PATCO Boss: Sorry for the Bad Service, Everyone

PATCO trains being repaired

Photo via PATCO

It’s been a rough month for PATCO — so much so that the head of the transportation line is apologizing to customers.

“We are very sorry for our recent level of service,” PATCO general manager John Rink said in a release. “At PATCO, it is our number one goal to provide safe, convenient, and timely service to our customers. We know that, in recent weeks, we have failed to provide the level of service you expect and deserve. We are monitoring customer feedback and we have heard the frustration of passengers who have withstood extended wait times, crowding on our platforms and in our trains. What our customers have experienced is not the level of service we strive to provide and we continue to take steps to improve our service.” Read more »

Seth Williams Hit With Largest Ethics Fine in City History

Seth Williams / judgment against Seth

District Attorney Seth Williams will pay $62,000 in penalties after agreeing to a settlement with Philadelphia’s Ethics Board. The board announced the settlement in a release earlier today.

The fine is the largest in the 10-year history of Philadelphia’s Ethics Board. Per the settlement agreement, Williams admitted his failure to disclose five sources of income and 89 gifts on the City Statements of Financial Interests he filed between 2010 and 2015. An amended statement Williams filed last August did not disclose 10 additional gifts.

Just under $3,000 in gifts were officially “prohibited.” The City Ethics Code prohibits officials from accepting monetary gifts or non-monetary gifts worth $100 or more “from a person who (1) is seeking official action from that officer or (2) has a financial interest at the time, or in close proximity to the time, the gift is received that the officer is able to substantially affect through official action.” Read more »

Want to Learn How to Run for Local Office? Start Here

If nothing else, Democrats and Republicans can agree on one thing right now: they aren’t happy with their respective parties.

In fact, even before the election, less than half of the nation’s Republicans and Democrats viewed their parties favorably, according to a Gallup Poll from May 2016. The poll found that only 44 percent of Democrats were pleased with their party (again, before the mess that was the 2016 Democratic National Convention and, you know, Election Day). Even fewer Republicans – 37 percent – were content with the GOP party, the poll found.  Read more »

Philly’s Public Defender: George Soros’s Associates Wanted Me to Run for D.A.

L: Keir Bradford-Grey R: George Soros (Courtesy of

L: Keir Bradford-Grey (Courtesy of the Defender Association) R: George Soros (Courtesy of

Why would an up-and-coming progressive turn down billionaire George Soros?

That’s the question some Philadelphia Democrats are now asking, after chief public defender Keir Bradford-Grey told her employees last week that she would not run for district attorney in the upcoming Democratic primary. “This is the biggest D.A.’s race in the country,” said one incredulous political insider following the announcement. “Once you have [Soros’s backing], you can go on to be the U.S. attorney, to be the president!”  Read more »

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