Vera Wang Has Never Heard of the “Trash the Dress” Trend

And other topics covered in a recent Q&A.

Vera Wang

New York mag recently sat down with Vera Wang after she debuted her Spring 2014 Bridal Collection (eee!) to chat about a few things, including her advice for the “modern” bride, her recent affinity for non-white bridal gowns (remember her all-red spring 2013 collection), how you should consider your wedding’s location when choosing your wedding gown, and then, my two fave parts: how you should still look like yourself on your wedding day, and that she’s never heard of this “trash the dress” thing.

Looking like yourself is one of my broken-record things about a bride on her wedding day—I think it’s one of the reasons I like brides with their hair down so much. You shouldn’t look like some other person on your wedding day—you should look like you, just a little amped. Vera says “Don’t disguise yourself,” and I say holla that.

And while part of me is a little disappointed that she’s not familiar with the trash-the-dress trend—because I feel like she’d not be a fan and I would have enjoyed whatever little snippet she had to offer (I’m not such a fan, either)—I also kind of enjoy it, because it’s just kind of a dismissal of the whole thing.

Read the whole thing here.

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