State Rep. Curtis Thomas Disputes Report That He May Retire

L to R: Curtis Thomas (photo courtesy of Thomas’s office) and Malcolm Kenyatta (photo courtesy of Kenyatta)

In response to a City&State report in which sources claimed that 15-term state Rep. W. Curtis Thomas was thinking about retiring and backing his cousin Malcolm Kenyatta to succeed him in next year’s election, Thomas told Philly Mag through a spokesman that he “plans to seek re-election and has no plans to retire.” Read more »

Someone Who Matters Actually Thinks Philly Has a Good Shot at Amazon

amazon | f11photo

Ever since Amazon announced the competition for HQ2, it seems like every other day an analytics firm releases a hot take as to which city the e-commerce giant will pick.

Interestingly enough, Philly is usually a solid performer. And one of latest rankings – Moody’s Analytics, which actually has sway in the biz world – thinks Philly is a top contenderRead more »

OPINION: Why John McCain, an Imperfect Hero, Deserves the Liberty Medal

Photo by Cliff Owen/AP

On Monday evening, the National Constitution Center will award U.S. Sen. John McCain the 2017 Liberty Medal. The award ceremony committee probably sensed it had to move fast if it wanted to acknowledge McCain’s contributions to American politics and history: The senator has been diagnosed with malignant glioblastoma and may not have long to live.

There are people who hate John McCain as virulently as some hate President Trump. During the 2016 presidential primaries, conservative commentator Ann Coulter said that if McCain became the Republican nominee, she would vote and even campaign for Hillary Clinton. “Clinton is more conservative than McCain,” Coulter said. “He pretends to be a Republican.” Read more »

Council Moves to Prohibit Offensive Symbols on City Property

regulate offensive symbols

City Hall | Photo by David Gambacorta

Weeks after a Confederate flag was allegedly discovered on a Philly narcotics officer’s personal vehicle, City Council is moving to prohibit potentially offensive symbols on city property.

City Council president Darrell Clarke and Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown have introduced a bill that would allow the city to regulate certain symbols, materials, and objects in or on city-owned facilities.  Read more »

What the Hell Is Going On at the Pennsylvania Ballet?

Corella, right, and Ballet dancers Lillian DiPiazza and Sterling Baca. Corella courtesy of Vikki Sloviter; Le Corsaire courtesy of Alexander Iziliaev

To judge by the headlines swirling around the Pennsylvania Ballet in recent years, the company has become a cross between Black Swan and The Hunger Games. News accounts didn’t seem to bode well for a smooth regime change following the July 2014 appointment of new artistic director Angel Corella: “Pennsylvania Ballet fires longtime artistic leaders, administrators” (August 2014). “Nearly 40 percent of Pa. Ballet dancers leave or are let go” (April 2016). “Angel Corella of Pennsylvania Ballet Upends Troupe, Reflecting New Vision” (April 2016). “Pennsylvania Ballet fires the Sugar Plum Fairy” (January 2017). “More staff members depart from Pennsylvania Ballet” (February 2017). “Pennsylvania Ballet leaders, husband and wife, are stepping down” (April 2017). Read more »

A Better Way to Exit a Crowded SEPTA Train

We’ve all been there: crowded Regional Rail train, morning rush, and everyone’s getting off in Center City. The de-boarding process can be a hot mess. Why? People in the aisle try to be polite and let seated passengers squeeze into the queue, gumming up the works.

What if we told you there’s a better way? We had a hunch that if all aisle-standers exited first and seated passengers simply filled in behind, everything would move much more quickly. To test our hypothesis, we rang up Jason Steffen — an assistant professor of physics and astronomy at UNLV who notably developed a method (the Steffen method!) for efficiently boarding airplanes. Guess what? He thinks we’re onto something, noting that as soon as someone stops and prevents the steady flow of people moving out the doors, efficiency drops off. A better way to ensure that flow? Populate the line from the back of the car. Read more »

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