Week in Review: Guns, Kittens, and Baseball

It’s the weekend, which means it’s time to catch up on all the stuff you missed at PhillyMag.com. Here were some of our favorite pieces from the week gone by:


NAACP Suspends Philly Chapter Officers

The Philadelphia Tribune’s Johann Calhoun reports the national office of the NAACP has suspended four officers involved in a dispute over money. The NAACP suspended local chapter president Jerome “Jerry” Mondesire, Donald “Ducky” Birts, the Rev. Elisha Morris and Sid Booker. You have to enjoy a scandal that includes a guy with the nickname “Ducky.”

At issue: Birts, Morris and Booker — longtime Mondesire pals who were below him in the local chapter’s hierarchy — didn’t like the way Mondesire managed a certain amount of money. (In the Daily News earlier this week, Stu Bykofsky wrote that the NAACP’s financial situation is “precarious.”) After the three look leaves of absence, Mondesire fired them.

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Introducing the Phillymag.com Friday Pop Quiz! (April 7-11)

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Photo | Jeff Fusco

How closely have you been paying attention to the news in Philly this week? Take our quiz and see where you rank.

Boyz II Men Member Doubts Eagles Backup Quarterback’s Chances

1990s radio airplay-and-record sale juggernauts Boyz II Men have eased comfortably into the 21st century, transforming themselves into a Vegas lounge act singing their old hits and covers of classic songs. There are much more embarrassing ways for former pop stars to make a living.

Being Philadelphia natives, Boyz II Men’s members are obviously big Philly sports fans. As such, TMZ Sports caught up with group member Shawn Stockman to talk about the backup quarterback situation. TMZ Sports is a Birds 24/7-style site except it’s celebrities doing the analysis instead of Sheil Kapadia and Tim McManus, right? Oh, it’s not? Okay.

Mark Sanchez is not the guy. He’s just gonna go into Philly and get cussed out. Because listen, if anybody knows anything about Philly radio, it’s no holds barred. They go in. So I can imagine what they’re talking about in Philly radio right now. I’m not an Eagles fan, but every other sport I’m all Philly. Flyers, Philly, Sixers, the whole nine yards.

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Interview: Paul Levy Gets Big Things Done


No list of Philly’s most powerful people would be complete without Paul Levy. He has headed the Center City District since its inception in 1991, overseeing a transformation of the neighborhood from a dirty and dimly lit downtown, vacated after dark, to a vibrant center (natch) of commerce and living.

In April’s Power Issue of Philly Mag (pick it up on newsstands!) we say of Levy: “The president of the Center City District remains the undisputed king of city planning, with the Dilworth Plaza project, the Reading Viaduct, and his long-shot crusade to change the tax structure. Nobody will have a bigger influence on Center City this year. Again.”

Philly Mag spoke with Levy about Center City’s renaissance, what it takes to get big projects done in this town, and what the future holds for his organization.

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