Police Arrest Alleged Child Predator After Sting Operation at a Friendly’s


Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Ferman has announced the arrest of 54-year-old Doylestown resident Kurt Krumpholz on charges that he attempted to meet up with a 14-year-old boy with whom he’d been chatting online for sex. They were supposed to meet for the first time at the Friendly’s on Germantown Pike in East Norriton. What Krumpholz didn’t know was that the person he was chatting with was actually undercover detective Michael Henricks. Read more »

Family of Man Killed By Police in South Jersey Tells Al Sharpton to Stay Out of It

Reverend Al Sharpton with Esaw Garner, widow of Eric Garner, at a protest in the Staten Island neighborhood where Eric Garner died while in police custody. Photo: Thomas Good via Wikimedia Commons.

Reverend Al Sharpton with Esaw Garner, widow of Eric Garner, at a protest in the Staten Island neighborhood where Eric Garner died while in police custody. Photo: Thomas Good via Wikimedia Commons.

As tensions mount over the December 30th shooting of 36-year-old Jerame Reid by police in Bridgeton, New Jersey, Reid’s family is saying thanks but no thanks to Reverend Al Sharpton. Read more »

Baby Hospitalized After Ferret Attack

A one-month-old girl received severe facial injuries after she was attacked by the family’s pet ferrets in Darby Borough, officials say.

“Sources say the child was placed in her car seat and then left on the floor. The mother of the child then went upstairs in her home,” 6ABC reports. “During the time the mother was away, three ferrets escaped their cloth-like cage and then chewed on the girl’s face.”

The parents responded when they heard the child screaming, reports say. Officials indicated the attack may be representative of deeper problems.
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Who Will Sanction the NCAA in Wake of Penn State?

The NCAA, the organization that’s normally as inflexible as a PVC pipe, gave it up last week.

So what if part of the settlement of a filed court case was that it didn’t do anything wrong. Smart people know what was at work here: that even with the wrongdoing at Penn State, this NCAA revealed itself as a lying, cheating, and oft-incompetent organization infatuated with a beer-muscle bully pulpit. And they did it all under the guise of “protecting” college athletics. In many ways, it is the married preacher who teaches you the wonders of God, but after the sermon sneaks behind the altar to bang the church secretary.

So the Penn State football program got its 112 wins restored (taken away in the original “consent” decree), while Joe Paterno got re-credited with his 111, to become once again the all-time winningest college football coach, and the $60 million fine on PSU was fine-tuned to help child abuse programs only within the state of Pennsylvania.

Penn State nation celebrated this development, which I found somewhat peculiar. Joe Paterno may have been wronged in the manner with which he was fired as football coach, and his character may have been besmirched. But I think we go too far when we make Paterno a victim. This was a dark chapter of Penn State’s history that isn’t going to be wiped away by smearing the campus with Paterno’s total win number of 409. When we do that, we cheat the kids who were the true victims of Jerry Sandusky’s heinous child abuse.

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Six Ferraris, Two Rolls-Royces, $1.2 Million In Jewelry Seized in Doylestown Fraud Case

Clockwise from top left: Carla Risoldi, Claire Risoldi, Tom French, Carl Risoldi, Mark Goldman, Sheila Risoldi.

Clockwise from top left: Carla Risoldi, Claire Risoldi, Tom French, Carl Risoldi, Mark Goldman, Sheila Risoldi. Richard Holston mugshot unavailable.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has announced the arrest of seven people — five from one family — charged in a massive insurance fraud scheme in Bucks County. The defendants allegedly conspired to bilk insurance companies for over $20 million. Read more »

Proof That Jersey Shore Beach Access Opponents Are Wrong, Snobs

Photo | Jen A. Miller

There are five — five! — different bathroom stops in this photo of a very visitor-friendly beach in Redondo California. Photo | Jen A. Miller

Over the holidays, I shipped out to Southern California to visit family for a week. Almost every day I was there, I ran along Redondo Beach’s paved running and biking path — not only because it was parallel to the ocean, but also because those beaches had a water fountain, bathroom or both every few blocks.

That area of California is extremely pricey. The median home sales price in Redondo Beach is $800,000, and one neighborhood enclave requires at least $12 million to even think about owning a home there. This is not a crummy, rag-tag beach, and yet the community makes sure that there are plenty of places for pit stops for those who visit there, even if they’re coming in from out of town.

This makes some New Jersey beach towns look insane — and obnoxious — as they continue to try to do everything to shirk beach access mandates.

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Cohen: Net Neutrality Could Scuttle Time Warner Merger

Comcast is the focus of a big Page One story today in the Wall Street Journal, focusing on the company’s power in Washington, net neutrality, and the proposed merger with Time Warner Cable. It mostly covered well-worn ground, but we learned a few things, too. Three things that we learned:

President Obama’s favored net neutrality rules could scuttle the merger. The FCC is expected to vote in February whether or not to regulate Internet providers like a utility, as the president supports but Comcast opposes. If the FCC proceeds, Comcast Vice President David Cohen said Comcast will  “see what the order is and to then make a judgment about whether it is sufficiently bad for the broadband business that it would cause us not to go through with the transaction, or whether we’d go through with the transaction and simply have to be more conservative in our investment plans.”
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Wawa’s New App Offers Free Drinks, Food

unnamedNow Wawa is working its magic on your smartphone.

The beloved convenience store chain this week unveiled the Wawa app. And while it’s handy — you’ll be able to use the app as a “gift card” that can be used to make purchases at the store — it’s also, literally, rewarding: Use it often enough, and you’ll be treated to free food and drinks.

There’s now a payoff to being a Wawa fanatic. But you’ve got to spend at least $50 before you accumulate rewards.

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