Study: Fighting With Your Spouse Makes Your Relationship Hostile and You Obese 



Just in case you needed more motivation to not fight with your person and generally do all you can to enter into what will be—and remain—a loving, giving, healthy marriage filled with lots of productive, open communication and love and warmth and rainbows and baby unicorns, science has something new to declare on this topic: Fighting with your spouse—especially when combined with a history of depression—can actually make you obese, because the resulting hostility can literally slow down your metabolism.

Meaning: You won’t just gain weight because you start eating your feelings in the form of Ben & Jerry’s—such relationship conditions can actually affect the way your body processes fat in the food you eat.

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4 Expert Tips for Creating a Custom Wedding Hashtag



Ever since social media basically took over the world, there’s been talk about the role that it should, or shouldn’t, play in the biggest day of your life. The pros and cons of documenting your wedding on Facebook and Instagram have been debated on multiple occasions, and we here at PW have our own opinions about how to handle the whole social media situation (hint: it’s always up to the couple to decide what they do and don’t want posted online).

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PHOTOS: 25 Halloween-Themed Wedding Ideas From Pinterest

Little touches of Halloween at your wedding can be a fun nod to the season.

Little touches of Halloween at your wedding can be a fun nod to the season.

Themed weddings often turn out in one of two ways: they’re either tasteful and creative with nods to the theme incorporated throughout, or they end up being tacky and taken over-the-top to the point where your guests forget they’re actually at a wedding. It’s a thin line that separates a well-executed theme from a bad one, and it’s usually smart to approach planning with a “less is more” mentality.

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Local Bridal Guide: 5 Philly-Area Calligraphers Who Can Pen Your Invitations & Wedding-Day Paper Goods


Kimberly Shrack of Manayunk Calligraphy offers multiple styles of calligraphy, like this one called Sidecar.

Back in the day, when I was, say, 10 years old, I was gifted a kids calligraphy kit for Christmas. It wasn’t anything fancy—I believe it included an instructional book, a pen or two, some ink and paper to practice on—but since it came from my artist aunt whose handwriting is as perfect as a computer font, I thought it was pretty cool.

Looking back, I think I made one attempt at using that kit. It wasn’t due to a lack of interest—it just so happens that calligraphy is one of the more challenging hobbies you can choose to take on, whether you’re 10 or a grown adult. And that’s exactly why we always try to caution you to think twice before deciding to learn calligraphy for your wedding (which is something we’ve heard more than one bride declare they were going to do). Sure, it may sound like fun to hand write the addresses on your invites or the place cards for your reception, but we’re here to warn you that it’s much more difficult and time-consuming that it appears.

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Look At These Crazy Photos of Brides Wearing Wedding Dresses Underwater

Just in case any of you brides were looking for ideas for a seriously creative (and seriously intense) concept for a Trash the Dress shoot, we just had to share this with you. And you know what, even if you’re not, these photos are totally worth a look, just because they’re crazy.

Here’s what we’re talking about:

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Update: The First Official ‘Instagram Couple’ Is Married 

Last fall, we filled you in on a couple who basically summed up The Times in their love story: Boy sees girl’s Instgram photos and comments on them; girl investigates boy through social media, boy and girl eventually meet, date, fall in love and get engaged. You know. Like they do.

Well folks, in case you were wondering if that worked out, it did:

Me and my beautiful bride // Check out our wedding hashtag for more pictures of our big day! #denisgetswisdom

A photo posted by Denis Lafargue (@denislafargue) on

Their story is really something, actually. ABC News has all the details.

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VIDEO: There Was a Proposal At Chestnut Hill’s Harry Potter Festival! 

So this past weekend, there was a Harry Potter Festival in Chestnut Hill (which, how did I miss that?), and one festival-attending groom-to-be thought it would be the perfect spot to propose to his new bride-to-be!

Evan Yeatts and Abbey Waltmire met the week before both of their first semesters as grad students at Penn—Abbey, who was just starting the school’s Social Policy program, accidentally crashed Evan’s Engineering School-only event at a bar near campus. Soon after that, they attended last year’s Harry Potter Festival and had a great time, so he figured it’d be the perfect place to pop the question this time around.

He got her during the Sorting Hat demonstration. (Clever!) Take a look.

Congrats to Evan and Abbey!

To read about—and watch!—more proposals we love, go here.

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This New App Feature Lets You Virtually Try Engagement Rings On Your Actual Hand 

Blue Nile's Dream Box

The Dream Box feature on Blue Nile’s app now allows users to upload a photo of their hand, and “try on” engagement rings.

Online jewelry retailer Blue Nile has just come up with a way to help you dream about diamonds even more than you already do: They just tweaked the Dream Box feature on their mobile app to allow you to virtually try engagement rings on your very own hand.

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