Black Lives Matter Activists Drown Out Charles Ramsey

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey. AP | Matt Rourke

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey | Photo by AP/Matt Rourke

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey was speaking at an event at the Eastern State Penitentiary on Tuesday night, when Black Lives Matter activists disrupted him, making it impossible for him to continue.

“Black Lives Matter!” they shouted. “No racist police!”

Organizers told KYW that they were protesting over the death of Brandon Tate-Brown, who was shot by police during a traffic stop in December. Read more »

Chaput Slams Trump on Immigration

Chaput Trump

Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput assailed GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump on Tuesday, saying Trump’s rhetoric on immigration “plays on our worst fears and resentments.”

The comments were reported by the Associated Press, which said they were “prepared for a church forum that was part of the run-up of activities to a visit by Pope Francis.”

In those comments, Chaput disputed Trump’s proposal to end “birthright citizenship” — the automatic granting of citizenship to babies born on American soil, even if their parents are illegally.

“This is a profoundly bad idea,” Chaput said. Read more »

Chaput Praises Pope’s Abortion Stance

Archbishop Charles Chaput. Photo | Jeff Fusco

Archbishop Charles Chaput. Photo | Jeff Fusco

Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput on Tuesday praised Pope Francis‘ decision to allow priests to forgive abortion during the Catholic Church’s forthcoming “Jubilee Year of Mercy.”

“Pope Francis’ recent remarks on absolution for the sin of abortion demonstrate his commitment to all those in need of healing,” Chaput said in a statement released by the archdiocese. “With a special ‘Jubilee Year of Mercy’ set to begin in December, the timing is very welcome.”

Abortion is considered by the church to be a grave sin, and in much of the the world a senior church official is required to give permission for absolution. The policy has been different in Philadelphia, Chaput said. Read more »

Philly Love Notes Says Goodbye

Emma Fried-Cassorla, the

Emma Fried-Cassorla, the founder of Philly Love Notes | Photo by Bradley Maule

Philly Love Notes, the website that gave people literally hundreds of reasons to crush on a city that can feel frustratingly unlovable at times, is calling it quits.

Emma Fried-Cassorla, the site’s founder, announced that she is publishing its final love note on Tuesday night. Philly Love Notes’ archives will remain online for people to enjoy, however, and the brand’s Facebook and Twitter accounts will continue to share content.

Read more »

How Did I Go This Long Without UberX in My Life?


As is the case with most things that involve my phone, I was late to the UberX game.

It’s not that I didn’t have a use for the popular ride-share service. Since moving to Queen Village, I’ve taken to calling a cab for everything that doesn’t warrant giving up my parking space — which is to say, well, everything. And although I’ve always found Philly’s cab drivers to be somewhere between pleasant-enough and unlikely-to-wear-my-face, I don’t necessarily have an attachment to them, either.

It’s just that when you’re working with a rusty iPhone 4 that has bravely decided to stay by your side, you think twice before downloading new apps. Or running risky updates. Or removing the duct tape.

But last Thursday, Uber was delivering adoptable puppies as a fundraiser for the PSPCA. The time to hesitate was through.  Read more »

Wanted: Extras for a #PopeInPhilly Video

Pope Francis | Photo by the AP

Pope Francis | Photo by the AP

Some Philadelphians have been, um, not exactly bubbly about Pope Francis’ upcoming trip to the city this month.

Visit Philadelphia, the city’s tourism agency, is creating a video aimed at pumping people up about the event.

“Our focus is mainly to create excitement around the visit,” said Visit Philadelphia’s Courtney Smyth, “and to help calm everyone’s nerves and show them that this will be a great, historical event.”

Read more »

Astronaut Posts Amazing Photo of Philly From Space

This is what Philly looked like from outer space today:

Ah yes, a cheesesteak comment. Funny thing, he’s not even the first astronaut to make that kind of comment lately. Read more »

Perry Milou “In Discussions” with Getty Images Over $1 Million Pope Painting

Papal Plagiarism?:  Franco Origlia's photo of Pope Francis (left, via Getty Images); Perry Milou's $1 million painting (right, via Peter Breslow Consulting & Public Relations)

Papal Plagiarism?: Franco Origlia’s photo of Pope Francis (left, via Getty Images); Perry Milou’s $1 million painting (right, via Peter Breslow Consulting & Public Relations)

Last week, we told you that international photo agency Getty Images was investigating a Pope Francis painting by Philadelphia-area artist Perry Milou, because the painting is strikingly similar to a photograph in Getty’s vast collection. And now Milou’s attorney confirms that the artist is in talks with Getty to try to come to a resolution. Read more »

RiverLink Ferry to Offer Service for Pope Visit

Courtesy the Delaware River Waterfront Corp.

Courtesy the Delaware River Waterfront Corp.

There will be an easier way to cross the Delaware River during the weekend of the pope’s visit.

Instead of walking across the Ben Franklin Bridge, the RiverLink Ferry System will provide quick trips across the river on both days of the visit, for just $7 a ride. Two tickets must be purchased in advance — one from Philly to Camden, the other from Camden to Philly, both tickets for specific times — to participate. No walk-ups will be allowed; all tickets for the weekend will be pre-sold online. Read more »

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