Elton has issues that only a good solid beating will help him overcome. I am glad he “wasted” six minutes. It just proves he is so dumb that he couldn’t stop himself from watching when he decided he was not enjoying it. Apparently he doesn’t know there is a pause button or a stop button on a video. I wonder what he did next? You suppose he is still sitting there staring blankly at his screen typing out scathing messages in an attempt to incite people? Go Elton, you are a super genius philanthropist I am sure of it. What will you do with your next 6 minutes? See if you can find some skydiving cat videos.

    • Kelli

      There always has to be a troll doesnt there :-/ Idiot!!

    • Waltimus

      Don’t worry Elton, I’m with you on this one. This whole routine was gayer than cum on a mustache.

  • Sharon

    That was awesome! great job!

  • Awkward

    If by “nailed it”, you mean they look like 2 lumberjacks flopping around on stage, then I guess they nailed it. Neither one looks like a dancer, although he looked better than she did. And the videographer? Oy. How does a professional videographer keep getting hired when s/he videos people dancing without showing their feet? GMA must have been hard up for “news” today.

  • Edith Ford

    Soooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • Jen

    Thank you for bringing a smile to my face!

  • Weezie

    So what if it’s not perfect. It was an awesome dance and they did a good job. Do you think you could have done better, Elton? Prove it! I hope they have a long and happy marriage!!! Congrats!!

  • Jill


  • Angelle

    I’m so done with people that have rude comments about this video. First off, do you not see the look in his eyes when he looks into hers? It’s pure happiness. They did this for the fun of it. They are not trying to be perfect, just happy. Stop complaining about every little flaw you see in this video. So what if the videographer is not great, and so what if they missed a step or two. People like you all see the negative things in more than just this video They are in love, happy, and satisfied. That’s all that matters. This is just an all-around happy video.

  • ML

    Sorry but not even close to the original! Drake is pretty good , but the lady is pretty stiff. Yes you got the moves down but theres no flavor.

  • Susan Moore

    Great couple, Love each other so much, the look of love they both have for each other. I had that love many years ago, but my husband died in 1992 and I have not had that kind of Love since then. I will Pray for this couple they have many years together, with Love, Health. Susan Moore

  • brenda

    love this!! would love to get lessons.

    where did you go to get the the lessons? seems like the exact choreography as it the movie.