New Publisher to Scrutinize Separate Newsrooms of Inquirer, Daily News,

Terry Egger, then publisher for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, is shown during a news conference in St. Louis in this June 3, 2005, file photo. (AP Photo/James A. Finley)

Terry Egger, then publisher for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, is shown during a news conference in St. Louis in this June 3, 2005, file photo. (AP Photo/James A. Finley)

Big changes could be coming to the Philadelphia Media Network.

The company runs the Inquirer, Daily News, and, and for now, runs them using three separate newsrooms, perpetuating (in the case of the newspapers) a journalistic rivalry that has lasted for decades even while the papers were under common ownership. But Terry Egger named this week as the new publisher at PMN — says that arrangement will probably come under scrutiny on his watch.

“Can we afford some of the inefficiencies that are inherent in having three entirely separate newsrooms?” Egger said Thursday afternoon during an interview with Philly Mag. He was in town for two days of meetings prior to officially taking the reins October 1st. Read more »

Pa. Senator Wants to Legalize UberX, Lyft in Philly

Promotional photos from the press kits of Uber (left) and Lyft

Promotional photos from the press kits of Uber (left) and Lyft

Hailing an UberX may now be worse than taking a Philly cab these days, but the service’s popularity is undeniable. The problem? UberX (as well as Lyft, a competing ride-hailing app) is illegal in the city of Philadelphia.

A Harrisburg senator is hoping to change that. On Thursday, State Sen. Camera Bartolotta, a Republican, unveiled legislation that would legalize ride-hailing services in all areas of the state. Currently, UberX and Lyft are operating under temporary authority in all Pennsylvania counties except Philadelphia. The PPA has occasionally impounded UberX vehicles in sting operations.

“Legislation is necessary to ensure these companies are allowed to operate after the temporary authority expires. It is important for state laws to keep pace with the rate of modernization,” Bartolotta said in a statement. “While there is a golden opportunity for transportation network companies to provide new options for consumers, it is also necessary that we ensure these new services operate responsibly and safely.” Read more »

Will Heath Evans Please Shut Up About Chip Kelly, Eagles Fans

As a lifelong Philadelphia sports observer, there is one thing that bothers me more than anything: when outsiders stick their big, fat nose into our business and assume they know more than the people who live and die daily with our teams.

Take Heath Evans. Please.

Evans is an analyst for the NFL Network who routinely bashes the Philadelphia fan, and in particular, new Eagles coach Chip Kelly. Now I remember Evans vaguely. He lasted 11 years in the NFL apparently as a fullback, but I remember him being in the league about a half an hour. He was a grunt. A guy who carried the football infrequently and who mostly served as a plow blocker for the really talented players. The jolts from that assignment may explain his illogical arguments when it comes to Kelly and Eagles fans. And besides that, I’m quite sure that he is bitter that his position in the league has been all but phased out. There is no more need for a fullback in the NFL, what with these sophisticated alignments that put speedy guys in slots and motion. Read more »

Getty Images Investigating Perry Milou’s $1 Million Pope Painting

Papal Plagiarism?:  Franco Origlia's photo of Pope Francis (left, via Getty Images); Perry Milou's $1 million painting (right, via Peter Breslow Consulting & Public Relations)

Papal Plagiarism?: Franco Origlia’s photo of Pope Francis (left, via Getty Images); Perry Milou’s $1 million painting (right, via Peter Breslow Consulting & Public Relations)

With the pope’s Philadelphia visit quickly approaching, anyone with an ounce of hustle is trying to cash in. There’s Holy Wooder beer, Pope Francis onesies and even a $1 million pope Pop art-style painting by none other than Perry Milou, son of restaurateur and former federal prisoner Neil Stein. But now the international photo agency Getty Images is investigating Milou’s pricey pontiff portrait due to its similarity to a Getty photograph. Read more »

Kane: There’s Still More Porn

Kathleen Kane, left. Binder full of porn, right.

Kathleen Kane, left. Binder full of porn, right.

Turns out 400 pages of porn is just the beginning.

Embattled attorney general Kathleen Kane said Thursday she’ll seek court guidance whether to release even more pornographic emails shared by prosecutors, agents, and others in the attorney general’s office during the administration of her predecessor, Tom Corbett, before he became governor. They were discovered during an investigation of how Corbett’s office handled the Jerry Sandusky case at Penn State. Read more »

Daughter of Legendary Radio Exec Says This Guy Has Taken Over Her Dad’s Home

James Gadsden standing in front of 2400 Bryn Mawr Avenue.

James Gadsden standing in front of 2400 Bryn Mawr Avenue. Photo | Facebook.

Wynnefield resident Mannwell Glenn was walking his dog down a leafy, generally quiet neighborhood street earlier this week when he noticed something odd: Two men milling about 2400 Bryn Mawr Avenue, the property of the late Kernie Anderson, a veritable giant in the urban radio market who died in December.

Their presence stood out to Glenn, because this section of Wynnefield is a very tight-knit, secure community (Mayor Nutter lives literally around the corner) and as far as the neighbors were aware, no one had access to the house other than Anderson’s daughter and sole heir, Shama Anderson, who still kept tabs on the home and made occasional visits from Harrisburg, where she had relocated. Generally speaking, the house had been vacant since shortly after Anderson’s death, and so the new activity did not go unnoticed.

So, as any good neighbor would do, Glenn started asking questions. Read more »

Darryl Dawkins, “Chocolate Thunder,” Has Died

Darryl Dawkins, who was a 76er during the team’s glory days and became famous as “Chocolate Thunder” for his backboard-shattering dunks, has died. He was 58.

“A Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest spokesperson confirmed to the Daily News that Dawkins died there Thursday. No cause of death was given,” the New York Daily News reports. “Nicknamed ‘Chocolate Thunder’ by Stevie Wonder, Dawkins was selected fifth overall by the 76ers in the 1975 NBA Draft and became legendary for his ferocious dunks – once shattering two backboards in a three week span in 1979.” Read more »

SEPTA Offers Optimism, Map for Pope’s Visit


“Nothing gets you closer to the pope than SEPTA.”

Those were the exact words of SEPTA general manager Joseph M. Casey during a Thursday briefing, and he backed it up with some stats. He said all of SEPTA’s dropoff locations were within a 2-mile walk of what’s now being called the “Francis Festival Grounds.” Pope Francis arrives here for the end of the World Meeting of Families on September 26th and 27th.

“None of these distances are marathon walks,” Casey said. “When you exit 30th Street [Station], you can actually see the Art Museum… we hope you use SEPTA to see the pope.” The longest

Casey also said there are still more than 100,000 Regional Rail passes available available for $10. They are currently on sale at departure stations. Casey said that “there’s plenty of capacity out there.” Norristown High-Speed Line passes are available at 69th Street Terminal. Read more »

FBI, Police Seek Bank Robbery Suspect


The man in the picture above is being sought for a Wednesday afternoon robbery at a Citizens Bank branch in South Philadelphia.

Police say the robbery took place at 1:04 p.m. Wednesday at the bank branch located at 2540 South 24th Street. He handed a note to a teller, received an undisclosed amount of cash, and fled. Read more »

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