#YesAllWomen Is the Equivalent of Having a Peace Sign Bumper Sticker



On Friday, Elliot Rodger murdered six people in Santa Barbara. We know — from documents and videos — that Rodger, who took his own life, was motivated by misogyny. He made it very clear: These people were injured and killed because women didn’t want to have sex with him.

In the coming days and weeks, we’ll no doubt learn more about Rodger’s mental health, but less than 24 hours after the murders, the world had already learned that Rodger’s motivations are not all that unique. On Saturday,#YesAllWomena hashtag started by two friends, spread through cyberspace like wildfire. Women from all over the world shared personal stories of sexual abuse, street harassment and everyday examples of gender-based hatred.

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In Pennsylvania Same-Sex Marriage Ruling, Straight People Win, Too

gay marriage

Let me tell you about Don and Ken.

I can’t remember if those are their real names, precisely. What I can tell you is that I met them 13 years ago in Nashville, Tennessee, at a national gathering of Mennonites brought together to celebrate the merger of two formerly disparate strands of the church.

Only, I didn’t meet them at the convention, precisely. A group that ministered specifically to gay and lesbian Mennonites had been forbidden from a formal presence in the convention center hall, so the group set up shop in a hotel across a street and —as I remember it — a very large parking lot. They held afternoon worship sessions every day of the convention, and while I considered myself liberal, it was curiosity as much as anything that led me to join those afternoon sessions.

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Well, at Least Donald Sterling Doesn’t Talk in Code

One of the most fascinating things about the Internet is the way it uncovers how many bigots lie in our midst every day. Especially since most of my columns are centered on the tender subjects of race and class, a quick scroll to the bottom of the page here or here or here (nope, it’s not just the philly.com that serves as venue space for digital Klan meetings), and you can see what I’m talking about. It’s not just about your standard differences in opinion; it’s a fundamental belief system that, as the late great Michael Jackson once said, is “too high to get over, and too low to get under.”

The fact that bigotry generally hides in plain sight is one of the reasons LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling is such a fascinating oddity, a walking, talking, living relic of just how staunchly committed a certain type of person can be to their indefensible racism and prejudice. His absurdity was laid bare in his recent interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, where he said he was not a racist and that he was with Cooper “to apologize and to ask for forgiveness for all the people” he hurt.

Minutes later: “Here is a man who acts so holy,” he said of Magic Johnson, the man featured in the photo with Sterling’s friend V. Stiviano. “I mean, he made love to every girl in every city in America and he has AIDS.”

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15 Reasons Las Vegas Sucks


Here’s a sad fact: Las Vegas had more visitors in March than in any other month in its history. Sure, it’s the go-to place for conferences, events and conventions, which is why I have to go there about a dozen times a year. And each time I go I’m reminded of why I hate the place. I’m an experienced visitor to Las Vegas and you should know: Las Vegas sucks. And here are 15 reasons why.

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The Confidence Gap: Do Women Lack Confidence, or Does the World Lack Confidence in Women?

Photo |Shutterstock.com

Photo |Shutterstock.com

Women lack confidence —  so says a piece in The Atlantic called “The Confidence Gap,” written by two women with impressive careers at ABC World News and BBC America. Confidence, they say, is just as important as competence in getting ahead, and many women suffer from self-doubt. But the confidence gap between men and women doesn’t necessarily reflect the lack of confidence women have for themselves. Perhaps it’s about a lack of confidence the world places in women.

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Obama, Biden Take Executive Selfie

Last night, the @WhiteHouse Twitter account posted this smiley selfie of Joe Biden and Barack Obama. It was to kick off Biden’s Instagram account, but was also posted as a tweet.

Obviously, this elicited a number of reactions, such as:

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