‘Crown Prince Emperor’ Found Guilty of DUI of ‘Botanicals’

guy-1024px Crown Prince Emperor El Bey Bagby was found guilty on Tuesday in Bucks County for driving under the influence of botanicals.

Let’s back up.

Crown Prince Emperor El Bey Bagby is known legally as William McRae. The botanicals are marijuana. In 2009, a Lower Makefield police officer pulled over the Crown Prince — I’ll play along here, unless my editor decides I’m not allowed to — for driving a vehicle with a temporary, hard-to-read tag. The officer said he spotted blunt guts in El Bey Bagby’s car — which reeked of marijuana. Judge Wallace Bateman found McRae, 41, guilty of the DUI.

Simple, and not really much of a story except that El Bey Bagby asserts he has the rights to 689,000 acres of the United States, including most of the area that made up the Louisiana Purchase. “We would ask him things and he would go off into pretty much nonsense,” Richard Meehl, a Lower Makefield police officer, testified. In court yesterday, the Crown Prince said he wouldn’t say “marijuana,” calling it a copyrighted word. He said he used “botanicals” for his blood pressure.

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Mom Testifies About Abduction of Daughter From Philly School

The mother of a girl kidnapped from a Philadelphia school in 2013 testified today in the trial of the woman accused of committing the crime.

Christina Regusters, 21, is accused of dressing up in Muslim attire to disguise her appearance, signing the girl out of class before the end of the school day at Bryant Elementary School, then sexually assaulting the girl overnight. The girl was found next day, abandoned on a wintertime playground wearing nothing but a shirt.

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Photos, Video From Taney Dragons Parade


Today was Taney Dragons Day in Philadelphia, the day the whole city came out to celebrate the Little League team that took us on that wild, wonderful ride over the last few weeks. Mayor Nutter even declared it Taney Dragons Day:

Earlier, we gave you the best social media shots of the parade. Since the parade started right outside our door here at 1818 Market Street, we sent our staff out into the streets to capture the sights and sounds:

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Will Penn State Keep Player Names on Football Jerseys?

Under the late, lamented Joe Paterno, the players for Penn State football never had their names on the back of their jerseys. JoePa was old-school and believed in team victories more than individual recognition.

His successor, Bill O’Brien, altered that tradition — a way to recognize players who stuck with the program through the depths of NCAA sanctions.

Now James Franklin has arrived. Which tradition is he choosing? The Patriot-News reports:

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Your Kids Can Shoot an Uzi Right Here in Pennsylvania


Photo | Shutterstock.com

Tragic news came out of Arizona this week that a 9-year-old child accidentally killed a shooting instructor with an Uzi at the Bullets and Burgers range in Mohave County during a shooting lesson. And this has a lot of people scratching their heads, wondering why a child would be given an Uzi to shoot. Well, you don’t have to go all the way to Arizona to find an Uzi for your kid to fire. You can do it right here in Pennsylvania. Read more »

Brigitte Daniel’s Got a Plan to Get Young Women of Color Into Technology

Photo | Twitter

Brigitte Daniel |  photo via  Twitter

Like the Trayvon Martin story before it, what happened in Ferguson two weeks ago has had a continued news presence in part because of social media. In the moments that followed the shooting death of unarmed 18-year-old Mike Brown, users took to Twitter to report on and discuss what happened. They have started and maintained a nationwide online conversation.

Much has been written about the democratizing power of Twitter and the influential power of so-called Black Twitter; according to a Pew study, 22 percent of African Americans who are online are on Twitter despite representing a dismal 2 percent of its workforce, as indicated by a diversity report released by Twitter last month.

This imbalance does not go unnoticed by those in the field.

“If we are the highest consumers [of these technologies], why aren’t we creating them?” asks Brigitte Daniel, executive vice president of Fort Washington-based Wilco Electronic Systems, Inc., a minority-owned, family-based cable operator serving the greater Philadelphia area for over 30 years.

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