Bride-to-be Blogger Kristy: Reflecting on Family We’ve Lost

Kristy, furthest left, her sisters and cousins (and bridesmaids!) with their Pop-Pop.

When I emailed Carrie with my blog post last week, I promised her that this week would be filled with wedding-planning information for other brides-to-be. Sure, wedding planning has been high on my list since the date has been set, but family and memories are always above them. That’s especially true this week, because my Pop-Pop passed away. And this week, all I can think of is that life is full of hiccups. So instead of talking about how I’ve found my band or my photographer, I’m bragging about my Pop-Pop.

Last night we sat around, reminiscing—telling stories of him and looking at pictures—and I can’t help but be amazed of his devotion and love. He was the spoiler grandfather—the one who would do just about anything to make you happy, including even putting a pool in his backyard so his grandkids could have a place to go swimming all summer long. It made my cousins and I as close as sisters and brothers, and left memories I will never forget. He set a remarkable example through his faith by helping to establish and build a neighborhood church from the ground up. He was an oddly creative one too, always finding a way to rig the umbrella to block the sun or fix the handle on the wagon to cart around pool supplies. He is the reason I like Frank Sinatra, I’m a good swimmer, I love peanut butter, and always try to treat people with care.

It’s amazing what you learn from family. It can be as simple as the lyrics to a song or the most respectable values of your character. So, after the crying and the mourning and accepting that on my wedding day I physically won’t see his smile or feel a kiss from him, I’m happy and satisfied in the life he lived and in the wisdom he passed down to my family and me.

Wedding planning is just a part of life right now, so we should be prepared for hiccups and speed bumps on the way. We should just remember that everything will eventually work itself out, and even help us learn something in the long run.

Has anyone else had to deal with the passing of a beloved family member during wedding planning?

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  • Tyler Phillips

    Peter King is a joke. Used to be good, but is a joke now.

  • Dom

    Gruden has become a hack … I never seen him develop a QB while he coached …suddenly he’s an espn QB guru ,ignore him mike he will get you killed! he’s just playing up to those idiot Archie Bunkers out there


    How about stopping the play action passes, which only seem to slow down our line’s blocking scheme and not the rush…if you do not run, how does our bone head coaching staff think that is going to work, obviously it slowed nobody down in this case. Another point..if Vick’s main area of concern is working on med route accuracy and preparing for blitzes, hot routes, etc.., why are we working on what he does well in the pre-season, namely 9 step drop, triple move routes by Jackson?? I have grown so tired of how this coaching staff calls plays — they cannot help themselves………think first play of the Green Bay playoff game 2 years ago, it might have been the same damn play call….

  • Loke1988

    I lived in Tampa for the Gruden years. After he took Dungy’s veteran team all the way beating us and his former team (Oakland) in the process it was a complete disaster and a patheticly anemic offense. Gruden = over rated.

    As far as Vick is concerned, how about using your brain? How many years has he been in the league?

  • borntosuffer

    Gruden just talks a lot. It’s not humanly possible to talk as much as Gruden and actually know what you are talking about. I bet the next day he doesn’t remember 75% of what he said and would use different “facts” 50% of the time if he were to discuss the same topic.

  • borntosuffer

    I am sadly coming to the conclusion that Vick is considerably more fragile than most QB’s. He’s just not nearly as big as most. The combination of his size, style and the Eagles O puts him at high risk of injury. In some ways, it makes sense that he is injured more often in the pocket. How many guys can get a clean shot on him when he is running? But, when he is setting up to pass, the D can tee off.

  • BirdsNYC

    PK long ago entered the d-bag hall of fame.

  • jabostick

    Like most things in football, everyone played a role. I think it started with the miscommunication with Kelce/Mathis and snowballed. I had a similar thought to DAVMARIS too: sometimes the play calls are so involved and take so long to setup that Vick is almost forced to run around for a while behind the line

  • UncleCarm

    I think DAVMARIS may be on to something. Maybe Sheil can pull up some stats for Eagles playaction plays. My seat of the pants thought is that they do not work very well. Also, if you look at the big picture, the fact is that Vick gets hurt alot. Is his luck really that bad, or is he to blame for it. I think he has to take responsibility. Lastly, Foles had an impressive grasp of this offense at such an early stage.

  • Wedding Photographer Durango CO

    Family is the most important thing in your life. It’s very sad to lose a loved one, and I hope people think about that when they decide to not use a professional photographer at their wedding or other life event. Those people won’t be there forever and it’s so wonderful to have beautiful images of them.

  • Stacey

    Beautifully put Kristy Lynn. It brought a tear to my eye and we will never forget our Pop-Pop. We will always have the memories.

  • Jess

    Such a lovely post about your Pop-Pop. Sounds like he gave you and your family wonderful stories and memories to cherish. Sending all my love to you and your family during this tough time.

  • Sue (Mom)

    He was the foundation of our family. He taught me to be stubborn, to stand up for what is right and how to work a full day at what you love to do. He was devoted to his wife, children, grandchildren, and his church. I love you Dad…Kristy has your traits…you should be proud. You will be at the wedding dancing with Mom….we just won’t be able to hug and kiss you.