Philly’s Airport Second Most-Breached in Nation

(Photo courtesy of the Philadelphia International Airport.)

Photo courtesy of the Philadelphia International Airport.

An Associated Press investigation has revealed the most comprehensive public tally of breaches at the nation’s large airports, and Philly’s airport is tied for second with Las Vegas’s for the most known breaches.

Intruders crossed the Philadelphia International Airport’s fences, gates and other secured areas 30 times between January 2004 and February 2016, according to the AP. The airport shared detailed information on the breaches only after attorneys for the AP got involved, the news agency reports. Read more »

Philly Judge Admits He Lied to the FBI

"Justice" engraved on Philadelphia's City Hall

“Justice” engraved on Philadelphia’s City Hall. Photo | Jeff Fusco

Municipal Court Judge Joseph O’Neill admitted today he lied to the Federal Bureau of Investigation during an investigation into wrongdoing in the courts. He pleaded guilty to making false statements during the federal corruption investigation.

O’Neill, 65, admitted that he lied to the FBI on two occasions when they investigated former Judge Joseph C. Waters Jr. earlier this decade. Waters abruptly resigned his position and pleaded guilty to fraud in September 2014.

During that investigation, investigators twice asked O’Neill if Waters communicated with him about a case involving Donegal Investment Properties. The owner of Donegal was Sam Kuttab, an ally of Waters, and the FBI had intercepted a conversation where Waters asks O’Neill to “take a hard look at it.” Kuttab pleaded guilty last year. Read more »

Investigators: Organized Crime Dumping Dirty Dirt in New Jersey

Palmyra site. Photo via New Jersey State Commission of Investigation

Jersey Recylcing Services Palmyra site. Photo via New Jersey State Commission of Investigation

The New York mob is cashing in on New Jersey’s loopholes in recycling regulations — and it’s costing both the environment and residents, according to investigators from New Jersey’s State Commission of Investigation.

At a three-hour hearing held Wednesday at the Statehouse in Trenton, investigators said organized criminals are profiting from an underground economy via the improper disposal of contaminated soil and construction debris from New York. A few recycling sites and makeshift dumping grounds in South Jersey are particularly notable, according to the Inquirer.

It’s prompted the SCI to inspect the state’s recycling industry, which has it says been tainted by organized crime for years.

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Jon Stewart’s New Horse Wasn’t Actually Shot 100 Times With Paintballs

Tracey Stewart stands besides Lily the horse she is adopting during a news conference Wednesday, May 25, 2016, in Kennett Square, Pa. The former owner of the horse adopted by Jon Stewart and his wife Tracey that was portrayed as having been shot by paintballs over 100 times, said Wednesday the animal was used at children's finger-painting parties and was never injured by a paintball gun.

Tracey Stewart stands besides Lily the horse she is adopting during a news conference Wednesday, May 25, 2016, in Kennett Square, Pa.

It’s not what it looks like – but it’s not great either.

Jon Stewart and his wife, Tracey Stewart, recently adopted a horse from Kennett Square that was believed to have been shot more than 100 times by a paintball gun­ – but now the former owner is weighing in.

Doreen Weston, who previously owned the white mare named Lily, said the former Daily Show host’s new horse was used at her Pittstown, NJ farm as a canvas for children’s finger-painting parties.

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PLCB Approves Six-Pack Licenses at Gas Stations

Six packs of beer at Pennsylvania gas stations

Yesterday, we told you about Gov. Tom Wolf’s plea to “free the six-pack” at Pennsylvania gas stations. Wolf called for the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to approve several licenses that

On cue, today the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board approved nine applications yesterday. Several were from gas stations asking to be able to sell six-packs of beer (up to 192 fluid ounces at a time). Almost as if this were designed this way, Wolf then released a statement complete with hip graphic (above) declaring victory and praising the LCB. Hrmm. Read more »

Who Uses GrubHub to Order Food from Downey’s?

Downey's - Front and South streets

Downey’s at Front and South streets in Center City Philadelphia. (Photo: Dan McQuade)

It’s been a rough decade for Downey’s.

The bar filed for bankruptcy in September 2010. The next year, inspectors found rat carcasses at the restaurant — two days before St. Patrick’s Day and just before the bar went on Jon Taffer’s Bar Rescue.

Founded by Jack Downey in 1976, the bar was long a hangout for Irish Philadelphians. Downey sold it to his chef, Domenico Centofanti, in 2003. By the time it was on Bar Rescue, the bar was struggling. Centofanti said the closure of Front Street cut his business in half.

“This was absolutely the worst and dirtiest restaurant I’ve ever set foot in,” Brian Duffy, a former chef who helped try to return the bar to its past glory on Bar Rescue, said at the time. “There was trash in the hallways. Dead lobsters everywhere. The walk-in fridge was more like an air conditioner. The products in there were rancid. It was 52 degrees and it’s supposed to be under 40. It’s like throwing a festival for bacteria.”

Downey’s had been named the Worst Irish Bar in America. Read more »

Auditor General: 42,000 Unanswered Calls to State Child Abuse Hotline

Eugene DePasquale

Eugene DePasquale

A troubling interim report released yesterday by Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale shows that nearly 42,000 calls to Childline, the state hotline for reporting child abuse, went unanswered in 2015. Those calls account for 22 percent of total calls, up from just four percent in 2014.

“Any single one of those calls could have led to a life or death situation for a child,” said DePasquale during a press conference in Harrisburg on Tuesday. Read more »

A Second-Grader Brought a Loaded Glock to School Today | RonBailey | RonBailey

A second grade student at Grover Cleveland Mastery Charter found a surprise in his book bag when he got to school this morning: a fully-loaded Glock.

A police source told Philadelphia magazine that a relative allegedly stuck the weapon in the little boy’s bag for reasons that are thus far unclear. The child didn’t realize the weapon was lurking in his school bag until he got into his classroom.  Read more »

President Obama Will Host Villanova Wildcats at White House

It’s back-to-back good news for the Villanova Wildcats.

The Villanova basketball team is scheduled to visit President Obama at the White House next Tuesday for an honorary ceremony celebrating their NCAA championship win in April.

The announcement came just as Josh Hart declared he’s returning to the defending national champion team for his senior season. Read more »

Here’s How the SEPTA-Uber Suburban Connection Works


Today’s the day that SEPTA Regional Rail riders no longer have to worry about finding a parking space at 11 of the system’s busiest suburban stations.

That’s because of a pilot partnership between SEPTA and Uber that seeks to find new ways to fill the “last mile” gap between home and the train.  Read more »

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