What Seth Williams Didn’t Say About Civil Forfeiture

Christos Sourovelis and the house he'll get to keep. The D.A.'s office in December dropped its effort to seize the home.

Christos Sourovelis and the house he’ll get to keep. The DA’s office in December dropped its effort to seize the home.

There’s probably a good case to be made for the civil forfeiture system — in which authorities seize money and property they believe has been used in drug crimes and use it for their own purposes — but District Attorney Seth Williams didn’t quite make it Sunday with his op-ed in the Inquirer. Read more »

How Free do We Want Our Nipples?


My hot yoga class gets hot. As in, really hot. When I ring out my mat out after class, best-case scenario is that all of the sweat belongs to me, not Mr. Natural Deodorant in the back row.

I wear as little clothing as possible and do, admittedly, get a bit jealous when the men in class pop their shirts off. But I had never actually considered joining them — unlike the woman in my class this past weekend.

About halfway through the opening sequences she peeled off her tank top off and finished the class bare-chested. Read more »

Cops: Pit Bull Stolen From Outside Philly Drug Store

Philadelphia police released surveillance video today of a dognapping.

Cops say the theft took place Monday outside the Rite Aid at 2545 Aramingo Avenue in Port Richmond. (Depending on who you ask, this might be considered Kensington.) Cops say a 20-year-old woman left her grey and white pit bull, five months old, tied up outside the Rite Aid at 11 a.m. Monday. When she returned, the dog was gone. The man fled in a royal blue SUV. Read more »

Another Cosby Accuser Comes Forward

cosby video

Another Bill Cosby accuser has decided to make her story public.

“Patricia” — her last name wasn’t disclosed — came forward in a Buzzfeed article today. She was reportedly one of the 13 “Jane Doe” witnesses lined up to testify against Cosby when former Temple University employee Andrea Constand filed suit against the entertainer a decade ago. But that suit was settled before it went to trial, and Patricia had not told her story publicly until today.

Patricia told Buzzfeed she was invited in 1978 to Cosby’s house in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, when she was 22 years old. She expected to dine with Cosby and his wife, but only Cosby was there.

Buzzfeed reports: Read more »

Impending “Snow and Sleet Sandwich” Leads to Early Dismissals, Cancellations


Did you hear? Of course you’ve heard: More ice and snow is on its way.

The Philadelphia area is actually taking a one-two-three hit from winter weather over the next few days. Phillywx is calling it a “Snow and Sleet Sandwich Storm.” Precipitation started across Pennsylvania earlier on Tuesday, and it is expected to roll into the Philadelphia area in an hour or so.

Your commute home is going to be messy: Per multiple forecasts, snow will be brief. It is expected to change over to sleet right at rush hour and move to freezing rain later in the evening. Temperatures are expected to rise above freezing sometime after 9; Phillywx says “road conditions should gradually improve through the night in the Philadelphia metro.” Read more »

Ramsey: “We Are Not at War With the Communities We Serve”

Commissioner Charles Ramsey discusses the recommendations of the White House Task Force on 21st Century Policing. Ramsey helped co-chair the task force.

Commissioner Charles Ramsey discusses the recommendations of the White House Task Force on 21st Century Policing. Ramsey helped co-chair the task force.

Philly Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey met the local media Tuesday morning to discuss the recommendations of the White House Task Force on 21st Century Policing that he helped co-chair, and what those recommendations mean for Philadelphia.

Some highlights: Read more »

Gov. Tom Wolf’s Pennsylvania Budget Announcement


Governor Tom Wolf is announcing his big, bold agenda today at 11:30 a.m. and Philly Mag’s Holly Otterbein will be providing live updates of the address. (Read the full text of his address below, and read Holly Otterbein’s take on the five boldest elements of Wolf’s budget.)

Watch the live stream here, and follow along on Twitter:

Read more »

Ex-Stripper: Delilah’s Paid Dancers Less Than Minimum Wage

Some allegations from the lawsuit filed against Delilah's Den last month.

Some allegations from the lawsuit filed against Delilah’s Den last month.

Melody Schofield began dancing at Delilah’s Den in 2007. While dancing there, she says she had to purchase particular outfits to wear on certain days: Lingerie on Wednesdays, black and gold for the Entertainer of the Year contest, red and green at Christmas. She also says she had to pay a house fee of $30 to $85 for the opportunity to dance on stage, and that she had to tip the DJ, the house mom and the makeup artists. If she didn’t work at certain special events — such as the Wing Bowl After Party — she claims, she would be fined up to $250.

All of these allegations were made by Schofield, who went by Coco at the club, in a class-action lawsuit filed against the Spring Garden Street strip club last month. It was first reported by the Inquirer this morning. Schofield is the lead plaintiff in a potential class-action lawsuit her lawyer says could have hundreds of potential claimants. The suit is seeking a class of all dancers who have worked at Delilah’s in the last three years and receive some of their income in tips.

A spokesman for Delilah’s told the Inquirer the “stage lease fee” is a strip club industry standard but declined to comment on the suit. Schofield left the club in November 2014. Read more »

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