Report: Probe Discovered Explicit Emails in AG’s Office

Kathleen Kane never did find evidence that Tom Corbett slowed his Jerry Sandusky probe for political gain. But her investigators, it turns out, found something else: A number of sexually explicit emails by “top staffers” in the attorney general’s office while Corbett was in charge.

For the moment, however, those emails — and who sent them — are being kept from public view.

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Revel Went Out With an Early-Morning Fire Alarm


Revel on its last day. Photo | Dan McQuade

The Revel couldn’t even close without a little drama.

With just five hours until closing, the fire alarm at Revel went off. At 1 a.m., the casino emptied of patrons and workers. Most of the patrons strolled away from the casino for the last time, while the workers gathered outside posed for group photos on their final night. Revel closed at 6 a.m. Tuesday morning, just over two years after its opening was supposed to usher in a revitalization of Atlantic City’s northern end of the boardwalk.

Bayani, a Revel dealer, exited the casino and stared out at the ocean, the fire alarm still shrieking inside the soon-to-be-shuttered casino. “What else can they do to me?” he said to no one in particular. He laughed.

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Kane’s Office the Target of Leak Probe

AP Photo | Bradley C. Bower

AP Photo | Bradley C. Bower

Kathleen Kane has more trouble on her hands.

It’s been a quiet few months for the controversial Pennsylvania attorney general, but an old scandal is coming back to haunt her anew. The Inquirer reports a special prosecutor is investigating whether her office leaked secret grand jury material to a newspaper — and did so  to make at least one of Kane’s high-profile critics look bad.

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Needed: Better Philadelphia Republicans

Chaka Fattah

Chaka Fattah hasn’t been convicted of anything. He hasn’t been charged with anything. And let’s not forget: He hasn’t even been officially named as a suspect by the federal prosecutors who are nonetheless clearly targeting his inner circle.

Still, there’s been quite a hubub surrounding Fattah in the days since since former aide, Gregory Naylor, pleaded guilty to campaign finance shenanigans. And the fuss makes me wish one thing: That Philadelphia had a competent Republican Party.

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Four Phillies Pitchers Combine for No-Hitter


The Phillies got a bright spot in their lost season.

Four Phillies pitchers — Cole Hamels, Jake Diekman, Ken Giles and Jonathan Papelbon — held the Atlanta Braves hitless for nine innings in the Phils’ 7–0 win. It was the first combined no-hitter in the Phillies’ history, and the team’s first since Roy Halladay threw one against the Reds in the 2010 National League Division Series.

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Fattah in Hot Seat After Aide’s Guilty Plea

Chaka Fattah

Chaka Fattah isn’t talking. (Though he is tweeting.) The feds aren’t either. But the media and the congressman’s political rivals are closing in.

His longtime aide Gregory Naylor pleaded guilty this week to a scheme to obtain an illegal loan for a 2007 mayoral campaign — the candidate is identified in court documents only as “Elected Official A” — then pay it back with federal grant money. Federal prosecutors haven’t identified the candidate, but that hasn’t stopped Philadelphia media from making the link.

It appears Dave Davies at WHYY was the first to make the straight assertion, writing on Wednesday: “From the actions attributed to him in the memo, Elected Official A can only be Congeressman Fattah (a federal official who ran for mayor in 2007 and sued to try and overturn the city’s campaign finance limits).”

The rest of the media apparently concurs with that conclusion, and is proceeding accordingly.
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The City Should Throw a Parade for Children at the End of Every August


Photo | Arthur Etchells

I was writing and doing laundry, and it was hot out anyway. So instead of walking the four and a half blocks from my place to Broad Street to watch the parade Philadelphia was throwing for the Taney Dragons, I watched on TV.

NBC 10 — or, rather, NBC 10 news staffers on COZI-TV, a Comcast-owned station that generally shows decades-old syndicated programming — had almost a dozen people covering Wednesday’s parade for the Taney Dragons. Maybe it was more. There was even helicopter coverage.

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