Toomey Just Held a Last-Minute Telephone Town Hall


Senator Pat Toomey held a telephone town hall today – less than two hours after he posted about it on Facebook.

Toomey spoke for about an hour, using half the time to take about five or six questions from constituents and half the time to speak at length about a number of issues, including President Donald Trump‘s recent executive orders and cabinet picks as well as complaints from constituents that Toomey has been nearly impossible to reach.  Read more »

Snider Family Plans Marijuana Farm in Far Northeast

Flyers logo with a pot leaf in the center

Perhaps one day the Flyers will score for an ounce of marijuana instead of a case of Tastykakes.

Snider Health, a company founded by the heirs of late Flyers founder Ed Snider, has plans for a marijuana grow operation in Far Northeast Philadelphia. The Inquirer reports that the facility would be located in an industrial park at 14515 McNulty Road, which is near the Community College of Philadelphia’s Northeast campus. Read more »

11 Things You Might Not Know About Nylon

Photo by Daderot/Wikimedia Commons

Photo by Daderot/Wikimedia Commons

When I was a kid, I had an elderly widowed uncle who every Christmas bought each female in the family — and there were a lot of females in our family — three pairs of nylon stockings, nestled into pretty hosiery boxes from Wanamaker’s. We never really talked about how peculiar this was. (I mean, stockings are pretty much underwear.) But the invention of nylon by a DuPont scientist — it was patented 80 years ago today — changed the world, and clearly had a big impact on Uncle John, for whatever reason. (One theory was that he had a crush on a hot clerk in the hosiery department.) Here, in recognition of that 80th anniversary, are 11 things you might not know about nylon. Read more »

OPINION: Crowded District Attorney Race Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

District Attorney Seth Williams | Photo by Matt Rourke/AP

District Attorney Seth Williams | Photo by Matt Rourke/AP

There is an adage that goes: “To speak without thinking is to shoot without aiming.”

Someone should have told that to former federal prosecutor Joe Khan during a event featuring district attorney candidates at Philly for Change on South Street earlier this month. I was there to get a personal glimpse at three-fifths of the field that was at that point running against Seth Williams for the role of top prosecutor. In attendance were former city managing director Richard Negrin, former Municipal Court judge Teresa Carr Deni, and Khan. (Not present were Democrat Michael Untermeyer and Republican Beth Grossman, and the event was held before civil rights attorney Larry Krasner threw his hat in.) Read more »

Villanova Plans $60 Million Makeover of Pavilion

Villanova’s Board of Trustees on Wednesday approved a $60 million makeover of the Pavilion, the team’s basketball gym. After the renovation, it will be rechristened the Finneran Pavilion, after 1963 grad William Finneran. He donated $22.6 million to the renovation efforts last year.

“With the renovation and opening of the Finneran Pavilion, Villanova will have an on-campus home that embraces the incredible tradition of our University and its basketball programs,” Villanova men’s basketball coach Jay Wright said in a release. “The Finneran Pavilion will be a gathering place in which the Nova Nation can take great pride, and its impact will be felt on our program for years to come. I am grateful for the leadership of the Board of Trustees and President Donohue and the generosity of the donors, led by Bill Finneran. We can’t wait to get started!” Read more »

Asplundh Tree Execs Charged With Running Undocumented Workers Scheme

File photo of Asplundh workers cleaning up after a 2016 snowstorm. Photo by Frank Eltman/AP

File photo of Asplundh workers cleaning up after a 2016 snowstorm. Photo by Frank Eltman/AP

Willow Grove-based Asplundh Tree Expert Co. is huge, privately owned corporation with more than 36,000 employees and estimated annual sales of $3.5 billion, according to Forbes, which counts it as one of America’s largest private companies. But now, Asplundh finds itself the recipient of some very unwelcome attention thanks to charges just filed in federal court. Read more »

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