3 Days After Pro Debut, Atlantic City Boxer Charged with Killing

Police have made an arrest in the January 17th killing of Nelson Viera, one of three homicides in Atlantic City this year. Omar Curry, 24, has been charged with murder and weapons offenses.

Just three days before, Curry boxed at Bally’s Atlantic City. Curry and Marvin Johnson fought to a majority draw in the four-round pro debut for each of the fighters last Saturday in Atlantic City.

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Could Time Warner Outage Doom Comcast Merger?

Well, that wasn’t helpful.

With the proposed merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable headed back into the spotlight this week, millions of Time Warner customers on Wednesday found themselves without service.

Funny thing: “Outage” is just one letter away from “outrage.”

The Christian Science Monitor explains why that’s a problem for the merger:

Detractors of the proposed deal have said that cable consolidation would be bad for users in an age when access to reliable Internet is essential for everyday life. For this reason, Time Warner’s recent outage has added fuel to an already-simmering fire surrounding a merger between the two companies.

Specifically, critics note that consolidation between these two cable giants would mean even more people could fall victim to problems that arise when something goes wrong – such as a cable outage. With fewer options on the table, subscribers would have little choice should they decide they want a more reliable service.

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Philadelphia Housing Authority Reducing Number of Security Guards

Residents of some Philadelphia Housing Authority properties are up in arms that the PHA is phasing out security guards. They’ll start to be replaced with new cameras, security cards and fencing next week.

The PHA will cut 13 of its 54 security guard jobs by September with more reductions coming later. The PHA says the new technology, plus patrols from PHA’s police cars, will make residents safer. It’s spending $10 million on those upgrades.

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Fatal Shooting Leads to North Philly Rowhome Collapse

A fatal shooting led to the partial collapse of a North Philadelphia rowhome sometime before midnight, police said. The shooting and collapse took place on the 1600 block of Seybert Street near Girard College.

Cops say the victim was sitting in the driver’s seat of a late-model Hyundai when someone fired multiple times. Attempting to get away, the victim apparently flung his car into reverse, crashing into the vacant rowhome. It collapsed, burying the man under rubble.

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VA Officials Defend ‘Oscar the Grouch’ Training Guide

At a town hall meeting yesterday, Philadelphia Veterans Affairs officials defended a set of training slides titled “What to Say to Oscar the Grouch — Dealing With Veterans During Town Hall Claims Clinics.”

The Inquirer obtained the slides and reported on them on Wednesday. (“About a dozen slides include pictures of the misanthropic Muppet in the can he calls home,” Tricia Nadolny wrote.) This angered veterans, who said comparing them to Oscar the Grouch made them look, well, grouchy.

But Philadelphia VA director Diana Rubens said the slides were not intended to compare vets to Oscar the Grouch. No, it was about telling employees to keep “our inner Oscar” inside. Rubens even admitted having never watched Sesame Street. Now that is the real Muppet-related VA scandal!

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Hurricane Cristobal Causing Dangerous Conditions Down the Shore


Though Hurricane Cristobal has no threat of making landfall, the hurricane is causing massive waves and rip currents down the Shore. Lifeguards have imposed swimming restrictions; in Ocean City, swimmers are only allowed to wade knee-deep in the water.

Cristobal, the third Atlantic hurricane in a relatively slow season, is being blamed for seven deaths. One teenager drowned in Ocean City, Maryland — the third drowning death there this summer — while a 17-year-old died after being pulled under by a rip current in Sandy Hook, New Jersey.

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Poll: Wolf’s Lead Over Corbett Widens


This could be the most boring gubernatorial race ever.

A new poll shows Democratic challenger Tom Wolf 25 points ahead of Republican Gov. Tom Corbett, with just two months left before the election — favored by 49 percent of poll respondents compared to 24 percent for Corbett. That’s a bigger lead than most polls that have shown the Democrat about 20 points ahead.

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