On the Stupidity of the La Viola “Boycott”


Tuesday night was a frenetic one on the Philadelphia social media scene: the Philadelphia Police Department published video of suspects in last Thursday’s alleged gay bashing in Center City, Twitter went to work on identifying those suspects, a photo popped up that apparently shows some of the suspects at a dinner at La Viola West the night of the attack, and then … some people got really angry at the restaurant, including folks with a lot of influence — or at least a lot of social media followers. A boycott has been mentioned. Read more »

Pennsylvania Bill Would Allow NRA to Sue Towns Over Gun Laws

Back in 2012, the NRA attempted to sue several Pennsylvania municipalities when they enacted gun laws stronger than Pennsylvania state laws. (Mayor Michael Nutter led this charge — in response to the Batman massacre in Colorado — after stricter gun laws failed in the state legislature.)

The NRA’s lawsuit was dismissed for lack of standing. But, back then, the State House worked on a bill that would automatically give the NRA standing to sue municipalities — including Philadelphia — if they enact stricter gun laws than the state requires.

The bill didn’t become law. But guess what: It’s back! State Rep. Mark Keller, who represents Franklin and parts of Perry counties, has introduced a bill allowing the NRA or another gun-rights group to sue municipalities over their stricter gun laws.

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4 Cases of Enterovirus EV68 Seen at CHOP

Children’s Hopsital of Philadelphia announced Tuesday it had treated four patients with the enterovirus EV68 that had sickened hundreds of children in the midwest. All four kids treated for the virus at CHOP recovered in four to six days.

EV68 has been around for decades, but has seen a surge in cases in recent years. Fortunately, EV68 is not any more dangerous than any other viruses that cause respiratory illnesses. It’s just much less common.

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Philadelphia Union Fall in U.S. Open Cup Final

eattle Sounders FC forward Clint Dempsey (2) shoots and scores in during overtime in the U.S. Open Cup final against the Philadelphia Union at PPL Park.

eattle Sounders FC forward Clint Dempsey (2) shoots and scores in during overtime in the U.S. Open Cup final against the Philadelphia Union at PPL Park.

CHESTER, Pa. — If you didn’t think the Union were a Philadelphia sports team before, now you have empirical proof.

The Union missed two great chances to win the U.S. Open Cup final late in regulation before Clint Dempsey scored for the Seattle Sounders in the first 15 minutes of extra time. The Union eventually lost, 3-1, after leading 1-0 at halftime in front of a spirited PPL Park crowd of 15,256.

The loss also cost the Union $190,000, as the winner took home $250,000 — and the loser just $60,000.

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Eagles Fan Posts ‘Fly Eagles Fly’ Tweet on Giants Punter’s Twitter Account

Steve Weatherford is the punter for the New York Giants. He’s not the beloved punter who kicked it to DeSean Jackson in the Eagles’ 2011 comeback, so you probably don’t have much of an opinion of him. Sure, he plays for a rival of the Eagles, but he’s the punter.

Well, apparently his Twitter password was easy to guess. Because, for a brief moment on Tuesday, his Twitter account said this:

The Giants are stink and I’m no good! Fly eagles fly!

Weatherford’s tweet was correct. The Giants are stink. But, apparently, that wasn’t Weatherford’s true opinion.

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What Stu Bykofsky Almost Gets Right About White Privilege


Let’s give Stu Bykofsky some credit: Sometimes he almost stumbles his way to the truth.

Backhanded compliment? Sure. But you take what you can get with Stu. And on Tuesday, what Stu gave us was this: A deconstruction of the idea of “white privilege” — part of Stu’s Ongoing Series of Columns That Try to Tear Down the Foundations of Political Correctness, That Most Venal of Sins — that instead pretty much affirmed the concept.

Stu would almost certainly deny that’s what happened. But judge for yourself.

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Report: Suspects in Gay Bashing Will Meet Police Today

Suspects in a Center City gay-bashing case will meet police today, 6ABC reports, after Philadelphia’s Twitter community helped police discover their identities.

Events developed quickly Tuesday after Philadelphia Police released surveillance video of up to 12 people it identified as suspects walking through Center City on Thursday evening near the time of the attack. Within hours, former Real Housewives of New Jersey castmate Greg Bennett tweeted this photo that he claims — because of similarities in clothing — includes some of the alleged suspects in the hate crime that happened on Thursday in Center City.

Not long after, police were contacted by lawyers for the suspects. 6ABC reports: “Late Tuesday night, Action News has learned attorneys for some members of the group have called police. They are making arrangements to bring their clients in for questioning on Wednesday.”
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Philly Cop Tayon Moore Charged With Stealing Drexel Student’s Phone


Philadelphia police announced that Tayon Moore, 31, a 7-year veteran of the force serving in the 35th district, has been arrested and charged with leaving the scene of an accident, criminal mischief and theft.

According to a statement released by the District Attorney’s office this afternoon:

On June 24, 2014, Officer Moore was driving his mother’s Chrysler 300 while off-duty and rear-ended a Drexel student at 34th and Chestnut. Officer Moore eventually pulled over at 30th and Chestnut. When the driver of the other car began to call 911, Officer Moore became agitated, grabbed the other driver’s cell phone and threw it over the bridge causing it to break. Officer Moore then left the scene of the accident without exchanging any information.

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