Daughter of Legendary Radio Exec Says This Guy Has Taken Over Her Dad’s Home

James Gadsden standing in front of 2400 Bryn Mawr Avenue.

James Gadsden standing in front of 2400 Bryn Mawr Avenue. Photo | Facebook.

Wynnefield resident Mannwell Glenn was walking his dog down a leafy, generally quiet neighborhood street earlier this week when he noticed something odd: Two men milling about 2400 Bryn Mawr Avenue, the property of the late Kernie Anderson, a veritable giant in the urban radio market who died in December.

Their presence stood out to Glenn, because this section of Wynnefield is a very tight-knit, secure community (Mayor Nutter lives literally around the corner) and as far as the neighbors were aware, no one had access to the house other than Anderson’s daughter and sole heir, Shama Anderson, who still kept tabs on the home and made occasional visits from Harrisburg, where she had relocated. Generally speaking, the house had been vacant since shortly after Anderson’s death, and so the new activity did not go unnoticed.

So, as any good neighbor would do, Glenn started asking questions. Read more »

Darryl Dawkins, “Chocolate Thunder,” Has Died

Darryl Dawkins, who was a 76er during the team’s glory days and became famous as “Chocolate Thunder” for his backboard-shattering dunks, has died. He was 58.

“A Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest spokesperson confirmed to the Daily News that Dawkins died there Thursday. No cause of death was given,” the New York Daily News reports. “Nicknamed ‘Chocolate Thunder’ by Stevie Wonder, Dawkins was selected fifth overall by the 76ers in the 1975 NBA Draft and became legendary for his ferocious dunks – once shattering two backboards in a three week span in 1979.” Read more »

SEPTA Offers Optimism, Map for Pope’s Visit


“Nothing gets you closer to the pope than SEPTA.”

Those were the exact words of SEPTA general manager Joseph M. Casey during a Thursday briefing, and he backed it up with some stats. He said all of SEPTA’s dropoff locations were within a 2-mile walk of what’s now being called the “Francis Festival Grounds.” Pope Francis arrives here for the end of the World Meeting of Families on September 26th and 27th.

“None of these distances are marathon walks,” Casey said. “When you exit 30th Street [Station], you can actually see the Art Museum… we hope you use SEPTA to see the pope.” The longest

Casey also said there are still more than 100,000 Regional Rail passes available available for $10. They are currently on sale at departure stations. Casey said that “there’s plenty of capacity out there.” Norristown High-Speed Line passes are available at 69th Street Terminal. Read more »

FBI, Police Seek Bank Robbery Suspect


The man in the picture above is being sought for a Wednesday afternoon robbery at a Citizens Bank branch in South Philadelphia.

Police say the robbery took place at 1:04 p.m. Wednesday at the bank branch located at 2540 South 24th Street. He handed a note to a teller, received an undisclosed amount of cash, and fled. Read more »

Online Voter Registration Coming to Pennsylvania

Photo by Derek Hatfield/Shutterstock.com

Photo by Derek Hatfield/Shutterstock.com

Pennsylvanians can now register to vote online by going to register.votespa.com.

Gov. Tom Wolf announced the policy change at a press conference today. He said online voter registration did not need legislative approval.

The National Conference of State Legislatures told the AP Pennsylvania will be the 23rd state to implement such a measure.

“Online registration… improves accuracy, increases the integrity of voter rolls,” Wolf said. “This online voter registration is also going to help our democracy. Judged by our voter turnout rates, we’re not as good as we used to be.” Read more »

What Happens When Your “Nintendo 64″ Eagles Jersey Goes Viral

Jason Fanelli - Nintendo 64 Eagles jersey

Jason Fanelli in his Nintendo 64 Eagles jersey at the game against the Cowboys last year.

Jason Fanelli’s wife was just trying to give him a cute Christmas gift. She ended up making him a meme.

Fanelli, who lives in Norwood and is a lifelong Delco resident, is a freelance video game journalist. He also loves the Eagles (which you probably figured — he’s a lifelong Delaware County resident). His wife combined his two loves with her Christmas present two years ago: An Eagles jersey with the name Nintendo and the number 64.

He wore the jersey to 97.5 The Fanatic’s Fantasy Fest at Xfinity Live! last year. A stranger snapped a photo and sent it to ESPN’s Darren Rovell. He tweeted it to his hundreds of thousands of followers. Fanelli got a bit of attention.

But that paled in comparison to the amount of people who saw his photo (the same one taken in 2014) over the weekend. It was posted to the /r/gaming subreddit and became the nNumber One hot topic on the Reddit homepage. Suddenly Fanelli was deluged with comments from friends with one message: Hey, dude, you’re on Reddit!

“I don’t know who did it [post it to Reddit],” Fanelli says. “If I did, and if they happen to read this article, a message: ‘I would love to buy you a sandwich.'” Read more »

Here’s What’s in All Those Porngate Emails Kathleen Kane Keeps Talking About

The binder of Porngate emails, available at the Supreme Court Office of Prothonotary at City Hall. | Joel Mathis

The binder of Porngate emails, available at the Supreme Court Office of Prothonotary at City Hall. | Joel Mathis

Here’s the bottom line: A binder full of porn — about 400 of pages of it, several inches thick in total — is anything but erotic. It’s gross and sexist and occasionally racist and definitely misogynistic and homophobic now and again, but if you are forced to page through such a binder, you might just find your libido dying from an odd mix of disgust and anger.

But here’s the knowledge to be gained from paging through such a binder after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court took the wraps off the “Porngate” emails that Attorney General Kathleen Kane has said are crucial to her defense against charges she leaked secret grand jury information as part of a political vendetta against Frank Fina, a former member of the attorney general’s office who now works for Philadelphia D.A. Seth Williams:
Read more »

Foot Orgasm? Drexel Prof Says Yes, Explains Footgasms

Dr. Marcel Waldinger being interviewed with a female patient. (Photo via mennospiro.blogspot.com)

Dr. Marcel Waldinger being interviewed with a female patient. (Photo via mennospiro.blogspot.com)

It wasn’t so long ago that we all had a few chuckles over Drexel University’s virtual butt, a hysterical-looking tool that allows medical students to perform prostrate exams without a real patient. (Seriously, you have to see this thing.) And now, we are learning about a new Drexel professor and his unusual area of expertise: the foot orgasm, also known as a footgasm. Read more »

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