How 13-Pound Philly Baby Waldo James Mysterious Dwyer Conquered the World

waldo-james-mysterious-dwyerJust eight days into his life, Waldo James Mysterious Dwyer has already touched down on three continents, and no one will be surprised if the baby checks off the other four by week’s end. The Internet-aided spread of the suddenly mythic newborn, born here in Delaware County to Philly parents, is an odd and impressive testament to both the porous copycat nature of the Internet and humanity’s unending fascination with anything, or anyone, awesomely large.

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Prep School Drug Ring Busted in Montco

This story just moved into the lead for our favorite of 2015.

CBS Philly:

Prosecutors in Montgomery County, Pa. say they’ve taken down an intricate drug distribution network that targeted students at high schools and colleges throughout the Main Line and was being run by two graduates of a prestigious private school.

Prosecutors say the criminal enterprise was known as the “Main Line Takeover Project,” and they say the ringleaders had eyes on becoming the major marijuana distributors in the area.

They’ve been popped-collared!

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Philadelphia 4/20 Protest Features No Marijuana Smoking After Show of Police Force


Photo | Dan McQuade

4/20 is now enough of an actual holiday that NBC’s hockey coverage made a pot joke yesterday. But while people in Colorado lit up legally on 4/20 for the first time, Philadelphia’s pro-marijuana legalization rally yesterday featured no smoking whatsoever.

The “Smoke Down Prohibition” protests at Independence Hall have been around since 2012. While the first several protests went by without incident, National Park Service and other federal police eventually started to make arrests. Several protesters were arrested in May 2013. The federal government eventually warned of “serious penalties” for anyone smoking pot at Independence Hall. After an arrest on June 30th of last year, local pot activist Chris Goldstein is now banned from pot protests at Independence Hall. He also received a $3,000 fine and two years supervised probation. “My probation officer noted it was the harshest sentence for misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance on federal land he’s ever seen,” Goldstein said in a statement.

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Bariatric Surgery: Which Surgical Option is Right for You?

As patients begin exploring the benefits of weight-loss surgery, they may discover that they have more surgical options than they know about. The Penn Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery Program offers a range of surgical options which, coupled with a healthy lifestyle, can help ensure lasting weight loss. Surgeons will discuss these options with their patients to determine which surgery is the best fit for their individual situation:

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