Hilariously, Penn Students Named Most Polite in Nation

If there’s one reputation Penn students have, it’s being impolite — especially to workers in the service industry. Penn kids reportedly tipped 40 cents at McGlinchey’s earlier this year. Other waiters and waitresses have similar tales of rudeness and cheapness.

And it’s not just food service. “I sit at this post and some of the kids just glare and keep it moving … no ‘good morning,’ ‘good afternoon,’ or anything … where are some of their manners?” AlliedBarton security guard told the Daily Pennsylvanian in 2012.

But, apparently, Penn kids are nice to delivery people. Really nice. Best-in-the-nation nice.

A new survey from GrubHub and the Huffington Post’s Spoon University ranked the 10 nicest colleges in the country, based on how frequently students used “please” and “thank you” in the special orders box. Penn came out on top.

Really. Penn.

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20 Easy Predictions for the Coming Year


The Revel casino is closing down. Duh. Anyone could’ve seen that coming. And most of the people I know did. We saw the new casinos in Philly and Valley Forge. We heard about the high prices at Revel. Even my own mom, a hardened slot machine competitor who used to travel to AC a few times a month has preferred to gamble locally because it’s cheaper and she can lose her money closer to home.

You knew this too. You are old enough and smart enough to be able to predict the future. In fact, there are a lot of things that you know right now that will happen sometime in the next 12 months. Just take a moment and think about it…

Jose Garces will be fine. Sure, the closing of the Revel means he’s out four restaurants. But are you worried about him? Didn’t think so.

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Jersey Lawmakers Support Increased Safety for Rail Cars Carrying Oil

Perhaps spurred by memories of last year’s oil car derailment over the Schuylkill — or maybe a scarier 2012 incident in Jersey’s own Mantua Creek near the Philadelphia airport — some New Jersey lawmakers are urging federal officials to adopt tougher safety standards for rail cars that carry oil.

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Groups to Share $65,000 in Swim Club Settlement

Can’t believe it’s been five years already: You might remember the once-infamous story of The Valley Swim Club, which in 2009 canceled the swimming privileges of a nearby day care center whose clients were mostly black  — sparking charges and denials of racism, and drawing national attention.

The club is now defunct, but the fallout continues. Officials announced this week that a half-dozen area youth groups will share in a $65,000 settlement stemming from a Justice Department investigation that concluded the club had been racially hostile to minority children in the incident.

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Ramsey Makes Right Call on Body Cameras. But …

Well-done, Commissioner Ramsey.

No, that’s not patronizing or sarcastic. I’m genuinely excited that the commissioner has announced his support for outfitting Philadelphia Police officers with so-called “body cameras” — like the dash cams attached to police cars, only attached to the officers themselves.

The cameras can only aid the cause of justice in Philadelphia. They’ll aid police, backing up their descriptions of crimes and crime scenes that they witness, giving prosecutors and juries confidence that they’re getting the full story. (See the Wolfcon commercial above, compiled of clips officers apparently believed help back their stories.) But they might also restrain the worst impulses of the department’s rogue officers: In Rialto, California, use of force fell by 60 percent — and citizen complaints by 88 percent — in the first year. That’s astonishing.

And that’s why Ramsey wants to start a pilot program, testing the cameras, by year’s end.

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Showboat Gets OK to Close at End of the Month

New Jersey gambling regulators have given approval to the Showboat Atlantic City casino’s closing on August 31st at 4 p.m. The casino first opened in 1987 and underwent a heavy renovation in 1995.

On the Showboat Facebook page, some reviews say service has declined in recent years, citing the management of Caesars. Then known as Harrah’s, the company purchased Showboat in 1998.

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Revel Out $21,000 After Bag Falls From Armored Car’s Roof

When it comes to Revel, the house always loses. Earlier this month, the Revel Casino Hotel lost $21,000 after a bag of money was left on the roof of an armored car. The bills lost were valued at almost $21,000.

On August 6th, a GardaWorld armored car made a pickup at Revel and somehow left the bag of money on the roof, according to an incident report obtained by The Press of Atlantic City. Per the report, the bag was still there when it made a pickup at Resorts six minutes later. It’s not known when the money fell off the roof.

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