“Hundreds” of U-Delaware Women Recorded in Bathrooms

javier-mendiola-sotoWell, this is just gross. A University of Delaware grad student has been arrested and charged with 21 felony counts of violation privacy — all stemming from bathroom cameras on the campus that may have recorded hundreds of women over the years.

AP reports: “On Friday, authorities announced the July 1 arrest of a University of Delaware graduate student after cameras were found in women’s restrooms on campus. They said 38-year-old Javier Mendiola-Soto [pictured], a doctoral student from Mexico, has been charged with 21 counts of felony violation of privacy was being held in Wilmington. A lawyer for the suspect could not immediately be located.”

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Carjack Suspect “Atoning” for Fatalities

Carjacking Crash

UPDATE: Two men have been charged with rape and murder in Friday’s carjacking. For the full story, go here.

[Update 11:35 am] An attorney for one of the men in custody says his client is trying to “atone” for his role in the carjacking:

The persons of interest, one 19-years-old and the other in his 20s, were taken into police custody on Sunday. The younger man, identified by his attorney as Jonathan Rosa, turned himself into detectives alongside his mother and their pastor, sources said. U.S. Marshals and city police later took the older man into custody that evening. Read more »

Philly Women Battle Sexual Harassment, Groping at Comic-Con


Photo | Andrew Bossi

Cosplay and Comic-Con-culture are huge right now, and so is the issue of sexual harassment at the Comic-Cons and similar conventions around the country. That’s the word from Rochelle Keyhan (left), Erin Filson (right) and Anna Kegler (not pictured), the three Philadelphia women behind Geeks for CONsent, an organization formed in 2013 to stamp out the problem. The group’s motto is “Cosplay does not equal consent.”

Their cause gained national attention over the weekend on the occasion of San Diego’s Comic-Con, and we got Keyhan on the phone to talk about it all. Read more »

Stephen A. Smith Apologizes for Domestic Violence Comments

Stephen A. Smith, the former Inky sports columnist, has apologized for comments he made on ESPN last week that seemed to excuse men who had been “provoked” by women into committing domestic violence. The comments came after the NFL suspended Baltimore’s Ray Rice just two games for violence committed against his wife.

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Best of Philly 2014: Behind the Scenes

best-of-philly-2014-logo-400x400One recent afternoon, associate editor Joel Mathis — who covers media, politics and other Important Stuff for our website, Phillymag.com — had an experience most investigative reporters would undoubtedly relate to: He met a confidential source at a restaurant in town for a secret exchange of materials. The handoff went well — the package Joel received led to a nice scoop for us — but there was one part of the encounter that was maybe not so All the President’s Men.

Joel arrived at the clandestine meeting having just gotten a chest wax.

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Hey Jerk! Use Your Freaking Turn Signal!



The other day on my way home from work, when I was a block away from my house, I pulled over and called my son Jake, who’s back from college for the summer. I asked him to come out to the front porch and check if my left-hand turn signal light was out. He emerged onto the porch as I pulled up, and turned two big thumbs up as I tested first my left-hand signal and then the right one. “Both working,” he assured me when I got out. “What’s up?”

“Some jerk pulled right out in front of me at the four-way stop at Wilson and Franklin,” I told him. “I absolutely had the right-of-way, and I had my left-hand turn signal on. And he still nearly plowed into me. I figured the light must be out.” Because, really, why else would somebody almost drive into my car like that?

Jake shrugged. “I don’t know what to tell you. He was an idiot, I guess.” Read more »

Planning a Place for the Pope

Despite the guessing game regarding Pope Francis’s intentions to visit Philly next year — he almost certainly will, barring illness — officials are proceeding to plan for him. One unsettled item: Where he would speak.

“One million turned out on the Parkway in 1979 for the appearance of Pope John Paul II, so it’s easy to assume that if Pope Francis does come to Philadelphia, the Parkway would be the site,” says CBS Philly — but quickly adds that other spots are under consideration.

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