Wolf Reiterates Fracking Support

Tom Wolf

Governor-elect Tom Wolf won’t be following the lead of fellow Democrat Andrew Cuomo, who on Wednesday banned the practice of fracking in New York state.

Cuomo’s camp cited health and environmental concerns in deciding on a ban, but those issues won’t deter drilling in Pennsylvania, which like New York sits atop vast deposits of natural gas in the Marcellus Shale.
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Brady: Kane “Asleep at the Switch” in AG’s Office

brady kane
Congressman Bob Brady, Philadelphia’s top Democrat, has harshly criticized Attorney General’s Kathleen Kane’s handling of the “abandoned sting” case — raising more doubts about her continued political viability.

The Inquirer reports that Brady said he has “no faith” in Kane as the state’s top law enforcement officer, though it did not provide a quote of him saying so. But his quoted comments were still plenty clear.

“People make mistakes,” he said. “There’s plenty of time to see how she handles herself, but this is certainly a misstep. It looks like she was asleep at the switch.”

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Here’s Why the Penn Frat Christmas Card Isn’t Actually Racist


Well, it’s been quite a year for race relations in the United States. From the Ferguson and Eric Garner grand jury decisions and their related protests to Donald Sterling and the Redskins, there has been plenty of racism (and accusations of racism) to go around. And anyone who doesn’t think that racism is an endemic, deeply rooted problem that won’t easily (or ever) be solved is delusional. But that doesn’t mean that everything that offends our heightened racial sensitivities is, in fact, racist. Read more »

College President Offends Faculty With Photo Alongside “Hawthorn Hotties”

In our latest edition of What People Are Offended About on College Campuses, we travel to East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania, located in the eponymous borough about two hours north of Philadelphia. And in this case, it’s not student groups but faculty members who are upset — by the school’s president. 

At East Stroudsburg, the Chronicle of Higher Education reports faculty members are angry with a tweet showing president Marcia Welsh with the “Hawthorn Hotties.”

Welsh was delivering cookies to students in a dorm room. The shirtless male students are a group that do dances inspired from the movie Magic Mike in order to raise money for charitable causes. Faculty members questioned if the president was being insensitive. “In this heightened era of appropriate sexual behavior on college campuses, faculty and administration cannot condone any kind of somewhat questionable behavior related to sexuality,” English professor Nancy VanArsdale said.

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New York State Is Banning Fracking

In a policy decision that will no doubt be heard in Pennsylvania, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo will ban fracking in the state. New York has had a de facto ban for several years, predating Cuomo’s administration.

Fracking in Pennsylvania is centered in the Marcellus Shale, which stretches from surrounding states into Western Pennsylvania and Northwestern New York. It was an issue in the governor’s race largely because of Tom Wolf’s push to tax fracking to fund schools.

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N.J Senator Rips Obama for Cuba Actions

New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez is furious at President Obama for a historical deal with Cuba that paves the way for the normalization of the relationships between the two countries.

Here’s the backstory: U.S. contractor Alan Gross has been held by the Cuban government since 2009. Today, the administration of Raul Castro agreed to free Gross — and another man, held by the Cuban government for 20 years — in exchange for three Cubans convicted of espionage in 2001.

The deal, which should be announced this afternoon, paves the way for a huge change in U.S.-Cuba relations. Obama is expected to announce a loosening of travel restrictions, and start discussions on re-opening the U.S. embassy there. It was closed in 1961.

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