Chip Kelly Isn’t Leaving the Eagles for the University of Florida

Things are going pretty well for Eagles fans right now. The Birds are 5-1, neck-and-neck with Dallas at the top of the NFC East, and it’s already looking like the team made the right choice in Chip Kelly.

But could one thing take it all away? Could Chip Kelly leave the team for a college?

Well, no. No no no. Recently, ESPN’s Colin Cowherd reported that Chip Kelly would take Florida’s call if they picked up the phone to offer him a job. Florida currently has a coach, but is expected to fire Will Muschamp after the season.

A reporter who covers Florida’s conference said Kelly would be a perfect fit: “The name that I keep hearing around the country is Chip Kelly. And everybody says, ‘well, he’s the Philadelphia Eagle coach.’ But he really is the kind of guy that needs to come in there and take over that program.”

Well, ease any fears you have, people. It’s not going to happen. It’s a stupid rumor.

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Northeast Philly Man Shoots Fiancée’s Dad With Rifle Multiple Times

A Bustleton man fired multiple shots from a high-powered rifle at his fiance’s father in the Bustleton section of Northeast Philly on Thursday, police said.

At least 28 shots were fired in the attack on the 8900 block of Alton Street near Pennypack Park. The victim was shot multiple times and remains in critical condition at Albert Einstein Medical Center.

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Central Bucks West H.S. Cancels Football Season After Hazing Reports

The superintendent of the Central Bucks School District announced Thursday that the remainder of Central Bucks West High School’s football season has been canceled. The decision to cancel the rest of the season, Superintendent David Weitzel wrote, came after reports of hazing on the team, including rookies being forced to grab other players genitals. C.B. West was supposed to play rival C.B. East tonight in its homecoming game.

Other players were reportedly involved in waterboarding, per police, but the process was not quite the same as the torture: Players had towels draped over their head and were then lead into the shower.

“Appropriate team-building activities cannot be permitted to spiral out of control and become hazing,” Weitzel wrote. “As educators, we must do what is right for all of our students, who deserve to be treated with dignity and with respect.”

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Mayor Nutter Taking School Toilet Paper Requests on Twitter

The above tweet, from Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter, was sent last night. It’s a laudable idea: Some schools don’t have enough toilet paper, hand soap or paper towels in the bathrooms, so the mayor has volunteered his Twitter page for schools to put out an easy alert when they need bathroom supplies.

It’s also a laughable idea: The mayor has to go to Twitter to ask where best to direct bathroom supplies to schools. This is a city where the Constitution Center just honored Malala Yousafzai for advocating for girls’ education, and we can’t even get enough toilet paper for our schools.

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Can Conservatives and Liberals Be Friends?


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For nearly seven years now, Ben Boychuk and I have jousted weekly on the pages of many newspapers across the country. We co-write a syndicated political column — I’m the liberal, he’s the conservative, and every week we debate the issue du jour. Ben hates Obamacare, isn’t a fan of gay marriage, has very little nice to say about teachers’ unions, thinks rich people spending money like crazy to influence elections is a great expression of First Amendment values. I think he’s wrong about nearly everything, he thinks the same thing about me, and sometimes the never-ending disagreement can be pretty damned irritating.

Ben is also one of my best friends in the world. I think he’d say the same about me.

It’s not supposed to work that way. We live in terribly polarized times. Liberals and conservatives watch different TV, live in different places, and mostly think the worst of each other.

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Anti-Gay Flier in N.J. Senate Race Has “Cory Brooker” Typo


New Jersey Senator Cory Booker is likely to coast to re-election next month. He’s way ahead in the polls against conservative businessman Jeff Bell.

But that hasn’t stopped the Public Advocate of the United States, a conservative Christian advocacy group that is against gay marriage, taxpayer-funded art, abortion, hate crime laws and the “mainstream media’s promotion and glorification of drug abuse, teenage sex, gangs, atheism, homosexuality and other immoral behavior and beliefs.” It’s a nonprofit 501(c)4 political organization.

And, yes, it misspelled Cory Booker’s name as “Cory Brooker” on a flier sent to New Jersey residents. (The one above was sent to a Mercer County resident.)

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Councilman Calls for Hearing on Bed Bugs

Photo by Piotr Naskrecki, courtesy of CDC/Harvard University.

Photo by Piotr Naskrecki, courtesy of CDC/Harvard University.

Councilman Mark Squilla is calling for a City Council hearing on bed bugs, saying he’s heard anecdotal evidence they’re becoming more prevalent in Philadelphia, particularly in the city’s rowhouses.

“Neighbors have had bed bugs, and it’s creeping into their properties,” he tells KYW Newsradio, “and those people can’t afford to get the bed bugs exterminated.  If you have a person who is on a fixed income, and they found out they have bed bugs, the cost could be thousands of dollars in extermination fees, not counting materials you might have to buy to encase your mattresses and get rid of some of the stuff you have.”
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Pa. Man Has Been Mistaken For Eric Frein More Than 20 Times

James Tully, left. Eric Frein on the right.

James Tully, left. Eric Frein on the right.

Pity poor James Tully. The Monroe County man does not have a car and has to walk five miles to work. That’s enough of a hassle, except he keeps getting mistaken for Eric Frein, the man charged with killing Pennsylvania State Trooper Byron Dickson and wounding fellow trooper Alex Douglass last month.

Tully says most of his interactions with police — including being stopped seven times in one day — have ended fine, with police checking his identification and sending him on his way. But recently a man in camouflage jumped out of a car, sent Tully to the ground and pointed a rifle at his head. “I will break you right here,” Tully said the man asked. “What is your name?” After a state trooper came by to confirm his identify, Tully went to the ER with severely bruised ribs.

But a positive has come out of one man being mistaken for a suspected cop killer more than 20 times.

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