Eagles Fans Have Some of the Best Grammar in the NFL

Eagles fans in stands

Photo | Jeff Fusco

The Wall Street Journal has a fun story today tracking the grammar of NFL fans, or at least fans who comment on team websites. And guess what: Eagles fans have some of the best grammar in the league!

For the story, the WSJ used the automated proofreader Grammarly to check 150 comments on the official websites of all 32 NFL teams. The Eagles ranked 3rd-best in grammar among the teams, behind only the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers. Philly fans averaged just 5.2 grammar mistakes per 100 words. (The Packers were at 5.1; the Lions had just 4.2 mistakes per 100.) In a ranking that will no doubt enthuse Philadelphia fans, fans of Washington’s football team were the worst with 16.5 mistakes per 100 words. Saints fans were second-worst at just 12.2 errors per 100. Washington fans stand alone in their lack of grammar skills. Read more »

Tim Tebow Can’t Play. Period.


Tim Tebow can’t play.

Within the wide range of opinion on the Eagles’ acquisition of a quarterback who, after two years of absence from the National Football League, is now suddenly on a roster, that is the fact that stands out to me more than anything. Tebow had played in the NFL for a bit. He caught lightning in a bottle, not unlike a lot of athletes who have played in the league. And then, like a burned-out meteor, he fizzled.

Since that flash-dance season in Denver, he has failed with two other NFL organizations and has been judged by every other team in the league to be unworthy to play at the highest level. The last time I saw Tebow, he couldn’t throw a football the way it needs to be thrown for success in the NFL. In fact, it looks painful when he throws it, like a small child trying to hurl a can of paint. There are some athletes who are successful in college, who just don’t have the skill set to play quarterback in the NFL. There is a list of quarterbacks, who, like Tebow, won the Heisman Trophy in college but couldn’t get a sniff of life in the NFL.

So what is it about this kid? What is this compulsion among American sports fans, the idea that the world will be safer for democracy if Tim Tebow is in the NFL? Read more »

Phillies on Pace to Draw Fewest Fans Since They Played at The Vet

Empty seats at Citizens Bank Park

SO LONELY: Empty upper-deck seats at the start of Tuesday night’s Phillies game against the Marlins. (Photo | Dan McQuade)

It was the top of the first inning. The Marlins had a man on with two outs. Mike Morse fouled off a pitch; there were now two strikes. The big screen at the Phillies game exhorted the fans: “Get loud!” There was scattered applause.

We are just seven home games into the 2015 season. Citizens Bank Park feels different. The opening day crowd of 45,549 seems so long ago already. Last night was Dollar Dog Night, yet there were few long lines for discounted dogs. (Tony Luke’s and Campo’s were still packed, however; I am convinced CBP’s cheesesteak outposts have long lines even when the stadium is closed.)

Despite the gorgeous weather last night, the attendance for the Phillies’ 7-3 win over the Marlins — for Dollar Dog Night and Jackie Robinson Day (observed) — was just 21,993. Read more »

New Eagles WR: Philly Fans Let Air Out of Dad’s Tires in 2009

Matthew Emmons / USA TODAY Sports

Matthew Emmons / USA TODAY Sports

Miles Austin signed a one-year deal with the Eagles late last month. The wide receiver, who will be 31 next year, spent last year with the Cleveland Browns. But before that, he was with the Dallas Cowboys for eight seasons.

Yes, the Cowboys, the most hated of all franchises for an Eagles fan.

But apparently that showed: Speaking to 94 WIP’s morning show today, Austin said in 2009 Philadelphia fans deflated his dad’s tires. Read more »

St. Joe’s Prep Holds Prayer Service for Student Who Died at Football Practice

Today, Prep students, faculty and staff gathered for a prayer service in memory of our brother, Ryan Gillyard ’18.

Posted by St. Joseph’s Prep on Monday, April 20, 2015

St. Joe’s Prep this morning held a prayer service for Ryan Gillyard, a 15-year-old student who collapsed Saturday morning during a football team practice; he was declared dead at Temple University Hospital soon after.

6ABC reports: “Grief counselors were on hand at St. Joseph’s Prep Monday after a freshman football player collapsed and died during practice.” Read more »

Philadelphia Is Tim Tebow’s Best Chance at Making It Back to NFL


TAKING A KNEE: New England Patriots quarterback Tim Tebow (5) and running back Shane Vereen (34) participate in a post game prayer with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Gillette Stadium on August 16, 2013. The Patriots defeated the Buccaneers 25-21.


My husband and I were just leaving the Union game in Chester last night when I got a text from our son: “We got Tebow boys.”

“Jake just sent me a text he meant to send to his Fantasy Football team,” I told Doug, laughing as I showed him my phone.

A few minutes later, Doug got a text — from his cousin Shelly, who lives in Denver and has Broncos season tickets. “Whaddya think of your new quarterback?” she wanted to know.

Doug didn’t laugh as he showed me his phone.

“What the hell … ” Read more »

Internet Responds to Britt McHenry’s Bullying … With More Bullying

Photo via LiveLeak.com

Photo via LiveLeak.com

“I’m on television and you’re in a fucking trailer, honey.”

By now, you’ve probably seen the viral video of ESPN reporter Britt McHenry coldly ripping apart a towing garage attendant.

Apparently upset over the fact that her car was towed and she was forced to pay for it, McHenry insulted the anonymous worker’s job, education level and appearance, telling her “I will fucking sue this place,” “Makes my skin crawl even being here,” and, “So I could be a college dropout and do the same thing?” McHenry’s final words in the video: “Lose some weight, baby girl.”

It’s a very disturbing scene, the kind that can instantaneously vaporize your faith in humanity. And yet ESPN has only suspended McHenry for a week. Many on social media are saying that isn’t good enough, and are calling for the network to terminate McHenry (hashtag #firebrittmchenry). Read more »

The Sixers Did Their Part and Lost Last Night. It Didn’t Matter.


Photo illustration | Alyse Moyer; Photo credits, from left: Nerlens Noel (Bill Streicher, USA Today Sports), Franklin (David Dow, NBA Photos ), Brett Brown (Jason Getz, USA Today Sports) and Joel Embiid (Bill Streicher, USA Today Sports).

The Philadelphia 76ers will likely have just one first-round draft pick this year.

That wouldn’t be an issue for many teams — after all, you originally just have one — but the Sixers were in line to have as many as four. And now they’ll probably have just their own pick, currently slotted as the No. 3 selection going into the draft lottery.  Read more »

I Went to the Mets Opener in Phillies Gear — and I Wasn’t Even Heckled

Phillies bunting

Phillies pitcher Aaron Harang attempts a sacrifice bunt in the third inning of Monday’s Phillies-Mets game. It was successful! (Photo: Dan McQuade)

I last attended a Mets game in New York in 2006. It was an 88-degree Saturday in August. A Jon Lieber error led to three Mets runs in the sixth, giving New York a 4-3 win. Tom Glavine got the win. Billy Wagner got the save. The Phillies scored all their runs in the first-inning on a three-run Ryan Howard homer.

I wore my Phillies Randy Wolf jersey and was taunted by fans throughout the game. Quite a few fans of the Mets — who were, at the time, a dozen games up in the NL East — were heavily invested in making sure I knew they didn’t like the Phillies. I was shouted at. I learned I sucked. I was called an asshole. It was nothing major. Much of it was good-natured. But it was there.

On Monday, I went to the Mets home opener at shiny new Citi Field wearing a bright red Phillies vest and red pinstripe Philadelphia sneakers. It was a record crowd for a Mets game: 43,947. And yet I heard nary a peep. The Mets haven’t made the playoffs since 2006. The Phillies haven’t been to the postseason since 2011 — and they aren’t getting back there anytime soon, either. Phillies fans have realized this. Mets fans have some hope for this year — Monday was a huge crowd, and the game last night drew a huge TV audience — but they’re certainly not worried about the Phillies. Read more »

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