You Can Cash a Check and Meet an Eagles Hall of Famer in Bensalem

Jeremiah Trotter. (Courtesy of the Philadelphia Eagles)

Jeremiah Trotter. (Courtesy of the Philadelphia Eagles)

Beginning at noon on Tuesday, M&T Bank’s Bensalem branch is holding an autograph session featuring former Eagles linebacker Jeremiah Trotter (three stints in midnight green!) while WIP’s Jon Marks hosts some live on-site sports talk.

Marks will be discussing all things NFL Draft and presumably a little bit about managing your portfolio or whatever the corporate sponsors have mandated. Read more »

NA Poe Arrest Shows the War on Drugs Is Alive and Well in Philadelphia

NA Poe aka Richard Tamaccio and Rachael Friedman in their Philadelphia Police Department mugshots.

NA Poe aka Richard Tamaccio and Rachael Friedman in their Philadelphia Police Department mugshots.

The last time I saw cannabis crusader NA Poe on Saturday night, he was busy attending to the details of his big pot party going down in the Frankford section of Northeast Philadelphia. Two days later, he’s trying to get together $25,000 of the $250,000 bail that’s been set in a criminal case against him. Read more »

I Was at N.A. Poe’s Pot Party Saturday Night Right Before It Got Raided

There were jars and jars of finer marijuana for sale at the NA Poe pot party, starting at $40 per eighth-ounce.

There were jars and jars of finer marijuana for sale at Saturday Night’s NA Poe pot party, starting at $40 per eighth-ounce.

On Saturday evening, hundreds of people showed up at a warehouse space in Northeast Philadelphia for one of marijuana activist N.A. Poe‘s legendary pot parties known as Philly Smoke Sessions, intent on buying medical-grade marijuana, pot-infused brownies, and chocolates that will get you really, really high. Unfortunately for Poe and some of the attendees, the cops showed up as well, about 30 minutes after I left. Read more »

We Want Answers: Jake Tapper

Photo by Adam Jones.

Photo by Adam Jones.

“You’ll be sure to note that the Eagles mascot is by my side,” Jake Tapper says as we grab seats in his cluttered office inside CNN’s D.C. bureau, just down the street from the Capitol. Tapper, wearing blue dress pants and an open-collar pale blue shirt, holds up a small plush stuffed bird, decked out in Eagles gear, that normally sits off to one side of his desk. Right next to it: a spot-on replica of the Six Million Dollar Man lunch box Tapper had as a kid growing up in Philly. “Some Twitter follower of mine sent it to me,” he explains. “It’s not my original one. But it is what I had when I went to the Philadelphia School at 25th and Lombard.”

CNN’s 48-year-old chief Washington correspondent is having something of a pop-culture moment these days thanks to his aggressive coverage of the Trump administration. He found himself a guest on Bill Maher’s HBO show (Maher lauded him for “speaking truth to crazy”); has turned up as a character on Saturday Night Live; and saw his face — with the incredulous expression he wore while interviewing Kellyanne Conway in February — become an Internet meme. Read more »

Talk Acme to Me: How Alexa and Siri Learn to Understand the Philly Accent

Illustration by GLUEKIT

Illustration by GLUEKIT

After a couple of weeks of our casually getting to know each other, my Amazon Echo is really starting to understand me. She just learned a new word: “wudder.” Now Alexa can tell me what year Waterworld came out and how long the spaghetti pot will take to boil. (That’s not to say she gets me completely — at least once a week she plays “the news” when I ask her to “snooze.”) Alexa, Siri, Cortana, your TV, even your car — in recent years, there’s been a remarkable rise in technology you can talk to, with more on the way. And considering that our local brand of English is so, um, distinctive, conversing with these systems can be a challenge. Philly English (perhaps even more so than Boston or Chicago English) is full of complex rules that are picked up on the schoolyard rather than in textbooks, which is why “mad” doesn’t rhyme with “sad” here and why so many movies feature Philadelphians who sound more like New Yorkers. To make our extraordinary accent work with this new genre of talky tech, researchers have had to create complex AI technology that can understand people better than humans can. Read more »

DOJ: Philly Must Prove it Complies With Federal Immigration Officials


The Department of Justice has requested Philadelphia and eight other jurisdictions to prove that they comply with federal immigration officials.

In a letter posted by the Los Angeles Times, acting Assistant Attorney General Alan R. Hanson wrote to Mayor Jim Kenney requesting that the city submit documentation that certifies its cooperation with 8 U.S. Code § 1373, which mandates that all jurisdictions must communicate with federal agencies and the Immigration and Naturalization Service.  Read more »

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