Police Launch Investigation Into Drugging Claims at the Dolphin

The facade of the Dolphin. (Photo via Google Maps)

The facade of the Dolphin. (Photo via Google Maps)

Earlier this week, we told you that we spoke with five people who claim that they were drugged at the Dolphin on South Broad Street and that there were more people out there. Well, since publishing that story, we’ve heard from some and seen accounts written by other people who say they were victimized. At this point, we’ve seen or heard at least 20 allegations, and there are reportedly even more. And now, the Philadelphia Police Department is getting involved. Read more »

Are the Eagles Going to Wear Kelly Green Again?

Randall Cunningham and Rich Kotite

AP Photo/Donna Bagby

Are the Eagles going to bring back kelly green as a third jersey?

The Inquirer’s Zach Berman has a report today about one NFL rule change the Eagles are proposing at the annual owners’ meetings next week. Currently, NFL teams must wear the same helmet throughout the season. The Eagles want to allow teams to have an “alternate helmet.”

Berman connects the dots and it’s obvious: The Eagles may be bringing back kelly green as a third jersey. Read more »

Giant Trump Chicken Coming to Philly for Tax Day Protest

a giant inflatable rooster that looks like Donald Trump

AP Photo/Paul Traynor

You’ll probably see the anti-Trump protest on Tax Day on the news next month. More than 3,000 people have RSVPed for it on Facebook, and the organizers say they’re going to have a pretty good visual: a giant chicken dressed to look like Donald Trump. Read more »

Get This: The Mob Is Involved in the Waste Business in Jersey

SCI dump

Image via the New Jersey State Commission of Investigation

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: The mob is involved in the waste business in New Jersey.

The mob and the garbage industry are a common trope in film and TV depictions, and with good reason: The mafia really has historically been involved in the waste business since the mid-20th century.

In some ways the reason is rather simple, as Michelle Tsai explained in Slate a few years ago: “Find a business that’s easy to enter and lucrative to control.” Garbage-haulers get big public contracts that aren’t going away, and compared to other ways of earning money it’s much easier. Organized crime has been in the garbage biz ever since cities started bidding trash collection out to private companies about 70 years ago.

The business has been corporatized in recent years, especially as governments have passed regulations for handling solid waste, but the mob still has its hands in the garbage business. And a report from the New jersey State Commission of Investigation says that New Jersey’s recycling business remains vulnerable to corruption because it’s relatively unregulated compared to the garbage business. Read more »

Wharton Prof: Trumpcare Could Mean Aromatherapy-Only Insurance

Huntsman Hall - Wharton School

Huntsman Hall, the main building of the Wharton School at 38th and Walnut Streets in West Philadelphia

A Wharton School health and management professor says that insurance plans that cover only aromatherapy could be the result of one of the proposed healthcare revamps currently under consideration by Republicans in the House of Representatives.

Mark Pauly tells the New York Times that the proposals to strip Obamacare provisions that force insurance companies to cover certain essential health situations in their plans, combined with a tax credit to pay for insurance, could lead to a bunch of plans that don’t really cover much.

“If they’re going to offer a tax credit for people who are buying insurance, well, what is insurance?” he said. “You have to specify what’s included.” He told the paper insurance that covered only aromatherapy and not hospital care. Read more »

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