Ebola Fears Keep New Burlco Students Home

Panics aren’t pretty. They’re not rational. But they happen, and they’re happening in Burlington County, N.J. — where two Rwandan students are being kept out of classes today, even though their home is 2,600 miles away from the West African nations where the outbreak is actually taking place.

That’s roughly like keeping kids out of school in Philadelphia because somebody caught a cold in Los Angeles.
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Will This New “Sex App” Clear Up College Sexual Assaults?


In his eloquent paean last week to watching porn, Daily News scold Stu Bykofsky equated the practice to stopping by the watercooler to chat with a colleague. There’s one essential way, at least, in which the two acts differ: One is solitary, and one is not. Stu cited the statistic that 29 percent of Americans say watching porn is morally acceptable.

I’m surprised the number’s that low. I don’t give a royal hoot who watches porn, though I’d prefer public officials not be doing so while they’re on the job. But what’s being called “Porngate” reminded me of a handy app that’s being pushed as the answer to the current “crisis” of sexual assault on college campuses. The app, Good2Go, takes the mushy gray out of “He said, she said” college sexual assault accusations by reducing the question of consent to a Wawa touchscreen condiment choice. Read more »

The NYT’s Hugging Story Looks a Lot Like the Inky’s

The Inquirer seems to be ahead of the Times.

Last Friday, The New York Times ran a column titled “The Bro Hug: Embracing a Change in Custom,” this month’s installment of Henry Alford’s “Circa Now.” It’s about the evolutions in how men greet each other, and the perceived uptick in hugging among men.

A fun story. But less fun if you’d happen to read “More young men friends embracing — which has the amazing URL slug “younger-men-older-men-more-men” in the Philly.com archives — that ran in The Philadelphia Inquirer in June.

The piece, by the Inky’s Samantha Melamed, was not the first piece about men hugging. But both it and the Times story months later cited several of the same sources.

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Philly Brothels: 1849 and Now

Last month, Slate‘s Rebecca Onion unearthed pure gold from the depths of the Library Company of Philadelphia‘s digital stacks. Guide to the Stranger or Pocket Companion for the Fancy is essentially a personal review of every brothel in the city worth mentioning circa 1849. The gentleman who compiled this data was pretty much the Roger Ebert of mid-19th century Philly whorehouses.

Addresses are listed for several of the brothels. So, as maturely as possible, let’s find out what’s become of these properties. Besides, how much can change in 165 years?

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Time Is Running Out for Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr.


The 2014 baseball season in Philadelphia passed without a whimper.

The last game was a Sunday matinee where Cole Hamels pitched another gem … and lost. And the Phillies resigned themselves to the fact that they had finished in last place with a dreadful 73-89 record that doesn’t figure to improve that much in 2015.

Do you remember when Citizens Bank Park used to be a cool place to be? The Phillies had the biggest attendance drop of any team in major league baseball this year — about 600,000 fewer people came to the ballpark than in 2013.

Now I will never be the owner of a major league baseball team. But if I could be, and I was one of the major parties that owned the Phillies, I would not be happy with this kind apocalypse. And I would be kicking some ass.

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Comcast’s Joseph Clancy Is Now Secret Service Chief

In this July 10, 2009 file photo, Secret Service Agent Joseph Clancy, right, holds the door open for President Barack Obama upon arrival at the Vatican for a meeting with Pope Benedict XVI. Secret Service Director Julia Pierson resigned Wednesday, a day after bitingly critical questioning by Congress about a White House security breach. There had been increasing calls for her departure during the day. Pierson will be replaced by Clancy, a former special agent in charge of the president's protective detail who retired in 2011.

In this July 10, 2009 file photo, Secret Service Agent Joseph Clancy, right, holds the door open for President Barack Obama upon arrival at the Vatican for a meeting with Pope Benedict XVI.

In light of the Secret Service scandal still unraveling in Washington D.C., Secret Service head Julia Pierson resigned on Wednesday. And before the day was through, Comcast’s director of corporate security Joseph Clancy was named acting interim director of the Secret Service. Read more »

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