Multiple Anti-Trump Protests Planned in Philly Today

Donald Trump at Geno's

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump talks with customers during a visit to Geno’s Steaks, Thursday, September 22th, 2016, in Philadelphia | AP Photo/ Evan Vucci

It’s happening.

Today, WWE Hall of Famer and former Trump Steaks pitchman Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States of America.

Only 15 percent of Philadelphians voted for Trump. As one might expect, there are multiple protests planned for today.

Cops have been talking with protest leaders, and say they expect a relatively low-key day. Police say to expect delays “especially in the areas of Center City, City Hall and Independence Mall from 12:00PM through the evening hours.” Yeah, so all of downtown. Read more »

10 Things You Might Not Know About Inaugurations

Photo by carterdayne/iStock

Photo by carterdayne/iStock

We were pondering the implications of today’s inauguration of the Twitter King when our curiosity got the best of us: What, exactly, is an “inauguration,” and why do only presidents get inaugurated? We looked the word up in the Oxford Dictionary, which basically opened a bizarre-world Pandora’s box full of dancing chickens and thunderstorms and gigantic grapes. The whole trip, in fact, was so wild and weird that we just had to share the highlights with you. Here, 10 things about inauguration to help you ready yourself — or steady yourself — for January 20th. Read more »

Report: Penn Used Maintenance Workers to Drown Out Christian Protesters

Penn’s campus is frequently full of protesters. When I was in school there, student protests generally consisted of anti–Iraq War campouts, Israel/Palestine protests (on both sides), and, of course, anti–affirmative action “bake sales” from College Republicans. But students on campus are a captive audience, and so you’d also often get protesters with banners of aborted fetuses, Lyndon Larouche followers passing out incomprehensible literature, and Brother Steven, a near-daily presence who was later accused of soliciting sex from a minor.

Brother Steven would preach against gays and lesbians and promiscuity in general, and this year similar preachers have gathered on Penn’s campus. The Daily Pennsylvanian reports that three times this school year Christian preachers have been on campus “railing against Muslims, the LGBTQ community, and Jews.” (“Got AIDS yet?” one of the signs said, which I guess is a “Got milk?” reference.)

But, the paper reports, this time Penn did something different. A maintenance worker told a reporter from the paper he was directed to park a vehicle nearby. The maintenance vehicle was loud enough to drown out the protests. Read more »

The FOP Has Put Up Anti–Seth Williams Billboards

John McNesby and Seth Williams. | Photos by AP

John McNesby and Seth Williams. | Photos by AP

Telling the Inquirer his union was willing to spend an “unlimited amount of resources” in the Democratic primary against Seth Williams, FOP Lodge 5 head John McNesby has begun a campaign against the incumbent district attorney.

Yesterday, a billboard showed up on I-95 between Bridge Street and Cottman Avenue: “HELP WANTED: NEW PHILADELPHIA DISTRICT ATTORNEY,” it read. “PLEASE CONTACT FOP LODGE #5.” McNesby says the FOP will put up at least six billboards calling for Williams’s ouster. Read more »

Pa. Gets Extension on REAL ID Act Licenses

PA drivers license

Passed in 2005 in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, the REAL ID Act required state drivers licenses to comply with federal standards that were supposed to make them harder to forge and thereby keep terrorists out of the country. (The ACLU opposed the creation of a “genuine national identity card.”)

The original deadline called for states to be compliant by May 11, 2008. That’s been extended multiple times. And there was another deadline coming up for Pennsylvania this week: On January 30th, Pennsylvania IDs couldn’t be used to get into federal facilities.

Well, what do you know: Today the state announced an extension with the Department of Homeland Security. Pennsylvania now has until June 5th to be in compliance with the REAL ID Act, unless there’s another extension (wink, wink). Read more »

Lauren Boggi Just Released Lithe Method’s Client List

Lithe Method and LB Active founder Lauren Boggi in a Philly Mag file photo.

Lithe Method and LB Active founder Lauren Boggi in a Philly Mag file photo.

Note: In response to concerns expressed by a number of commenters, we have removed four client names from this story as well as the specific procedure for obtaining this public court document.

Before closing her studios and declaring bankruptcy recently, Cheer-Cardio-Sculpting guru Lauren Boggi built Lithe Method into a hugely successful local fitness brand with a fierce following. Some have described the Lithe Method world as almost cult-like.

So naturally, any gym or fitness company in Philadelphia would love to get its hands on the closely guarded list of Lithe Method clients. Talk about awesome marketing leads! Well, thanks to the magic of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, the names of hundreds of Lithe Method clients are now a matter of public record. Read more »

If You See a Porn Star Having Lunch in Philly, Here’s Why

Porn star Joanna Angel dines at Franky Bradley's with N.A. Poe.

Porn star Joanna Angel dines at Franky Bradley’s with N.A. Poe.

We at Philly Mag get lots of tips about celebrities, semi-celebrities, and straight-up D-listers having dinner at Parc or drinks at Oscars or a workout at the Sporting Club, but it’s not very often that we get a report of a porn star having lunch in town. Well, that’s all about to change. Read more »

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