Councilman Wants to Outlaw Selling Your Public Parking Space

Monkey Parking A Philadelphia City Councilman wants to outlaw a new app that allows you to sell your public parking space to the next driver. Councilman Bill Greenlee says MonkeyParking, already in service in other cities, should be against the law in Philadelphia.

Here’s how MonkeyParking works: You note your public parking space in the app. When you want to leave, your space goes to the highest bidder. If you’re driving and you need a space, instead of circling around the block a bunch of times, you tell MonkeyParking how much you’re willing to pay for a spot and the app directs you to a user nearby who’s about to leave their spot.

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Philly Man Angers New Yorkers With No-Hoodies Signs


Ah, the hoodie.What was once just a sweatshirt with a hood is now a lightning rod of racial unpleasantries thanks to the 2012 shooting of a hoodied Trayvon Martin in Florida. Who can forget Geraldo Rivera going on Fox News to implore the “black and Latino youths” of the world to STOP WEARING HOODIES? Hoodies were just as responsible for Martin’s death as was the shooter, George Zimmerman, Rivera argued. He was forced to apologize soon thereafter.

But you’ll get no apologies from Philadelphia’s Joe Stark, who is on a mission to put one of his no-hoodies signs in every store in every major city on the East Coast. Read more »

Hurricane Sandy’s Second Anniversary Has Been Harder Than the First


I took the day off yesterday, putting up an out-of-office message so I could pop the windows out of my Jeep Wrangler and cruise down the shore. I stopped at the Ocean View Wawa for a sandwich and a bag of chips, then parked myself in a chair on the beach in Strathmere.

I spent most of the day reading a book, but I also did a lot of staring at the ocean. I told friends I hit the beach because I’m tapering for a marathon, and I’m full of edgy energy that has no outlet. But really, I was there because today is the two-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy making landfall in New Jersey, and I wanted to both pay my respects and thanks to the beach that survived, and deliver a giant middle finger to a storm that destroyed large parts of our Jersey Shore.

I’ve had a harder time with the two-year anniversary than the first. When a preview copy of Superstorm: Nine Days Inside Hurricane Sandy came in the mail, I took it right to my library’s donation bin. It’s more difficult now because we have a clearer picture of how bad things really are, not just in the immediate days after the storm where we could not stop looking at pictures of roads torn apart and houses shattered into splinters, but the inevitable mess that came after.

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Philadelphia Named Best City to Be a Vampire


In what is perhaps the most scientific and important poll in recent memory, Philadelphia has been named the best city to be a vampire. Finally, someone has recognized our city for what it’s all about!

The list, on the blog of the real estate broker Redfin, lists four reasons why Philadelphia is the best city for vampires: The bar hours (which it gets wrong), the number of cloudy days, the number of blood banks and blood drives and the number of homes for sale near cemeteries. (It lists bar hours as 7 a.m. to 3 a.m., when it’s really 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. — though, to be fair, there are plenty of bars that will stay open until 3 on the sly.)

According to Redfin, Philadelphia has the second-most homes for sale near cemeteries, behind only Baltimore.

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Ocean City Students’ Experiment Destroyed in Rocket Explosion


This image provided by NASA shows the Orbital Sciences Corporation Antares rocket, with the Cygnus spacecraft onboard suffers a catastrophic anomaly moments after launch from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport Pad 0A, Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2014, at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. The Cygnus spacecraft was filled with about 5,000 pounds of supplies slated for the International Space Station, including science experiments, experiment hardware, spare parts, and crew provisions.

Yesterday, the Antares rocket — an unmanned, NASA-contracted rocket that was slated to take supplies to the International Space Station — exploded 14 seconds after launch.

There were no injuries. But an experiment made by Ocean City High School students was one of the casualties of the explosion.

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Today’s Daily News Cover Is Excellent


If you’ve ever seen the New York Daily News or the New York Post — or really, most tabloid newspapers — you know one thing about them: They are ugly as sin. The design of both the News and the Post have been stuck in the ’80s since … well, since the ’80s. This is one thing Philadelphia can hold over other cities: Our tabloid newspaper is beautiful.

Today’s Daily News is an example: What a fantastic cover. It’s not “A COUPLE OF BOOBS” level, but it’s pretty good.

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The Phillies Won the World Series Six Years Ago Today

Six years ago today, the Phillies won the World Series.

Here is what I remember: Hugging my girlfriend. Walking up to Broad Street and high-fiving every stranger along the way. Some dude freaking out about my “Red Means Go” t-shirt, which was the giveaway at the 2006 opener. People ripping a tree out of its planter and passing it around the crowd. Fans dancing on top of a bus shelter — which then collapsed. Some fans chanting “I smell weed.” Hugging a man after he sold me a bootleg t-shirt. Hugging friends. Hugging strangers.

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