The Problem With SlutWalk’s New Name


As a woman pushing 30, I’ve been called a slut more times than I care to think about.

Most women have. Cruelly by partners. Casually by gossips. Playfully by friends. Randomly by strangers.

I’m not sensitive to many words, but this one has always bothered me, has always lingered in the air a couple extra seconds. Drop the dreaded “C word” on me and I won’t blink, but “slut” — a tidy little package of judgment, shame and manipulation — has always felt unusually heavy.

When SlutWalk Philadelphia debuted in 2011, I didn’t necessarily like the name. It made me, like a lot of people, uncomfortable at first — and it should have. Like the word, the SlutWalk has pretty uncomfortable origins: A protest march that eventually went global, it began in Toronto after a police officer advised women to “avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.” Instead, women decided to take a little stroll together in fishnets.

I have no real interest in “reclaiming” the word – you can keep this one, among others. But if it’s going to be used against us, I’m personally in favor of harnessing its power to call noisy, unladylike attention to the idea that what we wear somehow determines that it’s OK to harass us.

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Police Tasered Man After Main Line Apple Store Ran Out of iPhone 6

From Left: Chang Liu (tasered), Bi Liu, and Lian Zheng.

From Left: Chang Liu (tasered), Bi Liu, and Lian Zheng.

A typical Saturday morning at the upmarket Suburban Square shopping center just outside of Philadelphia sees well-heeled suburbanites sipping Starbucks Pumpkin Skim Lattes while shopping at J. Crew, Trader Joe’s, and Lilly Pulitzer in the most civilized of manners. It is never the scene of melees, brouhahas or ruckuses. But this past Saturday was anything but typical. Read more »

Construction Firm Moving Headquarters to Philadelphia

Hill International Inc., an international construction firm, is relocating its headquarters from New Jersey to Philadelphia, and expects to create more than 200 jobs here.

Area Development Online reports:

The company has leased nearly 60,000 square feet at One Commerce Square, located at 2005 Market Street in Center City Philadelphia, to serve as its global corporate headquarters, moving the site from southern New Jersey and merging with its existing office in the city.

As an incentive, the company received a funding proposal from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development including a $1 million Pennsylvania First Program grant that facilitates investment and job creation, $666,000 in Job Creation Tax Credits and $33,750 in WEDnetPA funding which will be used for skills training for both new and incumbent employees. Hill International has accepted the funding proposal, but must still apply for each program prior to award receipt.

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Revel Bidder: University Next to Casino Tower Would Have Students Who Are ‘Free, White and Over 21’

Photo | Dan McQuade

Photo | Dan McQuade

When Glenn Straub unexpectedly announced his plans to bid $90 million for Revel, we didn’t know much about him. But the Florida developer reveals something new every time he talks to the press about his plans for the $2.4 billion failed casino on the ocean.

Speaking to Reuters about his plans for a university “for geniuses” at the casino site, Straub said he planned to fund the initiative with a 2 percent wage garnish of anyone who’s hired away by a corporation. He also revealed the ideal student for his venture: “Free, white and over 21.” Reuters helpfully points out he was “using a politically incorrect way to describe someone with no financial obligations.” (It’s an archaic idiom that dates to at least the ’30s that means you’re beholden to no one. Still not the expression I’d choose!)

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