Bride-to-be Blogger Kathleen: Why I Can’t Have The Wedding Cake I Want

Well … my dreams of a “naked cake” have just literally been smashed in my face.

I never would have thought news about a wedding cake would ruin my day, but sadly, it has. One of the first decisions I made when setting out on this whole wedding-planning journey, was that the cake would be one of those “naked” cakes—which is basically just a cake without the outer frosting (like the one pictured here). I sent the pictures on to our contact from the caterer, and for months, I thought we were good to go on the cake front.

Well, apparently since then, the baker has done a bit more research on this type of cake, and recently came to the conclusion that they highly recommend not doing the naked cake for a June wedding. Heart breaking news for me—Christian, on the other hand, isn’t as disappointed. “It’s just a cake, we’ll figure it out,” he says. But for me, it wasn’t really about the cake. It was about having that one twist on something standard that would make a big difference. Of course, I am glad the baker told me it wasn’t going to work—but at the same time, I can’t help being bitter.

My brain is on overload right now. We really didn’t want a traditional wedding cake, and now I have to add another decision to my list. Do I settle and just say OK to the standard buttercreamed three-tiered cake? Or do I torture myself with finding another unique alternative? We don’t have the type of funds to arrange a huge dessert display, so I’m freaking out a bit.

Am I being a little Bridezilla-ish or is this something I should be a little sad about? Anyone have any cool ideas for wedding desserts that won’t kill our budget?



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  • I have no idea how much these cost, but cake pops are really cute and look delicious. Good lcuk

    • Melissa

      There is no reason this cake wasn’t possible, as long as the buttercream was a fairly stiff consistency and doweled properly – its totally do-able! I would have done it!!! :D

  • Jennifer

    That stinks but yes…good thing you know NOW! :)

    Alternatives — cupcakes? I saw a 3-tiered rice-krispy treat cake online once. cake shooters??

    You’ll find something right for you. Maybe invest some time into a funky design (if you have to do the traditional buttercream thing). Good luck!

  • There seems to be some key info missing, one being is your caterer doing this or outsourcing? If indeed it is an outsource normally more than one vendor is on their list. Secondly how far out is the wedding date. There is no reason you cannot have the cake of your dreams.

  • Why the concern? Because of whipped cream or something? If you use buttercream in the center, it should be plenty sturdy enough for a summer wedding, with the proper supports. Can you find an outside baker to do it? I know we’ve done naked cakes before for weddings.

  • Kathleen

    Thanks for the suggestions guys! Keep em’ coming! The caterer uses a specific bakery, but I am not positive if they are exclusive. The only reason I received was that of “the weather, etc”. I am actually thinking of working this one out and ask that we find another bakery…since I was told from the get-go it was possible. The date hasn’t changed since the initial request, so not sure why they now are recommending I don’t go that route. It could be that they aren’t a fan of my taste or that they aren’t confident enough in their abilities. Stay tuned :)

  • The only concern for weather would be if the reception is going to be outside, which you don’t mention…If the reception is inside there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t have the naked cake. I agree with Truly Custom Cakery about using buttercream instead of whipped cream, but you can still use a good quality Italian Meringue butter cream and get the lighter mouthfeel of hte whipped cream that way.

    I hate to say it because I don’t have all the informaiton, but a lot of hte tie when people say “It can’t be done” it means “I don’t want to do it.” It could very well be that the bakery the caterer uses doesn’t like naked cakes so they don’t want to do one. If hat’s the case you could check to see if hte caterer can find a different supplier to work with, or if they’d let you pull that amount out of their contract since they can’t supply the cake that you want. You could hire someone else to do it. All of that would depend on how the contract is written, whether you can bring in other vendors, etc., so you need to check with your caterer.

    If the reception is outside, though, ignore everyhting I just said becasue you need to have fondant for a June wedding. Your cake will melt into a pile of goo if you don’t have the extra protection.

  • Yeah, by the way, sorry for the typos. I’m a baker, not a typist! ;)

  • jennie

    Personally, I love the naked cake. If the reason for not doing the cake is because the baker cannot do it, then find someone who can. Little thinkgs like this make your day memorable, have fun and enjoy !!

  • Susan

    Fight for the cake you want. I trusted my caterer to get me the cake in the photo that they said their baker does and 11 years later, I’m still sorta pissed about the cake. It was FUGLY. I asked for brown ribbon on each tier with gold dust sprinkled on the top and when I saw the cake at the reception the piped “ribbon” was gray. GRAY!

    That said, you can always do doughnuts, mini pies or anything that is meaningful to you both. The groomsmen cake was a key lime batter with chocolate covered pretzels on the side as my hubby loved key lime pie and chocolate covered pretzels.

    Good luck!!!

  • I don’t believe that there is any reason why you wouldn’t be able to do this cake. Perhaps your caterer is thinking that whipped cream will not hold up as well as buttercream. If you used buttercream, you would not have any problem. Another issue might be that if the cake is sitting out for a few hours, the actual ‘cake’ might stale. When a cake has an outerlayer of icing, it keeps everything nice and fresh inside. If your heart is set on this cake, any specialty cake shop would probably do it. A trick that many caterers do not tell their customers is that you can get your cake done by an outside vendor, and your contract with the caterer should be reduced by the cost of the cake. Good luck!

  • Michelle

    My friend had krispie creme doughnuts displayed as a “cake”. Alternatively, you just tell your caterer that you don’t mind if your naked cake is a bit dried out or whatever they say and that you still want the naked cake despite their warnings.

  • Kimberly

    I had an outside buffet in July and opted for fresh fruit tarts on a cake stand – the baker used all seasonal fruit and they looked like gems. The base of the torte was a brisè with a light pastry cream under the fruit. The fruit was protected by a clear gelatin glaze which really made the fruit shine. Beautiful effect – very light – lots of complements from the guests :)

  • Butter cream between (Victoria) sponge cake layers should be fine. You could have a smaller cake and lots of matching cup cakes.