Shrine to Victims of Illegally Purchased Guns Pops Up in South Philly

Photo | Brian Thomas

Photo | Brian Thomas

Hanging on a fence around a parking lot right outside the Ellsworth-Federal stop on the Broad Street Line, more than 50 t-shirts flap in the wind. They bear the names of victims of gun violence, along with their ages and the date of their death. The memorial, organized by the neighboring National Shrine of Saint Rita of Cascia and a group called Heeding God’s Call, focuses specifically on those who died from illegally purchased firearms. The groups will hold a dedication ceremony on May 25th at 12:30 p.m. at the site.   Read more »

How Oblivious Elites Missed the Trump Revolution


If you’re a longtime print subscriber to Philadelphia magazine, I can probably make some assumptions about you.

These aren’t just guesses. They’re based on subscriber surveys we’ve done. I know, for instance, that many of you are in your late 40s or early 50s (hey, just like me!) and that you’re more likely than not to live in the suburbs (also just like me). Odds are, you’re well educated, possessing not only a bachelor’s degree but potentially a graduate degree, too. (You have me there; I ditched grad school after a semester). And you’re most likely affluent, with a household income many times the median Philadelphia income. (No, I’m not telling you how much I make.) Read more »

Ed Rendell: Sorry About that “Ugly Women” Comment


Yesterday we told you about how Ed Rendell put his foot in his mouth while trying to explain why he thought Donald Trump‘s comments about women, particularly his observations about bosom size as it relates to attractiveness, will hurt the presumptive Republican nominee with women voters:

“Trump’s comments like ‘You can’t be a 10 if you’re flat-chested,’ that’ll come back to haunt him. There are probably more ugly women in America than attractive women. People take that stuff personally,” said Rendell, a noted Hillary Clinton supporter, to a Washington Post reporter who was probing Trump’s chances and appeal in Philadelphia’s suburbs.

The quote went super viral while Rendell was in Washington, D.C., for Infrastructure Week. Reporters were waiting for Rendell when he got off the train at 30th Street Station yesterday afternoon. Read more »

Hillary Clinton Shouldn’t Have to Answer for Bill’s Affairs


If you’re running for president these days, you have to expect your dirtiest of laundry to be put on display. As John Edwards and Herman Cain learned the hard way, mistresses make for better headlines than tax reform proposals — and whether it’s fair or not, the morally superior country that brought you Dating Naked still has a Puritan itch to scratch.

But if you’re a woman running for public office? A squeaky-clean personal life simply isn’t enough. Expect to have your husband’s affairs used against you as well.

In an interview with the New York Times, Donald Trump revealed how he plans to discredit Hillary Clinton this fall. Front and center? Attacks on her character stemming from Bill Clinton‘s extramarital affairs.

Trump’s certainly not the first to attempt to use this against her. For almost two decades now, Hillary’s been carrying Bill’s baggage and fielding side-eye from both parties. Classic lines include (but are not limited to):  Read more »

The Media/Elwyn Line Is Shutting Down for 3 Months

Crum Creek Viaduct construction

With the support piers for the new span nearing completion, the Crum Creek Viaduct will be dismantled and replaced starting June 18th. | Photo courtesy of SEPTA

“No pain, no gain.” This summer, Media/Elwyn Regional Rail Line passengers will have to endure a little pain in order for SEPTA to finally get rid of the poster child for its maintenance and repair backlog, the 121-year-old Crum Creek Viaduct in Delaware County.

Work on the new bridge, which will sit in the same spot as the span it’s replacing, has been progressing for the last year. Now that the support piers are in place, it’s time for the actual spans to be installed. That will require an 11-week suspension of rail service beyond Swarthmore beginning on Saturday, June 18th, and ending Monday, September 5th. Read more »

Former Temple President Peter Liacouras Dies at 85

Peter Liacouras in 2002. Photo courtesy of Temple University.

Peter Liacouras in 2002. Photo courtesy of Temple University.

Peter Liacouras, who served as Temple University’s president from 1982-2000, died Thursday at the age of 85.

“Peter was a man of vision and determination,” said current President Neil Theobald in a statement. “He loved Temple and would do anything he could for the university’s greater good, whether that was before, during or after his term as president.” Read more »

Philly Cops Named in Separate Shootings

Desmond Abernathy (left) and Curt Joseph (middle) charged in Southwest Philly shooting; Aftermath of Overbrook shooting (right)

Desmond Abernathy (left) and Curt Joseph (middle) charged in Southwest Philly police shooting; Aftermath of Overbrook police shooting (right).

The Police Department on Saturday released the names of two officers who were involved in unrelated shootings earlier this week, and announced the arrests of two men in connection with one of those incidents.

A pair of 12th District cops who were on patrol in Southwest Philly about 11:15 p.m. Tuesday heard gunshots echoing from an alley on Grays Avenue near Lindbergh Boulevard. When they made their way down the alley, the cops spotted Desmond Abernathy standing on a deck and clutching a gun.

The cops told Abernathy, 50, to drop the gun. He ignored them and allegedly opened fire, the department said. The cops weren’t wounded. Officer Edward Wright, a seven-year veteran of the force, shot Abernathy in the right thigh. Abernathy bolted back into his house; the officers found him splayed out on the kitchen floor. Another man, Curt Joseph, 47, ran out of the property but didn’t make it too far.

Read more »

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