You Know Someone Can’t Come to Your Wedding. Should You Send Them An Invitation Anyway? Newman Newman

I have a comfy blue chair in my office that colleagues sit in for all sorts of reasons and for all lengths of time—and it is also frequently the setting where people pose all manner of wedding etiquette questions to me.

Most recently, a member of PW’s marketing team popped over to ask me this: Her friend (a bride) knew of someone who could definitely not come to her wedding, and wasn’t sure if she should send them an invitation anyway—or if, since they had already basically covered her RSVP, mailing one out would be redundant and unnecessary. Weirdly enough, that’s the very question a friend had asked me at dinner the other week, and this week, a scan of HuffPo turned up this post. So apparently, this dilemma is a common one!

Now, I had offered up a vehement yes; that it’s still always the right idea to send an invite anyway, because it’s nice to give them the courtesy of being formally invited, and for them to have the courtesy of officially replying, and anyway, plans change! You might not necessarily know if their conflict goes away after they tell you about it. But the Huffington Post response was not as vehement, and anyway, with this coming up so frequently, I thought it time to check in with a few of our local wedding-planning experts. Here’s what they had to say:

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This Twitter Love Story That Ended in Marriage Is the Best Thing Ever

I had seen this headline a few times yesterday, and am now kicking myself that I didn’t immediately click on it and bring myself the joy that I am feeling right now. So in case you hadn’t seen it yet, please, allow me:

A few years ago, a nice girl and self-proclaimed book nerd named Victoria Carlin in London noticed that the tweets coming from a bookstore in town—Waterstones—were extremely clever, adorable and funny, and so she herself declared on Twitter that she might actually be falling in love with whoever handled their social media account.

Jonathan O’Brien, the clever, adorable and funny tweeter behind the @WaterstonesTRC account responded, the two went back and forth, and then one day, after Victoria saw Jonathan tweeting about wanting some donuts, she strapped on her Brave Pants, bought some donuts, headed over to the bookstore, waited in line, and handed them over. She then bolted.

Jonathan eventually reached back out, though, the two had lunch, and, well, omg, now look!

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Crunched for Time? Try This Quick At-Home Wedding Workout

Planning a wedding is an incredibly time-consuming processthat’s no secret—so it’s no surprise that many brides find it difficult to stay consistent with a workout regimen when there are so many wedding-related tasks that take priority throughout the day.

Our solution? Create a stockpile of quick, at-home workouts that are easy to fit into your schedule, no matter how little time you have to spare. That way, whenever you have a free minute (whether it’s in the morning, in between vendor meetings or before you hop in the shower at night), you’ll be prepared with a few effective moves you can do in no time.

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Supermodel Miranda Kerr is Engaged to Snapchat Founder Evan Spiegel

Here at Philadelphia Wedding HQ, we’re still distraught over the fact that Miranda Kerr and the always hunky Orlando Bloom are no longer together. Yes, it’s been three years, we know, but we haven’t quite recovered (they made such a cute couple!).

The supermodel has, though, and she’s now giving marriage another try: She just got engaged to Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel, who proposed with a beautiful round diamond ring.

I said yes!!! ❤️😍❤️😍❤️

A photo posted by Miranda (@mirandakerr) on

The couple has been dating since June 2015. We’ll be waiting to see how their Big Day plays out!

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8 Secret Islands in Italy That are Perfect for Your Honeymoon

Hi, beautiful Lipari. Vallenari

Hi, beautiful Lipari. Vallenari

I’m generally one of those people who will alway prefer to travel somewhere new rather than revisit a place I’ve already been, but when it comes to Italy, I’ll gladly make an exception (I’m half Italian, after all).

At 16 years old I had the great fortune of spending over a week in the gorgeous country, frolicking from town to town with a chaperoned group of other high school students who were way too young and way too naive to truly appreciate such an incredible opportunity. Needless to say the adult version of me is due for a revisit.

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WATCH: Philly Bride Belts Out “Natural Woman” With the Band During Her Wedding Reception

We love a story of a bride who serenades her new husband on their wedding day (remember this awesome chick?)—especially when said bride is from Philly and the celebration went down at one of the city’s most beloved venues.

That was the case with Courtney Simmons and Yanir Demri, a New York City couple who returned to the bride’s hometown for their July 10th wedding at the Hyatt at the Bellevue.

As a long-time singer and theater teacher, it only seemed right that the bride perform on her Big Day, and she blew the crowd away with a rendition of “Natural Woman,” the song Demri watched her sing at a bar’s “Soul Night” on their third date together. Take a look:

We spoke to veteran band leader Eddie Bruce, who filled us in on how the whole performance came to be:

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