WATCH: Giant Inflatable Joints Marched Around City Hall

As part of a massive pro-marijuana legalization protest on the first day of the Democratic National Convention, protesters today marched two giant inflatable joints around City Hall and down Broad Street. Above, we caught the giant joint going around our city’s house of government. Burn one down! Read more »

WATCH: Supercut of Darrell Clarke Attacking Donald Trump

Last week, Hillary Clinton’s campaign opened its first field office in North Philadelphia, near Broad Street and Cecil B. Moore Avenue.

City Council President Darrell Clarke spoke at that opening, and he spoke at length (well, 90 seconds) about Donald Trump while rallying the troops. We here at Philadelphia magazine figured you might enjoy that 90 seconds, so we made a supercut of all of Clarke’s comments about Trump. Enjoy!

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Was Booed in Philly This Morning

Debbie Wasserman Schultz was booed in Philadelphia this morning while addressing a delegation breakfast, just a day after she announced she would step down as chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.

Several audience members held up pieces of paper containing a single word: EMAILS. A chorus of boos echoed in the room before Wasserman Schultz even began speaking.

The uproar follows a WikiLeaks email dump that revealed the chairwoman’s blatant favoritism toward presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during the primary season. Read more »

I-95 Congestion: Huge Accident Northbound, DNC Traffic Southbound

I-95 is clogged this morning, and it’s not (necessarily) just because the Democratic National Convention and all its craziness is unloading today.

A 10-car pile up in the northbound lanes near Cottman Avenue is causing delays, according to 6ABC. There is a lane restriction.

Read more »

PHOTOS: Bernie-or-Bust Protest March


Supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders this afternoon staged a protest march that stretched for six blocks along Broad Street to voice their dissatisfaction with the Democratic primary process on the eve of the Democratic National Convention. Read more »

Thousands March in Center City Against Fossil Fuels

A man holds a FraCK NO! sign while walking on Market Street during an environmental protest

Photo | Dan McQuade

Thousands marched from City Hall to Independence Mall today to call for a “clean energy revolution” — protesting fossil fuel extraction methods like fracking, pipeline projects like Mariner East and the use of nuclear power. It was the first major protest of Democratic National Convention week in Philadelphia.

“We got, what, like 10,000 people on the streets of Philadelphia on a 100-degree day,” said David Braun, a longtime anti-fracking activist who served as an emcee once the march reached Independence Mall. “To stand up for a clean and just renewable energy future. To take us away from fossil fuels. We did it in the heart of where fracking is happening.”

There were no police incidents during the march; one girl was separated from her parents but they were reunited not long after organizers announced it from the stage at Independence Mall. Before the march, organizers Food & Water Watch held a press conference at City Hall. Read more »

WATCH: An Interview With a Bernie Supporter in a Rat Suit

Waffles the Clown, a performer who previously dressed up as Bernie Sanders’s little brother Ernie, is marching in an anti-fracking protest today with a sign calling Democrats “Demorats,” and says he’s going to write in Bernie Sanders for president (while holding a giant pencil, of course).

Philadelphia magazine was wondering how he was handling the heat, so we stopped to ask him a few questions. He moved us to the shade first.

PPA: We’ll Tow Your Car If You Park In the Middle of Broad Street During DNC

Photograph by Claudia Gavin

Photograph by Claudia Gavin

People have been parking their cars in the middle of Broad Street for as long as anyone can remember, even though it’s against the law. It’s just one of those Philly things, and one that has apparently been going on for at least 100 years. But one agency known best for killing everyone’s fun has announced that your car will be towed if you attempt to park it on the South Broad Street median during the Democratic National Convention. Read more »

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