Did We Just Witness the End for Bernard Hopkins (and Major Boxing in Atlantic City?)

Bernard Hopkins (Black trunks) is knocked down by Sergey Kovalev (Red/White trunks) during their WBA/IBF/WBO light heavyweight title bout at Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall.

Bernard Hopkins is knocked down by Sergey Kovalev during their WBA/IBF/WBO light heavyweight title bout at Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall.

The crowd was so boisterous you almost forgot they came to see a 49-year-old Philadelphian get beaten up.

Okay, they didn’t come to see that, but that was the end result. Sergey Kovalev rocked Philly’s Bernard Hopkins in a unanimous decision Saturday night at Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall. Judges gave Kovalev every round. From the time he knocked down Hopkins in the first, the fight never seemed in doubt. Kovalev landed 121 power punches to Hopkins’ 40.

For years Hopkins has beaten his opponents with a mix of incredible conditioning and masterful mind games. “I play chess every day, with human beings,” Hopkins told the HBO Boxing podcast last month. “And most of these guys are checker-playin’.” Hopkins was playing chess on Saturday, and Kovalev came and smashed the board in half with 166 punches.

Hopkins has lost before, but not this badly. He turns 50 next year. He no longer has his light heavyweight title. Boxing scribes immediately asked the question post-fight: Is this the end for Bernard Hopkins?

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WATCH: Drake Is Excited By How Bad the Sixers Are

Sunday night, the Raptors blew out the Sixers 120-88, the first time this year the Sixers haven’t been in a game at all (amazingly). To make matters worse, the Lakers actually won a game last night, which means the Sixers are the NBA’s only winless team.

Want things to get worse? Check out the above dunk, where James Johnson posterizes Brandon Davies so hard that Drake cannot contain himself.

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Young, Tall and Terrible: Meet Your 2014-15 Sixers


“I think I want to get $10 tickets to the Sixers tonight, any interest?” I texted my friend. “Actually, I have no idea of your interest level in basketball.”

This is how one invites people to a Sixers game in 2014. For a while, it wasn’t hard: “Want to go see Iverson tonight?” Now I have to hedge it with promises of cheap tickets on me and a near apology for even asking.

“I’ll go,” Kelly said. “Are they gonna do the fun floor thing?” For the 2014-15 season, the Sixers have a pregame intro that makes it look like the basketball court is being destroyed by a man hitting the Liberty Bell. I told her it was an all-season thing. “Good, that’s why I’m going,” she replied.

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Equipment Manager Pulls Snake Prank on Flyers

To celebrate Halloween, Flyers head equipment manager Derek Settlemyre pulled a prank on the team’s players with a “special Gatorade cooler with special ingredients.” Inside the cooler, which he says was passed around the NFL, NBA and NHL, there’s a rubber snake instead of Gatorade.

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It’s 2014. Time to Stop Hazing.

Central Bucks School Board Member Geryld McMullen (left), Dr. David Weitzel, Superintendent for Central Bucks School District (middle) and Paul Faulner, School Board President listen to public comment on the recent hazing scandal which caused the cancellation of the 2014 football season with two games left.

Central Bucks School Board Member Geryld McMullen (left), Dr. David Weitzel, Superintendent for Central Bucks School District (middle) and Paul Faulner, School Board President listen to public comment on the recent hazing scandal which caused the cancellation of the 2014 football season with two games left.

I was a three-sport athlete in high school and played a Division I college sport, so I am not new to the concept of “team bonding.”

Athletic teams having the most success are usually the teams with talent, yes, but also ones that rely heavily on synergy — weaving together a team of individuals into the one, collective winning force. But where and when hazing rituals became part of such team building is unclear. And the recent allegations of such rituals at Central Bucks West High in Doylestown have tainted that institution’s proud football program forever.
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Jeremy Maclin’s Gatorade Crash Echoed Jim McMahon Play 23 Years Ago


Although the Eagles lost a frustrating game to the Cardinals on Sunday, Jeremy Maclin had his best game of the season: He caught 12 passes for 185 yards and a pair of touchdowns. And he had the best comic relief in the game as well. During a punt return, Maclin was pushed out of bounds and right over a table filled with Gatorade! He then crashed into another table, knocking that aside and splatting face-first onto the ground.

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Philly’s 10 Best Pro Athletes on Twitter

References to the Almighty God. Mentions of Jesus Christ. Bible verse citations. Heads up about heading into practice. Vague references to “grinding” and/or “putting in work.” Thanking Uber for the ride. The Twitter lives of many Philadelphia professional athletes can be pretty banal.

But that doesn’t mean all of them are social media dullards. Here, in no particular order, are the 10 Philly jocks who make it a point to bring their best game on Twitter — follow-worthy, all of them.

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Like Him or Not, Nick Foles Is the Eagles’ Quarterback of the Future

Photo | Jeff Fusco.

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Here is the definitive report on Nick Foles:

He doesn’t dazzle you in any aspect of the game. Sometimes he looks really good shooting the ball down the field to open crossing receivers. And sometimes he has peculiar moments of uncertainty, heaving balls to the middle of the field off his back foot. Those are the moments that allow fans to drift into negative land with thoughts that Foles may not the quarterback who will lead this franchise to future riches.

But know this: Foles will be the franchise quarterback going forward — because the Eagles really don’t have any other choice.

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WATCH: Mo’ne Davis Commercial Directed by Spike Lee

Tuesday night during Game 1 of the World Series, Chevrolet debuted a commercial featuring Philadelphia’s Mo’ne Davis, star of the Little League World Series and all-around general cool person who seems to be handling this burst of fame incredibly well. It’s heavy on Philly, including shots of Anderson Yards, Lazaros Pizza (I go there sometimes!) and the skyline. Oh, yeah, and it’s directed by Spike Lee.

I guess when Spike Lee was here to film a documentary on Davis, what he really meant was a commercial. It’s a shame this isn’t a spot for Nike; then we could’ve had a spot with Mo’ne Davis and Mars Blackmon.

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2014 Eagles Team Photo Placed In Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Eagles are off this week, but the entire team gathered Monday at the team’s practice facility to take a team photo. That day, Chip Kelly says his team ran a photo session that was more up-tempo than their offense.

“We set a record: four minutes and forty seconds,” Kelly said. “We got everybody — the entire team, every position group, the coaches and the training staff done in four minutes and forty seconds,” said Kelly. “Oh, it was tempo. And I would challenge anybody [to match that].”

Kelly later added: “We had to coach the photographers a little bit because… one of the guys thought he was Ansel Adams. We said ‘Let’s get this thing taken and let’s go,’ you know what I mean? It’s not like it’s going to be hanging in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.”

Oh, but it is.

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