I Can’t Stop Thinking About the Women Who Work at Hobby Lobby



When I first made the decision to start taking birth control, I didn’t have insurance. I was working at my first post-college job as a part-time editor and supplementing my income as a salesclerk on the weekends at Franklin Mills Mall. Between both jobs, I earned about $1,200 each month. The pills my doctor prescribed cost me about $85 a month, which I paid out of pocket for more than a year before I finally got healthcare through work.

Under my insurance coverage, the pill cost me about $15. The first time I picked it up from the pharmacy, I teared up when I realized I didn’t have put my contraception on my credit card.

For a long time, that’s the way it worked for me: I paid 15 bucks a month to stay fetus-free and I was happy about it.

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The Men’s Rights Movement Isn’t an SNL Sketch


Somewhere in Michigan, in the last week of June, a bunch of men sat around and aired their grievances.

To say it more plainly, they whined and complained about how the world got to be so cold.

The Washington Post covered first International Conference on Men’s Issues, something so absurd in its existence that I hope that Lorne Michaels catches wind of it and brings Tina Fey back to do the writing for an SNL skit.

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Were You Offended by FAFSA’s Kristen Wiig ‘I’m Poor’ Tweet?

In the still of the night last week, the Twitter account for the U.S. Department of Education’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) made a huge gaffe that resulted in a resounding “thud” each time it was retweeted onto a new timeline:

FAFSA tweet kristen wiig

The offense here seems obvious. Apparently, it is only obvious to every person who isn’t the social media manager of the FAFSA account. There are a lot of things to address here, one of them being the flippant way we’ve come to use the word “poor,” which desensitizes us to real issues of poverty.

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Dream Delaware Senate Race: Coons Vs. Castle


Our Delaware Senate race dream: Mike Castle (left) vs. Chris Coons

When did compromise become a dirty word in politics?

This country was founded on compromise. The United States Constitution is the result of a vociferous debate by two strong-willed factions, the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists. They fought over states’ rights and personal liberty versus a big powerful federal government.

If that debate sounds familiar, it’s because it continues to this day, only it is uglier and more unproductive — more theater to raise money than substance.

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Marriage Is Not the Solution to Violence Against Women



And now, for the week in ridiculous.

A headline in the Washington Post reads, without a hint of irony: “One way to end violence against women? Married dads.”

When the #YesAllWomen hashtag took off on Twitter in response to the UC-Santa Barbara shooting, women took to their keyboards to share their experience with violence. In a Department of Justice report done on the prevalence, incidence and consequences of violence against women, “51.9 percent of surveyed women [said] they were physically assaulted as a child by an adult caretaker and/or as an adult by any type of attacker.”  Twenty-two percent of surveyed women reported that they’d been physically assaulted “by a current or former spouse, cohabiting partner, boyfriend or girlfriend, or date in their lifetime.”

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Campaign Manager Who Beat Eric Cantor Deletes His Facebook Page

zachary-werrell-eric-cantor--940x540 Haverford College graduate Zachary Werrell, who was the campaign manager in David Brat’s stunning upset of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, was one of a thousand anonymous, young campaign staffers that dot the country. But when his candidate pulled off one of the biggest shockers in major U.S. election history, people started poking around. And now he’s scrubbed his Facebook page. Werrell’s political Facebook rants, which were removed overnight following Brat’s big win, basically read like any of the other thousand political rants that litter everyone’s Facebook feed. Only Werrell isn’t someone you went to kindergarden with who’s a property manager, he’s the campaign manager for a likely future congressman. Read more »

Senators Pat Toomey, Bob Casey Actually Vote Same Way on a Bill

Bipartisanship is here! Well, okay, for one recent bill. Both of Pennsylvania’s senators, Republican Pat Toomey and Democrat Bob Casey, voted the same way on a bill. And it wasn’t a resolution honoring a sports team for winning a championship — that’s more of a House thing — it was an actual bill that’s going to cost money and help actual people!

Both Pennsylvania Senators voted yes to the Veterans’ Access to Care through Choice, Accountability, and Transparency Act of 2014, which passed 93-3 in the Senate. Similar legislation is in the House. The bills are a response to the recent scandal involving the Veterans Administration, where systemic scheduling issues left many vets with incredibly long waits for treatment. Though they haven’t been linked to the delays, some vets have died waiting for treatment.

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23-Year-Old Haverford College Grad Is Architect of Stunning Eric Cantor Upset

Zachary Werrell via LinkedIn

Zachary Werrell via LinkedIn

Washington is reeling today after House majority leader Eric Cantor lost his primary race to an underfunded college economics professor. The upset, which completely shocked every pundit in D.C., came after a Cantor internal poll had the Congressman leading challenger Dave Brat 62%-28%. Cantor outspent Brat 40-1. No House majority leader had ever been beaten in a primary before.

Behind this stunner? Zachary Werrell, 23, managed Brat’s campaign to victory in only his second paid politics job. This time last year, Werrell was graduating from Haverford College. He was operating using a flip phone he purchased at Wal-Mart: “The cheapest one I could find,” he told the Los Angeles Times.

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Turmoil Over Testosterone Study Leaves Doctors, Patients Dangling

The news was enough to make a testosterone induced manly man shrivel.

It was late last year that JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, published the results of research that claimed that men who use testosterone supplementation have a 29 percent greater chance of dying from a heart attack or stroke within three years of use.

Until the study, testosterone was the hottest medical product on the market. You couldn’t listen to talk radio or watch a sporting event without being asked if you had “low-T” during the commercial break. That would explain why you were sitting on your couch instead of playing basketball, having sex and generally enjoying your life. The announcer then promised that a gel, a pill, or an injection would transform you from a disinterested lump of flesh into a man again.

Now those ads have been replaced new ones from law firms looking to sign up clients for class action lawsuits. Read more »

The Dangers of a Marijuana Gold Rush



My neighbor’s son packed up his car and headed west to find his fortune, like thousands of other people who heard about a modern day gold rush.

But it isn’t a pot of gold they seek, just pot. Specifically, the business of pot.

The hope of those filling the west-bound highways in a modern wagon train is that they will learn the business of legalized marijuana in Colorado and Washington and then come home to open their own businesses as more states see the tax benefits of legalization.

Early reports from the West are positive, or at least they were. Both Washington state and Colorado report a huge tax influx to the treasuries and a strange side benefit – crime is down: win-win.

Not quite.

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