Brandon Tate-Brown Family Files Federal Class-Action Lawsuit

Tanya Brown-Dickerson, center, is flanked by Asa Khalif, left, and Brian Mildenberg, right, during a press conference in March. Dickerson’s son, Brandon Tate-Brown, was shot to death by police in December.

Tanya Brown-Dickerson, center, is flanked by Asa Khalif, left, and Brian Mildenberg, right, during a press conference in March. Dickerson’s son, Brandon Tate-Brown, was shot to death by police in December.

The family of Brandon Tate-Brown, a 26-year-old man who was fatally shot by police at a traffic stop last year, filed a class-action lawsuit in federal court on Wednesday.

The lawsuit makes the same claims as a wrongful death suit that was filed in April by the family in the Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas, which has since been withdrawn, as well as several additional claims. Attorney Brian Mildenberg said the new claims were based on an investigation that took place after the police department released several documents in June related to the shooting.

Mildenberg said the family “is asking the federal court to certify a class action on behalf of all persons who have been or may be injured by police due to lack of training and operational deficiencies identified by the United States Department of Justice.”

In March, the U.S. Department of Justice issued a wide-ranging, critical report that found that police-involved shootings in Philadelphia had increased, use-of-force training was often inadequate, and the investigation of shootings was inconsistent. It also recommended several major police reforms. The federal government began reviewing the city’s police department after a request was made by Police Commissioner Charles RamseyRead more »

Jim Beasley Jr.: The (Literally) High-Flying Attorney

Illustration by Andy Friedman

Illustration by Andy Friedman

My name is Jim Beasley, or JBJ, as everybody calls me. It’s short for Jim Beasley Jr.

I am a teenager trapped in a 48-year-old body.

I grew up in a tornado in Villanova. Four dogs, my dad, two sisters. A million things all at the same time. Now I live in a tornado in West Chester.

When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to be a fighter pilot. But I went to Penn for medicine. I wanted to be a geneticist.

My most famous client was Taylor Swift. I represented her for a breach-of-contract for an airplane that she bought. Read more »

Suspect Sought in Old City TD Bank Robbery

Photo | Philadelphia Police Department

Photo | Philadelphia Police Department

Philadelphia Police and the FBI are seeking a man who allegedly robbed the TD Bank branch on the 300 block of Market Street in Old City.

Around 1:40 pm Thursday, the man — 6 feet tall, black, wearing a grey sweatshirt and white True Religion baseball cap, and sporting a mustache and goatee — handed the TD teller a demand note and then fled with an undisclosed amount of cash, according to police. The “Wanted” poster can be seen here. Read more »

Poll: Trump Leads GOP Contenders in Pa.

Via Shutterstock

Via Shutterstock

Donald Trump‘s apparent popularity with GOP voters continues to climb.

Trump is the leading Republican candidate in three swing states — Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida — in a just-released poll by Quinnipiac University.

In Pennsylvania, “Trump leads among Republicans with 24 percent, followed by 13 percent for Carson and 10 percent for Rubio,” Quinnipiac reports. “No other candidate tops 7 percent, with 9 percent undecided.” Read more »

Chase Utley: The Perfect Philadelphia Athlete


Chase Utley had doubled, knocking in a run. The National League still trailed in the 2014 All-Star Game, but the team had finally scored. Utley, on second, went into his trademark celebration: Hands on his hips, staring forward with a small smirk on his face. It’s as if Utley were a baseball-playing robot, thinking “my programming helped me achieve that positive baseball result” to himself.

The only other Philadelphia athlete in recent memory that attracted the kind of universal adulation as Chase Utley is Brian Dawkins. Utley appeared to be designed in a factory designed to produce the kind of athlete designed to appeal to every Philadelphia fan: He kept his head down and didn’t say much. He went 100 percent at every opportunity. The blue-collar fan stereotype is overblown, but there is a segment of the Philadelphia fanbase that likes guys who play hard and keep quiet. They can pretend it’s them out there, just doing a job.

Utley put up solid numbers every year. He had nice arms. He would show up at, like, the Morning Glory diner. He and his wife had a charity, anti-animal abuse, that everyone could agree with. His swing reminded people of Ted Williams. He tied a World Series record held by Reggie Jackson. Both of his famous quotes involve him dropping an F-bomb. How could anyone not like this guy? The only other Phillie possibly beloved as much as Utley was Richie Ashburn. Read more »

Malvern Prep Sex Scandal: Here Are the Emails a Counselor Allegedly Sent Her Student

Suspect Emily Feeney, from left, in her mugshot via Chester County District Attorney's Office, and in her Malvern Prep bio.

Suspect Emily Feeney, from left, in her mugshot via Chester County District Attorney’s Office, and in her Malvern Prep bio.

Malvern Prep is one of the Philadelphia region’s most prestigious schools, with a price tag to match: A four-year high school education will cost you over $120,000. But now the school finds itself at the center of a sex scandal, allegedly brought upon it by 40-year-old Emily Feeney, who worked as a swim coach and director of college counseling until she was recently fired. Read more »

Philly Police Cruiser Kills Dog, Devastated Owner Seeks Answers

Photos via Facebook

Photos via Facebook

Sidara Son, who lives with her father in Olney, got her dog Phoebe (above) for her birthday a couple years ago when the dog was just a puppy.

“A few years back I had surgery,” Son says. “I had my ovaries removed and my fallopian tubes removed so I wasn’t able to have kids. People who know me know that I love dogs, so my friend gave [the puppy] to me as a gift, and since then Phoebe has always been my baby.”

Son bought the dog toys and clothes and doted on her like a child. And she took her everywhere. “We did everything together. We went camping together, we went fishing together, we went to the beach together — there was never a moment that I left her. She woke up with me, she went to sleep with me, and every morning I would tell her that she was my sunshine baby. She was my only happiness.”

That happiness was interrupted on August 9th. Read more »

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