Deer Rescued From Delaware River Near Penn’s Landing

deer, delaware river

Photo via the Philadelphia Police Department

Philadelphia police rescued a deer in the Delaware River Thursday evening.

According to CBS3, officers with the department’s Marine Unit spotted the deer stuck in a mud flat near Penn’s Landing around 8 p.m. After about 30 minutes, they were able to pull it into the boat.

It’s not clear how or why the deer was in the Delaware (or that part of Philly). Maybe it was making a break for New Jersey (maybe, just maybe) and got a little stuck. Who knows.

Apparently deer are pretty good swimmers.

Police say the animal was determined to be in good health and released.

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Wolf to Veto Bill That Would Keep Philly From Taxing Plastic Bags


Gov. Tom Wolf said he will veto a bill that would prevent Philly and other municipalities from taxing plastic bags.

The bill, which passed the state Senate last week in a 28-21 vote, would prohibit the regulation of plastic bag sales statewide. Supporters of the legislation say regulations could hurt the state’s 14 manufacturing facilities and the recycling industry. Opposers frame the bill as an anti-environmental measure and an overreach of state government.  Read more »

City Council Approves Major Reinvestment in Philly Neighborhoods


City Council President Darrell L. Clarke | Courtesy of City Council’s Flickr

Philadelphia City Council has approved Mayor Jim Kenney’s ambitious plan to reinvest in Philly’s public spaces.

Rebuild, also known as Rebuilding Community Infrastructure, would allocate $500 million over seven years to the restoration of the city’s parks, libraries, recreation centers and playgrounds. Through the project, the city aims to revitalize communities, improve diversity in the construction industry and foster economic progress and inclusion.

“Every Philadelphian deserves a recreation center, park and library that is safe, inviting and full of amenities, and because of the legislation that City Council passed [Thursday], we are one step closer to making these goals a reality,” Rebuild executive director Nicole Westerman said in a statement.

The Rebuild bill approved in a 16-1 vote Thursday would issue the first $100 million bond for the project. City Councilman David Oh was the only member to vote against the measure because he felt skeptical that it would live up to its diversity goals, according to

For months, council members had debated how exactly and to what extent Rebuild would actually diversify the city’s building-trades unions – a major goal of the plan. Over time, the city aims for minorities and women to comprise at least 45 percent of the workforce behind the project – a figure pulled in part from the 2016 Economic Opportunity Plan. In addition to other initiatives, the city expects unions to attain workers from PennAssist, a pre-apprenticeship program established between the trades and the University of Pennsylvania that helps provide a path to union membership for public school students.

The project – which would be made possible through a $100 million grant from the William Penn Foundation — is expected to revamp between 150 to 200 of the city’s 400 recreation centers, libraries, playgrounds and pools.

Some of the Rebuild funding would also come from soda tax revenue. The American Beverage Association’s lawsuit against the tax (which was struck down by Commonwealth Court this month) has stalled the issuing of bonds for the project. The ABA said it plans to appeal the court’s decision.

Kenney said he’ll sign the bill as soon as it reaches his desk.

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Toomey Led the Push for the Senate Bill’s Deep Medicaid Cuts

medicaid cuts

Senate Republicans unveiled their version of a bill that would repeal the Affordable Care Act today—and behind that legislation is Pennsylvania’s own Sen. Pat Toomey.

The bill includes cuts to Medicaid that are more severe than the health care legislation passed by House Republicans last month. Compared to the ACA, the House bill would leave 5 million more people who rely on Medicaid uninsured next year, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Read more »

Wolf Urges Toomey Against Medicaid Cuts

wolf, toomey, health care

R: (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Like a lot of people, Pa. Gov. Tom Wolf wants to get in touch with Sen. Pat Toomey.

Wolf sent Toomey a letter expressing concern for the senator’s recent call for a Medicaid “overhaul,” which Wolf believes would be “extremely devastating” to the state’s residents.  Read more »

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