ASK THE EXPERT: How Can I Include Some People In Wedding Planning Without Offending Others?


Q: I’m getting remarried, and my daughter is very involved in the planning. I’d also like to involve my soon-to-be stepdaughter in a way that makes her feel included, but doesn’t step on my daughter’s toes. How can I do that?

A: Offer your future stepdaughter a task of her own to work on, says Melissa Brannon, owner of Philly’s Uncommon Events, and then let her decide if that’s how she wants to be involved: “If you give her something such as tallying the invitations, this will bring her into the planning.” But she also notes that this may be a confusing time for her, so try to be open-minded about whether or not she even wants to take on a wedding-related job. “Offering her a specific task gives her the option to say no, but will allow her to contribute if she wants to.”

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